Donald Trump Lies And Claims That He Is Drawing Big Crowds Like Bernie Sanders

donald trump cnn state of the union

During an interview on CNN’s State Of The Union, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lied and claimed that he is drawing big crowds just like Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.


Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

TAPPER: You think Bernie Sanders can beat her?

TRUMP: Well, he’s making a lot of progress. You know, you would have said, and I’ve watched him. I’ve seen his crowds. I get crowds that are fantastic too. He’s got that. He’s got a lot of people going to see him. Do I think so? No, I don’t think so. But you know stranger – hey, you been in this world a long time. Stranger things have happened.

TAPPER: Some people look at you running for president and say, this is just about ego, getting his brand out there. What’s your message to those people?

TRUMP: My message is that they’re wrong. It’s something that I’ve looked at over the years. I looked at it very seriously as you know, four years ago. I’ve been thinking about it very seriously over the last period of time and I’ve decided I’m going to do it.

Bernie Sanders is drawing thousands upon thousands of people to his events while Donald Trump paid actors to dress up like supporters and cheer for him at his campaign launch.

The media has already been trying to create a false equivalency between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The reality is that Sanders is a dedicated public servant who has held office for decades while Trump is a reality television star who has never done anything in the public service realm.

Sanders and Trump have nothing in common. Donald Trump is an example of the kind of entitled billionaire that Bernie Sanders is leading a revolution against. Donald Trump is a professional carnival barker and self-promoter who will do and say anything for media attention.

Bernie Sanders is leading a true grassroots movement that Donald Trump is trying to latch his bogus presidential campaign on to. Donald Trump is hiring actors to pretend to support him. There is no comparison between Trump and Sanders, and those in the media who are enabling Trump’s lies deserve the public’s scorn.

40 Replies to “Donald Trump Lies And Claims That He Is Drawing Big Crowds Like Bernie Sanders”

  1. And Trump was paying $50.00 per person to show up at his announcement.
    Trump can’t keep that up forever.
    What a Joke Trump is.

  2. Jason, you note that “… Trump is a reality television star who has never done anything in the public service realm.”.

    Trump has not ever done something that didn’t benefit himself first, nor has he done any thing that would be considered as having benefit the public.

    President Obama has supported legislation that has benefited 350 million citizens, the middle class and poor, while Senator Sanders has always supported legislation that improves the lives of more people then those that are disaffected. Bernie is not out for himself, he works for the “people”, everyone, not just the rich ones.

  3. This man isn’t even running for President, this is all for attention. Trump has been running for president for the last decade, and never really has a campaign. Since he’s not actually running, it’s irrelevant if he has a crowd picking up the defecation he leaves behind

  4. One thing you can bank on-if Trump opens his mouth, it means he is about to lie in order to inflate his own ego.

  5. Donald Trump is No liar!!! I’ll be voting for him with the rest of the millions of Americans voting this next election!!! He is going to take this Presidency! My only wish is this, the new media outlets really need to get there facts straight and also the special interest groups that have been running this country for the last 8 years. It really is a injustice to the American people that these headlines and stories that are being told about Donald Trump are really bias and lies.. I’m glad there is internet and other outlets that people can listen to instead of this main stream special interest outlets.

  6. sTRUMPet will never release the financial disclosure required to actually run for President. Full disclosure will put the lie to his bullshit.

  7. Beanzy James Congratulations, you are officially the dumbest person that has ever lived….. Special interests the past 8 years? Christ you’re dumb. You and about 6 other people MIGHT want to vote for this buffoon, but he will have withdrawn lonnnnnnnnng before the Republicans choose their candidate. It’s a good thing people like you are not allowed to make decisions regarding the future of the USA.

  8. His corporations have gone thru 4 bankruptcies, he’s a lier and HATES everyone, he’s ruined Atlantic City.
    He’s INSULED Mexico and probaly has UNDOCUMENTED workers in his hotels.
    How many times must he say “I’M RICH”, such a “nice” thing to say, conceded much???

