Bernie Sanders Annihilates Scott Walker At Record Setting Madison Rally

bernie sanders scott walker madison rally

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke before the largest crowd drawn by any candidate in 2016 and used his platform to completely annihilate Republican Gov. Scott Walker in his own backyard.


Sanders announced at the beginning of his speech that they drew the most people to a rally of any candidate this year. Sanders responded to Wisconsin Republicans who called him an extremist, “Let me just say a few words to my friends in the Republican Party about extremism. When you deny the right of workers to come together in collective bargaining that’s extremism. When you tell a woman that she can not control her own body, that’s extremism. When you think a woman is a child and can’t purchase a contraceptive, that is extremism. When you give tax breaks to billionaires and refuse to raise the minimum wage, that’s extremism.”

Bernie Sanders might have been talking about Republicans in general, but he was specifically detailing the record of Scott Walker.

Sanders delivered his message that billionaires can’t have it all. Sen. Sanders called out Gov. Scott Walker directly, “What we are saying to the Koch brothers, Gov. Walker, and all of those people is that this great country, and our government belong to all of the people, and not just a handful of very wealthy people.”

Sen. Sanders also took down Walker on the minimum wage, “Gov. Walker may disagree, but to my mind the federal minimum wage of seven and a quarter an hour is a starvation wage, which must be raised.”

Scott Walker embodies the exact agenda that Bernie Sanders is fighting against. Sanders didn’t go after Walker in Madison because he knew the audience would applaud. Walker has made himself the poster boy for the extremist Koch agenda.

It is funny that Wisconsin Republicans would call Bernie Sanders an extremist when no group of Republicans outside of Kansas have been more extreme than Walker and his Republican cronies.

Gov. Walker represents everything that is wrong with the Republican agenda for America, and he is running to be the next president. Sen. Sanders is calling for a movement that will reach beyond on one presidential election. Bernie Sanders is fighting for the direction and soul of the United States.

While Scott Walker is cutting funding to his state’s universities, Bernie Sanders wants free public college tuition for all. As Walker waits for the job creator fairy to create jobs as he cuts taxes for the wealthy, Sanders has a plan to create 13 million new jobs.

If Bernie Sanders is Batman, Scott Walker is the Joker, and the unlikely 73-year-old superhero had all of Gotham behind him tonight in Wisconsin.

52 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Annihilates Scott Walker At Record Setting Madison Rally”

  1. Right on Bernie, great speech! You have lots of great things to say, agree with everything! Keep up the good work.

  2. I have witnessed the media pundits dissing Bernie in every way they can. Why does Hillary need all that money if the media are willing to wipe out her competitors for free?!

    We need to start pushing back against the media and let them know that not only is Bernie’s message reaching a wide ranging audience, he is attracting people across party lines. When you see the media being unfair or untruthful in their coverage, make sure that they know you noticed and that it is not acceptable. The media does not get to decide who our next president is. The billionaires do not get to decide who our next president is. We do. Bernie is in it to win it. I choose #BernieSanders2016.

  3. Nobody says it quite like Bernie. He gets right to the point and NEVER panders to the public. He’s going to win and prove to the billionaire class that their money doesn’t have as much power as they think it does.

  4. Whether Bernie Sander is successful in his bid to the POTUS, he has perfectly characterized SKW, letting him off pretty easy. He totally missed the misrepresentation every fact he touches. He missed SKW’s total lack of vision for America. His characterization of extremism is spot on. SKW is trying to out right the right. Imagine sacrificing the welfare of your own state to make yourself look like he wants to be seen. Regardless of who you vote for, (R) or (D), SKW is not the one. Unfortunately, if he fails as POTUS Wisconsin remains stuck with him to create more mischief. I have no idea what he will do with his time during the next three years.

  5. Bernie Sanders tells billionaires, “You can’t have it all. America belongs to all of the people, not just the wealthy!”

  6. Pseudo-Conservative Lobbyists Elected By Billionaires….Nope.

    Wisconsin as The Golden Apple…Again Nope.

