Bernie Sanders Rips Presidential Candidates For Disgraceful Citizens United Money Grubbing

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On the deadline day for quarterly presidential fundraising, Bernie Sanders ripped presidential candidates in both parties while calling for the overturning of Citizens United.

In a statement, Sanders said:

It is a national disgrace that billionaires and other extremely wealthy people are able to heavily influence the political process by making huge contributions. The Koch brothers alone will spend more than the Democratic and Republican parties to influence the outcome of next year’s elections. That’s not democracy, that’s oligarchy’

Elections should be determined by who has the best ideas, not who can hustle the most money from the rich and powerful. Unless we end this disastrous campaign finance system, our government will continue to represent the interests of the few at the expense of the many.


Bernie Sanders has raised more money from individuals than all of the Republican presidential candidates, but the truth is that the $8.3 million he has raised will be dwarfed by what the super PACs pull in. The odds are that few people reading this article will have donated to a super PAC, which is the entire problem with Citizens United.

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision created a funding mechanism that has allowed billionaires and special interests to hijack the electoral process. Democrats are opposed to Citizens United, but they have to play along on this landscape or they will have no hope of ever being able to overturn the law.

Sanders is correct. What is happening to our electoral system is a national disgrace. The dysfunction in Congress was largely created by the fact that incumbents represent the interests of their big donors instead of their constituents. Parties have little control over their members because incumbents don’t need the party to win. All a candidate needs is a billionaire who is willing to write the checks.

The campaign finance system is a national embarrassment, and Bernie Sanders is fighting a David versus Goliath battle to wake voters up to the peril that their country is facing.

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  1. I like Bernie Sanders a lot and agree with him but, without access to the money he can’t win the presidency. He makes a great argument, but until the playing field is level for everyone it just won’t work. Get the presidency, then work on changing the system.

  2. Bernie’s Waking-Up America!

    The GOP Fails Its Empathy Test

    The GOP’s View From Under the Sand

    RealClearPolitics is were intelligent GOP go to read what’s-up. Or in their case…down.

    Bless your heart, Bernie…
    We couldn’t have done this without you!

  3. You’re wrong Francie. Bernie’s reelection to the Senate was against a billionaire-backed big money republican. Bernie’s grassroots campaign handily beat him. That same grassroots strategy and campaign can and will beat the billionaire-backed big money republicans and Hillary. Feel the Bern, and never, ever underestimate Bernie Sanders.

  4. I don’t think it’s plausible on a national level. It’ll be hard to get the message out when you start in a billion dollar hole. I love his ideas, he could possibly win the nomination, but the average citizen can’t make up that kind of difference.

  5. I respectfully disagree. Look at the turnout Bernie is getting at his campaign events. The MSM is just now starting to notice. Whether it is the local, state or federal level grassroots strategies if done right will beat out big money every time. Bernie Sanders is a master at grassroots strategy and campaigning. He is totally able to win the White House. Don’t let the status quo propaganda fool you.

  6. Reply to @ John. He’s running as a democrat, if he wins the nomination, do you think the democratic machine will let him not take the money? If he were running as an independent he would have a better chance at making that call. I’ll vote for whomever wins the nomination, but I’d hate for him to handicap himself that early in the race.

  7. If Bernie wins the Democratic nomination he will be calling the shots, not the DNC. The DNC can spend that money to bring up the down ticket candidates to ensure Bernie a Congress that will pass his agenda.

  8. It is good to hear Bernie Sanders; our democracy is threatened is by the influence the monied interests are able to buy with our legislators. Both through unlimited campaign contributions and revolving door lobbying. Our legislators are too enamored of money. Most Americans do agree with Sanders on this point. It will take a good deal of time but the tide will eventually turn. Thank you Bernie.

    My performance piece, is now on YouTube. It is a political satire, entitled “Washington Money Talk”. Here is the link;

  9. If Congress and State legislatures can limit a woman’s constitutional right to abortion, why can’t they vote to limit corporations right to be people?

  10. Hello Francie,

    Some people are looking at the end of the presidential and surmising that Sanders cannot win. The problem is that the end of the election is almost 16 months away….so much can happen in that span of time. Please, if you really feel that Sanders’s platform is representative of your political views, then just vote for this platform. You have a right to vote for the platform which best fits your thoughts and beliefs. This is not the time to compromise, nor to fear the future…since we are not there. Now is the time to just make the simple choice and vote with your heart and conscience. If you vote for someone who will become the “compromise” candidate, then that is what you will get…a candidate that compromises. From my point of view, we have had this type of candidate for too many years. And the fact is this: 99% of the people are worse off. Take back the power you gave them, and turn it into the power of change. Everyday, take this power and change.

  11. Sanders himself has said that the key to his winning the Democratic Primary is a grassroots mass participation of registered voters. And key to that is getting those who have not voted before to start voting again. I believe he stated that 63 percent of eligible Americans didn’t vote last time and that the figures among young people was even higher. So a voter registration drive is the way that Sanders can win. Attracting the millions of disaffected potential voters.

  12. Thank you, Jason Easley, for your well-articulated article. It is succinct and on the mark!

    Bernie Sanders is a statesman, very rare in today’s political arena.

    Twelve or so years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I attended a meeting in Brewer Maine to listen to Bernie speak. Afterward, I met with him and even got his autograph. Yes, I found that he was the same man I had followed for years before during my early years of activism.

    Bernie has knowledge of issues, love for the people and works hard for what is right. His allegiance is to Constitution, the people of the United States of America …

    I have already pledged to support him financially, despite being on a limited income. And yes, I plan to volunteer on his campaign to get him elected our next president. Bernie is who our country needs.

  13. I think Bernie can win. I worked at a booth for him this past weekend and 300 people signed up to volunteer for him — not just vote for him or donate to him — but actually work for him!! He’s touched a nerve with everyone who’s been paying attention to what’s going on with our country …

  14. If everyone who says, “I would vote for Bernie, but he can’t win,” would just vote for Bernie, he WOULD win!

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