Our Long National Nightmare Ends: Fox News Dumps Sarah Palin and Deems Her Irrelevant

Angry Palin

It is the end of the line for Sarah Palin. Fox News has dumped the quitter governor and deemed her irrelevant to American politics.

On June 24, 2015, a Fox news spokesperson confirmed to the website Politico that Fox terminated its contract with Sarah Palin on June 1st. Palin will no longer be a commentator for the Fox network, although she parted with the network on amicable terms and will still be called upon for occasional guest appearances.

According to Politico, Palin was dumped because executives at Fox News no longer consider her relevant:

When Palin was at her zenith, she made frequent appearances, and Fox installed a camera at her house. But executives consider her less relevant now, and her appearances were sometimes hampered by the vast time difference with Alaska. She remains a huge conservative force on Facebook, with 4.5 million fans – twice that of Rand Paul, who has the biggest reach in the 2016 field. She also has 1.15 million Twitter followers.

Fox News is the lifeline to cash for conservative Kardashians like Palin. When Palin was previously dropped by Fox, she vanished off the scene completely. It got so bad that Palin went begging back to Roger Ailes and took a pay cut in order to get her media exposure back.

Sarah Palin has been deemed irrelevant to the conservative movement by the single strongest media force that shapes the Republican Party.

Palin has been a regular commentator on the network since 2008. Whether Fox will change their minds however is an open question. In January 2013, a Fox spokesman told The New York Times that the network had ended her contract, but then apparently her contract was extended anyway.

Sarah Palin has a colorful history of making egregious verbal gaffes on camera. However, that does not appear to be a disqualifying factor on the Fox network where bombastic conservatives prone to mangling the facts are a dime a dozen. Instead, Palin may have been discarded simply because her relevance as a commentator may be slipping away.

With the GOP field up to 13 officially announced candidates, and a number of shadow candidates still waiting to announce, the Vice Presidential candidate from 2008 is old news to network viewers. As the Republican field continues to grow towards the size of Duggar family reunion, and as bombastic candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continue to draw media attention, Sarah Palin’s folksy in your face conservative shtick no longer stands out. The entire Republican Party has become the caricature that Palin was in 2008 when she burst onto the national scene.

Fox has parted ways with Sarah Palin as a regular commentator, but the entire network is infected with Palin-esque thinking. Palin has outlived her usefulness, not because Fox is tired of her clueless rants or her dissembling of the facts, but because Fox can draw upon so many commentators who do what Palin did just as well.

Some of those commentators are newer faces that don’t remind Republican viewers of the political drubbing they took in 2008 with Palin on the national ticket. They parted ways amicably because there is no difference in mindset between the network and the failed political candidate. However, a lot of Fox network personalities can say the same things Palin has been saying without reminding viewers that those ideas were big losers in 2008.

104 Replies to “Our Long National Nightmare Ends: Fox News Dumps Sarah Palin and Deems Her Irrelevant”

  1. Damn … I’m gonna miss that standard “Sarah Palin Disclaimer” that accompanied all her argle-bargle:

    “No brain cells were injured in the production of Sarah Palin’s commentary …

    Because NONE were used!”

  2. What! No more word salads with Raunch dressing!? Ok I can live with that. BUT!! this woman is like the Frankenstein monster, you can burn her in an abandoned windmill and she will crawl out of the wreckage to terrorize the innocent villagers once again.

  3. just because Fox gave her a ‘platform’ never meant that she was relevant… shrill, shrewish and lazy… those attributes were ever relevant?

  4. With Michelle Bachman flitting out of the mist as a little singed bat only to morph into the vampress to suck more tax money to feed her brood and clothe her queen< husband…

  5. I dunno. I think maybe before we declare her gone for good she should be buried with a wooden stake through her heart, wrapped in silver chains, in a coffin full of garlic, drenched with holy water, in a sealed crypt at the bottom of the world’s deepest mine. Just to be sure she doesn’t come back.

  6. She only got the job because Ailes (on his way out next year, thank you James Murdoch) thought she was HOT. Since she’s aged, badly I might add, she is no longer hot in any way, shape or form.

  7. Good riddance! She has been an awful influence on our country. She has displayed disrepect and hateful attitudes. I blame her for pulling political discourse of the republicans into the mud.