    SCOTUS ruled that corporations are Citizens, ergo, we are all corporations, lets merge into a giant, tax-exempt mega ChurchCorp, & ‘marry’ an even richer one, and then throw our weight behind Bernie Sanders, with Lewis Black as his running mate..

    Are you with me. A Labor Party, if you wear a suit & tie you need not even apply….

  7. Yes he is pretty old, but that bring’s great experience. And if Elizabeth Warren back’s him that would be great. If those two would get together it would be unstoppable.

  8. Am waiting for him to look the Repubs straight in the eye and say, “You have been bought by billionaires. Everything you do is mandated by them to benefit them at the expense of the ordinary person…..”

  9. Bernie says everything that America needs to hear. He has more knowledge, courage and love of country than the lying, weasel, dope Walker could ever dream of having.

  10. Elizabeth Warren has already endorsed Bernie and many of her campaign/camp followers are coming on board the ‘Berniebus’ he’s gaining’Bermentum’ Can’t you feel the Bern?!!!

    #YouBernWeAllBern# [WINK]

  11. Have been listening to Bernie for years on the Thomm Hartman show…..believe me he is the Real Deal!!! Go Bernie….this die hard Dem is behind you all the way…

  12. Truth-telling on Walker is not Bernie’s main task, but it would have made for a continuing campaign theme how Walker ( and the Repukes ) constantly lie and are hypocrites about ‘balanced budgets’.
    Walker had promised that he would not run for higher office until Wisconsin’s budget was balanced, and it’s now $280 million in the red. He still plans to announce for prez on July 13. LIAR ! And Repukes NEVER balance budgets ! They just give away tax breaks for their cronies, then claim a crisis and cut schools and other public resources.

    Bernie is circumventing the corporate media, and going straight to the smart people that use social media ( and vice versa ). Bernie’s calling for a ‘political revolution’ is actually an evolution long overdue.
    Now is the time for those that agree with what Bernie says to get to work. Just remember to be nice to the Hillary people. Stick to the issues, and remind them who the real enemies are.

  13. As a Canadian, I would love to vote for Bernie but can’t. I hope America does the right thing. Sanders for President!

  14. Yet another Socialist Pretending to be Robin hood, while the disenfranchised Cheer for their entitlement. Which isn’t to say the target of his ire isn’t an idiot. It is to say that careful what you wish for.

  15. Bernie’s win will be entirely an internet phenomenon…The MSM still think they control message…Maybe it’s best to let them continue to believe that…Hillary’s and Bernie’s campaigns are being run on entirely different ‘frequencies’ so to speak…In a NUMBER of ways…Personally? I don’t think we need the MSM at all at this point. Once Hillary sees him as an actual threat. The MSM will follow, but they’ll be coming into the picture mid-game. A LOT will have gone on before they could be bothered to show up…It’s almost sweetly sad to see how they’re hoping that if they ignore him he will go away…

  16. He did actually say that last night in Madison. It is so true! I loved his message and authentic appeal to everyday Americans.

  17. STFU, MICHELLE!!! She’s a typical Repub; constantly interrupting someone with a real on point position without answering any straight forward questions with straight forward answers. KEEP DODGING, GOP POSTER CHILD!

  18. Bleck barf, SW announcing means we will see his soul less, dead eyes, more on the tube. Who needs that?

    Give me Bernie Sanders. He makes me happy inside and gives me hope for my children and grandchildren.

    Obama should have spit in his face!!

  19. Bernie is AWESOME!

    The race American NEEDS in 2016 is “The New FDR” Bernie Sanders v. “Koch Brothers’ Fluff Girl” Scott Walker.

    Then, the question being put to the American voters will be crystal clear: “Will the U.S. Government be a government ‘of, by, and for the People,’ or a government ‘of, by, and for the multi-national corporations and the moneyed-elites?'”

    Hillary, as qualified as she is, cannot run that campaign, because she is no FDR. She is a corporate puppet, too.

