Here’s The Proof That Donald Trump Is Destroying The Republican Party’s Chances In 2016

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A quick look around at the mass Republican implosion on the Sunday shows provided ample evidence that Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party.

Mike Huckabee tried to avoid the question on CNN’s State of the Union, “Well, honestly, Donald Trump needs no help from Mike Huckabee to get publicity. He’s doing a really good job of that. So, I think what I have been doing is focusing on what my own views of immigration happen to be, rather than weighing in on getting in this battle of, are we with Trump or against Trump? Look, I’m for some reasonable approaches to immigration that start with a secure border. I have committed to get that done within a year.

Rick Santorum said that Trump was wrong but then agreed with him on CBS’s Face The Nation, “And I think Donald points to a very important thing, which is we have a serious problem of illegal immigration in this country that is undermining American workers. We have 12 million illegal immigrants in this country that are flattening out wages, lowering the standard of living for people who are here legally, both — mostly by the way, the most biggest impact of illegal immigrants is our legal immigrants, who have actually played by the rules and are coming to this country because we said we want you to come in here. And they’re the ones being punished by all of this illegal immigration. So while I don’t like verbiage he’s used, I like the fact that he is focused on a very important issue for American workers, and particularly illegal immigrants in this country.”

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Christie tried to claim that Hillary Clinton wants illegal immigrants to vote, “Because these folks are coming across the border, Shannon, not to vote, like Hillary Clinton would lead you to believe. They’re coming to work. And if they’re not able to be employed if they come here illegally, if every employer uses E-Verify and if they violate the late, there are fines that are so significant that the profit they make off hiring lower-wage workers and discriminating against American workers won’t be worth their while. You’ll see a real diminishment of anybody trying to come over the southern border.”

Ted Cruz actually defended Trump on Meet The Press, and then promptly self-destructed on the immigration question, “I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration. The Washington cartel doesn’t want to address that. The Washington cartel doesn’t believe we need to secure the borders. The Washington cartel supports amnesty and I think amnesty’s wrong. And I salute Donald Trump for focusing on it. He has a colorful way of speaking. It’s not the way I speak. But I’m not gonna engage in the media’s game of throwing rocks and attacking other Republicans. I’m just not gonna do it.”

Rick Perry did the best job of clearly speaking out against Trump on ABC’s This Week, “Well, everybody gets to pick and choose who they want to be for. But the fact is I’ve said very clearly that Donald Trump does not represent the Republican Party. I was offended by his remarks. Listen, Hispanics in America and Hispanics in Texas, from the Alamo to Afghanistan, have been extraordinary people, citizens of our country and of our state. They have served nobly. And to paint with that broad a brush that Donald Trump did is — I mean he’s going to have to defend those remarks. I never will. And I will stand up and say that those are offensive, which they were.”

When Rick Perry is the voice of reason in the discussion, the Republican Party has got big problems.

Through his racist comments and his rise in the polls, Donald Trump has pushed the immigration issue back to the front and center of the Republican primary.

The problem is that the Republican Party’s position on immigration is largely viewed by the rest of the country as wrong. Donald Trump is destroying the party’s chances in 2016 by further pushing Hispanic voters into the Democratic column.

The Republican Party does not want to talk about immigration. They want to avoid the issue at all costs. Their position on immigration will cost them votes in states across the country in 2016.

Donald Trump has doused the party in gasoline and lit the match. But the biggest reason the GOP is crumbling is that a sizable percentage of their voters agree with the racist bigotry of Donald Trump.

58 Replies to “Here’s The Proof That Donald Trump Is Destroying The Republican Party’s Chances In 2016”

  1. If republicans do not agree with Trump, there is an easy way to show it – stop blocking the president’s immigration bill, in fact I wish they would bring it back for a vote!

  2. Right on Joan, but republicans will never risk doing anything reasonable or statesmanlike. They’d lose their base.. what’s left of it anyway.

