Republicans Melt Down As Donald Trump Calls Jeb Bush’s Wife An “Illegal Mexican”

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:07 pm

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Donald Trump continues to wreck the Republican Party. His most recent move was to post a tweet claiming that because of his wife, Jeb Bush likes “illegal Mexicans.”

The Wrap captured Trump’s tweet where he quoted another user who said Bush likes illegal Mexicans because of his wife:


Trump deleted the tweet, but as almost everyone already knows, nothing is really ever deleted from the Internet. Jeb Bush’s wife is Mexican, but she is not illegal. The problem for Republicans remains that Trump’s racism is very popular within their party.

A new Quinnipiac University poll of Iowa caucus-goers found that 46% of them think that illegal immigrants should be forced to leave the country. Only 34% of those polled supported a path to citizenship.

The Republican Party tried to take precautions to keep the crazy out of their 2016 primary, but instead they got themselves a crazy racist who has a big pile of money. Trump is the Republican Party’s worst nightmare because he appeals to everything that Republican candidates work so hard to hide.

Every single Republican candidate that appeared on the Sunday shows yesterday was asked about Donald Trump and immigration. To a person, each of those candidates struggled to come up with an answer.

Donald Trump is wrecking the Republican Party while doing voters a favor by exposing what Republicans really believe in and stand for. The Republican Party is already falling apart.

Democrats didn’t even have to push the big red immigration button to trigger the Republican meltdown.

Donald Trump did it for them.

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