Bernie Sanders Makes History By Raising More Money Than Every GOP Presidential Candidate


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has made history by raising more money than every 2016 Republican presidential candidate, and every 2012 Republican presidential candidate not named Mitt Romney.

According to The New York Times:

Mr. Sanders, the socialist Vermont senator, running for the Democratic presidential nomination, has raised at least $8.3 million online through June 17, according to Federal Election Commission records. His campaign won’t file its initial report until July 15, but filings by ActBlue, the online fund-raising committee that serves as a conduit for Democratic campaigns, show that Mr. Sanders has brought in more money in May and the first half of June than any other Democratic candidate using ActBlue.

It’s likely that Mr. Sanders will report more than $9 million raised as of June 30, the deadline for midyear F.E.C. reports. That amount is larger than any Republican not named Mitt Romney raised in the first half of 2011.

The only candidate who will raise more money than Bernie Sanders is Hillary Clinton. What’s impressive about Sen. Sanders accomplishment is where the money is coming from. According to Sanders, his campaign has more than 200,000 donors who give about $45 each.

Bernie Sanders is raising more money than every Republican presidential candidate because people believe in him and his message. In terms of dollars, Republicans will continue to rely on a handful of billionaires to bankroll their super PACs, but President Obama’s reelection campaign demonstrated that small individual donors are a barometer of success at the polls.

The individuals who give money to presidential campaigns are the most likely to show up and vote. They are the most committed of supporters, and Republicans have struggled for years to mobilize the type of authentic grassroots support that is rallying around Sen. Sanders (I-VT).

Hillary Clinton is a phenomenal candidate, and against any other Democrat not named Obama, Sanders would probably be leading the field.

Bernie Sanders is putting together a genuine movement of the people, and the billionaires are being put notice that the American people are coming to take their country back.

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  1. This headline is deceptive. There are something like 13 Republicans dividing up the right wing loot. If there were merely 2 or 3, one or more would almost certainly have money far in excess of Bernie.

  2. The headline is not misleading because it seems that everyone in that clown car has a billionaire sugar daddy while act blue counts donations from regular people

  3. I LOVE BERNIE.. and he will get all my donations.. but will vote Hillary in the general but want Bernie to have a POWERFUL PLACE in her cabinet against the BANKS.

  4. Sorry Nanci but Hillary is going to continue her downwards slide and if she is crazy enough to debate Bernie then she is doomed. Please don’t get caught up in that Hillary is a woman, instead try this using one word answers to describe Hillary and Bernie make your list compare then listen to your heart. Mine for Bernie are Truthful,Caring,Compassionate,Integrity, Presidential,Intelligent,Genuine Now granted I do believe that Hillary is intelligent,and that she does have Presidential traits and that she is caring its just I’m not so sure it’s the little people she cares so much about as for the others she has some big holes that Republicans would love to tear apart.

  5. If you support Bernie, why not also vote for him? If you believe that he has the best program to offer Americans, why not vote for him? It is illogical to support and believe in a politician, then turn around and vote for someone else!

  6. I have heard many people say they support Hillary because it is long overdue to elect a woman to the office of POTUS. I couldn’t agree more, but Hillary is the wrong woman. She is owned by Wall Street, billionaires, and Monsanto. I say we need a socialist in the White House now more than we need a woman. Had that woman been Elizabeth Warren she would have my total support.

  7. Your name suits you since the GOP is racing this country to the BOTTOM.

    Everyone in the GOP clown BUS is out to cash in on this and they could care less about actual governing of the country.

  8. I will vote for Bernie in the primary and the democratic nominee in November.

    If it’s Bernie, PERFECT
    If it’s Hillary, STILL PERFECT

    Bernie is NOT for sale to the corporations

    A tea bagger can visit the WH, but they’re NEVER living there.

  9. I was a local Assembly District coordinator for McGovern. Unless and until Bernie gets a message beyond “fight Wall Street, tax the rich” he might win the nomination but not the general. McGovern had a far more inclusive message and REMEMBER what happened. We can give our love and money to Bernie to push Hillary on his issues, but should he win, we have lost. He has nothing to offer us beyond that one-note message. He has done far too little on racial and immigrant justice. Telling Black voters to stop ‘voting race’ as if they ever did that? Bernie’s patronizing white privilege talking, and it won’t fly.

    There are many problems left unsolved, and racism is right at the top. He needs to produce some policy positions beyond the mantra he speaks. Why did he vote NOT to close Gitmo and against the Brady bill? We deserve more and better from progressives. Not yet getting it.

  10. David Reed, you’re living in a fantasy world if you think Bernie Sanders can beat any Republican in the general election.

