Arson At North Carolina African-American Church Being Investigated As Possible Hate Crime


Early Wednesday morning an arsonist started a fire at Briar Creek Baptist Church, a predominately black church in Charlotte, North Carolina. 75 firefighters responded to the fire and contained it after two hours of work. Two firefighters were injured fighting the blaze.

The fire department determined that the fire was intentionally set. The fire did around 250,000 dollars worth of damage.

While the motives of the arsonist are not known, the fact that the fire was set at a predominately black church just a week after the mass shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, has the attention of investigators. They are investigating the fire as a possible hate crime.

While there are other plausible explanations for why a person would commit arson, the politically charged environment in the South in the aftermath of the Charleston shootings raises the possibility that a white supremacist targeted the church. While most of the South rallied to the support of Emanuel AME Church after last week’s tragic shooting incident, the flap over the displaying of the Confederate flag has generated a backlash from a small cadre of neo-confederate White nationalists.

Briar Creek Baptist Church pastor Mannix Kinsey held out hope that the arson would not be a hate crime. He also said the congregation has already forgiven whoever committed the arson, striking a tone similar to that of the Emanuel AME congregation, who forgave the man that shot and killed nine people in their church.

Whether the arson was racially-motivated or not, this nation’s history of racial violence should remind Americans to remain vigilant in their efforts to protect black churches and other potential targets for racist attacks. In the wake of the South Carolina shootings, the possibility that white nationalist and neo-confederate activists might engage in copycat violence in order to maintain their tenuous grip on racial terror in the United States, remains all too real.


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  1. I had the exact same thought. A lot of the representation in Washington are to blame. They thrive on feeding red meat to racists.

  2. Notice how Republicans are trying to avoid blame in all of this, yet you have hate and vitriol being spewed by the likes of Ann Coulter and her ilk (Limbaugh). All Republican darlings (my stomach turned as I typed that). At the same time, the victims of these crimes and their families have shown courage and forgiveness to those who perpetrate and inflame these crimes. They’re showing these faux Christians what being a true Christian is all about. Keep digging your hole Republicans. You’ll soon bury yourselves in it.

  3. Find the arsonist, tie him to a stake, douse him with just a LITTLE bit of gasoline, and light the match.

  4. One of the many reasons I made a crappy Christian is that I wouldn’t forgive him. And especially not the white-wing terrorist shooter! Not do I think either deserve it. Bag that! But if it brings the victims any relief to forgive him, more power to them. But I won’t forgive. And I won’t forget.

  5. I’m old enough to remember in the late 1960’s when black churches were burned down with people in them! I remember the story about the civil rights workers in 1964 who were BUTCHERED in mississippi! This country is soaked in the blood of racism! but the GOP is trying to re-WRITE history! I’m getting tired of LILY WHITE republican trying to deny reality! listening to republicans talking about race relations in america is akin to asking MALE how it feels to give birth! it’s assine! LISTEN WHITE republican, you wanna talk about race? then get serious! STOP asking WHITE racist their opinions! FUX NEWS isn’t going to help you! I fall out laughing at LILY WHITE republican posts! because you can ALWAY tell, they’ve NEVER talked to a A.A. about race! BUT because of their WHITE PRIVILEGE, they automatically believe THEY have the answer to EVERYTHING! BTW for YOU republicans that claim racism is DEAD, try telling that to YOUR GOP, they campaign on it!

  6. Last point, lets be REAL!! MOST WHITE republicans don’t want to understand racism in america! they want to watch FUX NEWS and limbaugh and jump on the internet defending that swill. Heres the REALITY! WHITES have OWNED this country for over 250 YEARS!! YOU SLAUGHTERED the american Indians who actually SAVED YOUR DUMBA$SES when YOU couldn’t even FEED YOURSELF! YOU actually convinced yourself that OWNING a human FU@KING BEING was not only civilized but BIBLICAL!! YOU’VE OWNED america since DAY ONE! so stop denying racism! STOP jumping on the internet and exposing YOUR IGNORANCE! WHITE america isn’t under attack! CHRISTIANS aren’t being SLAUGHTERED in america! NO! YOU’RE just being EXPOSED! and the examination looks really GRIM! if YOU really cared about dealing with racism, WHY do YOU go to bill o’reilly for ADVICE? YOU want to PREACH about racism, not LISTEN! this is exactly why I typically blow off WHITE republican when they haphazardly TRY to discuss RACE.

  7. FOX has a complaint against them with the FCC, pending. Nothing but hate and discontent with those assh$les. I’m hoping they get what they’ve got coming. Mitch McConnell, well, he’s trash. The little frog-eyed bastard (Rancid Penis), hasn’t been reported by MSM yet, as attempting to use female restroom facilities. It’s too short & he is too. Not tall enough for urinals without a box. Hatred:GOP & Rancid + Mitch. Damn un-American what happened to the church. More Hatred.

  8. It’s under investigation. No proof it was arson…no proof how it was started…no proof who started it. It’s unprofessional and irresponsible to speculate that it was a hate crime since they know nothing at this time. Thank you race baiting media for your impartial news reporting!!! What will they say if it was an electrical short, or a black person started the fire to increase the racial tensions (it’s happened before). If you don’t know what happened quit throwing out labels like a damn idiot!

  9. @james, TWO things, THANK YOU for completely validating my earlier post! and do yourself and us a favor, next time you go looking for STORMFRONT don’t post your BULL$HIT here! OK

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