  8. (Oh, we’ll miss that Palin syntax on Fox, won’t we?)

    … “No, the people of America deserve the best, and competition through a GOP primary, whether a Bill O’Reilly or somebody else assumes it’s a reality show or not, they deserve that competition to surface the competitor who can take on Hillary or whomever it may be and win for this country,” Palin said.

  9. Honey Boo-boo’s 15 minutes of fame was enabled by Fox “News”. Without Fox, she’s an afterthought.

  10. Faux News stated they dumped Palin because she is no longer relevant. The more pressing question is since when has Faux News been relevant.

  11. Well, well, well; FOX has decided she is no longer relevant and threw her of their bus. We knew that from the gitgo, but the Palinesque side show got old and cold. New bimbo is on the scene: Carly Fiorina.

    But she got dumped from the limelight sooner than I thought….I thought that the moment Barack Obama left the White House her claim to fame would evaporate in a cloud of toxic dust. Just the same, she won’t be missed.

  12. CharlesinCalif:

    You got it down pat. Just what I would say about the vamp. It wouldn’t surprise us if she flitted out her cave again somewhere to irritate Hillary in 2017.

  13. No.

    Our long national nightmare won’t be over until Fox News itself is off the air.

    Ever since they’ve been on the air, they have changed what once made America great. A positive, Little Engine That Could spirit.

    And, do I need to remind anyone that it was Fox News who first decided the numbers were wrong in Florida in the 2000 Presidential election?

    Fox keeps us dangerously divided as a Nation by constantly keeping shit stirred up.

    Along with calls to get rid of the Confederate flag, there should also be a collective push for everyone to just turn off Fox News as well.

    #Turn Off Fox News!

  14. This is off subject – sorry, but everyone should read the Borowitz report today about the number of republicans running for president, he is priceless!

  15. Not being a commentator for Faux might mean that she’s planning to announce a run… She couldn’t do so as an employee.

  16. “Palin … parted with the network on amicable terms…”
    Riiiight. She is incredibly thin-skinned and vindictive. She never ever gives up on a grudge. It doesn’t even matter if she no longer wanted a contract with fox. She will never forgive them for dumping her, or for not trying to keep her, whichever the case might be (I doubt the parting of the ways was at her request).

  17. DUMMER THAN A DOORNAIL Palin was only relative with her skills on the CASTING COUCH.

    LYING threw their teath Faux Snooze hasn’t been relative since their inception in 1996.

  18. Nah, she negotiated the termination so she can focus on prostituting herself to the GOP hopefuls, so she can ride on a ticket as someone’s V.P. candidate. Once the RNC picks their candidate and she’s rejected, she’ll be back on Fox News. I’ll put money on it.

  19. And she’s aware of this, so she’s trying to get her daughter Bristol to replace her by having her say the same stupid and offensive “political” stuff. An attempt to get her lazy family continue sucking on the Tea Party tit. Not much success, fortunately for all of us.

  20. With the purported takeover of Fox News by Murdoch’s sons (who despise it), there is now the danger that it will become a legitimate news organization operated by grownups. [WINK]

  21. Bristol has had several babies with trial husbands, yet nobody wanted to marry her. Used goods, just like her Momma. Palin;s husband just purchased a “float plane” from Franklin Graham. Maybe with proceeds from his divorce settlement? Why does Graham need a private jet plus a float plane??? The “God bidness” is lucrative, maybe that will be PayMes next grift??

  22. I bet the moment Hillary (or Bernie… can’t count him out, you know.) wins the nomination for president, she’ll crawl out of her Alaskan cave and proclaim to her 4.5 million lemmings that hell is coming to America because we don’t bend over let and the conservatives take everything they want alongside screwing us with no condoms or lube.

    Remember, just because she’s off of Fox News doesn’t mean she’s gone into hiding.

  23. With 4.5 Million fans on her FB page she is anything but irrelevant.
    It is frightening to think that there are that many people that can connect to her insanity.
    Good riddance to her on Faux News, but she will continue to fire up the base of the fundies and she will stop at nothing to keep her name and face in the media.