  3. Illegal immigrants cannot vote because of the very basic fact that by registering to vote, they open themselves up to immediate detention and deportation. I don’t know why this point isn’t made every time one of these (R)eptilians makes the case that The Left wants illegal immigrant votes. However, many of them do have legal immigrant relatives, and they DO vote. They vote for the party that doesn’t go out of their way to demonize their friends and family.

    But keep on self destructing, GOP. It’s fun watching the implosion happen in real time.

  4. Can you believe how quickly this stuffed suit
    jumped to shotgun seat on the bozo bus?
    Shows to go ya just how xenophobic the
    repugs are.

  5. The Republicans embraced and cheered on The Trump when he demanded proof of President Obama’s birth certificate.

    Now they’re getting exactly what they deserve for not doing the right thing.

    A rather painful bite in the ass!

  6. please please please, gopbags, dont fire the combover. and have coulter and cruz keep going off too! the baggers are really going off the past few weeks. cant wait for the gop debates next month….

    and yay greece!!! f the banksters.

  7. Republicans are more than willing to bring illegal immigration back to the forefront. That means they won’t have to answer question on the gross inequality of money of the top 1% and that of the lower 99%. Why the trickle down theory of theirs is ruining states like Wisconsin, kansas and Louisiana. Why they think cutting education funds is good for the people. Why they think they know better than a doctor what is good for a woman’s health needs. And why they have not passed any bills that would create jobs. After promising the people they would, if only people would vote for them. And why they hate unions so much (I know the answer to that one, but they will dance all around the question).

    Illegal immigration, while a problem, is probably the least of them.

  8. Who tells this clown he looks good enough to go out in public looking so astonishingly ridiculous. Money apparently cant buy everything.

  9. Man do these guys count on American ignorance. Only US Citizens can vote.

    An immigrant would have to become a naturalized American citizen to vote.

  10. Isn’t it interesting that while Republicans hate illegal immigrants so much, the vast majority of employers of illegal immigrants are Republican?

  11. As a free thinking educated white woman, why would I ever vote repub? They offer me nothing. That goes for everyone but old racist immigrant adverse mostly white males. They are the party of hate.

  12. TheRumps mind set is that of predominance of the teabaggers who are in control of the totally right wing Republican party; a party that no longer possesses any moderates; they all claim to be independents.

  13. “…we have a serious problem of illegal immigration in this country that is undermining American workers. We have 12 million illegal immigrants in this country that are flattening out wages, lowering the standard of living for people who are here legally…”

    Bullllllllll hockey! Wages are flattened out and the middle class is in pain because of republican policies of sending all profits to the wealthy and outsourcing jobs.

    Secondly, anyone remember the ag fields of … was it Georgia? Alabama? Couple of years ago, when they embarked on a terror campaign against anyone brown skinned, and the crops rotted in the fields because American workers couldn’t DO the work? It was too hard. They didn’t last two hours in the fields. Remember that? Yeah. So much for undermining American workers. LMAO.

  14. The whole immigration uproar is a smokescreen, a distraction for the GOP. It serves to unite the base of haters they embrace, and keep them voting against their own best interests. The immigration problem would solve itself if states enforced laws-laws that they already have. But they won’t because their corporate masters love cheap illegal labor.
    Proof? Look at Louisiana HB56, on of the toughest laws on the books. The illegals disappeared, afraid of deportation or worse, so the farmers turned to local labor and in desperation, prisoners. They couldn’t, or wouldn’t do the job and profits fell. Long story short-HB56 is being quietly dismantled.
    The GOP has nothing of substance to run on, so they are reduced to attacking Hillary, now Bernie too, and creating diversions with xenophobic hysteria.

  15. If they’re determined to destroy themselves from within, let them. If I have to sit through a few hours of shock and disbelief everytime one of these ass rags utters something racist or reprehensible, I’ll take one for the team. With them trying to outdo each other, with their insane messages (directly from god no less), they’ll step over the line eventually. On a side note, the best combover I’ve ever seen, was in Puerto Rico. Started at one ear, swirled around the head and ended in a pony tail. The Hispanics are even better than Trump at his signature look!

