The GOP Has Tossed its Ideological Cookies and it’s Not a Pretty Sight

obamacare is awesome/   [CC image credit: Will O'Neill | Flickr.]
Over the past few days, we have seen the Republican Party toss its ideological cookies. It has not been a pretty sight.

Exposed for all to see has been the profound myopia of a party dedicated to hate and religious tyranny, a party so determined to ignore facts and even science, as though something that exists only in their heads is more meaningful than our shared reality.

Just as an example, House Speaker John Boehner announced that the Marriage Equality decision “disregarded the democratically-enacted will of millions of Americans,” while ignoring the fact that it pleased more people than it outraged, with fully 60 percent of Americans now supporting Marriage Equality.

SIXTY PERCENT, John Boehner. What about their will?

Aren’t you Republicans telling us you represent the majority of Americans?

And look, the reason you lost now is the same reason you lost Proposition 8: you could make no legal argument against Marriage Equality. Because there is none.

It you flip to the Obamacare Decision, despite it being upheld twice by that court – the individual mandate in 2012, and subsidies just the other day, the Republican Party thinks it is still fitting to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They will fight “tooth and nail” to do this, says Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).

Even though the ACA is very popular and very successful, and the American people want it, Cornyn is so immune to reality that he insists that “Today’s decision doesn’t change the fact that Obamacare has been a disaster for the millions of hardworking American families who have seen their health care costs skyrocket or lost their insurance entirely.”

Wait a second…what about those 86 percent of enrollees who are satisfied with their Obamacare? And let’s compare that 86 percent to the 16 percent of people who are satisfied with Congress.

I think it is pretty easy to see what has been the real disaster for American families.

If Cornyn were appealing to facts rather than ideological necessity, he might have something there, but Obamacare is far from being a disaster. And in fact, Obamacare has helped all Americans, not just enrollees. For example, by eliminating lifetime limits on care.

Facts are swirling all around us, available to all equally, but Mitch McConnell fared no better with reality, claiming that the ruling “won’t change Obamacare’s multitude of broken promises.”

One might wonder to what constituency Republicans think they are appealing when they say crazy things like this, things that are patently untrue. Both on legal and ethical grounds, they have nothing.

Republicans have no alternative to Obamacare, as they have admitted. The Supreme Court has spoken. It’s legal. The people have spoken in the polls and on the exchanges. Even in Red States, they want it.

It matters not how serious the GOP actually is about this crusade of stupidity. Certainly, they may realize they have no actual chance at this point and that Obamacare is here to stay, that all their words are empty rhetoric employed to appeal to their base (It could also be the world’s largest case of cognitive dissonance).

No matter the reasons, they are still wasting your money and mine by their repeated and pointless attempts to repeal what is, and has been, the law of the land. When before has so much time and effort been wasted trying to repeal a law once it is passed?

Republicans insist that moving forward means stripping people of their healthcare. That, somehow, is an improvement. The status quo “puts patients first,” insists Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah.

As a patient, and as the father of a patient, I would respectfully point out to Sen. Hatch that my son getting back his lifetime limits, thanks to the GOP – and that is what a repeal of the ACA would mean – does not put my son, the patient, first.

Putting the patient first means him continuing to receive the medication he needs to live. Putting lifetime limits in place once more, deprives him of that medication, which means he will die.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) even says he will “take every action possible in Congress, in the courts and in statehouses across our country” to repeal Obamacare. In other words, to condemn my son – and millions like him – to death.

As you can imagine, I am less than pleased with Sen. Barrasso. Or with Sen. Bill Cassidy, of Louisiana – another Republican of course – who says he remains “committed to replacing Obamacare with conservative, free market solutions that give you the power” to die through lack of insurance because your lifetime limits have been met.

We can wish these people would, as Harry Reid put it, stop banging their heads against the wall, but we know that is not going to happen. They would have to take cognizance of reality to realize there is a wall.

They won’t. We are way past that point. We have been past that point for years.

Boehner said the other day that “The Obama administration looks like they’re struggling to run the government,” but the real problem is the Republican Party is struggling to cope with reality.

And what are a few technical glitches compared to an obstinate refusal to stare facts in the face? Mistakes happen, and there is no bigger mistake than to decide ideology supersedes fact.

Wave your Confederate flags around all you want. Wear your KKK hoods in public or in private. You lost the Civil War and you lost the struggle for Marriage Equality, just as you lost the struggle against providing Americans with affordable healthcare.