    Vote your values, not your fears.


  20. I tried to edit to add, that was my local ABC station on their noon news show. They love some Walker. The anchors haven’t come right out and said, “He’s so dreamy!” but they have said (Direct quote), “Imagine! We could have a president from right here in Wisconsin!”

    Just can’t get them to talk about unemployment figures or the John Doe investigation.

  21. Feel the Bern! ❤️❤️
    Scott Walker is a whimp. He never will express his true political agenda to the public. He teamed up with the Kochs during his recall and cheated his way to victory. Dangerous man!!

  22. Bernie Sanders strips away fancy hair do’s lobbyists and the corporate machine that feeds on slick politicians

    his words are so refreshing, he is one truthful honest person, and it’s time for people like ed schultz and tom hartman to come on out and say it I AM VOTING FOR BERNIE SANDERS

    the air waves are polluted by Hillary followers she has NOTHING to offer the american public except the same old same old

    the truth won’t be ignored the people will be heard wall street will crumble, and the people the 99% will rise with Bernie to nominate him the next president of the united states of America

    anyone feel free to e mail me directly i’d like to start a revolution

  23. Scott Walker is nothing but a stenographer and lapdog for extremist evangelical mammonistas.

  24. Bernie only tells the TRUTH. We need more people like him in our Government, people who truly care about all American People and their welfare.

  25. yes. bernie is 73 .but i tell people you are voting for his agenda and what he wants for the us the people. also he can not do this without the help of congress so we need to vote the right people in there to. thanks for letting me say this jim

  26. is it just me or does scot walker look like dan akyroid’s special needs long lost brother?

    another observation is that Donald Trumps fans are going to get smaller and smaller and more radical while Bernie Sanders fans are going to get huge massive crowds that get more mainstream

    spread the word of Bernie to people on line and online as well, tell the black community’s women, the poor the middle class, unions tell them who he is and what he stands for!!!

    I have been involved with politics now for 15 years, this is the first time in my life i can actually PUSH someone!!!

    everyone else had been words and bought out by big business!!!!!!!!

    in other words Liars presidents working for big business and not us how stupid is that!!!!!

    Bernie needs people in the streets chanting his name, he needs backing like no one ever had it before!

    i’d like to see the people who are for him publicly come out for instance comedian Lewis Black singer songwriter neil young, ben and jerr…

  27. Not a Walker fan. Only way I vote for him is if it is him vs. Hillary or Bernie.

    Socialism is NOT an American ideology. If you support Bernie, then you are not supporting America nor the principles it was founded upon.

    You keep preaching socialism, yet you won’t move to a socialist country.

    The hypocrisy is astounding.

    And before the asinine ad hominem attacks and wrongful assumptions ensue, no, I do not want Bush, or Walker, Christie, or Trump. Not sold on Rubio, either.

  28. You cant define socialism because if you could your dull brain would realize we already have it and had it since the signing of the Constitution

  29. LL, you’re not listening. Bernie is a democratic socialist. Very different from what you are accusing him of and very much in line with the principles on which this country was founded. Do some research.

  30. This is “IT” this is the moment we have all been waiting for, Since bush stole gore then the collapse of money in the fall of 2008 to the occupy movement this is it

    it’s all been building up to Bernie Sanders

    weather you believe in god or not, it’s not important Bernie was sent here now at this moment for a reason

    he is the chosen one, he is here for US not them!

    he is here to lift not only our spirits but OUR bank accounts not theirs!!!!!

    and so let’s show the news media they don’t know who their messin with, let’s increase the volume of support tell everyone you know, and vote damn you VOTE for Bernie Sanders close the highways down like at Woodstock

    make a big stink in his honor

    for the sake of everyone alive in this great land of ours except the greedy pigs known as the billionaires who want it all

    this IS our turn, we will not be bought, we will not bow down, we will not coward out, will stand strong as one, and we will ALL enter into that voting bo…

  31. Seems capitalism isn’t working, at least for the 99%. The 99% who do all the work. So, guess it’s about time to try something different!