  16. The destruction of the Republican party started seven years ago, when they decided to make our president a one term president. Since that failed, it only made their hateful and bigoted mentality infester to the boiling point. And because of their uncontrollable hated is showing the American people just how worthless they are. Think about this, not one day goes by, that one of them steps up to the plate and says something stupid. May God help them, they are going to need it.

  17. Expatriate in SE ASIA : Don’t write Trump off he is a smart man he knows exactly what he is doing. The more he is attacked the more powerful he becomes. He has a 75% chance of being elected and saving America from its enemies within. Only 25% of Americans are declared Liberials. If Trump is elected he will be America’s Putin and not serve but rule with a iron fist and reek vengeance on his enemies. There will be a vast PURGE of the left n far right. Remember concentration camps have been built to hold millions of traitors n anarchists on the left and far right. Extremists on the left n right will be PURGED. There is a 75% chance it will happen. Trump will recover n be stronger in the end as Latino who loves America and Israel we will support Senior Trump as we like a strong traditional leader. Franco in Spain enjoyed high popular support. Liberials Don’t understand Hispanics most Hispanics detest liberials

  18. Expatriate in SE ASIA : Trump is not a Republican or Democrat his is a smart cookie and using the Republican Party to get elected. He is seizing total control of the Republican Party and they are afraid. TRUMP is a NATIONALIST POPULIST not a conservative or a liberal. He will PURGE his enemies who oppose him. In SE ASIA radicals left or right are not tolerated in Philippines in Singapore in HK where I work n live they quietly dissappear. No one is allowed to cause disharmony n anarchy nor should they. The pendulum will swing not to the right but to a Nationalist leader in America with strong military support. It’s coming to the USA. TRUMP IS THE MAN WITH A PLAN HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS Doing. Don’t mock him your leaving a paper trail online. He will govern like in Singapore. Anarchists n radicals n Racists are not long tolerated. He will save America from the left and the right both are idiots n morons. It will be a Trump Cruz ticket and win with us Hispanics of faith supporting him.

  19. Of course he’s helping to destroy the republican party. Would you shut up about it? Before the dimwits of the GOP see what’s happening?

  20. NEWS FLASH! the GOP stopped being a legitimate political party when NIXON sabotaged peace talks between Viet Nam and LBJ! Oh but wait! NIXON wasn’t done yet! this paranoid CROOK actually thought committing a FELONY (WATERGATE) was a smart move! Oh but wait! then this rocket scientists actually kept TAPES of his CRIMINAL activity! My point is, the GOP is a crime syndicate! and the DAMN democratic party knows it! but their too busy wanting to play peacemaker with them!! donald trump is a WELFARE BUM! you know you’ve got $HIT for brains when YOU go bankrupt owning a DAMN CASINO!! my GOD!! doesn’t the house always win?? in the END? BTW ya gotta love the GOP! they SWEAR to jesus and anybody that will listen to them, that they’re NOT racist! FUNNY HUH? notice how trump’s popularity skyrocketed ONLY after he started calling hispanics rapist!? well, like the CHURCHLADY always said, ”Isn’t that special”.

  21. @expatriate in se. asia, I don’t know WTF you’re smoking but that much be some bomb $HIT! now explain it to me really slowly, so hispanics love being accused of rape? REALLY? BTW, are YOU really a expatriate or was your A$S deported?? C’mon, don’t tell me, you were a illegal alien and you tried to vote for the republican running? RIGHT?

  22. AMEN, anytime the people that controls these animals (sorry real animals) turns them loose in pack mode that immediately makes me wonder why.
    Donald Trump was and still is one of those people that will say and do anything to get attention. Without ANY shame. So is Coulter, Rush and on and on. We have seen them all prosper because of their greed. Watching the companies that are dropping him now is interesting though. My question is why would they ever do any business with him and the other blowhards in the first place? If not for them people like Donald couldn’t exist.

  23. Trump is the Republican Party’s new Sarah Palin…although he may appeal to a small segment of the radical right he will be an embarrassment and a joke. Like Palin, all Trump has to offer is a massive ego.

  24. Do you write your own material?
    Do you give dinner shows?
    Will you be here all week?

    I ask because this is some comedy-gem material.

