One Of The Nation’s Most Influential Labor Leaders Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders close up

Bernie Sanders has picked up a key endorsement as one of the nation’s most influential labor leaders has announced his support for the Democratic presidential candidate.

The Sanders campaign made the announcement in a statement:

In another show of union support for Bernie Sanders, one of the nation’s most influential labor leaders on Friday endorsed the Democratic Party presidential candidate.

Larry Cohen, the past president of the Communications Workers of America, gave his backing to Sanders at a news conference held here in a local union hall.

“This is not a close call,” Cohen said at the news conference. “This is a guy who for his entire life has been there for working people.”

“I am proud to have the support of Larry Cohen and so many workers in the American trade union movement,” Sanders said. “They know we need an economy that works for the middle class and not just the wealthy.”

Sanders and Cohen were joined by members from other labor groups including the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the National Association of Letter Carriers, the Iron Workers Union, the Laborers’ International Union of North America, National Nurses United, the International Association of Firefighters, the American Postal Workers Union and 75 others.

Cohen’s endorsement was significant because it came on the heels of a Politico report that AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka was working behind the scenes to squash the growing momentum among union members for Bernie Sanders.

The appeal of Bernie Sanders is natural for members of the labor movement who feel like establishment Democrats have not made their concerns a priority.

What is happening is that individuals who have felt ignored are using their support for Bernie Sanders to get their voices heard.

The message to the Democratic leadership is that they are not going to be able to silence the Sanders supporters. Labor is rallying behind Sanders as it is beginning to look Democratic voters may be treated to a competitive primary campaign.

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  1. I suspect that old RNC PR BS is having nightmares. Hillary is like a freight train, dependable and able to raise lots and lots of cash. Bernie comes along, and is not only raising cash, but raising people’s hopes. Meanwhile, the GOP candidates are bickering over gay rights, the Civil Rights Act, and moaning about the same old crap: regulations, BENGHAZI!!!, Hillary’s emails, the IRS…all stuff that people are sick of. The GOP likes no one but the rich white male who calls himself Christian, and that is becoming clear to the entire world. Please proceed, GOP. Looks like the only race will be which Democrat wins the primary and coasts into the White House.

  2. For all the current and former Union members………jobs…..kept us in the American Dream. Thanks to the Unions many American workers bougt homes, too vacations. sent their kids to college, bought a new car. NOW every worker has to worry if their job will be there tomorrow thanks to outsourcing. GOP stands for GetOur Profits through slave, third world wages. Wake up,,,Sandersneeds you to win!

  3. so bernie fills a room with 2300 in freakin council bluffs iowa! NO ONE gets 2300 on a holiday weekend to show up to a early rally like this. yet, not a peep from the ahole media. someone sent me a periscope feed from the arena, and they were cheering. i am sure hillarys black ops are freaking out..

  4. as someone whos been union for a very long time, i weep for the young workers who dont know how many gave up for them to get organized. i am sad for what the unions became and then raygun killed what was left. history will repeat itself, and people will get off their tweets, and into the streets.


  5. Whatever comes- we will either deal with it or die.

    There are no sure things other than: Death, Taxes, and Scams.

  6. I love unions but they can be incredibly short-sighted. President Obama has been far, far better for American labor than any Republican would have been. The current Klown Kar 14 would be a disaster for unions. Yes, Bernie would probably be great for unions if he gets elected and if he can get his policies through Congress – two big if’s.