  9. The sockpuppets are out today.

    Sanders attracts people.

    Trump attracts bluebottle flies.

    The numbers may be the same on both, but…

  10. You’d put this guy in charge of the future of your country? Don’t value your future, do you? You’re almost as stupid as Beanzy James, congrats

  11. Trump is a proven liar. Remember when he said he had a team of investigators in Hawaii who had definitely dug up the dirt on Obama’s birth certificate.

  12. Boy you can tell there’s a full moon this week. BTW: They are 2 full moons in July. Fasten your seat belts I think these morons will be coming out of the woodwork.

  13. Only thing Trump can attract is crickets. I mean, what candidate would ever have to resort to paying people to come in and be his supporters?

    Not only does that scream narcissism, but it just shows that he lacks the mental willpower needed to face the real issues this country is dealing with.

  14. How is it every time this idiot opens his big mouth the media is there. May be if the “liberal”, and I use that term loosely, ignore him he will just go away.

    I can’t wait for the 2016 election, and watch this clown slowly dissolve away.

  15. Because he has nothing real to say – he has to revert to 6th grade name-calling. Mr. tRump is unelectable. Lets see, 3 marriages, 4 bankruptcies – not the person to be President, EVER.

  16. Trump equating himself with Bernie Sanders?Too F’ing” Funny.Hey,Bernie now has coattails!!!!!!!!!!!
    “Feel the Bern”
    Address the issues.
    Speak the truth.

  17. Most importantly, it is clear, Republicans are already seeing Bernie Sanders as the greater threat and Hillary as the also ran.

  18. Should be amusing, think Trump on the debating stage with Christie, Santorum and all the other idiots!
    Even republicans must be ashamed of this lot as they are trying to limit the numbers in debates.

  19. Are you kidding?

    In an open-primary I’d vote for Trump in a heartbeat.

    I would LOVE to have “The Donald” be the Rethuglican nominee!

  20. It shows the sorry state of journalism in this country that CNN even had Trump on the show but not Bernie Sanders.

  21. 50.00 to go see and cheer Trump. is not enough!! Would take way more then that for me to sell myself out..way more!!

  22. Who is he trying to convince about his wealth? Rich people do not go around telling everyone within earshot about their wealth. He is hiding something. Repeat a lie often enough and people start to believe it, isn’t that the gop mantra? Ivana may have been a good wife, but Marla Maples cheated on him – with the help!! How soon before this blow up doll he calls his wife does the same thing?

  23. Trump is Sarah Palin with a TIE (made in China).

    He WILL be the side show on the Republican primary debates. Comedic effect. He speaks, we laugh. Although some of his Republican supporters will be applauding, hooting and hollerin’ at everything he says.

  24. I would love to see Rump and Christie go at it on the stage, the name calling alone would be hilarious. “Donald, sit down and shut up”. “Chris, I’m suing you”. SNL dream!

  25. …actually if Trump gets the republican nomination…a wheel o’ Wisconsin Cheddar {extra sharp} could beat him in a landslide…
    …and ANY Democratic candidate is smarter than cheese…

  26. So Beanzy, did Trump send you your $50 check, or did he pay you in cash?

    The rubbish you write is hilarious, and a reminder that our country contains some unbelievably stupid idiots such as yourself.

    Thanks for the guffaws!

  27. Oh, good lord, Linda! Are you REALLY that stupid or has Trump put your 50 bucks in the mail already?

    Linda, you’re beyond a “doofus,” honey.

  28. Come on – a headline like that is just unnecessary. It gives the right wing crusaders ammunition. He didn’t lie. He said he has fantastic crowds. Your accusation was to easily defended against. There is so much he can be ridiculed for but it’s a waste of time. Anyone who wears his hair like that could never get elected to a position of trust. His whole appearance says “I misrepresent the truth.”

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