    At least I hope it is, because if you’re serious, you’re one sick puppy! GET HELP!

  25. Then explain his EXPLOSIVE support ationwide? Do you NOT see that his numbers are climbing because MAINSTREAM America is fed up with lying politicians? The nasty dirty thieving Mexicans? All those Muslims? TRUMP IS SPEAKING WHAT AMERICA IS SEETHING OVER!! He has woken up the middle class and they are behind him. Ho can you NOT see this? The Democrats and Republican POLITICIANS are terrified of him!! Hell yes build a wall!! Hell yes DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT, no more anchor babies, no more benefits for immigrants, STRICT fines for renting to illegals, hiring illegals etc. HE IS ON A ROLL AND AMERICA IS BEHIND HIM

  26. You people keep bashing Mr. Trump because you know he’d be a great president. He’s made a lot of money, he employs many Mexican people, He loves the Mexican people and he assumes some are good people. He has a birth certificate too. He’d be the greatest jobs president in history. So leave Mr. Trump alone and let him run. (Tee Hee. When the GOP creates monsters like the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and now Trump, pretend you support these train wrecks, get out of the way and watch the carnage on election night) Oh, and did I say he made alot of money? LOL

  27. Sadly, Marilyn, the only people who support Trump are the short-sighted racists who believe white men with money are the only people of value in this country. Trump’s rise in the polls is because the same people who don’t believe in science, want small government that controls every pregnancy and every bedroom, watch nothing but lying Fox News and believe asking someone what newspapers they read is a gotcha question and describes only the Confederate flag waving, home schooled, climate denying and pick-em-up truck states as the “Real America.” Racist and divisive, they are quick to answer polls, and don’t understand on election what the Hell happened. Trump will falter and soon…you can count on it.

  28. Though it might be appropriate to snip you for indecency, it’s more educational to leave the naked, lumpy body of your hate quivering before the public view.

  29. Immigrants pay taxes, in the form of income, property, sales, and taxes at the federal and state level. As far as income tax payments go, sources vary in their accounts, but a range of studies find that immigrants pay between $90 and $140 billion a year in federal, state, and local taxes. Undocumented immigrants pay income taxes as well, as evidenced by the Social Security Administration’s “suspense file” (taxes that cannot be matched to workers’ names and social security numbers), which grew by $20 billion between 1990 and 1998.

    That $20 Billion represents the amount illegal immigrants have contributed to keep Social Security alive.
    The vast majority of them will never collect a dime in benefits because if they try to collect, they’ll expose themselves for deportation.

  30. Attention Marilyn: you are too tunnel-visioned to see it yourself, but sweetie, the Democrat candidates (and the rest of us sane people) are not terrified of Trump; rather, we LOVE his candidacy, as he is yanking the covers off of the rabid racism that infects the GOP, exposing it to daylight, and that is why THEY are terrified of him. No matter how populist he is, he’ll never win the GOP nomination, so ya’ll just sit back and enjoy the show now, ya yeah?

  31. Dude/Ken.

    Trump has lost more money than he’s ‘made’.

    Any Hispanic who votes for him is a fool.

  32. You are either beyond delusional or you are related to Sarah Palin – sorry, that was repetitive, but worth saying.

  33. If the Dems had an incumbent running in 2016 like they did in 2012, I’d switch my party affiliation (legally here in FL) to Rep so I could vote in their primary for Trump, then switch back for the general election. I personally love the GOP Jar Jar Binks running for Prez, he personifies the true Republican mindset, and wears it on his sleeve, definitely not a politician by nature, training, or experience – deserves to ride shotgun in Klown RV…….

  34. Marilyn, dear. The polls that show support for Trump are from Republican voters — not the general public. P.S. Republicans represent only 25% of the voting public.

  35. See if you can see the Irony and total BS Trump gives the public.

    Day one:
    1. Mexico is not sending us their best.
    2. We are getting the Rapist, the Killers and the Drug dealers.
    2. The are killing us in the Free Market.

    Day Two:

    1. I meant what I said. (So)
    2. I love Mexicans.
    3. I do business with them all the time.

    How can anyone take him seriously.