  11. What? Why not vote for him too? Hillary plays to the big money donors and Bernie Sanders doesn’t play to anyone but the American people… what a refreshing concept someone who really cares and tells the truth.

  12. We’ll see, he is surprising everyone so far and the American people will back him ferociously with their money be it little donations or big we know he needs money and I think the American people will put out for Bernie Sanders.

  13. Apparently you have not been listening, he is talking about everything that is wrong with this country and how to fix it. He is not as shallow and uninformed as you imagine. Much of his knowledge comes from his own investigations he has paid for. I am sure the black voters will love his messages as much as everyone else, there is only one decent choice and that is Bernie Sanders.

  14. I think that it is time that McCaskill and the other rethuglican lites who run as D’s ( I’m looking at you wasserman schultz who won’t allow attacks on your R friends who work against humanity. Friendship being more important then humanity) get the message that if Bernie does win the nomination that they had better go all out for him.
    The sort of sabotage they carried out on McGovern will not pass unnoticed again.
    After all the times that Progressives and liberals were told that it was important to support reactionary a*****e d’s because they were better then an R it is time the sothern d’s and their fellow travelers learn that they can get chopped off at the knees if they try to play games.

  15. Get the fuk out of here with that Glenn Greenwald bullshit. The only reason GITMO is not close because every year Congress put an amendment in any defense bill forbidding it to be close. You are just as stupid as that traitor. Dumbass emoprog. Take your ass back to your Mistress Hamsher and the rest of the firebaggers

  16. Look at the time, it was 1972 when McGovern tried but failed, this country was NOT ready for a liberal.
    We were HEAVY into Vietnam and I believe this country didn’t want to change back to the democrats. Nixon was voted in because he was Eisnehower’s VP and EVERYONE wanted another Eisenhower. Nixon was OK for his first 4 years, so that’s why he voted back in in 1972. And we ALL know how “well” that turned out….

    McGovern was a guest speaker on Crystal Cruises Serenity in April 2010, 14 days Los Angeles to Tahiti. Since I worked for Crystal as corporate/crew travel manager, I was able to enjoy a sailing for pittance.

    I had the wonderful opportunity of sitting next to McGovern on Air France, first class, and bacause I booked his flight, I plunked myself right net to him.
    I TALKED HIS EAR OFF about liberal issues, he was the nicest man. I also met his daughter outside of customs at LAX.
    I told him I would’ve voted for him but I was 10 that year and couldn’t.

  17. You really think that McCaskill and DWS are Rethuglican lites? You must not be aware of how horrible our Rethug-led Congress actually is.

  18. Look at where we were after the GOP Bush REIN OF TERROR.
    There isn’t ONE GOPer who comes close to Bernie, they’ve had NO accomplishments to speak of and they all have the GOP Bush REIN OF TERROR in their rear view mirror.
    All they can do is SMEAR.

    Look at Bernie’s momentum and he isn’t for sale to the highest corporation.

    take a look at this contributers

    take a look at how he votes
    Bernie Sanders on the issues

    He’s NOT a millionare
    Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) ranks 84th in the Senate with an estimated net worth* of $460,506 in 2012

  19. Remember Truman holding up the paper with the Dewey Wins headline? Bernie is a pro that can’t be bought, and will tell the truth. The truth will crush Hillary because she is indeed a creature of Wall Street. As smart as she is, if she steps onto a debate stage with Bernie, she’s doomed.

  20. Folks, don’t get it wrong here. Both Bernie and Hillary are on our side. For many people this will be a tough decision,including myself. But don’t be mistaken. They BELONG TO US, both share are views, and either one will wipe the floor with who ever emerges out of the clown car. Both of these candidates have made it clear that they are not going to slam each other, it has been pretty clear that the GOP IS WHO THEY HAVE THEIR ATTACK DOGS ON,NOT EACH OTHER. As a Marylander, lets not forget Governor O’Malley, BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY HE IS JFK’ish and formidable. So lets enjoy the ride, we have amazing candidates.

  21. I’m very happy to hear that you are donating to Bernie Sanders Nanci, but the reality is that Hillary has no intention of attacking the banks just like Obama. Obama, treasury nominees were all wall street people and so will Clinton’s. The only way to make sure we have an administration that actually holds the banks accountable is to do everything we can to get Bernie Sanders elected. I used to be skeptical of his chances, but not anymore. There is no doubt that he can win if we all do everything in our power to get him elected. Let’s do it!

  22. I’m sorry Kevin, but I’m almost completely sure you are mistaken. Hillary, like Obama, has no intention of taking on the special interests like the banks which are wrecking our economy, and are now pushing this TPP agreement. O’Malley sounds ok, but he doesn’t have the record that Bernie has, so he could just be another Obama. All talk no substance. Bernie is the only candidate that we can be sure will fight for us against the powerful big money interests that dominate our politics.

