The Republican Death Star Is Crumbling As CNN Beats Fox News For 4 Straight Days


The long-term problems at Fox News were exposed as CNN beat Fox News among the key age 25-54 demo for four straight days last week.

TV Newser reported:

According to Nielsen data, CNN beat Fox News for first place in the demo most coveted by advertisers from Thursday (6/25) through Sunday (6/28). Fox News remained first among total viewers.

During Friday’s huge news day-the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, the escaped prisoners in New York, terror attacks in Europe-CNN won the demo for total day with an average audience of 243,000 (compared to Fox News Channel’s 193,000).

In prime, CNN won in the demo each hour from 4 p.m. ET through 11 p.m., with Anderson Cooper taking a narrow win over FNC’s O’Reilly Factor while Bill O’Reilly was off for the night, and Wolf Blitzer beating FNC’s The Five by a big margin, 405,000 to 277,000.

The rating data reveals two problems for Fox News. First, Fox News is not the place where viewers go to get their breaking news coverage. Secondly, Fox News can’t attract younger viewers to replace their aging and dying viewer base.

Younger viewers avoid Fox News like the plague. The whole purpose of moving Megyn Kelly to 9 PM was to attract younger viewers. The Five was also intended to attract younger viewers. Instead, Wolf Blitzer and his beard of doom is attracting more younger eyeballs than Fox News.

Fox News is a big fish in an evaporating cable news pond. Jeff Zucker appears to be well on his way to righting the ship at CNN. Zucker has found that mix of hard news, original series, and documentaries appeals to a broad spectrum of viewers.

As long as Fox News has the conservative market cornered, they will continue to lead in terms of overall viewers, but when one examines the long-term future, Fox News has some real problems. The United States is moving to the left as a country, and the big bad Republican media Death Star that is Fox News is beginning to show signs of crumbling.

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  1. If I had the proper computer and software I would put together a video of the Death Stare emblazoned with the Fox logo being destroyed by a single Snub Nose Rebel fighter piloted by our POTUS!

  2. CNN had done a pretty good job with their recent spate of documentaries while msnbc is still stuck “going to prison.”

  3. Fox “News” thought that younger women in low cut blouses and high skirts would attract the younger crowd. While it may attract 13 year old boys, it mostly keeps the dirty old men tuned in instead. The younger crowd is on to the whole right wing propaganda machine that is Fox “News” and doesn’t want to be brainwashed out of reality. They’d rather get real news from Comedy Central.

  4. MSNBC needs to do some serious work on its nonexistent programming on the weekends. Those prison things are nothing but a “give-up” on their programming. It needs to do some shows of its own and use some of its great talent to make these shows and documentaries. With its weekly hosts and writers, it can surely display some factual, relevant news for us libs who just can’t sit and watch inmates and prison life.

  5. I agree, its a channel turn for me. I would like to see some Maddow in-depth reporting on the weeks’ upcoming events. Her unique way of explaining political happenings in an easy to understand way, is amazing. I would watch that.

  6. 100% hate and lies every day has no appeal to anyone with any bit of an open mind. And all the xtians with their sanctimonious crap is a total turnoff.

    They still have their old geezer base but will have to attract new viewers. And with their current crew of idiots that ain’t gonna happen.

  7. 99 times Bill O’Reilly lied to America
    Fox News Pundit Admits She Watches CNN ‘If I Want To Know About News’
    Bill O’Reilly’s Alleged Lies Now Fill A Book
    Fox Admits to CNN That It Traffics in Opinion Not News
    GOP Reagan Advisor says TEA Party are MORONS & FOX is the “Republican Party Network”

  8. I still say, if all the waiting rooms in America would change their channels off of Fox, their numbers would plummet even further.

  9. Actually, this news is even worse for Fox than anyone seems to realize. The thing that always irks me is how unfair and grossly inaccurate it is to compare Fox’s ratings directly with any other specific news source’s on a 1-to-1 basis.

    Because Fox specifically targets a narrow conservative-skewed worldview that tends to repel anyone who doesn’t buy in, their target audience is much, much more concentrated. You have to think of the ratings in terms of total outlets for skewed vs non-skewed programming.

    When you remember that all the rest of the non-conservative news-consuming population has EVERYWHERE THAT ISN’T FOX to get their information, you realize that Fox’s viewership is actually tiny in comparison.

    Try adding up the ratings on ALL non-conservative biased programming to adjust for the more diluted non-conservative demographic and then compare for a more accurate gauge of how far Fox is falling…

  10. Let’s not fool ourselves here? CNN for the most part is Fox News light. The only reason they’ve picked up a few more audience members, is MSNBC is losing theirs. Right here on Politcus, Jason Easley correctly predicted what was going to happen to MSNBC when Chris Hayes took over the 8:00 P.M. spot. Since then MSNBC has made one disastrous decision after another. Deciding to cover Republican talking points and Republican candidates without the ability to thoroughly quash them, is offensive to the audience. Certainly those who knew how to rebuff Republican misinformation, for example, Olbermann and Bashir were fired. But in the final scheme of things what does it say about us to allow these billion dollar conglomerates, that are not operating in the best interest of the nation, occupy the people’s airwaves? And to do so free of charge. As you hear about all of the billions that are being raised for the 2016 elections, remember where those billions go? The Mainstream Media…

  11. Sometimes it only takes asking the office staff to turn Fox off. We’ve asked and the next time we go there, Fox isn’t on.

  12. I agree Boscoe. Radio does not even have that domination since most radio is internet. I would say the left has that covered. Podcasts and liberal leaning programs probably run 80-20 , including default postions such as climate change , which is absolutely true. AM radio is a dinosaur.

  13. I made that request at our local credit union and they changed to CNN, but only for a short while. FOX also runs at my medical clinic. It’s everywhere around here.

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