Open Call – It is Time to Fix or Replace the Republican Party

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The Republican Party, through its response to the Supreme Court’s Obamacare, and then Marriage Equality rulings, has signaled its end of usefulness as an opposition party.

I have argued before – based on their reaction to the Charleston shootings – that they have disqualified themselves from running the country, and I still believe they have, but look, it’s time something was done.

It’s one thing when they hurt themselves, but this is going to end up hurting all of us, because a healthy democracy calls for more than a single political party, and a religious hate group doesn’t qualify.

Rather than debates on the relative merits of a position, what we’ve gotten, even from the politicians, is “God vs. Government” arguments. You can’t tell the religious demagogues from the elected officials anymore. Some, like Gordon Klingenschmitt, are both.

God’s law, we are told, supersedes man’s law.

No it does not. The United States Constitution is the law of the land. Has been since the Founding Fathers presented it to the states and the states ratified it. The United States Constitution does not make allowances for God. God doesn’t get a vote; God doesn’t get so much as a mention.

End of story.

Yet we have Louie Gohmert, who serves in the United States House of Representatives, saying that as a result of the Marriage Equality ruling, God will withdraw his “hand of protection” from America and destroy us.

He said he will do what he can (maybe he has some photos he can use for leverage) but the conservative consensus seems to be that we’re pretty much screwed and we should flee for our lives.

Alternately, they believe they must brace themselves for persecution, which, if they have to wait for as long as they’ve waited for someone to take away their guns…well, they’ll decompose first.

And look, in Kentucky a dead guy who made chicken is now deemed preferable to the guy running the Senate, Mitch McConnell. Doesn’t that tell you something about the GOP’s shelf-life? If not, then how about Donald Trump having to pay people to show up at his rallies? What Democrat has to do that?

Fox News’ Todd Starnes says God is flooding D.C. in punishment in response to SCOTUS “defying God.” Never mind that God said he won’t destroy us via flood again (it’s in your Bible, Mr. Starnes). Sure, Starnes isn’t himself a politician, but Fox News sets the tone for Republican rhetoric.

The upshot is we either need someone in Republican ranks to rise up and fix his party, or we need a new party. We need at least two political parties and we only have one, currently. At its current place, the GOP will have a hard time competing with any of the other 30+ parties that exist outside the big two.

There is a reason CNN’s S.E. Cupp cried when she said the GOP would become “relics” if they did not begin supporting Marriage Equality. She is wrong about many things, but she was right about that.

Look at Marco Rubio, who wants to be president, express his profound lack of understanding of the Constitution:

“As we look ahead, it must be a priority of the next president to nominate judges and justices committed to applying the Constitution as written and originally understood.”

The thing is, the Constitution, as written and originally understood, does not allow for theocracy, or for claims that God’s law is above the law of man. So if Rubio wants a Supreme Court that reads it that way, he wants a court that will put the GOP out of business far more efficiently than our current court.

CNN may go after Fox News occasionally but then they present us with headlines like How the GOP won on same-sex marriage, when in fact the GOP did not win in any way, shape, or form, on same-sex marriage.

They lost. Nia-Malika Henderson can argue that the GOP “has also been handed a reprieve” by the ruling but it hasn’t, not when 50 percent of Americans approve of how Obama – who supports Marriage Equality – is governing the country.

Likewise, Republican strategist Ana Navarro, who worked on John McCain’s 2008 campaign and for Jon Huntsman in 2012, wrote on CNN that “Republicans have also moved on the issue [of Marriage Equality], albeit more slowly.” If what we’re seeing is movement, we need to redefine the word. I think this must be some of the “math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better.”

As Jeremy Peters wrote in The New York Times, “There is a striking unanimity among the candidates who are running for the party’s presidential nomination in 2016: Not one supports allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.” And, as he pointed out, in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling, they say they will “continue to resist.”

That’s not movement. If there is any discernible movement at all from conservative ranks, it’s movement backwards. As I pointed out yesterday, the GOP, far from moving forward, has begun to sound a lot like Rick Santorum.

