Reaction To SCOTUS “Obamacare” Ruling Reveals Republicans’ Intrinsic Inhumanity

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Republicans and conservatives spend no small amount of their time preaching that America is a Christian nation, or trumpeting their own Christian bona fides at every opportunity to whomever is unfortunate enough to have to listen to them. For any reasonable human being who has rudimentary knowledge of the Christian religion and more specifically the teachings of the faith’s namesake Jesus Christ, it is an abomination that people that are innately cruel and inhumane would have the temerity to claim they are followers of a historical figure who preached to do anything possible, including selling all their belongings, to care for other human beings.

That idea of compassion, or humanity for other human beings, particularly American human beings, has become anathema to Republicans and conservatives over the past six years and of all the various ways it has been made manifest is a burning desire to deny basic medical care to tens of millions of Americans. On Thursday after the Supreme Court ruled that about 8 million Americans can continue getting pathetically-minimal tax credits to help purchase health insurance, Americans were treated to the true measure of Republican and conservative inhumanity and cruelty towards American citizens.

Last week when comedian Marc Maron interviewed President Obama, an interview worth the time to listen to in its entirety, the President spent a fair amount of time heralding the basic goodness and humanity of the American people. Although the President was fundamentally correct that ‘most’ Americans are kind-hearted and generous toward other Americans, he should have at least noted there are plenty of Americans that are cold-hearted and intrinsically cruel, and that they are Republicans in Congress, state legislatures, and governors’ mansions as well as paid by conservative  media and belief tanks to spread their hate as commentators and pundits. No matter how one assesses the conservative lust to abolish the Affordable Care Act and deny Americans affordable  healthcare insurance policies,  it is remarkable that the attacks on the ACA are not borne of opposition based on policy, but on sheer cruelty and inhumanity.

The case that should have never made it to the nation’s High Court was the result of four cruel conservatives obsessed with denying millions of Americans affordable healthcare insurance. How obsessive? The plaintiffs in the case against the government had to comb through over 900 pages of the verbose healthcare law to find four words they concluded were enough to take healthcare insurance away from 8 million Americans and leave them without medical care.

Such a task is not only obsessive, it represents the level of inhumanity endemic to Republicans and conservatives of all stripes. However cruel those four conservatives’ intention in suing the government over four words of text in a 900-page law were, the response from conservative pundits and Republicans, especially Republican presidential candidates, after the ruling was announced revealed  the extent of the deep-seated inhumanity that pervades the conservative movement.

It is not worth reiterating every single raging response from Republican politicians and conservative pundits, or even one of them, to the High Court’s ruling; there are scores of articles and commentary about the hatred for other Americans conservatives directed at one specific member of the Supreme Court.

Of all the Republican and conservative hatred going around yesterday for all things “Obamacare,” including the Supreme Court, it is a true mystery why Chief Justice John Roberts became conservatives and Republicans ultimate persona-non-grata over even President Obama. It is a mystery because apparently that while Republican and conservative pundits’ heads were exploding right off their bodies over the ruling, they failed to hear, or read, that the ruling was decided by a 6 – 3 vote in the government’s favor.

What that means is that even if Chief Justice Roberts agreed with the inhumane plaintiffs and joined the three cruel conservative Justices, the Court still would have upheld the legitimacy of the law by a 5 – 4 vote. However, Republicans particularly, and conservatives generally, are so angry that they missed a golden opportunity to deny upwards of 8 million Americans access to affordable healthcare insurance, that not only did they lose their ability to read the final vote count, but they revealed their true colors and lashed out at a truly staunch conservative who helped give them victories in Citizens United, Hobby Lobby, Christian prayers at government meetings, the legal right to harass women seeking family planning assistance, and abolished the Voting Rights Act; rulings they never thought to label judicial tyranny like they have the Affordable Care Act ruling announced on Thursday. If nothing else, based on John Roberts opinion in writing for the majority, it is relatively obvious to even his harshest liberal critic that the man does not harbor the same base inhumanity apparent in his Republican and conservative detractors.

It is nearly impossible to quantify inhumanity, or cruelty for that matter, because taking pleasure in human beings’ suffering, or worse, crusading to perpetuate their suffering by denying something as fundamentally basic as medical care is immeasurably cruel. It is true that none of the Republican outrage aimed at the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday even mentioned how disappointed cruel conservatives were they failed to deny medical insurance to 8 million of their fellow Americans they wanted to see sick and dying.

