Donald Trump Is Rocketing Up The Republican Polls And He Just Called Mexicans Rapists


During an interview with CNN newly minted top contender for the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump, called Mexicans rapists.

Trump doubled down on his Mexicans are rapists comments during an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett:

“Some are good and some are rapists and some are killers. We don’t even know what we’re getting…The United States is like a dumping ground for the world’s problems. You’re probably going to have terrorists coming from the Middle East. Somebody said ‘Oh, we don’t have terrorists.’ They don’t even know, because they don’t know who’s coming because we have this open border.”

This is the man who is current second in the race for the Republican nomination according to the latest Fox News poll:


One would think that Republicans might have learned something after they nominated rich white guy Mitt Romney in 2012 mostly because he was rich. Donald Trump has separated himself from Romney by adding blunt racism to the 2016 campaign. Romney tried to win with classism as evidenced by his 47% remarks, but Trump isn’t about to mess around with the subtle stuff.

Donald Trump wants the votes of the white supremacists. He is going after the Dylann Roof kind of Republicans. The vile and hate filled racists, who believe that Mexicans are rapists and still question President Obama’s birth certificate. Donald Trump could potentially destroy the Republican Party.

Trump’s candidacy is revealing the ugly underbelly of racism and hate that the Republican Party is doing its best to hide. Donald Trump is a straight up racist, and his racism is why he is rocketing up the Republican primary polls.

Republicans definitely have a Donald Trump problem.

19 Replies to “Donald Trump Is Rocketing Up The Republican Polls And He Just Called Mexicans Rapists”

  1. He’ll be old news tomorrow. That’s when one of the other idiots out bigots or out insults another whole block of the electorate. Some may be more subtle (generally not), but it’s amusing watching them take themselves down. Keep it up morons! Also I love the picture of Frump with the faux Mohawk.

  2. Donald is going to tell us that he is a business man and knows all about business…his businesses.

    In all his days he has never run a business for his employee’s, for the people he hires, for the people that make the products his businesses manufacture, or those that service his properties.

    Sure, he can make a business decision that benefits him, but how about 350 million people that would depend on his business experience that has up to this point only benefited him.

    His business experience will not benefit the citizens of the USA.

  3. Well, Ann Coulter was one of the guests on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday and when she was asked who will be the Republican party nominee, she said, with a straight face, that it will be the Trumpster!

  4. Donald Trump could potentially destroy the Republican Party.

    Not to sound too biblical but something about reaping what one sows comes to mind. [wink]

  5. Republicans keep screaming that they are not racists and laughingly blame the Confederate battle flag on Democrats all the while hoisting an obvious bigot, Donald Trump to the number two spot in the Republican field. You gotta love it.

  6. Sweets to the Sweet!

    Dems could run a Plank of Wood against Mr. Moral sTRUMPet and still come out ahead!

    He sure knows how to court the Republican and the Latino Vote.

  7. According to the Guardian, Trump is refusing to release his long form birth certificate and college transcripts.

  8. If I got a dollar for how many times a Liberal accused someone of being racist, I’d be richer then Donald Trump.

  9. BEHOLD! @tim, see this is exactly the kind of DUMBA$S I’m consistently call LILY WHITE republican , see individuals like this moron, gets a stiffy jumping on liberal sites posting juvenile rants! Listen @timmy! YOUR party has been OPENLY courting the WHITE racist vote since RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON’s SOUTHERN STRATEGY! OWN IT! It’s only human to have certain biases but racism is a CANCER! and YOUR party has decided to capitalize on that human failing and turn america into a JOKE! so if jumping on a liberal sites, saying foolish things gets you off, then racism isn’t YOUR only failing!

  10. Here I go AGAIN! “REALITY CHECK” donald trump is your typical republican, he’s a WHITE MALE who just LOVES him some WELFARE! this IDIOT! this douchebag! A- this jerkoff didn’t work his A$S off and became successful!! this FU@KING LOSER got his money from his DADDY!! B- this lame LILY WHITE DORK almost blew all that MONEY on DUMBA$S business deals!- C- this A$SHOLE is always making deals with cities, big business to JOB THE SYSTEM! see your average republican thinks WELFARE is only for poor people! NOPE! WEALTHY people get TRILLIONS of government dollars! D- how many times has “THE DON” filed for BANKRUPTCY? 3? 4? E- who in america would vote for a financial RETARDED nitwit that can’t even handle dead daddys LOOT?? BTW trump, hows YOUR casino doing? OH it went BANKRUPT too!

  11. When Republicans went nuts for Sarah Palin as Vice President, I thought they had used their last breath of relevance foolishly. Man was I wrong. However, Trump ought to be their undoing. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT

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