Ann Coulter “Accuses” Nikki Haley of Being an Ignorant Immigrant

Ann Coulter, who knows almost nothing about anything, let alone American history, and has written a new book to prove it, is greatly vexed by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley for wanting the Confederate battle flag to come down.

Having no real argument to make, Coulter, in true conservative fashion, settles for an ad hominem attack (that is, an attack on Haley personally rather than her argument), saying Haley is an immigrant and therefore ignorant:

COULTER: I’m a student of American History, so I’m appalled by — though I would really like to like Nikki Haley since she is a Republican. On the other hand, she is an immigrant and does not understand America’s history. The flag we’re talking about —

KENNEDY: You think immigrants can’t understand the history?

COULTER: Well, she doesn’t. The Confederate flag we’re talking about never flew over an official Confederate building. It was a battle flag. It is to honor Robert E. Lee. And anyone who knows the first thing about military history, knows that there is no greater army that ever took the field than the Confederate Army.

Of course, Nikki Haley is no more an immigrant than Ann Coulter is a student of history. Born in South Carolina, she is as American as Ann Coulter. Doubtless Haley is also as well-informed as Coulter, which admittedly is not saying much.

And sorry, reading David Barton or books by the Heritage Foundation, is not reading history. What Coulter means to say is that she is a student of speculative fiction – and poor speculative fiction at that.

Yes, the flag in question is the Army of Northern Virginia’s battle flag. She is wrong, however, to say that it is to honor Robert E. Lee. Not in his lifetime – for he dissociated himself from all things Confederate after the war and no flag of any sort flew at his funeral – and not when it was raised in modern times, when its purpose was as likely to champion white racist resistance to the Civil Rights Movement as it was to mark the Civil War’s centennial.

And the flag’s history does not begin with Robert E. Lee, a Virginian. it was actually Louisiana-born General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, the first commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, who was responsible for the battle flag. Its simple purpose was to replace the national colors on the battlefield, which, in the swirling smoke, looked too much like the Union colors and was confusing to the troops.

And to say no greater army ever took the field…Well, she must be joking. Fine as the Army of Northern Virginia was, it does not compare to Napoleon’s Grande Armée in terms of accomplishment. In Western history alone, Caesars legions conquered Gaul while Lee flubbed his invasion of Pennsylvania, and Alexander’s army conquered modern Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, again, while Lee’s army could not even conquer Pennsylvania.

I won’t even mention Genghis Khan.

I don’t want to upset Pennsylvanians, cut c’mon, man. And at Gettysburg, Lee threw that army away. Later, General Ulysses S. Grant used Lee’s army as a punching bag.

Regardless. We can debate the merits of one army over another, but even were Coulter right about the Army of Northern Virginia, how would that make the Confederate flag morally acceptable? Or maybe her knowledge of history does not include the South actually LOSING the Civil War?

Of course, Coulter, like Bryan Fischer, wants to portray the Confederate flag as the symbol of the Democratic Party. Rather than getting rid of the battle flag, she called instead for abolishing the Democratic Party as “a much more hateful symbol.”

Right. Which is why 9 out of 10 blacks today are Democrats.

And like Fischer, she ignores the century of history after the Civil War, when the GOP’s Southern Strategy sucked all the racists out of the Democratic Party and turned them into Republicans. She ignores the fact that it is Republicans waving the flag around today and protesting its demise, not Democrats.

Coulter is more than willing to exhibit her hateful, ill-informed trollishness for all to see. Indeed, she seems to revel in it and has done so here.

Nikki Haley is culpable on other grounds, but not based on where she was born. By accusing her, and everybody else of being ignorant, Coulter has only exposed her own profound, perhaps willful, ignorance.

We have seen the mind of Ann Coulter, and it is not pretty.

35 Replies to “Ann Coulter “Accuses” Nikki Haley of Being an Ignorant Immigrant”

  1. “No better Army ever that ever took the field then the Confederate Army??”

    Coulter does know this “better Army” lost the war? Doesn’t she? Being a student of History?

  2. Only in that she is the device through which the GOP launches its weirder trial balloons. If they flop, then it can just be dismissed as “that goofy Ann Coulter again”

  3. According to Coulter’s logic, Nikki Haley had to be ignorant because she was an immigrant and she had to be an immigrant because of her ethnicity.

    In a recent tweet, Coulter compared Haley to terrorists! It wasn’t that long ago when Coulter compared Hillary Clinton to Josef Mengele!

    See “Fifty Shades of Coulter” at

  4. Ah yes, she is educated. She got a BA in history at Cornell. However, it appears as if to only serves her toxic persona; she’s a reckless “show-off” not unlike her failed “boyfriends” D’Souza, Bob Guccione.