  23. It really irks me when people say Hillary and Obama are tools of corporate America and Bernie Sanders is the country’s only hope. Either they are incredibly ignorant or super-idealists that live in a fantasy land similar to the Tea-baggers on the ultra-right. The fact is President Obama has been the best President since FDR and Hillary would act similarly. Yes, Bernie Sanders is a fine man and would make a good President if he were electable – which he’s not. Remember, if the Democrats don’t win the Presidency in 2016 everything good that happened since 2008 – controls on Wall Street, health care, gay rights, civil rights – would be utterly destroyed by the Rethugs. Is that really what you want?

  24. im no Hillary fan but you don’t know her Very well. She is a great speaker and debater and I’ve seen her bring many a argument and adversary to their knees. She would be worthy of a Bernie debate.

  25. Bernie Sanders can skim off some disenfranchised Republican voters who are concerned about GOP cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. GOP is in such chaos they’re likely to nominate Donald Trump!

  26. Mr. Easley, nowhere in The Times article is it mentioned that Bernie is raising more funds than 2016 GOP hopefuls.
    For the sake of accuracy please don’t let your giddiness cause you to mis-read or mis-report the facts.
    Bernie wouldn’t approve.

  27. Please don’t underestimate HRC.
    Many a Republican Women will Vote for Hill: The First Woman President (without their GOP Husband ever knowing)

    We absolutely won’t get those Votes with Sander’s, he’s too extreme.

    Perhaps Sander’s for VP…but I don’t believe America has evolved enough (just yet) for a Very Liberal President. The RightWing will destroy him and our chance for the White House.

  28. I have seen a bunch of new commenters, and many are “brand new” … I’d like to believe folks are all in for Bernie but I am troll weary. They want to split the dem vote to win. I say, proceed with caution.

  29. It isn’t really misleading because people donate to the one they want to win, not the party. It isn’t like the money goes into a big pot and is divided to each member of that party. It is going straight to the one the people want to win. I am not a supporter of any of them at this early date just telling it as I see it.

  30. Republicans will not vote for Bernie Sanders because he is a Socialist. The only thing they hate more than a Socialist is a “Black Muslim Kenyon Socialist”. If Hillary is not the candidate, you can kiss the White House goodbye, and everything President Obama has fought for will disappear. Is this how you show your gratitude to President Obama?

  31. Andy….Completely Agree…!!!..The repubs are just Licking Their Chops and Hoping he gets the nomination…and ALL that has been accomplished by President Obama will be gone in A SECOND…!!!!…GO HILLARY..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Bingo. Typical here. The truth is not of any importance. Pretzel logic fantasy. Polls skewered. Facts ignored. Hyperbole abounds. Trolls infest. Just pathetic.

  33. I think we can all agree that everyone on the left adores both Bernie & Elizabeth Warren, BUT it is obvious that Hillary is the most likely to win the general election, and neither of the other two could probably get thru that process because they are obviously lefties and that terrifies so many Americans who were fed the ‘communism’ mantra for so many years. That is the single biggest reason so many ordinary people vote republican – just to avoid ‘socialism’!
    I really hope that the American people wake up to who their real friends are, otherwise the oligarchy’s power only gets stronger every year. TPP is the last straw as far as I am concerned, and the Prez has been bamboozled into going along with it – probably thinks there is no alternative to the global elite’s ‘leadership’, or that it’s the West’s corporations v. Chinese takeover, one or the other ! By the time the masses realize what has happened there will be no way left for undoing the control by the Global corporatio…

  34. Eight years ago, very few people thought that Barack Obama was electable as a Presidential candidate. Why, he’d only been in the Senate less than a full term! What hubris, indeed! but look at how many people rose up! Hundreds of thousands of people promising $5,10,15,25. a month. Why do you think this is not possible again? We have a generation of young people who know little or nothing about the Marxist teachings of Communism or socialism, but who have seen people who carry the label be true Union and community leaders. They are less likely to be fooled by the labels that isolate us from each other. Bernie is electable if those of us who have little to nothing, or something to a bit more, get together behind him because we believe what he believes and we want it to become a truth! We CAN make it happen. Rayleen Nunez

  35. It is lovely to see Hillary fall behind. If she would just do the right thing and drop out of the race now, it would save a lot of time and energy. Hillary will not be the nominee. She’s toxic (corrupt) and everyone knows it.

  36. Rayleen,
    Elections aren’t only about money. If Bernie Sanders did not label himself a Socialist and were 63 instead of 73 he might have a chance in the general election. But if he does win the Democratic nomination Republicans will tear him to shreds. He’ll be lucky to win one state.