However, after 50-plus attempts to destroy the Affordable Care Act, five years’ worth of lies and misinformation about the healthcare law, and an angry conservative movement decrying “judicial tyranny” because 8 million Americans still have medical insurance, the only reasonable conclusion is that the entire conservative movement is exactly what many Americans have learned is true; a tragic number of Americans are inherently cruel and inhumane towards other Americans.

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  1. it’s not like this is news…

    here in California, man-god Ronnie dumped thousands of mentally ill onto the streets and left them to fend for themselves… too expensive to care for them and maintain the facilities…

    meanwhile they still wander the streets and as the city of San Jose found out… it’s cheaper to provide shelter and care for them…

    do you suppose that’s why they revere Ronnie so much?

  2. I can’t understand as well what the issue is when it comes to being able to access affordable health care. I can’t believe that we all pay about $10,000 /yr for a year long family plan that only provides health insurance (most times you have the deductibles). I have read some commenters on right wing blogs that if you can’t afford health insurance, you don’t deserve health care. Well since a majority of the 99% make over $30,000/yr, how can anyone expect a poor family to afford $10,000 a year in just health insurance. What about reality: rent, transportation, food – basics.

    The Republicans today are not Christians by any meaning of the word. They do not preach Jesus Christ who spent his whole life loving his neighbors as himself. Republicans go crazy over same sex marriage but it is mentioned once or twice. I wonder how come they think nothing of the ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultry’, ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’, ‘Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.

  3. Ayn Rands hateful objectivist mantra is part and parcel of the republican doctrine, to understand Ayn Rand is to understand the republicans outlook and policies

  4. I doubt very much that those 4 individuals read the entire ACA. I doubt very much that they had the mental capacity to even be able to pick out those 4 words ([exchanges] “established by the state.”) from the ACA which contains appx. 11,588,500 words.

    I would bet my bottom dollar that the Republicans in congress, many of whom are lawyers, poured over that document, word by word, to find something, anything on which they could pin a lawsuit and then used these people as their front men/woman, none of whom could claim that the ACA had caused them harm.

    Republicans inhumane and cruel? Yes they are. Also racists and thoroughly pissed off that they lost two elections to that black man in office. They would rather see people suffer and die because of their poisonous hatred for him.

    Every single Republican candidate running for POTUS has sworn to toss out Obamacare. Then expect people to vote for them because they will deprive millions of healthcare.

    Not a chance.

  5. And isn’t it amazing that most of us got over Ayn Rand immediately and never gave her another thought.

  6. I sometimes wonder what it’d be like to live in a Republican’s head.

    But usually when I do- I wake up screaming.

  7. St Reagan who singlehandedly took governor Pat Brown’s BOOMING CALIFORNIA, cut taxes but CONTINED TO SPEND us into DEBT, and RUINED US.
    Do you know the DMV is issuing the yellow on black 1960’s licences again??

    The legacy of California liberal governor Pat Brown 1959 – 1967
    Pat Brown’s legacy includes
    Fair Housing act, Fair Employment Act, Master Plan for Higher Education, Highway Expansion, The California Aqueduct
    Pat Brown taxed everyone, citizens and corporations, fairly
    Due to his legacy, California public schools were the envy of the nation, then came governor Reagan in ‘67….and prop 13 in ‘79

    Edmund G. Brown Is Dead at 90; He Led California in Boom Years

    Ronald Reagan’s shameful legacy: violence, the homeless, mental illness

  8. Which didn’t stop Ms. Rand from applying for Medicare under her married name when she needed medical care.

    It’s always *different* then!

  9. Roberts was only trying to do the Republican party a favor–imagine the screams from Kentucky when the people finally realized that Mitch McConnell really, really wanted to take their health care away from them. Along with his fellow travelers.

    Congress could have looked a lot different after 2016 once the Fox-viewers finally saw the light about what their Beloved Ruling Class is actually like.

    Roberts saw that as well, I do believe.

  10. Yes but Ayn Rand deserved Medicare since she was a “philosopher” for the “doers.” The little people, the “takers,” don’t deserve Medicare.

  11. …the Teahadists, Teatards and NeoConArtists exist ONLY to carry out the will of the billionaires…who have pushed the FICTIONAL musings of Ayn Rand as thier new bible…
    …they are Christians in name only…including Huckabee, who SHOULD know better…

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