Republicans Melt Down As Donald Trump Calls Jeb Bush’s Wife An “Illegal Mexican”

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Donald Trump continues to wreck the Republican Party. His most recent move was to post a tweet claiming that because of his wife, Jeb Bush likes “illegal Mexicans.”

The Wrap captured Trump’s tweet where he quoted another user who said Bush likes illegal Mexicans because of his wife:


Trump deleted the tweet, but as almost everyone already knows, nothing is really ever deleted from the Internet. Jeb Bush’s wife is Mexican, but she is not illegal. The problem for Republicans remains that Trump’s racism is very popular within their party.

A new Quinnipiac University poll of Iowa caucus-goers found that 46% of them think that illegal immigrants should be forced to leave the country. Only 34% of those polled supported a path to citizenship.

The Republican Party tried to take precautions to keep the crazy out of their 2016 primary, but instead they got themselves a crazy racist who has a big pile of money. Trump is the Republican Party’s worst nightmare because he appeals to everything that Republican candidates work so hard to hide.

Every single Republican candidate that appeared on the Sunday shows yesterday was asked about Donald Trump and immigration. To a person, each of those candidates struggled to come up with an answer.

Donald Trump is wrecking the Republican Party while doing voters a favor by exposing what Republicans really believe in and stand for. The Republican Party is already falling apart.

Democrats didn’t even have to push the big red immigration button to trigger the Republican meltdown.

Donald Trump did it for them.

137 Replies to “Republicans Melt Down As Donald Trump Calls Jeb Bush’s Wife An “Illegal Mexican””

  1. I don’t know which is more precious: sTRUMPet making an (even bigger) ass of himself; or the fools who will be commenting on this piece claiming that HE will be the next best thing since sliced bread.

  2. Not usually a Trump fan, but he is saying what needs to be said, in his own brash way. The GOP has no backbone and thinks that they can somehow cuddle up with the hateful progressive press, by trying to sell the most progressive looking candidate. IT DOESN”T WORK ! They need to tell the truth and expose the blatant lies the progressive media pounds into lazy listeners 24/7/365.

  3. That’s just pure meanness & spite spewing out his mouth. Trump is a miserable racist & no amount of money will make him happy. If it wasn’t illegal immigrants he’d focus on something else to obsess over.

    If Mexicans stopped crossing the border he still wouldn’t be happy. Remember he was a major Obama birther & demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate. Obama finally agreed, to shut everyone up. Trump still wasn’t satisfied and asked for “the long form” birth certificate. He has to have something to hate on.
    Like most Republicans he hates all minorities. But he admits it. Keep talking Trump. You represent your party well.

  4. The sad but hilarious part of all this is that it’s just beginning. It isn’t 2016 and the gopers are killing themselves in every way possible.

    I can’t imagine how ridiculous the clown car will be by the time they get through the primaries. What sort of candidate can they field who will have a shred of credibility with the American people?

    The election is already over. It’s just pro forma now.

  5. The only comment I could think of after I stopped laughing is, this is some funny shit! Please proceed.

  6. The GOP created Frankentrump now they are learning they can not control the monster. The one’s that need to leave are all of those screaming send the immigrants out of the country for most of them are themselves immigrants. The only true citizens of this country are the Native Americans that greeted the colonists here.
    Thus these hate mongers need to practice what they use to preach to everyone a few years back, America love it or leave it! Believe me none will be sorry to see you go. Bye!!!!

  7. The ONLY Hateful thing here is your Post Sir. (GaryDMN)

    Thank You for showing your Partys true Colors “Racism”

  8. Did you take the Sarah Palin “Word Salad 101” course? Because whatever it is that you wrote down there is like those word magnets, but with conservative catch phrases.

  9. POTUS-wise I agree with you. OTOH all politics is local and they have gerrymandered the hell out of each and every little County & Burg. They’ll win most everything but POTUS, and they do a hell of a lot more damage by doing nothing in the House and Senate and in their local Statehouses than they ever could in the Oval Office.

  10. Yeah right. The only reason he needed to say that, is because Jeb is ahead of him in the polls. He’s already got insulting Hispanics down to a fine art, so why not stay the course. Very fortunate for him that Jebs wife is from Mexico though. Jeb is the idiot spawn of the Bush clan. Whats your excuse?