I never thought, growing up, that I would see one our major political parties lose touch with reality like this. Now, as I get older, I begin to doubt that I will live long enough to see them rediscover it.

But my son will. Thanks to President Barack Obama. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the Democratic Party, which has, significantly, not lost touch with our shared reality. Whose cookies are right where they are supposed to be.

39 Replies to “The GOP Has Tossed its Ideological Cookies and it’s Not a Pretty Sight”

  1. The Republicans, whatever their clinical diagnosis might be, cannot plead McNaughton on this. They are aware of universal standards of right and wrong, they can foresee the consequences of their actions, and they are capable of controlling those actions. But they won’t. They are acting with premeditation and malice aforethought, two of the necessary conditions for murder. As for the third– causing the death of a human being — they already have, but not on the scale they yet may accomplish.

  2. being math challenged, as Republicans repeatedly demonstrate, allows them to believe that 60% really means only 40% or less using dynamic scoring possibly based on the Metric system…

    not being able to recognize science because they aren’t scientists themselves, even tho there are 10 Drs in the party in the House and at least 3 in the Senate, means that statistics mean nothing…

    the river of progress rolls along leaving some people on the sandbars wondering how they got there and how to get off…

  3. The GOP is digging their own graves. Please proceed, guys. The rest of us prefer to live in the 21st century, which means equality for ALL men and women, medical care for all, food for our children, and public education that is funded, and not taken over by any church. Oh, and we like not being at war too. So stuff it, Preibus. You and your two dozen pandering, lying, creepy Koch candidates can appear on Fox and clutch Lindsey’s pearls all you like, but laws have been passed and upheld, and you can either move on and do something, at last, FOR the people, or you will be left in your Klown Kar, unemployed, and wondering when the world passed you by. NOW, you morons, it is passing you by right now.

  4. It’s not so much being mathematically challenged as it is willfully not counting those who do not blindly follow their false narratives.

    None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see.

    ~ Matthew Henry

  5. You nailed it: “Exposed for all to see has been the profound myopia of a party dedicated to hate and religious tyranny, a party so determined to ignore facts and even science, as though something that exists only in their heads is more meaningful than our shared reality.”

  6. None of the Rabid Righties nor evangelicals showed up for coffee club this morning. Guess I’ll have to check their apartments later to see if they experienced “Explosive Head Syndrome”.

    Might have to call maintenance for cleanup.

  7. While the rest of the world laughs at us, they are hellbent on destroying our country.

    It seems like they want a Hunger Games scenario where they all live like royalty in Panem while the rest of the country only exists as slaves to support them. Since most of them are too stupid to read books, they have to wait for the last movie to see how that worked out.

  8. I’m just tickled pink watching the endless gushing of Right Wing temper tantrums. I’ve checked my vehicle. (I’ve got several Pro-Obama and Pro-liberal stickers).

    And none of my tires have been slashed- yet.

  9. PPACA … Fair Housing Act … Marriage Equality …

    All in all, it was a pretty damn good week for Americans who actually care about other Americans!

  10. “Wave your Confederate flags around all you want. Wear your KKK hoods in public or in private. You lost the Civil War and you lost the struggle…”

    Yes, they lost “to the Union”, yet, they still believe they can fight and win on abortion, women’s rights and immigration. These Neo-con-confederates still have battle fields that pox-mark our cultural landscape, but their battles continue to narrow…their is no escape politically.

    It’s time they “purge” their ranks with a sacrifice; they need to surrender an elite group of ring leaders, better known as co-conspirators acting against the interest of the USA.

    And we don’t want no small fish, like the self-immolating pastor; no, we want some big fish, as in “rebel generals” and their covert financiers.

    If these confederates don’t purge now, they will loose their rank’ n’ file demanding to know, “who fuc*ed this one up”, plus, a high risk of exposure by low-ranking screw-ups failing to “obey orders”.

  11. So once again, the GOP refuses to accept defeat and move on.
    Instead, they are acting like petulant children who didn’t get their way and are threatening to throw a tantrum by continuing their efforts to undermine the ACA with their usual legislative theatrics.

    This should come as no surprise, as recent history has demonstrated that Congressional Republicans are as rational and productive as a dog chasing its own tail.

  12. sCruz’s wet dream of Constitutional amendments to address judicial over reach and defining marriage as one man/woman have as much chance of happening as him being addressed as Mr President…

  13. I’ve no idea how your comment relates to Brodie224’s comment but I’d never look to a work of fiction for a advice on how to define marriage…

  14. The Bible is a religious document. Not everyone in the US is a “Christian.” I suggest you read the Constitution and leave the Bible reading for Sunday services.