Mike Huckabee complained that “some cowardly politicians will wave the white flag,” but hell, we can’t even stop them from waving the Confederate flag, and we whupped the Confederacy 150 years ago. If progress is being made at this rate, we can expect to be listening to them whine about gay people getting married in 2165.

I’m telling you, we can’t wait that long for a rational opposition party. If you think 2016 is shaping up to be lopsided, 2020 is going to be an outright joke.

So let’s do something now. Somebody out there, somebody, anybody, start a movement to take back the GOP from the fundamentalists, or for the sake of us all, start up a new party so we can kick these loons to the curb and get on with the business of sane debates cognizant of facts, not wishes, over where to take our great nation.

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  1. perhaps the Party of Lincoln should consider reconstituting itself as the Land O’ Lincoln Brigade Party…

    or maybe the Tories…

  2. If the republican party cease to exist then where will we get “You cant make this shit up moments”

    If you’re an anti-LGBT bigot and it turns out you have money in a bank that supports LGBT causes, send a protest message by closing your account and moving all your money to a different bank that supports LGBT causes. (Franklin Graham)

  3. I don’t think republicans were ever pragmatic or sane. The Great Depression was their fault. And they didn’t learn a thing.

  4. The alias of Republican will continue, but it will be a collection of minority, fringe factions. More like the Jim Crow Party or the John Birch Party.
    When the coalition of Stupid factions: the racists, bigots, and pseudo-religious nuts are no longer viable; then their “Billionaire class” subsidizers will abandon them …as they will no longer be useful idiots. The BC is not stupid, and they don’t like spending money on lost causes with no return on ‘investment’.

    Then, the billionaires and corporations will fund the corporate/money wing of the Democrats: the Claire McKaskills, the Clinton’s, the Evan Bayh’s, the Dianne Feinstein’s, the DLC and their Wall Street crowd.

    It will be up to everyone else then: those of the People Party, to opposes the Money Party.

  5. These so called “Christians” of the rethug party, LOVE to show themselves as law abiding citizens. However, we now see the real thugs…. demanding, screeching, for their followers to not follow the law. Seems the Supreme Court has created a nest of angry bees. BUT.. in the bible there is a statement for all(believers) to follow the (LAW of the land.) Seems these people want to follow only the LAW they think is correct and choose to pick also what they want to follow of the Bible??

  6. Huckabee and the republican party think that if you got shot in a Church it is your fault because you should have guns in your Church. So if somebody comes in your Church with a bazzuka then it is your fault because you should have bazzukas in your Church and if somebody comes in your Church with a rocket it is your fault because you should have rockets in your Church… Why they don’t understand that not everyone wants to be part of their reality?

  7. All sarcasm aside, I do believe that the Democratic Party NEEDS another party to balance us out.

    We NEED them because the Dems can and have been overrun with our own crazies and zealots. So, we need the hypothetical ‘sane’ republicans or equivalent to offset.

    But I don’t think that’s going to happen. The Republican Party is going the way of the Whigs.

  8. There is a third option and that is to vote them out of office for good. But that third option needs reinforced by abolishing parochial schools and prohibit creationism, intelligent design and ALL religious influence in our schools. Changing the way text books are written i.e. by not letting Tex-ASS have ANY influence at all. Also prohibiting corporations like Hobby Lobby from purchasing legislation, abolishment of ALEC,American Family Assoc.,closing down Liberty University and ALL Faith based educational institutions. In other words giving our youth the chance at a better education free of fantasy and dogmatic repression.

  9. without koch paid for, gerrymandering, and outright voter suppression, the would be in a museum with the confederate flag. but thanks to our pals the kochs, and the rw oligarch media, its all a game. even the so called left news, is drooling over the billions that are about to be spent at their companies for political ad buys.

    anyone see in s.c. yesterday the dust up over the flag, between neo confederates, and the local blacks? this is going to get worse. i cant wait till i see a bunch of black guys dressed up like huey newton, with their open carry in tx, marching down some white area in dallas. going to be epic.

