bernie sanders crowd madison

Record Breaking Crowd Of 10,000-13,000 Turning Out In Madison For Bernie Sanders

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 01:43 pm

Update: The attendance number of 10,000 has been confirmed and PoliticusUSA has exclusive video of the crowd here.

PoliticusUSA is reporting that a record-breaking crowd of 10,000-13,000 is filling up the venue and outside at Bernie Sanders’ rally in Madison, Wisconsin.

Here is a photo from PoliticusUSA’s Hrafnkell Haraldsson of the line of people forming outside ahead of the event:

bernie sanders crowd madison

A shot of the crowd in front of the stage:


More pics from Hrafnkell Haraldsson taken before the event:




Here is a great panorama of the huge crowd via Wisconsin for Bernie:

Haraldsson reports that the Sanders campaign received 13,000 RSVPs for the event. Veterans Memorial Coliseum holds 10,000 people inside, but the crowd is so large that the audio of Sanders’ speech is being pumped outside to the people who RSVPed, but can’t get in.

If Sanders does draw 10,000+ for the event, he will set the record for the largest crowd at a campaign event by a 2016 candidate in either party. Hillary Clinton’s rally in New York City drew 5,500, and no Republican has drawn an organic crowd that is close to the thousands that Bernie Sanders is consistently attracting on the campaign trail.

Bernie Sanders’ economic message about inequality and the need to take the country back from the billionaires has resonated deeply with millions of Americans, and those voters are coming out by the thousands to support their candidate.

Those in the media who didn’t believe that there is something happening in the Heartland of this nation are getting a wake-up call in Madison tonight.

Watch the Sanders rally live:

This is a developing story. The post will be updated with more pictures and video as it arrives from our reporters on the scene.

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