Friday Fox Follies: Foxy Friends’ Fibs


There’s so much going on, but this week’s Friday Fox Follies starts with How “Fox & Friends” became the most repugnant show on Fox News, which is saying a lot considering the competition.

Last week, in Charleston Church Charade, FFF reported on the Fox and Friends rush to call the massacre an attack on religion. That’s why yesterday morning, I was shocked — shocked, I tells ya — listening as Fox & Friends Defends Hypothesis That Charleston Massacre Was Attack On Christianity, Not About Race. Watch them get angry and lie to defend their previous lies:

Who is to blame? Fox & Friends Blame Their Ridiculous Charleston Reaction On Liberals and Fox & Friends’ stunning hypocrisy: “We were never told the nature of [Dylann Roof’s] bias”. Here’s the thing. Maybe it’s true that they were never told the nature of Dylann Roof’s bias, but, if so, they should blame their own news department for keeping it a secret.

My news-gathering resources are a drop in the ocean compared to the money Fox “News” spends. Yet, AT THE VERY SAME TIME I was hearing those Foxy Friends call the Charleston Massacre a War on Christianity, I was reading internet news sites quoting Roof saying Blacks had to go before he started shooting.

If I knew that, why didn’t Doocy, Kilmeade, and Hasselbeck know it? Why did the Fox “News” Channel continue to blame religion long after Fox and Friends went off the air that day and only started calling it a racist attack when it could no longer ignore the clear evidence?

As always the best take on almost any story is when The Daily Show Trashes Fox News’ Hypocrisy In Wake Of Charleston Shooting. Watch:

Fox “News” embarrasses itself every single time it covers issues of Race, and Charleston was no exception. It’s like looking into a fun house mirror, reflected and distorted through a prism of White Privilege:

Fr. Jonathan Morris Uses Charleston Tragedy To Hate Monger About Al Sharpton • Fox News Gets Desperate and Calls The Confederate Flag The Flag Of The Democratic PartyFox Regular Kevin Jackson Blames Black Liberals For Charlotte Shooting

In the “Spin Like A Top Zone” there was An Epic Clash Between O’Reilly And Kirsten Powers On Race: ‘How Many Black Friends Do You Have?!’: Kirsten Powers, O’Reilly Blow Up over Race, as Loofah Lad refuses to let her talk. Watch how differently he treats his 2 guests:

When he realized it was nothing but White folk talking about Black folk, Larry Wilmore Superimposes Himself into O’Reilly’s Shoutfest with Kirsten Powers. Hilarity ensued:

After he realized the world was laughing at him again, Bill O’Reilly Declares War On ‘Anti-Fox Defamers.’ It makes me laugh when O’Reilly Tears Into ‘Race-Baiters,’ Fox Haters: ‘You Want a War? You Got a War!’ As a long-time Fox Hater, I say, “Come and get me! I’ve already survived The Johnny Dollar Wars!

No Fox “News” personality can Bait the Race like Hannity. Just ask Hal from North Bergen. So, after Jon Stewart Hilariously Exposes The ‘Fox-Abetes’ Illness Of Exploiting Charleston, Hannity Selectively Edits Jon Stewart’s Criticism And Whitewashes GOP History Of Racism. Then Hannity Goes Full-Stupid: Why Ban Confederate Flags If You Can Buy Rap Music? No wonder Cenk Uygur Blasts Hannity’s Comparison of Confederate Flag and Rap Music.

PASSAGES: Our Long National Nightmare Ends: Fox News Dumps Sarah Palin and Deems Her Irrelevant because Palin Never Lived Up to Expectations on Fox; Network Break-Up Comes 2 Years Too Late. As Sarah Palin And Fox News Say Buh-Bye – Again, Politico says Sarah Palin is the REO Speedwagon of Politics.

Also being kicked to the curb: Fox News Parts Ways with Bob Beckel. Fox News Cuts Bob Beckel: ‘We Couldn’t Hold The Five Hostage to One Man’s Personal Issues,’ which is a terrible way to treat an addict in recovery. Even Bob Beckel ‘Baffled’ by Fox News Statement About His Departure. This as Anthony Weiner Nominates Himself to Replace Bob Beckel on The Five.

Contrary to last week’s news, which counteracted the previous week’s news, Roger Ailes Re-Signs with Fox News, Will ‘Jointly Report’ to Murdoch and Sons.

Meanwhile, Fox News Will Launch a 24/7 SiriusXM News Channel.

Then there’s the time an Asinine Fox And Friends Publicity Stunt Nearly Kills A Man On Live TV (VIDEO) as Fox News Host Hits West Point Drummer With Axe In Lumberjack Battle. It was Fox & Friends Co-Host Pete Hegseth [who] Hits Man with Axe when Fox News host throws an axe at someone on live TV because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I was hit by an axe while performing a drum solo live on National TV…..words I never imagined saying! This happened last Sunday and I have been reluctant to post but starting to receive inquiries from concerned family and friends. I am thankful to God that the double sided blade only hit broadside on the outer elbow with significant impact and a couple of cuts as it fell along my wrist. It could have been much worse or fatal. Focusing on full physical and emotional recovery.</p>Posted by <a href=””>Jeff Prosperie</a> on Saturday, June 20, 2015</blockquote></div></div>]

To quote Bob Marley: If you are a big tree, we are a small axe.

