208,000 Americans Join Bernie Sanders In Calling For More Presidential Debates

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More than 208,000 Americans have joined Bernie Sanders in calling on the Democratic Party to hold more presidential debates.

In a statement, the Sanders campaign announced the growing demand for more debates:

More than 208,000 people have signed an online petition at BernieSanders.com calling on the Democratic National Committee to host more presidential debates.

“The people of this country are tired of political gossip, personal attacks and ugly 30-second ads. They want the candidates to engage in serious discussions about the very serious issues facing our country today,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said in an e-mail asking supporters to sign the petition.

Earlier this month, Sen. Sanders called for presidential debates to be held across the country, “I also think it is important for us to debate not only in the early states but also in many states which currently do not have much Democratic presidential campaign activity. While a number of these non-target states have not in the past had much-organized campaign presence, I believe it is critical for the Democratic Party and progressive forces in America to engage voters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. By expanding the scope geographically of debates beyond the early calendar states we can begin to awaken activism at the grassroots level in those states and signal to Democrats and progressives in places like Texas, Mississippi, Utah, and Wyoming that their states are not forgotten by the Democratic Party.”

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are scheduled to debate six times during the Democratic primary, but the demand for more debates has been growing among Democrats.

With Bernie Sanders gaining ground on Hillary Clinton, it is no surprise that the challenger would be advocating for more debates. Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has little to gain by debating Bernie Sanders fifteen or twenty times, but if the Democratic race continues to tighten, there will be mounting pressure on the Democratic Party to add more debates.

Six debates feels like too few for such a long primary campaign. Democrats should consider adding at least two or three more debates so that voters will have the chance to compare fully their choices side by side.

19 Replies to “208,000 Americans Join Bernie Sanders In Calling For More Presidential Debates”

  1. An excellent Notion!

    Democrats: A well articulated and intelligent viewpoint.

    Republicans: Herp Derp- Worship Me! Herp Derp- Why am I being victimized?

  2. Since its a long, what is it 18 months, the Democrats should debate at least 10 times. Now the question is will the corporate media cover them?

  3. 10 debates on key topics would be very informative and motivate voters to get out and vote. Want to improve voter turn out debate about the topics that we the voters are concerned about. The more informed the public is the more apt to vote!
    Invite the GOPers too although I doubt they would come.

  4. How crazy is it that we now must demand common sense requirements to elect our own president.

    So far the only contender with any sense at all is Mr. Bernie

  5. The democratic candidates need to present what they will do FOR this country and NO mud slinging. They need to PROMOTE the democratic accomplishments and with minimal mud thrown at the tea bags.

    Let the tea bags mud sling since they have NOTHING to offer FOR this country.

    I can’t name ONE thing they’ve done FOR this country in the past 30 years.

  6. I’d like them all to stand as proud democrats.

    The tea bag debates will be a circus to see who can out stupid each other.

  7. For those of you who live within 60 miles of Rockford, Illinois and happen to be a U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders​ (lifelong Independent of Vermont) fan for POTUS in 2016, I offer you this FB group to consider “liking” and being an active part of –> https://www.facebook.com/NILforBernieSanders?fref=ts

    This group will also be walking in the Rockford, IL 4th of July parade … consider yourself invited to walk with us, details at the group page.


  8. I think there should be immensely more debates. In 2008 there were 26 debates for democrats alone. There should also be more debates between the two parties.

  9. I think there should be immensely more debates this election cycle. There were 26 debates for Democrats alone in 2008. Debates in between the two parties should be consider as well.

  10. “Sen. Sanders called for presidential debates to be held across the country.” About a week after Sanders said this the DNC passed a new rule stating that it’s candidates who appear outside of DNC sanctioned debates will not be allowed to participate in DNC debates. Removing democracy from the DNC. I hope you will sign my petition asking the DNC to reverse its position. https://www.change.org/p/the-undemocratic-national-committee

  11. More debates help keep candidates as honest as they ever get. There should be more between all involved.

  12. I’m in favor of numerous debates as long as they only include serious Democrats, not fringe candidates. I’d love to hear Hillary, Sanders, O’Malley and Chafee discuss the issues of the day. The contrast between the serious, solution-oriented Democrat debaters and the sloganeering, empty-headed, nasty Republican debaters would be very instructive to the American public.

  13. …I’d like to see a glorious free-for-all next summer between the Democrats and say…the top 5 Republicans…
    …let the whole fluckin’ WORLD see what empty Idiotology they spout…

  14. Since both the major parties are basically the same these days, and suffer from the same problems and limitations (way too much $ in elections), they really don’t care if we TRULY know what we’re voting for, or not. It all comes out the same. Feels a bit like a charade. It’s time to demand IN-DEPTH discussion and debates that get to the heart of important issues.

  15. How are both parties the same? Are both parties trying to restrict your right to vote? Are both parties trying to take away a women’s right to choose? Are both parties denying science? Are both parties trying to take away healthcare? Take that firebagging teabagging nonsense out of here. Both parties are the same my ass

  16. both parties are NOT the same

    healthcare, acceptance, caring, understanding, wants to help you to get you back on your own feet, environment, safe food, air and water

    Love you IF you’re a straight, white christian male, women are 2nd class and to be used as incubaturs and everyone else should be gassed, corporate GREED

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