Here Is The Stunning Utter Failure Of The Republican Led Congress In One Chart


Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office put out a statement about the first 170 days of the Republican Congress that is basically telling the story of utter fail.

Worse yet, it’s not just Democratic spin. This stuff is real. Republicans did nothing for 18 days, zero jobs bills passed but raised the deficit by $610.7 billion dollars by passing more permanent tax cuts for the rich/corporations while voting to raise taxes on middle class families with children, voted against training resources for veterans, voted 7 times to repeal Obamacare, ignored student loan debt bills, wouldn’t even allow a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act…

This is a Congress that only functions for the top 2%.

Here’s the breakdown from Pelosi’s office:


170:  June 24th was the 170th day of the 114th Congress
87:   Days the GOP House has been in session, including 18 pro-forma days in which the House gaveled in & out in a matter of minutes & no legislative business was completed
1.5 million:  Number of private-sector jobs created or sustained by Export-Import Bank since 2007
4:   Times House Republicans voted against renewing the job-creating Export-Import Bank charter before it expires on June 30 (2015 Vote #1162015 Vote #1262015 Vote #3712015 Vote #379)
ZERO:  GOP jobs bills passed in the 114th Congress
Just 25:  Bills signed into law by President, including 2 that were unfinished business from the 113th Congress and 15 noncontroversial modest suspension bills
 $610.7 billion:  Amount the deficit is increased by the 11 GOP permanent tax cut bills the GOP has already passed in the 114th Congress so far
100:  Percent of House Republicans who voted against bringing up the student loan refinancing bill
7:   Additional times the House GOP has voted in the past 170 days to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act (2015 Vote #142015 Vote #452015 Vote #582015 Vote #142, 2015 Vote #1832015 Vote #3752015 Vote #376)
60:  Times House Republicans have voted to repeal or undermine the ACA since 2011
241:  Republicans voted against bringing the Help Hire Our Heroes Act – a bill to provide training resources for veterans seeking good-paying jobs – to the floor for a vote.
99: Percent of House Republicans who voted to allow predatory lenders on military bases
$251 million: Cut to Amtrak funding passed by House Republican members of the Appropriations Committee one day after a deadly train accident in Philadelphia.
 100: Percent of Republicans twice voted against authorizing & funding the Positive Train Control Program which would have prevented the Amtrak derailment, one week after the accident.
 6:  Times GOP voted against bringing a clean bill to fund DHS to a vote even as a shutdown loomed (2015 Vote #342015 Vote #712015 Vote #772015 Vote #862015 Vote #922015 Vote #100)
 2:   Times GOP has blocked bigger paychecks and better infrastructure so far in the 114th Congress (2015 Vote #42015 Vote #5)
2.9 million:  Number of jobs that would be destroyed under the House GOP FY 2016 Budget
$2,000: More in taxes for middle-class American families with children greenlighted by the final FY 2016 Republican Budget
 $200,000:  Average tax break for the wealthiest Americans making $1,000,000 or more greenlighted by the final FY 2016 Republican Budget
 $269 billion:  Tax breaks House Republicans have passed for the wealthiest 5,400 estates - 0.2 percent of Americans - in the country.
99: Percent of House Republicans who voted against allowing a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act – a bill to ensure equal pay for equal work

You can’t make this stuff up. This is a big old middle finger to everyone but the top 2%. It’s a middle finger to families with kids, veterans, students, women… It’s a middle finger to America.

It used to be just the House that was dysfunctional, now it’s the entire Congress, thanks to the Republican takeover of the Senate. And this is what a Republican-controlled Congress looks like. If anyone asks you what Republicans believe in, show them this. Policy is king.

25 Replies to “Here Is The Stunning Utter Failure Of The Republican Led Congress In One Chart”

  1. Luckily, most of those bills passed by the GOP Congress are going to be or already have been vetoed by President Obama.
    Also lucky is the fact that the GOP don’t have veto override majorities in Congress.

  2. Republicans:
    Often Wrong, Never in Doubt.

    Always Hypocritical.

    And patting themselves on their back for staying true to their cause. (which appears to change with the wind.)

  3. This is all covered under two points.
    1. You get the kind of representation that you vote for.
    2. You get this type of representation when you choose to stay home and (NOT VOTE)!

  4. And do you think FACTS will reach the minds of the RW? No…..they want to keep them stupid, afraid, full of hate and angry. That way the masses will continue to vote against their own interests!

  5. Nice article @Sarah but NO amount of graphs, charts etc. will influence todays republican, I’m SORRY! every since the FAIRNESS ACT was flushed down the toilet! america has been rapidly going down hill. In 1996 the sleazy rupert murdoch was approached by roger ailes to produce a RW propaganda network, and FUX NEWS was unleashed! it lost MULTI-MILLIONS it’s first few yrs but rupert stuck with it! and now?! your typical republican is hooked on that $HIT like a 2 dollar crackhead! Listen, anyone who has dealt with someone in a CULT or on DRUGS knows what I’m talking about! it’s damn near impossible to reach them! People who watch FUX,REALLY thinks that stuff is REAL! And don’t try telling them FACTS!, it doesn’t matter, because to them, you’re the enemy, you’re the traitor! And heres the republicans no.1 strategy, get FAKE christians to believe! I’m SORRY but BAD religion and BAD politics together? LMFAO FORGET IT! they’re too far gone! and if they’re over 60?? GAME- SET-…

  6. The Rightwing are well aware of the same facts we read and understand. But when those facts clash with their deep-seated need to hate, they easily dismiss them as “liberal b.s.”.