  11. There ain’t a bucket of popcorn big enough for this show. The Clown Car has barely gotten started, haven’t even gotten all the Clowns on board yet, let alone reached the circus race track, and it’s already this funny? Can’t wait to see the foolishness running by next summer!

  12. Trouble with Göring-with-the-bird’s-nest-on-top is that he’s not only not a heroic fighter pilot, he’s not a heroic anything. His money is the shield for his mouth, that’s all.

  13. I’d sure like to know what “precautions” the GOP took to keep the crazies out of the race, because it just looks like the same old crazies are all running again! Not a rational human in the bunch!

  14. Would his behavior be any different?

    No Mr. Will, what y’all have here- is the end result of embracing Tea Bagger Mentality.

    You embrace the slime, you’re gonna get some onto you.

  15. The damage these rethugs can and will do will be tremendous, that is why every Dem had better get out and vote.. we need, to gain in the House and Senate. If not, it will be another six years of do nothing Congress and the thugs will have six more years to manipulate the vote.


  16. And yet, he’s number 2, behind Bush, as their chosen leader. LOL. The ignorance and bigotry, it hurts!

  17. Illegal means NOT legal. Not Legal. Not legal. If one is here illegally, they should not be here. Follow the process. Not racist, just follow the rules.

  18. I don’t know why you people cant see a dog whistle when it is laid out there. I guess your privilege of all these years have built up an immunity

  19. “The Republican Party tried to take precautions to keep the crazy out of their 2016 primary….”


    There isn’t one of those clowns that isn’t crazy.

    Christie; NJ doesn’t want me to run because they don’t want me to leave.

    Jindal: Gonna bring religion to the people and religious charter schools for every body.

    Walker: I can handle ISIS just like I handled the unions.

    Perry: holds big rain prayer rally to prove his religiosity.

    Bush: I’m not my brother, but I’ve hired every sucker he had as an advisor.

    Cruz: Been appointed the king by the dominionists to bring back the spoils of war. (Presidency?)

    Trump: No explanation necessary.Totally Bat$hit crazy. Its the hair.

    Fiorina: Drove HP into the ground. Expects to do the same for the country.

    Santorum: Ol frothy himself. Can’t seem to learn that no matter how many times you run, you will never win the nomination.

    Seriously, every one of these candidates is nuts.

  20. besides being the best gift to progressives. you know trump isn’t serious. he has yet to file with the election commision, nor has he divulged his tax returns. hes playing the bagheads for the brainless they are…

    wait until the debates this summer. should be a hoot.

  21. Hey, GaryDMN – sounds like you got an inside line to the GOP.

    Can you tell us if it will be Josh Duggar or Ted Nugent giving the Keynote Address at the RNC Convention?

    I’m sure they would have liked to have Dylann Roof, but he’s going to be tied up for a while.

  22. I know the party line is all about illegal aliens. However if they really did not want them here they would have not voted down the funding to secure the border in 2009. They would also charge all the multi-billion dollar industries that employee them. Like Dole for example. The reason they come here is because there is work. Go after the employers who are breaking laws by employing them. This will never happen and if it ever does you will never have fresh veggies or clean hotel rooms. They just need to have a talking point that will stir everyone up…..Mission accomplished.

  23. Well one thing I know for sure unless Jebbie comes back with homie don’t play that, I will f@ck you up for talking about my wife. He is toast

    Now Democrats may say whatever look at the clown who is saying it but lizard brain gun toting tobacco chewing dirt poor republican voter will have none of that.

    They will want a fight and Jebs cant afford to be labeled a wimp

  24. Don’ t under estimate this goof. I thought Reagan
    Was a doddering fool with no chance in 1976 and look what happened

  25. Folks get your popcorn because the fight is on! I love it when our enemies seek to destroy each other. All we have to do is sit and watch and laugh!

  26. ‘The People’ are being played again. I’m thinking these two planned a lot of this just to bring positive attention and sympathy to Jeb.. The GOP has always struggled to keep POC interested in them. In the backrooms there’s piles of cash changing hands, and secret deals being made. Wait and see if this doesn’t come to light.

