Republicans Crushed In Oklahoma As Supreme Court Rules 10 Commandments Monument Must Come Down

Previous Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument that was destroyed when a driver drove through it.
Previous Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument that was destroyed when a driver drove through it.

In a decisive 7-2 ruling, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that the Ten Commandments Monument erected at the State Capitol must be removed. The monument was a gift from Republican State Representative Mike Ritze. However, plaintiffs argued that the monument’s placement at the Capitol involved the use of public property for the benefit of a specific religion. They argued, and the court agreed, that the Oklahoma Constitution clearly prohibits such a display promoting one religion over others.

Article 2 Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution reads:

No public money or property shall ever be appropriated, applied, donated, or used, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denomination, or system of religion, or for the use, benefit, or support of any priest, preacher, minister, or other religious teacher or dignitary, or sectarian institution as such.

In the courts’ opinion, the justices ruled that since the monument operated for the benefit of a specific system of religion, it clearly violated the Oklahoma Constitution.


Brady Henderson, the legal director for the ACLU of Oklahoma praised the ruling, stating:

I think that at the end of the day it is the right decision simply because it acknowledges limits on the government’s power to effectively decide what religious edicts are right and wrong.

Republican Governor Mary Fallin, was predictably upset by the ruling, and she vowed to work with the state’s Attorney General to “evaluate the state’s legal options moving forward”.

While many evangelical Christians are sure to express their displeasure with the court’s decision, it is clear that the state’s constitution prohibits such blatant displays privileging a specific religion over all others. Many Christian conservatives believe that they follow the “one true religion” and that all others should be subjected to their belief system. However, in a society that values the separation of church and state, imposing one’s own religion upon others is against the law. The state’s Supreme Court has made it clear that the law applies even in Oklahoma.

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  1. Sniff, sniff , the Repubs have a sad, week two.. Their own Courts keep rebelling against them .

    On the other hand We have separation of church and state in this country. A political group that sides with adulterers, rapists, child molesters, the amoral, the greedy…..have no #/!- right to be the moral compass for the rest of us!!

  2. Definitely not such a good day for any Okie Supreme Court Justices. Or should I say- good night? Since at least 7 of them will be nervous for a while.

    Many Kudos to the Satanists and FSM True Believers!


    Now if only we could get the Okies to follow the 10 Commandments… for a change.

  3. But still the US SC gutted EPA regulations, and our GOP rag was gloating, as were our AG and Reps. Disgusting..sell out our children’s lungs for the energy industry.

  4. I have a feeling that placing this monument was just a means to get the rights to change Oklahoma’s constitution in their next election.
    The Koch brothers have been itching to get their hands on state constitutions for a while now. Kasich tried to do this in Ohio in either 2008 or 2012.

  5. That does it! The downfall of the Confederate flag, the preservation of ACA federal subsidies, expansion of gay marriage rights, reaffirmed voting rights, resurrected abortion clinics, reduced gerrymandering, mandatory vaccinations, and now this.

    The “end of times” is definitely upon us. Thanks Obama.

  6. Oh, boo, hoo, hoo for the idiots in Oklahoma’s Legislature and the Governor who have wasted tax dollars on an illegal monument at the State Capitol. The US Supreme Court has ruled on this time and time again as well. There is separation between Church and State. It is high time for these moral midgets in Government to OBEY the US Constitution on this matter and stop pandering to the Religious Right and fascist theocrats that they brown nose to.

  7. As a born again Christian and a life long Democrat, this is a sad image. It says America doesn’t like God, period.

    God is not your enemy people. He loves us very much. He sent His son to die on the Cross for our sins so we can have everlasting life and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Look, God does not dislike gay people, Jesus died on the Cross for their sins like everyone else. Its the sin they commit that God doesn’t like. God is love! But the homosexual/effeminate can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    We all have the right to live by our own will. God will not hinder our will to do whatever we want. But there are certain things we can do in this life that God doesn’t like and you would agree with them too.

    Do you believe people should go around killing people for whatever reason? Of course not. Would you worship a turnip if you knew it would not yield you everlasting life?

    Just remember, Jesus is real and He is coming for His Church and the believer. Don’t m…

  8. We are a country with the Constitution as our utmost document. The Constitution that states there must be a separation of church and state. We are a country that is governed by manmade laws, not the manmade bible.

  9. Please stop with the piety – if you, as a Democrat, haven’t to this point come to the realization that A) your religious beliefs do not trump those of other religions, and B) the Constitutions, both state and U.S., specifically state that government and religion are two distinctly separate entities, then you may want to reconsider your political affiliation. Oh, and BTW, “the homosexual/effeminate cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven” – really? I’m confused by that statement. Do you imply that all it takes to be denied entrance to heaven is to have some “unmanly” qualities, or do you imply that that statement only applies to male homosexuals? It’s merely a broken piece of sculpted stone, get over yourself.

