A Naturalized American Citizens Tells Donald Trump He Knows Nothing


Mr Trump:

I wish you could read this letter.

You say Mexico only sends criminals, rapists, and drug dealers. You are either misinformed or misled by your handlers with regard to Mexican immigrants.

Did you know that in all U.S. wars Mexican immigrants or their children or grandchildren have been among the first to go into combat to defend the stars and stripes?

Did you know that Mexican Americans have received more Medal of Honors than any other ethnic group? I could give you their names but you don’t really understand courage, sacrifice and love of family and country. I am an immigrant who came from Mexico to WORK not to steal or assault women but to give my family a home and food on the table. The price I paid to achieve this? My son Jesús A. Suarez Del Solar who died in Iraq defending our freedom, even your freedom to make racist remarks. As a U.S. Marine with a green card [legal permanent resident], my son died in the illegal invasion of Iraq, an attack against an innocent population unleased by former President Bush.

Mr. Trump, the food you and your family eat every day is planted, harvested, and packed by migrant labor mostly from Mexico. These same people prepare your food in restaurants, clean your offices and homes.

The most recent massacres that have taken place in schools, churches, and movie theaters have not been perpetrated by people of Mexican descent.

You know nothing about those of us who come to work and pay taxes in a nation built by immigrants. All you know is your so-called beauty pageants that are an insult to Latina and all women. You know nothing.


A naturalized American citizen proud of his Aztec roots.

Fernando Suarez del Solar, Founder & Director
Guerrero Azteca Peace Project

This is an open letter from Fernando Suarez del Solar, Founder & Director of the Guerrero Azteca Peace Project.

22 Replies to “A Naturalized American Citizens Tells Donald Trump He Knows Nothing”

  1. Three problems with your letter. 1) Donald Trump had nothing, earned millions, lost it all and is now a self-made billionaire. I’m fairly certain he knows much more than you ‘d ever give him credit for.
    [Learn some decency.]

  2. Another dumbass who refuse to see the truth. 1. He inherited money from his father and yes he lost money but it was due to his incompetence. I mean HOW THE FUK DO YOU GO BROKE OWNING A CASINO

    But forget that he is a racist this article right here if you have half a brain cell will tell you all about this blowhard
    Donald Trump is even more of a monster than you think: Why his golf courses are environmental disasters

  3. Onesoldiermom- you’re full of shit.
    1)Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and was the privileged son of a wealthy man. The money he got to start was borrowed from his old man.
    2) The Iraq War was illegal in the Bu$h and company lied their asses off to get us into it.
    3)Trump is also well described as being a terrible person to work for.
    Donald Trump went out of his way to insult Mexicans.

    And no amount of spin doctoring is going to change that simple fact.

  4. …if it’s even possible, I’d say DT knows LESS than nothing…furthermore, no Hispanic I’ve ever met was less than courteous to me and my wife…

  5. onesoldiersmom, you are just another conservative that denies facts. Donald Trump was born into a wealthy family. His father is the one who made the money, not him. He inheirited from his father. He is far from being a self-made billionaire.

  6. No experience in Government whatsoever. A man who is only where he is because of his father’s money. Just like Romney! The last person on earth I would vote for as President!

  7. Hey, Mom…
    You need to get a clue.
    The Donald, got lots of money from the Dad.
    Lost it all, yes!
    Declared bankruptcy four times before he finally hit it big….

    Do you want a POTUS who will declare our country bankrupt so we can start over?

    For all you know, “OneSoldier’sMom” that man’s son may have fought next to your’s in Iraq! And for what??

  8. Are you sure it was “medically unfit” or could it of been mentally unfit? That would seem to fit his personality.

  9. This is the second time a Mexican-American read Trump the riot act for his ignorant, erroneous comments about Mexican-Americans. Trump has practically been begging to get told off, because he’s one of those racist elitists who are oblivious to how much Mexican-Americans have contributed to this society, and to his bottom line personally by working for him. A young woman posted a letter recently in which she spoke of how her father influenced her by working hard, supporting his family, and valuing the education for her that he didn’t get. That letter was on time. As for this man, he made me aware of facts about Mexican-Americans I didn’t even know and I am grateful for the knowledge. His own son paid the ultimate price in the Iraqi war, something that Donald Trump in all his arrogance and ignorance can’t even appreciate the significance of. I don’t care if he’s wealthy because that’s not what I base my valuing of folks on.

  10. Thank you for your wonderful letter.
    I am so sorry for the loss of your son.
    I am the daughter of an immigrant(England) and married an immigrant(displaced after WW2).
    My husband was in the Army during Vietnam before he became an American citizen.

    Donald Tump is a disgusting excuse for a human.

  11. onesoldiersmom is a clueless Trump fan just like Palin. Trump is a world class BS artist with a narcissistic personality disorder with no equal and he eats pizza with a fork just like Palin.

  12. He is surely not referencing all mexicans. I praise him for even saying that honestly about those who are. No politicians will ever dare utter that. Give that man that.

  13. I had seen a photo of Donald Trump on the day he announced that he was running for President.

    He was actually drooling from the right-side corner of his mouth!


    Yeah! Drooly Gooly Donald Trump.!

    Disgusting! Yuck!

    And this slobbering drooling moron wants to run for President??? REALLY???

    Well . . . I guess the 2016 Republican National Convention promises to be a real clown show! Yeah! Like, send in the clowns! I can hardly wait!

    Good ol’ DT (Donald Trump or Delirium Tremors) is really going to be a big hit in the Republican clown Parade!

    Yeah! Drooling Donald Trump! Or maybe I should call him DDT!!!

    Yeah! I think, that we should refer to him as DDT, from now on, because his right-wing political rhetoric is every bit as toxic as the pesticide bearing the same name!

    He’s going to need someone standing by his side to wipe the drool from off of his pie hole!

    Oh! I think I’m going to be sick now, just thinkin…

  14. No need to waste your valuable time writing anything to Donald Trump. He is a morally bankrupt bully who craves attention. He is a joke. You shouldn’t have to defend immigrants at all, but the Republicans attack them as a way to divert from the very real problems we have as a country. They don’t want us to think about the fact that they have no solutions,work to benefit the oil companies and health insurance companies and industrial war complex, and gladly throw the American people under the bus. Of course racism is involved as well. No point in talking to Trump as if he is a reasonable person. All he wants is attention and more power….creepy guy….

  15. over 80% of America’s wealth is inherited. Donald did not work a day in his life. the rich elite idiots complaining about folks not earning their share have not worked a day themselves.

  16. Didn’t Trump inherit from his father? His father real estate tycoon Fred Trump’s business success not only provided Donald Trump with a posh youth of private schools and economic security but eventually blessed him with an inheritance worth millions.

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