Bernie Sanders Strikes The Heart Of The Koch Empire With Bill To Give Solar Energy To The Poor


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) hit the Koch brothers where it counts by proposing new legislation that make solar energy more accessible for low-income families.

Sanders detailed his plan in a statement:

“While the cost of solar panels has gone down in recent years, it is still out of reach for millions of low-income families that need it the most,” said Sanders. “Families across this country struggle to pay electricity bills and access to solar energy can help reduce these costs.”

The Low-Income Solar Act of 2015 was introduced on the same day the White House proposed an initiative to make solar power more accessible to households and businesses. The Sanders bill would provide $200 million in loans and grants through the Department of Energy to offset the upfront costs for solar arrays on community facilities, public housing and low-income family homes. These projects would be required to prioritize loans for woman- and minority-owned small businesses and set aside funding for developing solar arrays in Appalachia, Indian tribal lands and Alaskan native communities.


“The scientific community tells us very clearly if we’re going to reverse climate change and the great dangers it poses for the planet we must move aggressively to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy,” Sanders said. “We can achieve this goal, save families money and protect the planet for future generations.”

Giving low-income families access to affordable, clean energy would be an economic game changer. It is also the worst nightmare of the Koch brothers. The Kochs have spent hundreds of millions of dollars funding climate change denial.

Any legislation that would get Americans to use fewer fossil fuels is bad news for Charles and David Koch. The Kochs have tried to keep their climate change denial funding a secret, but word has leaked out over the last few years.

Bernie Sanders is taking the fight to the Koch brothers and other corporate interests who are helping to keep low-income people in poverty by fighting against clean energy.

Sanders is walking the walk while talking the talk. He is one of the few members of Congress who will take on the Koch brothers and fight for ordinary Americans.

15 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Strikes The Heart Of The Koch Empire With Bill To Give Solar Energy To The Poor”

  1. OMG I have been proposing this to be done through the weatherization program since the day Obama took office. Right now the federal weatherization program has been sold off to the service and equipment providers. But it could be a green jobs program training the poor to be installers and maintainers while putting solar on the roofs of the poor. The whole program could train the citizen unemployed to be roofers, carpenters and plumbers while making repairs on the homes of the poor. You remember those green jobs Obama promised which never materialized.

  2. This cinches the deal for me. Bernie will get my vote in March 2016.

    This idea is way over due and should have been Legislated years ago.

    Bernie Sanders is the only Presidential candidate who gets it. People are hurting financially and his ideas to help the middle class are real, and achievable.

  3. D*mn Bernie! Are you trying to make me fall in love with you?! Any blow to the Koch bros makes me super happy!

  4. i remember when that scumbag ronald raygun was elected in 1980 and the first thing he did was tear Jimmy Carter’s solar panels off the white house.

    what a goddamn scumbag in every way.

    that’s the patron saint these modern day republicans worship

    a total shithead!

  5. The non-profit Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF) finances energy efficiency and solar technologies for low and moderate income families in Florida. To date, SELF has helped 429 families complete over $3.5 million of home energy retrofits. With more resources, SELF can scale the program throughout Florida. For more information, please visit or call (772) 468-1818.

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