A Naturalized American Citizens Tells Donald Trump He Knows Nothing

Mr Trump:

I wish you could read this letter.

You say Mexico only sends criminals, rapists, and drug dealers. You are either misinformed or misled by your handlers with regard to Mexican immigrants.

Did you know that in all U.S. wars Mexican immigrants or their children or grandchildren have been among the first to go into combat to defend the stars and stripes?

Did you know that Mexican Americans have received more Medal of Honors than any other ethnic group? I could give you their names but you don’t really understand courage, sacrifice and love of family and country. I am an immigrant who came from Mexico to WORK not to steal or assault women but to give my family a home and food on the table. The price I paid to achieve this? My son Jesús A. Suarez Del Solar who died in Iraq defending our freedom, even your freedom to make racist remarks. As a U.S. Marine with a green card [legal permanent resident], my son died in the illegal invasion of Iraq, an attack against an innocent population unleased by former President Bush.

Mr. Trump, the food you and your family eat every day is planted, harvested, and packed by migrant labor mostly from Mexico. These same people prepare your food in restaurants, clean your offices and homes.

The most recent massacres that have taken place in schools, churches, and movie theaters have not been perpetrated by people of Mexican descent.

You know nothing about those of us who come to work and pay taxes in a nation built by immigrants. All you know is your so-called beauty pageants that are an insult to Latina and all women. You know nothing.


A naturalized American citizen proud of his Aztec roots.

Fernando Suarez del Solar, Founder & Director
Guerrero Azteca Peace Project

This is an open letter from Fernando Suarez del Solar, Founder & Director of the Guerrero Azteca Peace Project.

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