  10. How can the Republican fix themselves, When the party itself see no harm of foul, In their polices, Or taking money, Representing the few, Going against the majority, That put them in office, The Republican Party has become the Trojan Horse, In their misrepresentation ” WE the People “..

  11. I’d like to see the Republicans split off a third party (tea party) containing its most rightwing nutcase elements. But that would split the conservatives in half and guarantee Democratic party dominance, so the billionaires and their friends who control the Republican party would never let that happen.

  12. Kranky,
    Ralph Nader formed a “people’s party” in 2000 and brought about the election of George W. Bush. That’s what happens when progressives split apart.

  13. They need new leaders. Look at them. Old, white, male, allegedly heterosexual, Southern. No no ideas whatsoever. The calendar says it is June 30, 2015. They think as if it’s June 30, 1915, or 1815, 1715….heck, 2015 B.C.! Lol!

    They need women and young people to step up to the plate who are in tuned with today’s America. I’m not for gay marriage, but I accept it’s here to stay. Homosexuals don’t bother me, they harm no one.

    White, young, males with guns, mental problems, fueled with hatred towards the world-wide bother me! The GOP need to get with the times. There are times when “Old School” needs to be placed in the attic and retired

  14. They’re stealing elections at the voting booths.

    I know I sound like a broken record…

    But, we need a paper receipt of every single vote and a more transparent counting system with an equal number of democrats and republicans on each side as election officials.

    When you have a party as crazy and as disruptive and as mean-spirited and racist as Republicans, why would they be winning elections all of a sudden in states they haven’t won in for years? Some of them by huge margins and exit polls mysteriously not adding up.

    We can call them all kinds of crazy til the cows come home, but they keep winning elections.

  15. The current GOP ship is listing so far to the right, it has become increasingly likely that on a national level the Republican Party will either capsize or run aground on its own ignorance and wishful thinking.

    At this point, I think it has outlived its usefulness to all but billionaires.

    On the up side, Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders has charged into the political arena to challenge the current crop of corporate/religious/political profiteers, and judging by the reception he’s getting we may well be looking at the rise of a new dominant party.

    I sincerely hope so. Bernie Sanders is my hero.

  16. HH, another well written piece. The Republicans have lost their way by pandering to their fringe base and taking money from billionaires like the Koch brothers. Republicans like to draw the false equivalence of the George Soroses, but the Kochs want policies written for them and for their gains while George Soros, Bill Gates, etc. want policies written for the good of ALL the people. The problem is that the religious nutjobs in the south and midwest as well as the racists will continue to vote for the Republicans who pander to them regardless of the damage Republicans do to them.


    Beginning in 2008 and accelerating in 2015.

    —Blame OBAMA. Heh-heh-heh ;)

  18. We can only hope that dung-ridden heap of a party eventually becomes so pressurized by their rotting hatred, bigotry and lies, that the noxious gasses created, cause an explosion that sends this heap of shit to the bottom of the sewer. Cheers!

  19. The Republican party is lost. They are in process of a slow suicide by attrition …and the rest of us should do nothing to stop this.
    We should let them. The only thing we should do is to ridicule them. Reason, logic, and science are like unknown languages to them anyway. They’ve continued doubling down on insanity that there’s now little room left on the plank.
    We do not need a party of nihilist slaveholders or a death cult of phony religious zombies. We’ll better off without them. They’ve been anchors to progress for decades.

  20. The different wings of the repubs are all flapping in DIFFERENT directions.
    They NEVER acknowledge how they’ve ruined us beginning with their st Ronny.
    The Republican Strategy of Stupidity
    Not only have Republicans embraced the power of stupid, they’re winning with it
    How the GOP Slowly Went Insane
    There are smart, honest conservatives at the ready to help govern practically and sincerely, but they are drowned out by the guttural scream of craven utopians raging against reality. This moment in American political life is insane. That a group of narrow-minded zealots could push us to the brink of economic ruin, that they maintain a base of support in their frenzied, quixotic, incompetent gambit, that there is an apparatus that exists to defend this kind of nonsense.