  24. Palin is the equivalent of the confederate flag for gopers. She may not have a national platform, but the spirit of hate and bigotry she displayed will continue for decades. The dictionary has a new word: “Palinesque” = A common expression for lowest of the low, bottom of the barrel,…

  25. Much as I would like Sarah Palin to disappear from anyone’s radar, I do not want it to happen until the truth is told about her “6-week pregnancy” of 2008, the complicity of the McCain campaign and until the whole world knows how little she has done to help the youngest child in her household (Trig) reach his potential.

  26. The sad part is that she was dumped because she wasn’t drawing enough reichwing interest, not because she’s a damn idiot!

  27. As an older Conservative I have always found Sarah Palin’s Quirky use of the English language “Yer Durn Right” Somewhat tintillating like I was listening to my cute baby Sister.

  28. I shall miss laughing at her whenever she opened her mouth. She is great entertainment value. She will continue to pop up on our screens. She cant stand not to be in the limelight- you betcha!

  29. That would be so fun but no. Raphael cruz just said the other week that it is a LOT of work. See her doing that? Nope. Why work when you can grift? I expect she will show up with some other grift fairly quickly – perhaps televangelism.

  30. These are Facebook followers
    Sarah Palin 4,443,418
    Ran Paul 2,019,930
    Ted Cruz 1,254,932
    Rick Perry 1,914,426
    Donald Trump 1,894,001
    Mike Huckabee 1,755,510
    Hillary Clinton 943,317
    Marco Rubio 890,216
    Rick Santorum 261,598
    Bobby Jindal 249,506
    Jeb Bush 204,076
    Ben Carson 133,869
    Lindsey Graham 116,663
    Carly Fiorina 74,969
    George Pataki 15,931
    Need I say more?????

  31. Actually, she looks smart compared to the GOP candidates. Why do politics attract the most feeble minds of our society?

  32. Let’s face it Sarah’s only real appeal was her looks. Now that gravity is setting in her shelf life has expired. I almost feel sorry for Caribou Barbie.

  33. Sarah wants to be free. Sarah keep smiling.
    Don’t leave with the feeling that you are missed. Sayonara Mama Bear.

  34. I honestly don’t understand how this woman so easily hits your crazy buttons. After the shine wore off(about a week for me) you’re the guys who kept her relevant by going into hysterics whenever she opened her mouth. All you ever had to do was ignore her.
    So now I gotta’ know, what is your take on a Professional “NEWS” Anchor being retained at $10 mil a year after being found to be a liar.
    Don’t you think NBC should have parted ways.

  35. You do realize that the number of followers of her Facebook page doesn’t mean shit, right?

    All it tells me is that are 4.4 million people who bought her shtick hook, line and stinker.

  36. Beg your pardon Gindy51, she never was hot!!!! Just thought she was. open her mouth and out comes stupid…along with mean, nasty and ugly.

  37. No Linda you need not say more, but I will.
    Just goes to show you how many Americans are really stupid, as stupid as she is……or else, just easily led…or maybe these people really like watching her make a fool of herself.

  38. WOW. That is an unbelievable article. To report a story from a web site well known for it’s liberal bias
    [Punctuation and brevity are your friends]
    So much hatred and disdain just dripping from your fingers.

  39. Oh so its sexism when one points out how stupid this grifter is. Did your dumbass speak up about her attacks on the President and his family?

  40. What you do is turn off their income stream by boycotting their sponsors. That’s how Rush’s ship is being sunk. Use the same torpedoes on Fox. It’s a more resilient target, but it’s decided weakened by having peaked and it’s aged demographic dying off.

  41. Why don’t you go out to the grifter’s facebook page and just see all the hate and disdain she has, then get back to us. I doubt you will. You are too pathetic…

  42. I guess this means she finally accepted that job offer in Van Nuys for that jungle fever ailment, “Garden Tool’s Final Fantasy Fulfilled” 1.

  43. Bravo kfreed. I never could understand the repubs wanting her in the white house (too frightening to contemplate). So many other qualified women.

  44. Actually, I always thought W was the national embarrassment. Palin was just W in a skirt. However, now I’m beginning to think there is a new “candidate”for that title: Jeb.

  45. As the late BB king would sing THRILL IS GONE! Or I would say they kicked this moronic grifter to the curb. Hey Palin get a real job because your wingnut welfare check is gone!

