Obama Gets A Gigantic Win As Supreme Court Rules ACA Subsidies Are Constitutional 6-3



In a decision that crushed Republican hopes of using the judicial system to gut Obamacare, the Supreme Court ruled by a 6-3 margin that the subsidies are constitutional under the ACA.

This defeat means that the Republican efforts to gut Obamacare have come to a grinding halt. The King v. Burwell case was the GOP’s last chance to get a court ruling that would effectively gut the ACA. Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy sided with the majority and wrote the opinion.


Republican presidential candidates will use this ruling as fodder for their platform of overturning Obamacare, but a recent CBS poll found that more people approve of Obamacare than disapprove of the ACA.

President Obama’s legacy has been validated. All the talk of trade agreements and other issues being legacy defining was nothing more than political chatter. Obama’s legacy is the ACA.

The Supreme Court said that subsidies were available to all Americans. The size of this victory for President Obama and Democrats can’t be underestimated. Republicans have been crushed by the High Court today as 6.4 million Americans will get to keep their affordable healthcare.

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  1. The President is having a great week. I asked the question in this forum a few weeks ago as to why would Roberts declare the subsidies unconstitutional, when he just declared the AHA constitutional. If the AHA is constitutional, then the subsidies are constitutional. Common sense.

  2. hear that sound? its rw gop.tp heads exploding. i hope they have good health coverage, they are going to need it.
    now, force the red states to open exchanges, and next freakin vote and get us a majority, and the new ‘hillarycard’ [see 1992], for medicare part ‘e’, for everyone! UNICARE FOR EVERYONE!…

  3. So what are the Rethugs going to try now? Another bogus lawsuit? More useless attempts to repeal? What a bunch of losers.

  4. Imagine that, Thomas, Scalia and Alito dissented. Who’da thunk it? Those three are not SC justices, they are RW Theocorpratists.

  5. A win for the American citizenry.

    Republicans, you just had your @$$es saved, even though you don’t deserve it.

  6. I’ll bet that Nino, Samuele, and Long Dong got some calls from the big insurance companies “suggesting” that they’d better vote the right way.

  7. VICTORY for 16 MILLION citizens AND growing!!!

    I KNEW it would be a 6-3 IN FAVOR.

    Will the tea bag congress now vote a 55th time AND WASTE $$$ to get rid of it???

  8. Very happy with the decision for millions of us. Thank you President Barack Obama!

    I hope this ACA is now put to rest once and for all.

  9. The ACA survives, that’s great! now watch FUX NEWS cry like little babies! I’m SORRY! but ANY american that doesn’t comprehend HEALTH INSURANCE is a necessity not a LIBERAL-COMMIE-SOCIALIST-KENYON-MUSLIM- HITLER-STALIN-GENGHIS KNAN- FREDDIE KRUEGER plot to destroy western civilization! isn’t it telling that republicans are always WRONG! these are the same paranoid AS$HATS who claimed child labor laws would KILL business! aren’t these the same AS$ CLOWNS who claimed SOCIAL SECURITY who bring america to it’s knees!? aren’t these BLOCK HEAD BA$TARS who claimed UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE would create a NEW RACE of LAZY people!? Listen, I personally couldn’t give less than DAMN what republicans think! because just like these LILY WHITE republican TROLLS who come HERE posting their FUX NEWS talking points!! nobody is buying what you’re selling! BTW, according to YOUR high prietress of TRAILER TRASH (SARAH) wasn’t OBAMA CARE suppose to KILL granny? WHERE are ALL those DEAD grannies at?

  10. Healthcare, Trade bill, economy, pending nuke deal with Iran, and opening relations with Cuba. The major stuff. Legacy set.

    Can sit at the GOAT big boy table with those achievements.

  11. Again…the Republicans are in the record books as being on the “wrong Side of History”. OBAMACARE/ACA stays and they can’t f*ck with it anymore. They lost. Americans won. Obamacare will take it’s place with Social Security (Repubs opposed), Medicare/Medicaid (Repubs opposed). And other safety nets implemented by the Democrats.

    No thanks to Republicans a Healthier outlook for 99% of Americans has been set in stone.

    WHAT are those Obamacare deniers have to say now? They certainly will have to put their heads between their legs and slink outta the room…backing up. Then Answer to their constituents, who no doubt themselves are benefitting, but denying it. Hypocrites.

  12. The court is on a roll

    The court was considering whether the 1968 law allows for so-called disparate impact claims in which plaintiffs only need to show the discriminatory effect of a particular practice and not evidence of discriminatory intent. There is no dispute over the law’s prohibition on openly discriminatory acts in the sale and rental of housing.

    The case was closely watched by lenders and insurance companies, which say they are unfairly targeted. Industry groups say that companies use neutral criteria when assessing risk. The existing law allows challenges to legitimate business practices, they argue.

    This could end up being huge as it helps define commercial discrimination based on results vs intent.

    On a 5-4 vote in a major civil rights case, the court handed a victory to civil rights groups and the administration of President Barack Obama.

  13. The ACA is a success but what REALLY bothers me is, will the GOP pay a price for their STUPIDITY??? NOPE! HELL NO!! because in america, we have very short memories!! and the GOP really depends on that! because if 20 to 25% of this country wasn’t dumber than FU#K! the GOP would have been disbanded after NIXON!! this country is NEVER going to realize it’s potential until WE sane people decide to FIGHT BACK! support LIBERAL causes and for GOD’s sake! stop taking crap from republicans! they don’t respect KINDESS and CIVILITY!

  14. Does this mean people who live in Red States where their Governor blocked them from getting expanded Medicaid and the ACA can now get it??

  15. From what I understand from earlier rulings that would be a big fat no. But with their budget problems they may have no choice but to expand Medicaid and set up exchanges

  16. The republican presidential wannabees are already vowing to repeal the ACA when they get elected. I think we are living in an alternate universe!

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