  27. The big problem is that all the Repub Candidates agree with what Trump says about Mexicans. They are just trying to pooh-pooh their responses so the ‘ BASE’ will still vote for them. Every one is a bigoted sonofabitch.

  28. Hahaha!

    That reminds me of a creative writing class, where one exercise was to take other written works and randomly cut them into pieces, one to six words long and construct new works from them. It seemed to work a whole lot better than that guy’s English-Frontier Gibberish mashup!

  29. Progressive?

    Which ones are owned by Democrats?

    Air America has been off the air for years.


    Oh, that’s right! If it isn’t foreigner-owned FOX News or the bottom 5% of his high school graduating class and Bar Mitzvah failing Drudge… it’s ‘Progressive.’

  30. Trump’s racism has been on full display against President Obama and black people. The media said NOTHING!

  31. You’ve got to be from rural MN – ignorant closeted bigot. You make me ashamed that our state has idiots like you.

  32. Hear hear. Well put Bigmolicous, they are hypocrites who say one thing and do another. They want to look tough but do not want to upset the rich and mighty where they get their money. Lying bastards every one.

  33. The headline says that Trump called Jebs wife an illegal Mexican. That isn’t even close to what the tweet from Trump says. WTH?

  34. The Republican party is committing suicide.

    The problem with this isn’t that it is happening, but that it is taking so . . . damned . . . long.

  35. I knew he was going to mention john ellis bush’s wife into the immigration fight. When he first said bush thinks “some come for love”, you knew mentioning his wife was coming next. Not fighting fair trump, you have several ex-wives and children scattered all around the country . Leave families out of it.

  36. a man is walking through the forest and meets another man, the second man says”get off my
    property”. the first man says “your property, why
    is it your property…where did you get it” ? the
    second man said that he got it from his father
    who got it from his father who got it from his father. the first man asked where the great
    grandfather had got it and the second man
    answered that he had fought for it.
    the first man says too the second man,” alright
    i’ll fight you for it “.
    sorta’ like native americans were the 2nd guy
    many people feel like there are to many illegals
    walking in their forest

  37. You’re amusing. I’ve been listening to Progressive radio on Sirius XM for years now. It took the place of Air American a very long time ago. I suggest you keep up. If that’s possible.

  38. I’m all for it, just make sure you call out the liars everywhere. Corruption runs deep in both parties. Follow the money, follow the favors, reveal the lies and fact check EVERYONE.

  39. It was only a matter of time before he did it, when I read he had said “some come for love” it was pretty obvious who he meant.

    Regardless of who they are personal attacks like that are awful.

    This whole thing is like an accident, I can’t help but slow down and stare

  40. This is amusing… and delicious. It’s like watching baby sharks eat each other to make sure the strongest shark survives.

    Too bad the shark they can produce is a wimpy little whale shark compared to the potential Great White the Democrats can produce.

  41. Well I’ve read this article several times and no where did I find Trump calling Jebs wife an “Illegal Mexican.” Jasen Easly you should work for FOX News.

  42. Well, as it turns out Trump is right again! Jeb Bush’s father-in-law came here illegally. Which means not only is HE illegal, but Jeb’s wife is illegal. Why don’t you move to Mexico, Jeb…you seem to have more loyalty to Mexico than to America.

  43. Trump did not say that Columba was an illegal immigrant. She has gone through the processes and has been made a legal citizen of the United States.

    What he did say is that Jeb would be more sensitive to the plight of the Mexican people … and that is because he is married to a Mexican woman. Columba has extreme taste in jewelry and has been caught trying to smuggle expensive jewelry through American Customs, claiming that she didn’t want her husband to know how much she spent in Paris on Jewelry. No doubt, the couple can afford the expense, but her lack of understanding of the law has embarrassed Bush and it embarrasses me because I happen to think he was a great Governor for Florida. What was hidden in the background by his wife is something that should tell you, breaking laws is okay to her. Their kids have broken the law also.

  44. I was looking for the definition of the word “Disgusting” in my dictionary, and look what I found, huh ! ?

    Who Knew ! ?

  45. Daily Stormer? You’re citing *that*? Well, we know what Trump’s clap is made of, don’t we?

  46. Well, well, well!!!

    I never though I would ever say something good about Donald Trump, but here it is!