  10. As a Norman resident, living in one of two progressives cities in OK, I have been laughing at this since getting it in my inbox from the Oklahoman this mornng. My son and I decided that the religious right here put the Old Testament before the New Testament as the New Testaments talks about feeding people and loving not being hateful. That doesn’t fit the evangelical narrative in OK! [WINK]

  11. Richrd46, ” It says America doesn’t like God, period”.

    No it does not. What it is saying is that Oklahoas well as the US Constitution states that they cannot put one religion over another. We can not have a state sponsered religion, whether it be Christian, Muslim, Hindu or any other religion. You are welcome to put the Ten Commandments on your own front lawn or in your Church, just not on government property. That is ALL that is saying. I respect your religious beliefs. Can you respect others’ as well as our Constitutions?

  12. In addition, Jesus said,” Give unto Caesar what is Caeser’s. Give unto the Lord what is the Lord’s” (sp?)

  13. Oklahoma- I’ve gotten to ‘enjoy’ way too much time down yonder for a variety of reasons.

    You’d think that the Sooner State residents would have long put together the notions of A) Their petty minded god who sends natural disasters to those who have pissed her off.


    B) Tornado Alley.

    But then- Okies haven’t exactly been the brightest bulb in the bunch. Will Rogers notwithstanding.

  14. Here we go. Another Rights for the people (50% of them). The other get to cry now, and fight for your rights again. This is a great nation.

  15. Could you perhaps explain the above? It’s written in a Palin-ish style, can’t seem to make sense of it……

  16. Richard46.You are living in a world of fantasy that was hallucinated over 3000 years ago by the forces of wine and ergot. ALL of the “miracles” and events of that fantasy have been de-bunked or explained by science and COMMON SENSE! Join us in the REAL world…

  17. This is a petty reaction to a wholly inoffensive monument. How, exactly, does a citation from what many consider an important historical document offend you? If we called it a list of “good ideas” instead, would you find fault with it? Is a prohibition to killing or stealing somehow offensive to you? Shall we then rewrite our civil laws? Why all the Christian bashing here? The commandments are Judaic in origin. The basis of our founding was religious tolerance; freedom to worship or not as we see fit. This denial of expression seems rather intolerant to me.

  18. What you’re conveniently overlooking- is that not everyone wants their Tax $$$ going to support someone else’s religion.

    The separation of church and state was started in the U.S. because the Founding Fathers saw and learned what happened elsewhere, and decided they didn’t want that kind of shit here.

    Additionally- the OSC only decided it was time to put a stop to this AFTER the Satanic Church and the FSM adherents, and some Atheists, decided they wanted equal time for their beliefs or lack of same.

    So if there is bashing going on- we’re returning the favor.

    “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.”

    ― Thomas Jefferson

  19. What are these poor people going to do when they learn that the Moses of the bible is ficticious and that the exodus didn’t even happen. That will put a kink in their colon.

  20. There already exists LAWS that forbid stealing & killing…among other illegal acts. That does not offend me. What offends me is the use of THE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC PROPERTY, which belongs to ALL CITIZENS, to erect a religious icon that promotes a specific religion. THAT is forbidden by STATE LAW so….the religious Reich need to practice what they preach & stop being law violators. They should also put their commandments into practice instead of just wanting to shove them down citizens throats.

  21. Does this make any sense. If you go to the Supreme Court building in our capital. The huge oak doors when you walk in are etched with the ten commandants . When you walk around the building and inside the building are etched with scripture. This country has gone politically correct crazy. No I am not a religious person. Actually a deist. I just sit back and laugh at some of this insanity.

  22. Actually I’m a Mormon Prophet.

    I just pretend to be an Atheist on these boards.

    And I’m always laughing at how everyone else will be roasting in heck whilst I’m out populating worlds with all of the spirit babies my brood mares will be popping out.

    So there.

  23. …I’m developing theory…anybody joining a Teahadist church has a mental block installed that blocks any mention or influence of Jesus Christ;{the ultimax liberal}…

  24. Did you know that in America’s very early history we were to have nothing to do with anyone that didn’t believe in Jesus(cough Judaism cough). This was when the king of England called all the shots here, and called himself “Defender of the Faith”. The “Faith” changed on whim though, and it got old.
    There are a few reasons that wise Americans decided it was better to keep our laws and our religions separate, and it has worked for us quite well, thank you very much Milord.

  25. Moon, that is so funny! My Grandfather used to try to teach me random things when I got to visit him and Grandma for the summer. When he got to religion, it became entertaining. The Shakers were called that because they shook while sitting and contemplating. Holy rollers rolled….etc. When it came to Mormans he lost it. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he tried to show me Joseph Smith talking into his hat. I still laugh.

  26. No, your jesus is NOT coming and I have no worries about that ever happening. You are delusional and are wasting your precious life following a myth. If your god didexist, it would NOT be worthy of worship, as its actions as outlined in your holy book show it to be profoundly evil.

  27. Richrd46 I too am a Born again. Except with Santa Claus. I believed in him as a child and then stopped. But I believe in him again now. Being a Born again Christian is as ridiculous as this. Time to grow up.

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