    She and others like her insist on using a lot of $400.00 words in order to impress anyone willing listen (ahh,the educated!) After all, conservative jerk-offs only want to be popular and if BA in history and $400.00 words get them in the door, then so be it!

    In her own words,”I’m a Christian first and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don’t you ever forget it.”

    $400.00 words to live by…I’m so impressed.

  5. “No better army took the field than the Confederate army”…REALLY Coultergheist!..So the tens of thousands of American soldiers that fought YOUR Conservative fascists hero’s the NAZI’s during WW2 and the Korean conflict AND the Vietnam War And the illegal wars of Dick Cheney are not as good as the TREASONOUS bastards who fought REAL Americans. Well you’re the ignorant one Ann…Student of History my Ass!!

  6. Pot and kettle… Coulter and Haley both live in some ultra conservative alternate reality. Neither one deserves more than 2 or 3 milliseconds of attention. A pissing contest inside la la land isn’t worth getting excited…

  7. Coulter as well as her cohorts of O’Reilly, Fox News, and Hannity are students of Alternative History.

  8. LMFAO if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, the entire GOP is nothing but a huge CON GAME! it’s ALL about the money! ann coulter is sarah palin with a blonde wig and a junior high diploma. ann coulter has NO talent! NO redeeming qualities! she’s just a old, hateful, bigot! Now of course america being america, she’ll always have a large following, LILY WHITE republican american always needs a mouth piece. BTW I’m REALLY not trying to be petty but just ask yourself a question, WHY does ann coulter carry herself the way she does? she’s 53 years old, NEVER married,. NO offspring, she dresses like a juvenile delinquent, she has NO pigmentation, she’s looks like she’s suffering from anorexia! What’s with her? I wondering if she’s really from Transylvania????!! just sayin’

  9. Nikki Haley is not an immigrant, she was born in Bamberg, South Carolina. Ann Coulter just showed she is the ignorant one.

  10. Ann is just another GOP “wicked-witch” (of the south) bitching up a storm of “hate and treason”!!!

  11. “Coulter is a student of Alternative History.”

    I think it would be more accurate to say Ann Coulter is a student of Revisionist History as are most all Republicans.

  12. Ann Coulter can have all the degrees in world, but it doesn’t keep her from her showing her ignorance. And that doesn’t matter, because it’s her ignorance that gets her a paycheck.

  13. Coulter’s entire argument falls apart immediately. She labels Haley as an “immigrant.” Haley was born in South Carolina. Perhaps Coulter is unaware of what an immigrant really is.

  14. Mann Coulter may be ignorant, but s/he is not stupid. S/he knows fully well all s/he has to do is say some bat-shit outrageous thing and everyone will be talking about him/her. That’s all s/he wants.
    Maybe if the next time s/he says something we all just turn our backs and ignore him/her, s/he will take his/her toy trucks and go home.

  15. If Coulter is a student of American History, it’s a sad commentary on the state of our educational system.
    For some reason Lee has been treated very well historically, while Grant has been labeled a drunk. Lee’s legacy was established by his brilliant reconnaissance during the Mexican War in 1846-48. Many of his Civil War victories, especially early on, had more to do with McClellan’s ineptness and other union general’s tentativeness than Lee’s genius as a general. Lee could have walked his army into Washington with the opportunities McClellan gave him.
    Grant did not command union troops until relatives late in the war, but made up for it with his brilliance.
    I’m curious, what would you call the army that defeated the greatest “army that ever took the field”?

  16. I’m curious, what would you call the army that defeated the greatest “army that ever took the field”?
    Kicked ass and took names later

  17. Truthfully, I have never seen anything to make me believe she is a student of anything at all. She will say anything, espouse any philosophy, kiss any behind, or tell any lie to pander to the racist, white supremacy loving bigoted, white fundamentalist pseudo-Christian base of the Republikkkan party.

  18. Growing up in Virginia I have been scorned and scolded by friends for years for saying that in any rational assessment of the Civil War Lee, Jackson, and Davis should have been tried and convicted of treason. Look at the definition of that word in the U. S. Constitution.
    I really thought I would receive an F in 10th Grade American History because the teacher was so angry at me for referring to the Civil War as a violation of constitutional law.

    Anyone and everyone who champions any flag of the Confederacy from the original Stars and Bars to the Battle Flag of northern Virginia is a racist. They are simply trying to hide their bigotry behind the revisionist lie that the antebellum south was accurately depicted in Gone With the Wind and Song of the South. It is time for decent Americans of all races to stand up and call out the racists, bigots and hate mongers and especially those in the GOP who pander to their hatred.

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