    By the Way his company sells Ties that are made in China. Yet he bitches that China is taking away our business worldwide (Profits). Two faced bloviator?

  36. The only people for this ignorant ass are the people that are white and racist and watch FOX. Then man is a joke in love with himself. Nothing to love there for sure.

    Wants to be a President and makes a statement against all Mexicans? He is the one that needs a wall built to keep him out of the US and go peddle his clothes from China. Really!!!!!

  37. ‘nasty dirty thieving Mexicans’ ? Get the freak out of the Country my ancestors fought for bigot. Also, try google. try to educate yourself, but if you do, if you ask the right questions, you will find that you are just plain wrong.

  38. You are obviously insane. I’m glad you do not live in America, since we are better off without you. You are not, in fact, anti-left wing, you are anti-logic, reason, rationale, anti human. Die, maybe, would be good for you and the rest of humanity.

  39. wow. I just don’t get how bat sh*t crazy you righties have become. it is sad. really, really sad. I actually feel sorry you- you are completely delusional and just have no concept of reality. the only people on a roll are President Obama and the democrats. the only folks supporting trump are white supremacists, and apparently you must be one. trump has just lost billions and billions of dollars as corporations like macy’s and espn and univision are dropping trump like a lead balloon. you are so twisted, so paranoid, so crazy, so uninformed, so blinded by hate and lies, you and those like you have become rightwing zombies and represent a very real and growing threat against this country. your days are numbered. we are taking this country back from fake americans like you. there are illegals here that are far, far more American and patriotic than you could ever hope to be. get out of the way of the libs and dems or get run over. your choice.

  40. what we have witnessed the last 4 or 5 weeks is the complete and utter implosion and collapse of the republican party and conservatives as their death spiral becomes unstoppable. their fate is sealed.

  41. you are a delusional and paranoid bigot if you support trump. it is that simple buddy. I feel sorry for you. I really do. you and those like you are becoming a huge threat to the majority of sane and reasonable americans.

  42. An illegal immigrant is not the same as an undocumented immigrant. As signatories to the U.N. Protocol on Refugees, we are required not to return asylum seekers to a country where they are subject to persecution, whether they have documents or not. On the other hand, documented immigrants who overstay their visas and have no other lawful grounds to remain, are “illegal”. Illegality is a finding made on the evidence by a tribunal of competent jurisdiction.

  43. Yes, Trump asked to see Obama’s birth certificate, has just talked trash about Bush’s wife, yet no one has the guts to point out to Trump that he is married to yet another Russian and could possibly be tied to the Kremlin which would undermine America’s security. I mean hey, why not question is motives? He could be a spy. Russian women are infamous for using their looks to get access to influential men to spy for mother Russia (and vice versa).
    It would be cute to at least see a democrat shoot back at Trump and point out how unpatriotic he is for marrying Russians.

  44. Donald Trump is a Democrat in disguise and he has stated many times that he deeply admires Hillary Clinton. He really likes her! He likes Bill too!

    This is just Ross Perot all over again except “The Donald” has been elevated to the height of a Saint, and Savior, the TeaP Messiah (or GOD) by those so desperate for a Jesus replacement that they put their FAITH into “The Donald”.

    “The Donald” is their false GOD. So to sum it up I’m stating that Donald Trump is a false Messiah who will deliver a Hillary Clinton victory for Satan.

    This is what happens when a Nation creates it’s own GODS. This is what happens when IDOLATRY controls politics.


  45. I am dead serious. Trump is the Hardcore Radical Rightwing, TeaParty/Libertarian Messiah. He is their false GOD and they worship him!

    He claims to be the answer, the only way to SALVATION! He is deifying himself.

    That is IDOLATRY! A massive sin. Trump has made himself into the Golden Calf of TEA. He is a Religion now, an ALTER to TEA, and all the little TeaPeople are dancing around Trump (like the Prophets of Baal did 1000’s of years ago).

    Trump is NOT a Republican or a Christian. He is a total fraud but that is good news for Democrats.

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