For Chris Christie, Freedom Means Nothing Left to Lose as New Jersey Voters Want Him to Resign



New Jersey wants to be free of Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) according to a Monmouth University poll taken after the Governor announced his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

It’s not that they don’t want to lose Christie, either, contrary to what Christie believes. Only 5% said that’s why they don’t want Christie to run. It’s more that they really, really, really do not think he will be a good President. In fact, a majority would like the Republican governor to resign.

From the Monmouth University poll released on Thursday:


A large majority feels that Christie has abandoned his commitment to the state and few say he is a good fit for the Oval Office.

Just 27% of New Jerseyans say Chris Christie would make a good president. More than two-thirds (69%) say he would not. A few months ago, Christie was asked on national TV about similar poll results. He responded that survey participants told pollsters he would not make a good president because “a lot of those people…want me to stay.” Monmouth followed up with the participants in our poll and found that just 5% of those who said he would not make a good president say they gave that response because they would rather have Christie stay in New Jersey. Fully 89% of this group, though, confirmed that their answer meant they really think he would make a bad president.

And…. New Jersey would like Chris Christie to resign. Fifty-seven percent of Garden State residents want Christie to get out of the Governor’s mansion, and only 26% say he can run for president and govern New Jersey effectively at the same time:

A majority (57%) of Garden State residents say the governor should resign now that he’s thrown his hat into the ring, compared to 37% who say he should stay in office. Even more New Jerseyans (71%) feel that Christie cannot run for president and govern New Jersey effectively at the same time. Just 26% say he can do both well.

“Chris Christie may be looking for a new job. Just don’t expect his current employer to provide a good reference,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Familiarity breeds contempt and all of that.

They hate him in New Jersey. So, like a Republican lost in his Fox bubble, Christie figures this means he should run for national office.

You are probably thinking about reality and history and how being hated in the state where a candidate is currently in office doesn’t bode well for running for a bigger office, but being hated and hatred are working out super well for Donald Trump. The Republican expert in bankruptcy is currently polling in second place for his party’s nomination. There is nothing the Republican base likes more than someone America hates.

Freedom for Christ Christie this Fourth of July is just another word for nothing left to lose.

19 Replies to “For Chris Christie, Freedom Means Nothing Left to Lose as New Jersey Voters Want Him to Resign”

  1. It is sad that two Reichwing governors, who were bound and determined to vivisect their states, are now making the ludicrous and cowardly, escapist attempt to run for President…

    The other one being Jindal, of course…

  2. He’s polling almost at the bottom of the GOP’s field of candidates. Someone give him a really offensive talking point. Then he might get into Trumps territory.

  3. Sorry to be catty, but what is wrong with his wife, she grins like a gremlin and holds her face in crazy ways, all I can thin k when I see her is ‘what about that in the White House’?

  4. yeah, she creeps me out, shes by far no Michelle. I really cant stand the obese children, that is so gross.

  5. They want him to “resign?” They just re-elected the buffoon! He’s not doing anything now that he hasn’t been doing for the past six years!

  6. I hope all this negative feedback will put even more pressure and strain on the crook Christie and he will have a giant meltdown on the national stage. That should fix the asswipe governor.

    I tell ya, these idiot repug governors are not fit for office, whether it is the oval office, or their own states.

  7. Chris Christie might as well run for some office. He is toast in New Jersey. If he miraculously won the White House it would probably prevent him going to jail when the peasants he threw under the bus turn on him. At worst it keeps him out of the state much of the time and makes it harder for the US Attorney to question him. Maybe he thinks some future Rethuglican president will pardon him. After all, he made it easy for them to win by running a hopeless campaign against them.

  8. Sally: Argument does not hold h2o. Seem to remember “reading” remember that? History tells us. There was a republican Pres. that could not fit into the bath tub of the time. Soooo a new bigger bath was acquired. Easy fix, just get a new bigger chair more like a throne? Anyone remember the throne like chairs Ronnie and NANCY(with a crown) sat On?

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