    I’m so glad he’s running on the Republican ticket, because, thanks to him, the Republican party will be all in a shambles!!!

    Thanks to him, the Republican party will destroy itself, by eating itself up alive, and spitting itself out in little peaces!

    Yeah! The Republican party is going to eat itself up, and then sh-t itself into the toilet, and flush itself down the sewer!!!

    I suspect that fistfights will break out during the 2016 National Republican Convention when they all start calling each other names and calling their wives all kinds of names.

    Well . . . so much for good Christian family values! Eh?

    Way to go Trump, ya old frump!

    You just keep on doing what you’re doing now, and we Democrats will just sit back and laugh at the 2016 Republican clown show!

    I’ll be sure to have plenty of popcorn!

    Yeah! This is gonna be really sweet!

    I can hardly…

  47. Hey John, think the “clown car” now at 13 is it or 14? could become the Duggers of the rethug party, trying for 19 AND COUNTING! Five more and they have it made.

  48. Progressive media? Are you still under the delusion the media has any political agenda except money? The media publishes who pays them the most. Bottom line. Look at Bernie Sanders, he’s the most progresssive candidate on the ticket but the NYT refuses to print any news about him, including drawing a 10,000 person crowd in Wisconsin and 9,000 people in Maine.

  49. He is the lightening rod to curb some crazy off the others and make them seem sane. An excellent distraction from the real issues.

  50. Donald Trump is a “racist terrorists” We pray his gun does not work.His racial ethnic Hatred for Mexican Natives and Latino American citizen is OUT OF CONTROL! Only The White Supremacist will vote for him. NOT ALL white people are Donald Trump! There are 220 Million white pilgrims in Native America just ask The Natives.NO one is born illegal! Tell me about your Native Roots racist Donald?

  51. Please change this article headline to reflect actual content. Mr. Trump did not state that Jeb Bush’s wife is an illegal Mexican only that he may favor to them because she is Mexican. It is articles like this that spreads false prejudice. Thank you.

  52. pATRICIA:


    He is totally NUTS to believe that the Republican Party is going to embrace him 100% and send him out to be their nominee against Hillary. Can’t he get a hint? What the Republican Party did, has done and is doing to the first “Black” President? He want’s to be #2 in line? Batshit f*king crazy dude, if you ask me. ;) BEN CARSON…Hey, read my lips: NO WAY JOSE! You will not even trot down Pennsylvania Avenue in a Republican Clown mobile, waving a “Don’t Tread On Me” (The Tea-Party Flag)–banner.

  53. Rachel, why don’t you go back to Europe, as you are such a racist, I can only guess you are a white supremacist. I am sick, of all this hate, & racism like yours.

  54. Jack, I agree with you, Trump obviously knows the will never be a president. He is KKK. But why the distraction, what is really going on? What is the strategy? will bankers once again will collapse the economy? I know that the old man, Trump has lost his mind, also everyone knows he could not invest in Mexico in 2014 and build in the south of Mexico. He is so angry. He is a frustrated old man.

  55. It is like one’s racist senile grandfather that just discovered the internet.

    Trump is the Republican party’s worst nightmare and a Democratic strategist’s best asset.

    Everytime Trump opens his mouth he is simultaneously the perpetrator and victim of character assassination.

  56. Your headline should read “Republicans Melt Down…”

    Melt Down (2 words) = verb

    Meltdown (1 word) = noun

    I guess I’m a stickler for that kind of stuff, but I believe a news source’s perceived credibility is affected by such language errors.

  57. I tried telling folks years ago. Trump is not a dumb person. I truly believe he is working with the Democrats. There is no other explanation for the craziness hes been spewing. He is single handedly destroying the repubes. Exposing all their bigotry..and he does this every 4 me crazy.

  58. Oh, give me a break! Trump did not call Jeb’s WIFE an “illegal Mexican”… He merely pointed out that Jeb’s sympathies may lie with illegal Mexicans BECAUSE his wife is Mexican. There’s a huge difference. Let’s stop playing the liberal spin game….

  59. Called his wife illegal? When he said (has to like the Mexican illegals because of his wife).
    Could he have meant because she is Mexican and might support illegals?
    Imbeciles are incapable of thinking for themselves and live a life of petty accusations.
    Politicususa told you what to think now just follow.