  15. The “Republican (Clown) Party” and “all” of their (many) totally inept, demented, pathetic “leaders” and followers are now “openly” and “proudly” showing themselves off (publicly) too be what they “actually” are in their souls. They are the political party of “truly evil”, greedy, raciest, “sub-humans”, that are mentally incapable of having and or sustaining very simple, and “logical” “coherent” thought processes. They (Republicans) are “all” truly insane, idiotic, sadistic, mentally-ill, filthy, greedy, deranged “examples” of 100% pure, inbred, rancid, brainwashed from birth, putrid, vile, sick and disgusting 100% human-waste matter. And not much more!!! In my opinion. IN OTHER WORDS; REPUBLICANS ARE 100% (“SUB-HUMAN”) FECAL WASTE MATTER THAT NEEDS TOO BE CLEANED AND SCRAPED OFF OF THE SHOES OF THE CITIZENS OF THE U.S.A. (and the entire world) THEY TRULY “STINK” TO HIGH HEAVEN AND THE DEEPEST PITS OF HELL!!! ETC., ETC., ETC.. Catch my drift???

  16. …the Teahadists & Teatards {not to mention NeoConArtists} do not have an ideology…they have an IDIOTOLOGY…they never worked for “We the People”, or any deity…{{except Mammon}}

  17. Boehner said the other day that “The Obama administration looks like they’re struggling to run the government,” but the real problem is the Republican Party is struggling to cope with reality

    And that’s a fact Jack – no grip on reality.

    Always cracks me up when any Republican says that President Obama is struggling. Obama really struggled yesterday to govern – NOT.

    Can you imagine how America would look today if we had McCain/Palin and McRomney/Ryan running the government? Most average Americans would be on a plane to Syria because Repubs would still do nothing to create jobs, no health care [I’m always curious that if no one has to pay a mandate, where the money comes from – it’s as if they only want rich people to be able to go to the hospital], no education, a dirty America. GOP – the party of no ideas!

  18. So you’re saying republicans are bad people?

    I grew up hearing my Dad saying “dirty stinking lousy republicans” and this was in the 60’s. Obviously they have not changed at all. My Dad passed on 18 years ago and he would enraged and outranged to hear the stuff coming out of reichpublicans of today

    Sometimes I think these horrible republicans are really sociopaths with mental illnesses because they are so cruel and hateful.

  19. Cruz said ‘ It is the worst 24 hours in the history of our country’
    Since when has it been ‘his’ country, perhaps since he asked for US citizenship last year. Before that, in ‘his’ country, whether it was Canada or Cuba, did he try to call the shots there too?

  20. That’s because he believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution!

    And talk about death panels, oh the irony!

    What a bunch of clowns!

  21. Cruz said ‘It is the worst 24 hours in the history of our country’

    Just a few dates in our history which dwarf this contention in even the most conservative minds:

    Apr 15th, 1865
    Oct 24th, 1929
    Dec 7th, 1941
    Nov 22nd, 1963
    Mar 30th, 1981
    Apr 19th, 1995
    Sep 11th, 2001
    Dec 14th, 2012
    Jun 17th, 2015

    Hyperbole, Thy mouthpiece is in known as Ted Cruz.

  22. You forgot one which led to the deaths of over 600k Americans. The Battle of Fort Sumter (April 12–14, 1861)
    Well technically that was 2 days

  23. I’m sorry about whatever condition your son has, Mr. Haroldsson. I understand, however. My husband has chronic myelogenous leukemia and takes medicine that costs $11,894. A MONTH. Our co-pay is a very manageable $100 a month, but if he lost coverage, he would die. If he hasn’t already passed $1,000,000 in lifetime medical bills (after surgery, chemo, and radiation for his diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in addition to the leukemia), he’s getting close. Let’s just say he was really relieved at the Supreme Court’s decision.

    Good luck to your son!

  24. Actually, sometimes a dog chasing its tail results in victory of a sort. Repugnicants cannot ever catch their own tails.

  25. But I am noticing that my Conservative co-workers avoid me when they can, and avoid eye contact when they must talk to me.

  26. thank god America is finally realizing just what an enormous domestic threat the GOP and conservatives are to the nation, our democracy, our economy, and our Constitutional freedoms. we must bring the hammer down hard on these rightwing fools. I just hope we can make it to November 2016. this rightwing collective is our top threat- not a third world terrorist group half a world away. recently released DHS reports also list the rightwing extremists as the homelands biggest threat.

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