  7. Re your two big “ifs.” One thing is for certain, neither “if” will happen if you don’t get out there are work to make it happen. Americans have gotten lazy, they sit back and wait for someone else to make democracy work. I think we have seen the results: Big money buys everyone and everything. The only way we can take our country back is by taking the initiative to fight for what we want . Give one hour a week…an hour a month to get a candidate you like elected. Once elected keep giving that hour to supporting that person. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask rather what you can do for your country. AMEN

  8. Unions do not endorse candidates in a primary. It has been the rule forever. Trumpka is correct. Should Bernie Sanders not win in the primary, does this mean Larry Cohen and those that stood behind him in this endorsement will be the catalyst for other union leaders to persuade rank and file not to vote for Hillary if she is the nominee, thus giving the Republican candidate a much better change at winning? I am union all the way…have been my whole life. I hope I am wrong, but I’ve seen too many Sanders supporters saying if Bernie does not get the nomination they will vote for a third party, or stay home and not vote at all. The repercussions of electing a Republican to the White House will have a huge, negative impact on unions, and then the unions can kiss any progress that’s been made under President Obama’s NLRB, overtime pay, easier to organize new rules….goodbye.

  9. “The only way we can take our country back is by taking the initiative to fight for what we want”

    “Take our country back” assumes that the electoral decisions made by the majority of the voters is somehow illegitimate. I’ve heard similar language from the Tea Party. No, the only way to enact a progressive agenda is to convince the majority of voters that it’s something they should vote for. It’s not enough just to “preach to the choir”.

  10. @ EE-B : Who have you ‘seen’, or talked to?
    I’ve heard / seen no such thing.
    This sounds trollish to me. Typical ‘divide and conquer’ from the RW. If you really are union you wouldn’t be spreading such obvious Republican memes.

  11. Sorry, but you are dead wrong. I’m not a Republican, I’m a life long straight ticket voting Democrat and proud of it. Neither am I a troll. I stand in solidarity with unions. My dad was a union organizer and Business Agent for Local 429, in Lowell, MA for 40 years. I did not post any Republican memes, but I can tell you in the groups I’m in on FB thatI have Democratic friends who are using right wing garbage from publications like the National Review and others to trash Bernie’s main opponent. They are Sanders supporters and they are using Republican memes from Karl Rove’s America Rising to trash her. I know they are passionate about Sanders….I have yet to decide who in the primary, but when you have Democrats slandering other Democratic candidates, we will certainly have one of the most divisive infighting primaries our party has witnessed. The job for us is to get a Democrat in the White House. United we stand, divided we fall. I still stand by my original post.

  12. ANY Democrat is better than ANY ‘Republican’, (They are more Pseudo-Conservatives ala Barry Goldwater). For people to say ‘Bernie or no one’ is completely insane.

  13. We have a “Dem” in the White House who’s been protecting torturers & banksters while giving nothing to folks who lost their homes, jobs, pensions and savings.

    Obama promised to filibuster the FISA Amendments Act if it gave immunity to the telecomm companies that helped W spy on everyone. He voted for it.

    Obama wouldn’t propose single payer health care. Instead, he gave a gift to the medico-industrial complex: the plan devised by right-wing think tank The Heritage Foundation.

    Obama told the Republican lie about federal and family budgets being the same thing (forgetting to mention that families can’t issue their own currency).

    If we refuse to tell the truth about HRC and the other DINOs, who will?

  14. Ellen, you say you are union and you say unions do not endorse in primary and that it has been the rule forever.

    Did you ever watch politics on tv? You surely never got involved before.

    All the unions had a bloody battle in 2008 between Hillary and Obama. I was AFSCME and we were there on the ground with all the other unions who supported Hillary in every early primary state months before voting. My local had people in Iowa on couches for months before primary day. Unions all RAN the show and were out at all the rallies.

    Not this early. But they will be on board soon. They did the candidate interviews last month. AFSCME polls members by our per person union number at every local and backs the person with the most votes among its members. They LOVE Hillary. They hung on till the end for her last time, I was there.

    With my t shirt and sign in person in the front row. Where were you?

    Primary is primary time for unions. I know the one inch thick rules book.

  15. Oh and unions always then endorse the dem candidate in the General.

    Your scenario is not reality based. Not all union member join the campaign. There were hundreds of workers at my site who never even got involved. They remain neutral for the most part. Republican members ignore the GOTV efforts of their union, for example.

    Politics 101, union 101.

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