  46. No Linda you need not say any more…you have already embarrassed your self with those “Facts” that can be dismissed easily. Those large numbers of people are mentally challenged as you are and mean NOTHING in the REAL world.

  47. Palin is only “hot” to stupid, moronic men who fly confederate flags.

    To intelligent men, she’s a harpie. Always has been.

  48. NO Sam…WE did NOT keep $carah relevant and in the news. The Goebbels Channel and the INSANE Reich Wing kept her “relevant” All we did was call her out on her stupidity and her hatred of GOOD people! Your statement while containing a morsel of logic put’s the blame on us for her “popularity” when in FACT it was the INSANE morons in the Reich Wing.

  49. I don’t generally comment in areas I am not welcome but just out of curiosity, why all the hate speech aimed at those you disagree with?

  50. Well, good old Sarah Palin is having fits over the Supreme Court decision today. A genuine tantrum for which the solution is – make a contribution to her PAC. Why giving money to Sarah Palin benefits anyone but Sarah Palin and her family I simply don’t know.

  51. I think of her as America’s hemorrhoids…symptoms that can be temporarily soothed with a
    strong dose of moral fiber.

  52. the only one irrelevant here is the author – Keith Brekhus. Sarah Palin will forever be more popular, smarter and an ongoing factor in the rise of the tea party conservatives who will take over our country and bring back some form of fiscal discipline and constitutional government.

  53. Sarahs gone now all we need is to get rid of Bob Beckel. Oop, DONE. Idle headed drug addict. Thats ok, he’s a leftie.

  54. Sarah got old – Look at Fox. All the women are bombshells in tight clothes and high heels with lots of leg. When Sarah looked good, was the milf dream, she was in. But lately that lovely skin has started to get dry and puckered so Fox has no more use for her.

    Nothing new at Fox, just more noticeable cause Palin was such a train wreck. But she was just used as a sex object – political porn of a sexist type.

    She’s an idiot, but a good looking idiot. Or, was. Not aging well.

  55. Well Mr. Wilson- since when is telling the truth, hate speech?

    Can you honestly state that you feel that Sarah Palin would have made a halfway decent President?

    Now say that with a straight face.

  56. Can I have some of what you’ve obviously been smoking?

    Surprise! You STILL have a Constitutional Government- it didn’t go away just because a black man was elected President (TWICE!).

  57. I still believe Trip, Trigger whatever the kid’s name is is not Sarah Palin’s child. I believe this will be Bristol’s 3rd unwanted baby. Only Sarah would try to pull a stunt like that.

    Why is the concept of birth control so hard for Bristol to grasp? Or is it a “sin” in the Palin’s warped ideology.

  58. I still don’t think Sarah Palin is Trigger’s Mother. I believe Bristol will give birth to her 3rd unwanted child. They can’t pass it off as Sarah’s again. Who else but the Palin’s would pull a stunt like that?

    Why can’t Bristol grasp the concept of birth control? Is it against the Palin’s “religion”? But it’s OK to pop out kids & lie about who the Mother is. It’s also OK that a child molester, Josh Duggar is one of your BFF’s. Maybe Josh & Anna can babysit.

  59. 4 million followers in any social media is not irrelevant. She’s made over 12 million dollars in the speech circle. I’d like to be half that irrelevant. Calling her a quitter is just the stupidest thing I’ve heard in decades. She actually solved a big problem. She was personally $500k in legal debt from all kinds of lawsuits in her states, plus the amount the state had to cover. She wasn’t able to do her job as governor of Alaska. So, she released the state of the burden these sewers (the people that were “sewing” her) made her by entangling her in all these suits. In addition, she was able to bless her family financially, while influcting as much damage as possible to not Alaskan, but the whole National Democrat Party. … I think.

  60. Great research there Politicus! I’m all for her leaving FOX but she was deemed less relevant because she has only been on six times in the past year and she hasn’t pulled in ratings. You believe what you want but instead of spewing bs rants about how bad she is why not tell everyone the truth.

  61. Wow, a lot of bitter people. Sarah sure knows how to find there soft spots. I guess you all should know a nasty, mean spirited person when you see one. Or, does seeing it every where you look blind you to seeing it in yourself? Yeah, I don’t think I’ve heard anything so hateful and tasteless out of Sarah as the stuff I have read here about her. Ugly is as ugly does.

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