  60. Mr. Combover is a fuking hypocrite
    At Trump hotel site, immigrant workers wary
    Trump International Hotel.

    “The majority of us are Hispanics, many who came illegally,” Arellano said in Spanish. “And we’re all here working very hard to build a better life for our families.”

    Interviews with about 15 laborers helping renovate the Old Post Office Pavilion revealed that many of them had crossed the U.S-Mexico border illegally before they eventually settled in the Washington region to build new lives.

  61. Tell Trump
    to quite running the Mexican’s down while he has his mouth full of vegetables!! If it wasn’t for them there would be no fruits and vegetables picked. His ass would starve.

  62. Just wondering…..IF Trump was a registered Democrat and running against Hillary in the Primaries, would he be saying the things he is saying and has said? Hmmmmm. I don’t think so. Therefore, it is only in the Republican Party’s tent he feels obligated to say what he says. The Right Wing, Tea Party branch of the Republican Party eats his shiiit up, and asks for more….and he gives them more. In the Democrats tent he would have been thrown of the bus long time ago.

  63. Just wondering….IF Trump was a Democrat and running in the Democratic Primary, would he be saying, or have said the $#it he has been saying? Hmmmmm. I don’t think so. He would NOT be tolerated and he would have been thrown off the bus. Shooed away and told to STFU immediately! In the Republican Party his rhetoric is allowed and condoned, because, well…..because that’s the thinking of MOST of them. Wink-wink. They Look the other way. Say nothing. And give him more media space, plus an open invitation on FOX whenever he wants. Because he’s their poster boy for offensive talk.

  64. Where exactly does Trump call Bush’s wife an “illegal alien”? I don’t like it when the other side does this, and I don’t like it when our side does, either. I despise Trump, but let’s get our facts right.

  65. I think that’s probably more a function of name recognition than anything. If you think “how could someone have not heard of Chris Christie or Marco Rubio,” these are Republican voters we’re talking about.

  66. Now Mr.trump have to be very carefull to go out to have dinner….Mexican own the Kitchens in US

  67. Many people want all of the news, not just news that tickles their fancy and fantasies, I want to know everything and refuse to limit my knowledge. You are simply afraid of news that you do not want to hear, it scares and challenges you. I could not accept a life lacking integrity and insight. I find all news enlightening and informative including Fox. Closed minded ideologues, rather than intellectually questioning information prefer attacking the source. It’s much easier mentally to join in with the attacks without any intellectual depth of thought. Recently Johnathan Gruber the architect of AHCA referred to his parties supporters as stupid and easily led. Your silly comment reveals your personal choice to ignore some sources of information and proves that according to your intellect, ignorance is truly your bliss!

  68. Fact illegals are breaking the law just like you going into another persons home illegally.
    Fact Mexican is not a race.
    Fact illegals sneaking into the USA
    Are the lowest form of scum.
    Fact doctors, nurses, lawyers are not swimming across the border.
    Enforce the law remove illegals and charge there country.

  69. OUCH! I haven’t been scolded like that since I was a youngster. I am so sorry you can’t handle the fact that you sir are acting like a racist and was called out on that point.

    Could he have meant because she is Mexican and might support illegals?

    That is an assumption which could only be made by one who agrees with the premise that all Mexicans blindly support those who come here illegally.

  70. Why do you all claim racism when someone criticizes the Mexican government? Mexicans aren’t a separate race, they are Caucasian, just like you!

  71. If all of the illegal migrants in the USA didn’t go to their jobs here for two weeks our economy would fall apart. We depend on these WORKERS, and we have done so for over sixty years. People like Trump made their fortunes off of their grunt and stoop labor.

  72. We can generalize that you flunked math teabagger
    . Some 62% of Latinos voted for Democratic House candidates nationwide, compared with 36% who voted Republican, the national exit poll shows. The Democratic share is similar to the last midterm election in 2010, but down from 2012, when the advantage over Republicans was 68% to 30%.

    Damn that TexASS education don’t mean that much do it?