THE TARANTULA’S WEB: Andrea Tantaros: Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Decision Awesome, Obamacare – not so much!TUCKER WITH AN “F”: Tucker Carlson Suggests Obama Disarm The Secret Service If He Supports Gun ControlTucker Carlson Says Criticism Of White Privilege Is “EVIL!”STARNES STAINS: Todd Starnes: Anti-Confederate Flag Crowd Doing ‘Cultural Cleansing’… Just Like ISISTodd Starnes Wants God to Chase SCOTUS and POTUS with Bugs

BE OUR GUEST: Fox News Guest Claims ‘Liberals Created’ Charleston ShooterFox Guest Compares Obama To Kanye West For Use Of N-Word • Fox Liked Deneen Borelli’s Race Baiting Over Obama’s N-Word So Much, They Had Her Repeat It In Prime TimeFox Guest Host: Does White Supremacy Cause “African-American Men To Not Get Married To Women That They Have Babies With?” • In defense of Confederate flag, frequent Fox News guest claims Civil War wasn’t about slavery

FOX BYTES: Fox Throws Stones At Brian Williams From Their Glass House Of Bill O’Reilly LiesVariety The Latest Publication To Fall For Megyn Kelly’s Phony ‘Independence’Fox’s Steve Doocy Parrots Rush Limbaugh To Stoke Fears About A Liberal Assault On American FlagFox News’ Ed Henry: Why Are Americans “Getting Pulled Into” A Debate Over Gun Laws?Fox Claims Fast Food Workers Forego Higher Salaries To Keep Receiving “Free Stuff From The Government”Fox News Repeatedly Called For The Hostage Negotiation Policy It’s Now Criticizing Obama ForElisabeth Hasselbeck worries Obama will use N-word in speech to joint session of CongressFox’s Andrew Napolitano: Supreme Court Used “Almost Tyrannical Power” To Uphold Affordable Care ActFox’s Ralph Peters: ISIS Is Trying To “Exactly What The American Left Is Trying To Do … Destroy The Past”“They Are Killers”: Fox’s Megyn Kelly Allows GOP Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump To Vilify Mexican ImmigrantsMegyn Kelly Goes After Univision Exec for ‘Vicious’ Trump Reaction

Headly Westerfield recently published Caught Inside The Fox “News” Bubble . . . Again at the Not Now Silly Newsroom.

9 Replies to “Friday Fox Follies: Foxy Friends’ Fibs”

  1. And the Right Wingers wonder why us Leftists feel so superior to them.

    I mean c’mon.

    Pre-schoolers know enough (for the most part) about when to shut up.

  2. “Fox News Gets Desperate and Calls The Confederate Flag The Flag Of The Democratic Party.” REALLY! The flag of the Democratic Party! Well, if that’s true why are so many Republicans trying to defend it? Maybe because it really is the flag of hatefulness, bigotry & belief in white conservative superiority.

    Its about Conservatism, which is about having things all ways the way you think they should be, which is good for a few & not about making things better for everyone. Its this belief that has run the GOP off the rails of rational & logical thinking.

  3. Every time I hear Right-wingers whine that the Civil War was the cause of Democrats I want to scream. 1. Southern Democrats of 1860s were CONSERVATIVE. 2. They believed that they were superior to everyone who did not think like them. 3. Even the poorest white Southerner believed that one day he would hit the jackpot & be able to own slaves. 4. They believed that the Bible was unerring. 5. Thus, they believed that God made the black Africans to be slaves to the superior White people. 6. They’re called DixieCrats.

    And, this is the part that wants to make me scream – in case you did not get the memo. In the 1960s with the Civil Rights Act the DixieCrats began migrating to the GOP & have been there ever since. The GOP of today is the DixieCrats of old.

  4. The Conservatives grumping about the Big Bad Dems of yesteryear are like Creationists- they don’t care about the truth.

  5. People who watch Fox News watch nothing else. I had a “conversation” with an older white man in the gym the other day. Describes himself as a Democrat, believes in unions because it was the first decent job he ever had and he only watches Fox. He’s “not watching the MSNBC crap!” He thinks Donald Trump is a straight talker. I stood there with my mouth agape. I told him maybe he should read more. His excuse – my eyes are bad. I just said stop! You obviously don’t care to be informed. Fox viewers are that way and they are confident in repeating that vitriol assuming everyone else thinks the same way. At least there is one less person to interrupt my workout now. He steers clear of me.

  6. Does Steve Doocy understand that video tape can be played back? He blatantly lies repeatedly in the segment designed to absolve the troglodyte trio of responsibility in their deliberate attempt to spit on the souls of the dead at AME, and capture some of that sweet-sweet persecution manna for themselves and their delusional followers. Steve Doocy repeatedly whines that they “knew it was a hate crime” last Wednesday, but since “no one told them” – to say – “what the nature of the bias was” they could not be held accountable for the obvious BS they were putting out there on the public airwaves in the immediate aftermath of a racist massacre they helped to inspire.

    No, Steve Doocy. YOU PERSONALLY expressed derision for the reality based media by decrying, “It’s extraordinary that they are calling this a hate crime!” Well, much like the true nature of the Confederate Battle Flag, the true nature of the ideologue-puppets on F&F has been similarly made plain for all to see.

  7. I also go to the gym.
    It pisses me off when others don’t remove the weights and etc from whatever they’re using.
    That reminds me of self important repiglicans.

    Most of the jerks who do this are younger ones who are “jocks” in their own little minds.

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