    We need to stop excusing Republican voters for being fooled by Faux News and other anti-American “conservative news” outlets. They’re really not that stupid at all. These people merely gravitate toward these fact-free, racist “news” sources because these sources validate already what’s in their black hearts.

  7. Money, money, money, money, money [6x]
    Some people got to have it
    Some people really need it
    Listen to me y’all, do things
    Do things, do bad things with it
    You wanna do things, do things
    Do things, good things with it
    Talk about cash money, money
    Talk about cash money
    Dollar bills, yall

    For the love of money
    People will steal from their mother
    For the love of money
    People will rob their own brother
    For the love of money
    People can’t even walk the street
    Because they never know
    Who in the world they’re gonna beat
    For that lean, mean, mean green
    Almighty dollar, money

  8. I’m not so sure how aware these people really are. And it’s not all the fault of Faux News. Yes most of the seniors (the really old seniors) are still enamored with Fox, but most, in my opinion, are backing up their hatred at websites.

    We who hang out here feel justified when we read Politicus and they do the same at ultra conservative sites.

    This confederate flag display is a good example. The right is just not ready to “move on”. And I doubt that they ever will be. They’re just too filled with hate that’s been passed on down from one generation to the next.

  9. And, its all Obama’s fault.

    Yes, even when they screw things up – its the fault of President Obama’s. Heard a lovely lady state how since Obama’s been in office everything has gone down hill. That he is destroying the country. When pointed out that it is congress that makes the laws and if the President did not veto those bills we would be in deeper crap. Her reply, well maybe it would be better if he had not vetoed those bills. Really, helping big Corporations take over our government will be better for us? Her response small government is always best. Seriously? You think Corporate run government is going to be smaller? Besides, it being unconstitutional?

    Obviously, she was firmly entrenched with FOX news talking points and was not going to be swayed to think for herself.

  10. Don’t get me wrong, because I’m a lifelong Democrat and Obama supporter. But to date, President Obama has issued only 4 vetoes. And only one of those vetoes had to do with budget or finance.

    I hope he will get tougher and veto more of this republican nonsense in the future.

  11. I don’t know what you call really old Seniors ( I will be 82 on my birthday) never listen to fox, in fact when I am out and have to hear this station spew it’s garbage, I ask to change the station. Yes, I do believe there are many old Seniors who do live and die by Fox, but there ARE others who think and decide for them selves. None of the friends I have are avid Fox believers or rethugs. I kind of think it has to do with where you live. The south falls head over heals for them, the North? Not so much…Maybe the cold weather clears the mind?

  12. When the House of Rep, Chairman for Education, Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC) aids and supports Corinthian College in defrauding 72,000 students and even introduces a bill to hide their illegal activity, something should be done. She took tens of thousands of dollars of campaign (bribes) contributions. This is not governing it is blatant fraud that must be investigated.

  13. The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President
    Obama to be a one-term president.¬” ~Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority
    Leader, (R-Ky.), October 2010,, NOT GOVERNING,,OR JOBS,, OR THE ECONOMY ,,, McConnell vows obstructionism will continue into Obama´s 2nd term. He has filibustered everything.His directive to all GOP senators is to block every initiative regardless of merit. What bills has the GOP filibustered?
    H.R. 12 – Paycheck Fairness Act
    H.R. 448 — Elder Abuse Victims Act
    H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act
    H.R. 515 – Radioactive Import Deterrence Act
    H.R. 549 — National Bombing Prevention Act
    H.R. 577 – Vision Care for Kids Act
    H.R. 626 – Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act
    H.R. 1029 – Alien Smuggling and Terrorism Prevention Act
    H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act
    H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization
    H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act

  14. I beg your pardon. I’m 71, fox news makes my hair stand on end! I know seniors who do & who don’t as well as middle aged & younger who do watch fox & who don’t. There is just no accounting for idiots at any age!

  15. So they’ve tried to give themselves another raise while attempting to screw everyone who isn’t a millionaire. Same old GOP.

  16. REPEAL YOUR HEALTHCARE,,,,CUT your social security,,CUT your medicare,,,CUT your food stamps,,CUT your unemployment INSURANCE,,CUT you EARNED income credit from your taxes CUT veterans benifitts SELL OUR PARKS AND TAX BREAKS FOR MILLIONARES,,,,,,,,,who didnt even ask for them
    everyone say HELLO,to our NEW REPUBLICAN CONGRESS we have just elected for ourselves
    VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE,,,you cant wish them out,,,any one who is reading this and did not vote,,,YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM not just them

  17. Jeez, Politicus USA, GET AN EDITOR! If you’re going to present what is certainly important information, then take a minute to align the numbers (on the left) with the acts of legislation (on the right). If the numbers aren’t clearly connected with the acts (or inactions) they reference, then your point is lost.

  18. Its a middle finger to everyone, but all the republicans have to do to get and maintain power and control is to tell the privileged class citizens that the so called minorities are the problem particularly so called “Black” people. As long as they say that they can sit back and watch the privileged class votes roll in. Case in point Donald Trump referring to all Mexicans as drug runners and rapists. The mere fact that he and other republican politicians make statements such as that is proof racism in politics guarantees support and votes.

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