  73. Liberals; [Snipped]. Nobody sais she is illegal TODAY. She absolutely was illegal (matter of fact, she didn’t even speak English when they got married), which is the point. Jeb can’t criticize illegal immigrations, because he married one! Nobody said “Jeb has to like illegals because his wife IS one.” It’s always amusing to watch Liberals struggle with reading comprehension
    [Learn to use more cites and less arrogance.

  74. Trump’s quote does not say Bush’s wife is an illegal. He merely is stating that her Mexican heritage leads to sympathy towards the illegal situation. And what makes him KKK? Just because he says things you might not agree with, you brand him as KKK or crazy. I’m not voting for him in the primary and I don’t think he will win, but it won’t be because I hate him, it will be because I like what someone else has to offer better. Don’t judge, read and make an informed decision.

  75. I see that the latter-day spin doctors have been going to town about the whole ‘he didn’t say that!” of late.

    They just can’t handle the truth.

  76. He hasn’t realized it yet that he’s an embarrassment to himself already. That fool needs to go. He’s all fake from head to toe (literally) anyone with brains who really want to run a Freedom for all and America the beautiful country once again will step him out like everyone else is doing. He’s a joke. This country will definitely fall now since he’s not getting the respect he’d deserve in office. Can I step down for him cuz I’m embarrassed

  77. We wouldn’t have so many illegal immigrants if our immigration system wasn’t so broken, redundant and absolutely inefficient.

  78. Seriously? Saying that all Republicans believe what Trump believes is so ludicrous. It’s like saying that all women believe in abortion because ONE woman had one. No one person speaks for a complete group effectively. I’m not a Republican because, to say that, would be a general, sweeping statement. That party is way too diverse.(And messed up.) I am a conservative & there are way too many Republicans that aren’t. I’m a white, Christian conservative, but to say I’m a racist because of it is infantile. For starters, you don’t have to be white to be a racist. There are plenty of black racists. Brown ones, too. (Native Americans) I’ve met them. There are also plenty that AREN’T racist! This article really made me shake my head. It’s filled with hate and ignorance. Better fix that if you want to be taken seriously. If you think there aren’t Democrats with big piles of money that are racist, you’re in denial. It’s their racism that made them rich in some cases. S…

  79. We have not had illegal immigration for 60 years. The bracero program (a guest-worker program for mexican immigrants) was ended in the 60s. So, please cite me a source. We had low levels of illegal immigration until the 90s, after the original teabagger Reagan passed an amnesty in the 80s. Then there was a rush to the border. Illegal workers constitute a tiny fraction of the workforce, they don’t make a majority in any industry except for maybe agriculture. If they stopped working, they’d be replaced with legal immigrants and americans. We need to go after employers (big fines, e-verify), fence up the border with more patrolling, increase legal immigration if necessary, then amnesty the ones already here. Problem solved!

  80. Yes Trump is an idiot but the author is a bit of a scumbag as well with the misleading title. Trump isn’t calling Bush’s wife an illegal immigrant. Trump is saying because she’s Hispanic, she sympathizes with illegal immigrants.

  81. Please do not group a whole group of people into one box. It is a problem when people say.. “Republicans think…” We should not believe that ALL people from a group think the same way. That is why there are stereotypes…reading these posts makes me very sad.

  82. Before Trump’s campaign speech, I literally despised the man. After listening to his actual speech and not the distorted news in the media, I have a much different opinion. Trump knows what he’s talking about. He is not the racist that everyone makes him out to be. His comments about the Southern Border were geared towards illegal immigrants from many countries entering the U.S. (illegally) through Mexico.

  83. When debating…please stick to the facts…you can be passionate but do not attack other individuals…it is not appropriate OR effective.

  84. Please check your sources as many sources on the internet are not reliable. Please use corroboration (this is what lawyers/historians use) when checking the accuracy of something. That is when you look at multiple sources to find information that does not match up/or does match up. Secondly, do not attack individuals in a debate it is not acceptable or effective. Just trying to help!

  85. Not that I actually trust Fox news either, but look at this story! Trump reposted a tweet by someone else saying that Jeb has to like Mexican illegals because of his wife and this site has twisted that into Trump calling Jebs wife an illegal. That’s about the worst twisting of a story I have ever seen, the headline is close to libelous.

  86. The headline in the story is a lie. If it occurred at all, Trump said that Jeb Bush “had to like illegals, because Bush’s wife is Mexican.” He didn’t call Bush’s wife an “illegal Mexican”.