    Conservatism Linked to Lack of Education

  21. Don’t underestimate the Republicans and the dastardly things they will do to rig elections, buy elections, or just plain steal elections. Their ideology is repugnant to most Americans, and their fake Christianity is warped and revolting, yet they currently control both the House and the Senate. The Koch brothers and their billionaire friends own most of the right wing politicians, so they get what they want on most issues. We also have to undo the damaging effects of gerrymandering of legislative districts which keeps so many right wing zealots in office election after election. I believe voting machine software has been rigged for the right at polling places all over the country. We have to assume it’s happening and find a better way to keep elections honest. If all things were equal, the Republicans would have a hard time winning any elections except in the brainwashed and brain damaged South

  22. The Tea Party was probably the worst thing to ever happen to the GOP. They’ve been taken over by braindead ideologues who more resemble zombies than actual, functional human beings. These zombies known as the Tea Party shuffled into office mumbling “Tax cuts… tax cuts” and showed their racist roots almost immediately. They thought that they were being so clever, with their tricorn hats and their “Keep your hands off my Medicare”. But in the end, all they did was show us just how stupid and out of touch they really were.

    And now, we have the likes of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio calling the shots. Ted Cruz is literally the Zombie King of the Tea Party, and his words and actions will be the death knell of the GOP.

    Good riddance.

  23. Excellent comments. Thank you!
    I am grateful that I live in a State that has high voter turnout, even in off year elections.
    I live in Oregon, and we vote by mail. There has never been a hint of voter fraud, or anything resembling it.
    I think our Nation’s only hope in battling the voting machine tactic of “flipping the vote” is ANONYMOUS.
    I followed the 2012 election night antics and I do believe that ANONYMOUS saved us from having Romney as our POTUS. The R’s Karl Rove had his people ready to push the button, but the tactic was foiled by Anonymous.

  24. Obama has sealed his fate and his legacy and so have the GOP and conservatives. history will be very kind to our President. the rightwing? not so much. the tea party was a Frankenstein and the GOP lost all control. sorry if I seem ‘giddy’, but they have had this coming for a while now. karma baby! you reap what you sow righties… and you righties have sowed enough hate, intolerance, racism, bigotry, sexism, interference, obstruction, sabotage, and treason in the last 7 years to last a lifetime or longer. you are getting exactly what you deserve.

  25. I’m sorry I agree their hate and prejudice is insurmountable. When they know they’re wrong they will stand up for the wrong,shooting Black men in the back, hating the President of The United States at all cost. Agreeing with donald trump, and huckabee, and palin’s daughter.

  26. The problem is that the billionaires behind the GOP have spent decades engineering a message of xenophobia and grooming a constituency so dumb and inured to this demented, frear-soaked billionaire-serving world view, that now they’re stuck with it.

    If they veer away from the programming, they lose the brainwashed vote. Attempting to progress means suicide.

    Fortunately, NOT attempting to progress ALSO means suicide.

    So yeah, pretty much only a matter of time for the GOP. Rigged districting and hacked voter machines will only cover the voter deficit for so long, eventually they’ll be crushed.

  27. Whether God’s law supersedes man’s law or not – most Christian churches believe that Jesus Christ superseded the Old Testament Law.

    So a church based upon Jesus Christ should have the values of Jesus Christ, and stop picking and choosing cases where the Old Testament appears to support what they want it to support.

    Values of Jesus Christ include: Welcoming the poor, the unclean, the outsider, and the sinner; Fighting the Righteous; Warning about how difficult it is for the wealthy to be saved; Curing the sick (for free); feeding the hungry (for free)…

    You know – pretty much the opposite of the Big Business Right Wing churches.

  28. This article only covers half of the problem. Both parties have run amuck and are run by extremists. Professional politicians and corrupt bureaucrats and activist judges have muted what we the people have to say. Both Parties have lost their way.

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