    If the socialist minded people moved to another country, who’d do all the work here?

  32. it’s like being smashed by a cool wave in intense heat Bernie is REFRESHING and exactly what we need at this time in American life’s

  33. Agree – vote our values and not our fears.
    I know personally how much the every day people want resolution, cooperation and true values represented.
    Am a trucker. Frustrated with the tenor of the campaigns, I announced MY candidacy for Pres in 2012 in Jamestown, ND truck stop, running on the CAFE party. My platform was a cafe in every neighborhood where we all meet on neutral ground, sharing coffee and dessert and talk through the issues of the day. We could come to a consensus on most things in this atmosphere of cooperation that is a cafe. I got 3 votes and a round of applause. Keep talking Bernie. The people are waiting and listening. YAY!

  34. On reflection, creating jobs is not really possible. If, instead, we focus on removing the barriers that prevent people from getting good jobs, this alone will revive our economy and create stability, good will and hope for the future. It will also have a great effect on our scandalous drug problem. Beatle John Lennon once said “Only those with no hope take drugs.” I think that is a huge reason, supported by the fact you see so many down and out persons bailing out of life with drugs.
    Something to think about.

  35. Exact same hysterical rhetoric I remember reading about Obama. Time for a Patriot to run the country. We have had enough free socialism. Free College?! That alone is the worst Idea i’ve ever heard.

  36. Excuse me…America was little more than a penal colony where the Brits dumped over 52,000 convicts after they were done pouring them into what is now Australia.
    Upon arriving the new white anglo-saxon citizenry immediately perverted Christian scripture and began the mass genocide of the Native American nation living east of the Mississipi (that’s correct, there were natives in that region as well).
    Since that seemed to work so well, the new “Americans” eventually impororted just over 388,000 African slaves…ya know, to save on labor costs associated with developing all the new land.
    The “plutocratic oligarchy” we currently live under in no way resembles a democracy or a republic.
    If you’re going to provide future history lessons please gather some information first.

  37. Speaking of Historical Information…
    Slavery existed in the New World, Long before the United states was around. In fact- slaves could be found in every region in the Americas.

    From the time of Christopher Columbus- and continuing on for centuries, slavers were endemic- well until the British Colonies decided to revolt.

    Yes they started with the indigenes, but eventually the Spanish decided that they could use Africans instead.

    So, there is no one group of Europeans who were slavers- just about every one of them were.

  38. I’ve thought about it, and you’re wrong.

    Jobs can and have been created. We’ve removed countless ‘roadblocks’ to businesses and they steadfastly refuse to create much, if any.

    Many folks have hope, also use drugs. Drugs like alcohol, tobacco, and OTC stuffs. Portugal alone managed to cut their illicit drug use in half- by creating jobs and legalizing it.

  39. LL, first and yours couldn’t accurately define socialism if your souls depended on it.

    Secondly…if your side was really against socialism then your side would stop all that socialism for rich people. Like how Scott Walker and his cronies just gave 250 million dollars to the billionaire owners of the Milwaukee Bucks.

    But then what you and your fellow conservatives want is fascism.

  40. Fellow American, do not let the News media brain washed you. We must never forget that the news media is owned and controlled by the oligarchs, the US news media is their propaganda machinery and their job is to promote their puppet that will serve them, just like George Bush the Father and George Bush the son, Bill Clinton and Obama. You need to seek the truth and ask yourselves; what these presidents done to our country and who passed the legislations and promoted the wars to get our country to the point of economic collapse. You do not have to be a genius; just use your common sense. Today we have only two candidates that can save America from its own demise, they are Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul, one a Democrat and the other a Republican, they are being attacked by the news media, ridiculed and discredit, the News Media want to destroy them because they are a threat to this corrupt government establishment that is controlled by the oligarchs. The oligarchs will spend billions of Do…

  41. I doubt you even know what socialism is. The party you support however knows the meaning of fascism though, don’t ya!

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