Republicans In Retreat As Alabama Governor Takes Down Confederate Flag From State Capitol


The Republican version of damage control is spreading all through the South as Republican Gov. Robert Bentley ordered the Confederate flag to be taken down from the state capitol.

According to

Asked his reasons for taking it down and if it included what happened in Charleston last week, the governor said, “Yes, partially this is about that. This is the right thing to do. We are facing some major issues in this state regarding the budget and other matters that we need to deal with. This had the potential to become a major distraction as we go forward. I have taxes to raise; we have work to do. And it was my decision that the flag needed to come down.”

Republicans could have done “the right thing” at any time. They are taking the flag down now because it is a political liability for them to support it after the Charleston massacre.

As much as Republicans want credit for doing the right thing, their behavior is being driven by politics, not moral decency. Supporting the Confederate flag is viewed as a toxic political position. It is great that the flag is being taken down, but why did it take the deaths of nine innocent African-Americans to force Republicans to act?

The fact is that if the public outrage had not been so swift and severe, Republicans would have continued to defend the flying of the flag as a states’ rights issue.

Decency is winning the battle for now, but no Republican has promised to permanently remove the flag. After the emotions of Charleston fade away, there is absolutely nothing stopping Republicans from putting the Confederate flag back up.

Republicans want praise for taking the flag down when they need to be held accountable for ever allowing the flag to fly in the first place.

25 Replies to “Republicans In Retreat As Alabama Governor Takes Down Confederate Flag From State Capitol”

  1. Money aka Corporations told them to- it’s great it’s coming/came down, but it doesn’t matter if their mentality stays the same

    Take down the mentality

  2. I think in a year or so they’ll take the cowardly way out and put it up to the state’s citizens as a ballot initiative. That way the politicians won’t have to take the heat. It need to be removed and relegated permanently in museums only as the devisive symbol that it is.

  3. On learning that the hate group that inspired Roof is a designated hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, I am really upset that apparently it is registered as a tax free organization, and therefore is partly funded by our taxes, there must be something that can be done about this!

  4. Nice they could do it, but as stated- they only did it because they got attention.

    If they want kudos, let them keep it down.

  5. Joan, that’s because they are a “Faith based” group! To be a white trash hater and belong to ANY white trash hate group you MUST!! be a Christian, they do not allow atheists to join them because the logic that atheists bring would destroy them.

  6. This is historic.

    The KKK must be pulling their hair out about now and planning to have a “cross burning” and a confederate flag waving event in some secret location in the woods. Where there will be beer drinking, hell raising, hate speeches against the Governor, the politicians, the blacks and the Northern Yankees and vowing to NEVER remove THEIR flag from their homes, vehicles, bodies and everywhere else they put the hate emblem.
    Another clenched teeth moment for them, the first was when the first “darkie” became President of the U.S.A.—they freaked out! Now this. Talk about a monumental spin out for them Rebels.

  7. In a country where neo-nazis have the “civil right” to march and display the swastika, an historic symbol in American history is being banned.

  8. The GOP are soulless, just like Satan and Voldermort. Just as amoral as the both of them. Just as cold, unsympathetic, and narcissistic as both. This should have been done 150 years ago!

  9. And southerners still have the “civil rights” to march and display the confederate flag. Actions have repercussions, and the conservatives pulling the flag are afraid of possible blowback at the ballot boxes. So go right ahead and fly your piece of toilet paper flag at your home, on your car, or even tattoo it on your tush.

  10. It’s about time they take down this symbol of slavery, hate, racism. It doesn’t need to be displayed over anything. It’s meaning no longer exist as the south in the civil war. White supremacist don’t need the flag they love so much flying anywhere. They use free speech to justify horrible treatment of any race that is not white. The 9 black people that were gunned down in a well known black church better make all people question their actions of flying that flag. It’s no longer harmless it’s heartless, racism at work. STOP THE STUPID. JUST STOP!!!!!!

  11. How many monuments and/or memorials has a Confederate state erected for slaves? End of political correctness.

  12. Good Question. But somehow I don’t think Grover meant on the middle class or working poor, just the 1%.

  13. But they don’t have the right to fly it on a GOVERNMENT building. The Government=me, and I don’t support racism. However, feel free to fly it proudly on your home or car, it’s your right as a citizen to flaunt to the world what a racist you really are.

  14. Great article, Mr. Easley.

    Am wondering if the” praised” Nicki Haley is going to have the fortitude to remove said flag, when the body of Mr. Pinckney travels by horse and carriage directly before the capitol building and flag. Let’s see if she can do this as am under the impression the flag indeed can be removed under certain circumstances.
    In this case would believe that it should be removed.

  15. One would think that Nikki Haley is now the queen of the Republican party. Such kudos for Miss Haley! With the likes of Chris Matthew (MSNBC) praising Miss Haley to the hilt, and then Mr. Chris Cillizza (Wash. Post article) also given her high praise there is talk about her being a VP candidate. Isn’t this just what the Reub party ordered! Unbelievable.

    In the first place it was was Pres. Obama who came out first saying the flag should be placed in a museum. But then, Mitt “Mr. Draft Dodger” Romney came out the next day and started the campaign towards the Repubs to get out the word and do something about that flag.
    Romney wants to be the head of the R party. He likes to get his nose into everything now so it seems. We are going to hear a lot more of the Romney man. Ugh.

  16. No one has “banned” it anywhere.

    Responsible people and parties have chosen to either take it down or stop selling it.

    It’s the “free market of capitalism in action” is all.

  17. The “Red Necks” of NC will gladly take up the slack for SC and Alabama. Just take a look at Tillis (Senator) and Virginia Foxx and their remarkable actions and comments and you’ll realize that NC is a bastion for racism, fraud, and intolerance.

  18. I read these responses and want to laugh and cry. We all need our myths I suppose. Reminds me of professional wrestling or the 1950’s cowboy movies. You know, where “good guys” were on one side and “bad guys” on the other. We are all being manipulated by the party of our choice. As for “southerners,” I laugh at that one. I was born and raised outside of Atlanta during the civil rights movement in the 1960’s. The “southerners” you speak of that live where I used to live are now Serbo-Croatian immigrants and classes are taught in Farsi at my old public high school. The truth is that the “new southerners” now living in the piedmont regions of the South began moving there in the 1970’s from major cities in the northeast and midwest. The truth is, by and large, the cities of the piedmont areas of the South are cities of international composition. There’s a little old South left, in the extreme north and south of these states. It’ll be gone in 20 years. Its the 21st Century, n…

  19. Nothing has been banned. The article says that Alabama’s Governor has voluntarily taken the flag down from display on state property. People can still fly it. After this massacre though what these actions mean is that flying it will probably hurt your chances of winning an election. It is a free and informed political choice. You can still put it up if you like. The article is pretty clear.

  20. “Northern Yankees flying the Confederate flag” seems must be an oxymoron? However, I have seen this repulsive flag on trucks ect. Every time do see this I want to throw-up.
    There was one flag flying at the end of a drive for a few years, but is now gone. Don’t know what happened to them. maybe it got too cold?
    The VFW sponsored a Carnival a few years back. It had a confederate flag flying at one booth. Never saw that flag again. Must have been a few remarks about the VFW being the sponsor? Vets who fought in wars for freedom? Now sponsoring a hate full organization?

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