  87. The only people insulting Hispanics here is the DAMN MEdia!!! Actually listen to what he said. WOW, and you wonder why this country is the way it is, Bunch of blind followers!

  88. I’m not sure you are interested in an accurate answer, but I’ll go ahead and give you one. While race is a social construct rather than a biological one, in the United States, racial designation are preponderantly based on skin color/tone.

    Race has a different meaning and interpretation in Latino society, and while skin tone enters the equation, “race” functions more as a class designation than a physical trait-based system.

    But for United States audiences with their particular understanding of the concept of race, it can be explained in fairly simple terms. Latinos can be “brown” or “black”, or even “white”. The descriptor “Latino” refers to a cultural/ethnic sensibility and identity, not a single skin color.

  89. I wonder if you could share which policy proposals Donald has made that particularly entice you to his candidacy. Is it the one about how he’s gonna “bring back jobs”, the one where he’s going to reinvigorate the “American Dream” to make it bigger & better and HUGER than ever? Is it the one about making Mexico pay him to have undocumented Mexican contractors build the greatest, tallest, HUGEST wall that will make China jealous about their “run-down” version? Is it the idea that by the awesome power of his personality and tough-guyishness, he will make the world heal to his authority?

    I’m just wondering if it ever occurred to you that this charlatan is throwing out the tough talk to a willing and ravenous audience, but the only explanation for HOW he would do any of the things he’s boasting about involves some Magic Dust and a team of gold-plated unicorns.

    Well, enjoy the Republican Primary season. I know that President Obama, Hiliary Clinton, and every registered Democrat w…

  90. Racism to believe the government and illegals should follow law? Now that is some special kind of thinking.

  91. You see what you want to see but he didn’t call Jebs wife a illegal immigrant. He simply meant that her being of Mexican heritage that he’d have to give his support. Do you really think Jeb is for illegal immigration? Only intelligent voters who can read will see how this is turned into a lie to benefit Bush who by the way I like very much. Love the way people are misquoted to improve their position.

  92. I’m not sure if that string of comments necessarily makes you any better than him. He never mentioned any problems with the citizens who came here legally, set up a life for themselves, and are contributing members of society. He likes those people. He’s talking about the ones that come across the border without even a working Visa, which in any other country is a pretty big offense. From a psychological perspective, poverty yields crime. Not always, but far more likely than middle class or above. If you are crossing the border without a plan, e.g. a job lined up, a place to live, etc, then you are more than likely going to land in the bad parts of town which usually isn’t so much a good place to raise your kids. So on a per capita basis, I completely agree with Trump. There is a disproportionate amount of crime vs population coming from the Hispanic community. Just because the target audience is not White doesn’t make it racist. They set themselves up for failure and it shows.

  93. Then you should ask yourself why he hires them

    Trump Tower Was Built on Undocumented Immigrants’ Backs

    The Donald may denounce illegal immigrants as ‘rapists,’ but his empire’s crown jewel was erected on land cleared by a small army of undocumented Polish workers, a lawsuit alleged.

    You wouldn’t know that because you are xenophobic dumbass

  94. Well yeah, it makes great business sense to use a group of people that you can pay cents on the dollar to do the same job if not better than someone with “rights” and has someone to complain to. Imagine how that situation could have been if they actually had citizenship and an outlet to complain. And I am in full confidence that everything in that article is true. Business is a rough environment. How many politicians have made their millions without making a few moves like trump? None, that’s who. Maybe Ron Paul, but only maybe and the media hates him anyways. Further, and more importantly, he speaks of Mexican immigrants, not immigrants as a whole. On that note, calling me xenophobic based on my post is ignorant at best. I stated a fact that can be found in the DoJ website and nothing more and a general understanding of the psychology of the impoverished. Calling me a “xenophobic dumbass” is why everyone hates Liberals like you, the person I replied to, and Fox-type Conservatives.

  95. According to…
    which seems to take a sample both Conservative and Liberal sources, these are also numbers I have been seeing recently as well, Trump is firmly in the lead. Not sure when you are drawing your thought from, but…here you go. Also, the highly Liberal ABC/Washington post puts him higher than Fox, which I found interesting.

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