As Louisiana Falls Apart A Delusional Bobby Jindal Announces He’s Running For President



Gov. Bobby Jindal has wrecked the state of Louisiana and now he wants to take the carnage national. Jindal announced on Twitter that he is running for president.

Here is the Jindal tweet not heard around the world:


Just like Scott Walker and Chris Christie, Jindal destroyed his state with a disastrous combination of tax cuts for the wealthy and budget cuts to vital programs. Jindal, like Walker and Christie, believes that a record economic failure is the perfect presidential campaign platform.

No state has been damaged more by the combination of personal presidential ambition and failed economic policy than Louisiana.

When Jindal took office in 2008, the state had a $900 million budget surplus that the governor managed to turn into a $1.6 billion deficit through trickle-down tax cuts. He has doubled the state’s unemployment rate while refusing to raise taxes. Jindal has become reviled in his state by slashing funding for education and healthcare. Gov. Jindal tried to replace the state tax with a much higher sales tax, but he had to pull the plan after both Democrats and Republican rebelled.

Bobby Jindal is so disliked in deep red Louisiana that President Obama has a higher approval rating than the Republican governor.

Jindal is completely delusional if he believes that his record of total failure is the stuff of which presidents are made. Bobby Jindal is George W. Bush on steroids. Jindal destroyed Louisiana to build his presidential candidate resume, and he has to be drunk on a cocktail of arrogance and ego to believe that he has a snowball’s chance of ever being elected president.

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  1. And the amazing thing? There will be retards who will vote for him.

    On the same note, Chris Christie is expected to announce his run for the Presidency next week.

  2. If he is so disliked, why was he re-elected? I’m beginning to think people in this country are sadistic!

  3. Well, I think it’s all so he can tell his grandchildren and family in India that he ran for President of the U.S.A in 2015-2016!

    India will be proud of the Jindal family name now. —Bobby Jindal (So he will say)

    Does he have a chance to be the nominee? Does Trump? Fiorina? Ben Carson? Santorum? Christie? Lindsey? Rick Perry? Who else? These are just a few. Oh, Mickey Mouse. Do they stand a chance of becoming the nominee? NOooooooooo!

  4. the Piyush Express is ssmmmmmmokkkkkinnnnnn’…

    all aboard the excess train to nowhere…

    do you suppose he’ll copy the faux Clinton-Gore battle flag pin to show his independence from convention?

  5. Has there ever been a time in our history when there were more totally incompetent governors? Brownback, Scott, Abbott, Jindal, Walker, Rauner, Pence, LePage, Snyder, Christie and Fallin, to name a few. It really is quite breathtaking that people like them continue to get elected.

  6. I remember a few years back living in Iowa and the hot button issue was same sex marriage. See, the state Supreme Court overturned a ruling that made it illegal.. which opened the door for right wing psychopaths to attack the judges. In fact, they took down three of them in the previous election.

    The anti-same sex marriage group had Jindal as one of the speakers. I didn’t stay at that event because I knew damn well that the people running this event would throw my ass out for not being a yes man to a grown man who has the mental capacity of a snail. Hell, I thought “Why is he here when he should be in Louisiana trying to fix the state?’

    Then I realized it… that would mean him and his fellow conservatives actually working for once and not bitching about how this country is evolving past them at a rapid pace.

  7. I think the word you should have used is masochistic. They LIKE inflicting hurt and pain on themselves. They must or they would never have re-elect anyone like Jindal. IMO he stands the proverbial snowball’s chance in Hell.

  8. How many clowns does it take to fill a Republican clown car? I guess we’ll find out since it doesn’t seem fuul enough yet.

  9. Don’t forget the two women who are being floated for VP. Susana Martinez and Nikki Haley have both been bad for their states. Martinez is a real dope. Haley may be a bit smarter but leaves a lot on the table.

  10. And–I think he should be called by his Indian name of Piyush. It is surely a better fit than Bobby. Guess he is ashamed of his native name.
    I read somewhere, sorry don’t have a link, that he chose “Bobby” to refer to Bobby Brady in the “Brady Bunch”. Couldn’t be further away.

  11. Next week it is Christie’s turn, his ratings have sunk in his state, he is another long shot who I do not think has a chance.

  12. King Bobby has sold off every public asset he could lay hands on, including our hospital system, our wetlands, our prisons and schools.

    New Orleans was raped post Katrina. He’s to blame.

    He’s believes himself above the Constitution, able to allow or deny residents access to their benefits and protections.

    And I’d rather slit my wrists than watch him give a speech. Pure torture…

  13. Reborn conservative extreme , Islam o phobia and brown American; can only win in Louisiana, but will not able to get more than 5% votes in other States. Like, several other cartoons in the race; he will back out very soon.

  14. This is getting to be like a silly fraternity stunt — how many Republican POTUS wannabes can fit into the official GOP clown car?

  15. Sorry, Brodie. I live in N’M and our legislature is controlled by Dems that refuse to work with our Governor. She has been elected twice and was supported by many Democrats. She is doing great things and has been working to bring more jobs to our state, inspite of the opposition from the Democrats. They are more interested in raising taxes and spending taxpayers money
    .She is by no means a stupid person.I can only imagine where you get your facts from, but you are entitled to your opinion.

  16. I would love – Love – LOVE for Piyush to be the Rethuglican nominee …

    OR Jebya, or Snotty Walker, or Marco “God-I’m-Thirsty” Rubio, or Ted “Let’s-Shut-Down-the-Government-AGAIN” Cruz, or The Donald – particularly The Donald

    But you get the idea.

    Their media “vaunted & promoted” bench? A mile long, and an inch deep.

  17. That is now clown car… It’s a severely malfunctioning TARDIS. There is no way that much stupidity can fill one little VW Beetle. You have to have something that is bigger on the inside than on the outside to hold all that hot gas.

  18. Of 7 paragraphs only one actually made 4 assertions. The deficit, unemployment, waning popularity over cuts to education and healthcare, and mutiny amongst the state legislature.

    First, cutting taxes without cutting spending accordingly creates deficits. It cannot be stated unviolably that simply having a deficit is a problem if spending cuts haven’t been scrutinized. So this isn’t a point, it’s hyperbole.

    Unemployment and taxation is an inverse relation in the private sector. An economy can exist with no taxation, an economy cannot exist with 100% taxation.

    Popularity can be contrived. This is histrionics.

    Actually the legislature threatened to get rid of the state tax, he vetoed it.

  19. Jindal! Comes into office with a 900 Million surplus, and turns it into a 1.6 Billion deficit?? and he wants to be President???

  20. If you believe that being elected twice is a great thing, then you must love our President Barack Obama. LOL Bobby Jindal SUCKS the BIG one.

  21. I think, but unsure that not enough people voted and the selfish creep won by default, and he is a very dangerous man wanting to form a theocracy, religious government, but then all of the gop running have the same scarry, dangerous agenda

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