  37. Silly Americans. You are managed not governed. Why delude yourselves imagining a decent man like Sanders has a chance? Your masters simply will not allow it.

  38. Current electoral math pretty strongly indicates that a vegetable could potentially beat the GOP in the general election.

    Assuming that the current leaning-Democrat states vote that way, the Democrats need to win only 33 Electoral votes to win the Presidency. There’s 2 “tossup” states (NV & CO) that I personally feel really aren’t tossups, and make the number of electoral votes the Democratic nominee will need to win be all of 18.

    What this means is, no matter who the Democratic nominee is, all they have to do is win FL OR OH, OR either VA or NC AND any of WI, IA, MO or NH.

    In fact, of the tossup states in play, Romney won only 2 of them (MO, NC) in 2012.

    For the GOP to win, they have to run the table. They have to win almost every single tossup state, ESPECIALLY FL, OH, and VA (assuming MO & NC stay red in 2016) and they’ll still have to win at least one of WI/IA/CO/NV/ beyond that, which could be tough to do. Losing OH or VA makes it really, really hard for the GOP…

  39. Every republican except Rand Paul. Paul is my first choice, Sanders is my second choice. Nobody else is gonna change anything. Everyone else in the middle sucks.

    But in reality, both Paul and Sanders are going to have a really tough uphill climb. Anyone but Clinton or Bush please!

  40. Ahem! your “race_to_the_bottom. I am pleased to report to you that you are indeed winning. You can revel in your ignorance without reservation.

  41. There is truth in what you say churchlady, I too remember those times. All of you who voted her down should possibly research what she has said, no candidate is perfect. I like Bernie and most of his message, he loses me on the firearm issue though, I will vote for Hillary and I hope Bernie or Biden will be Veep.

  42. One may be suspicious of so-called “socialist” aims, but my analysis tells me that all those who want progressive advances for our country to support Bernie Sanders in the up-coming primary elections for the Democratic nomination. And with a Bernie Sanders in the White House, one thing is assured, and that is that the political discussion on wealth and income inequality will become the national issue that it MUST, and that Sanders will seek solutions that ALL Americans can support, which at their foundation, will empower EVERY individual citizen to acquire personal OWNERSHIP shares in the future wealth-creating, income-producing capital assets of our economy simultaneously with its growth, with taking anything away from those who already OWNED. Such solutions will prevent future OWNERSHIP concentrations of wealth and ensure inclusive prosperity, inclusive opportunity, and inclusive economic justice.

  43. If we have any real hope for progressive policies that will provide inclusive prosperity, inclusive opportunity, and inclusive economic justice, and prevent future concentrations of wealth-creating, income-producing capital asset OWNERSHIP, we all need to contribute to Bernie Sanders campaign. I have and I hope all of you, especially the young and those with children and grandchildren, will also. it’s your and their future, and you need to OWN a substantial share of that future.

  44. Sander’s positions might be progressive, but polling indicates a majority of Americans agree with him on most of the issues, e.g. the need to get money out of politics, the need to raise the minimum wage, the need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. It’s a myth he’s too extreme.

    And if he was too extreme, it seems unlikely that he would be doing better among independents than Clinton, which he currently is in early primary states.

  45. As long as you vote for Bernie in the primaries!

    For those of you like myself who have never voted in a primary before, this site is great to help you figure out how / when to in your state

  46. The good news is, Bernie doesn’t need Republican votes. The “Black Muslim Kenyan Socialist” that Republicans hate so bitterly is currently serving in the third year of his second term.

    All Bernie needs is to mobilize the democratic base and win an majority of independents. And polling from NH and Iowa indicates Bernie does better with independents than Clinton. I attribute it to the fact that poll respondents find him more to be empathetic, honest, and trustworthy than Clinton. Those factors matter to independent voters who do not vote along party lines.

  47. If you support Bernie Sanders and are planning on donating to his campaign, please considering doing so before the June 30th FEC reporting deadline. IMHO, $5 donated before June 30th will go much farther than $10 donated after July 1st.

  48. I greatly respect Sen. Sanders and have for years. But 9 million bucks is chickenshit. Especially at this point. Get real, people.

  49. If you love Bernie and are donating to his campaign, why not vote for him in the primary? That outcome determines which Democratic candidate moves on to the general election.

  50. Jason Easley misquotes the NYT as referring to Senator Sanders as “the socialist Vermont senator, running for the Democratic presidential nomination,” when in fact in the link you provide ( says precisely, “Mr. Sanders, the Vermont independent senator running for the Democratic presidential nomination…”
    This is either really sloppy or deliberately meant to brand him in the public eye as a “Socialist.” I think it should be corrected and publicly referenced as such.

  51. Isn’t it great to see the presidential clown car for the GOP disintegrate itself? Divide and conquer.

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