Felon Dinesh D’Souza Spreads Fake Photo Of Hillary Clinton Posing By Confederate Flag

Dinesh DSouza

Convicted felon and right-wing activist, Dinesh D’Souza posted a doctored image of a young Hillary Clinton posing in front of a Confederate flag to his Twitter and Facebook accounts on July 7th. D’Souza captioned the photo with the rhetorical question:

Look closely at this Hillary photo; isn’t that a Confederate flag behind her on the bookshelf?

The problem for D’Souza, of course is that the Confederate flag was photoshopped into the picture of Hillary Clinton. The 1960s era image of Clinton taken while she was student at Wellesley College is part of a gettyimages collection online. However, in the original photo there is no Confederate flag on the bookshelf behind her. The flag was apparently photoshopped into the image that D’Souza circulated through his social media accounts.

It is unclear whether D’Souza knew the image was altered, or if he is simply a useful idiot who was unwittingly duped by the fake picture. Either way it damages what little credibility D’Souza might have had left.

D’Souza’s film 2016: Obama’s America was splattered chock full of falsehoods about the president, so it certainly wouldn’t be beneath D’Souza to knowingly spread lies about Hillary Clinton. However, it is equally possible that D’Souza could just simply be so lacking in discernment that he will believe anything that supports his jaundiced view of Democrats, without verifying the information first.

Despite the fact that Dinesh D’souza is a convicted felon and a serial liar, he is still something of a folk hero on the far right, because of his strident criticisms of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. To his followers, whether or not his attacks against Democratic political leaders are accurate or not is largely irrelevant. They, like him, will choose to believe whatever they want to believe as long as it casts their political adversaries as enemies or villains. D’Souza is a frequent guest on CNN and FOX, where he is given a forum to mangle facts and push his partisan agenda.

However, by circulating a doctored photo of Hillary Clinton, Dinesh D’Souza has merely confirmed what was already obvious to all but the cable news networks and his most ardent right-wing supporters. Dinesh D’Souza lacks intellectual honesty and critical discernment, and he doesn’t have an ounce of integrity.

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  1. Laser Pointers. Something about them that drives housecats crazy.

    I’ve seen a few of mine go nuts enough to finally attack the pointer itself and then drag it away and hide it.

    But Dsouza and his ilk- just aren’t that smart. They’ll latch onto ANYTHING that they think (?) might serve to denigrate an opponent.

    Reading between the lines- Ms. Clinton scares the shit out of them.

  2. This just shows to all how pitiful and scared the GOP are of Hillary. Pretty soon when she walks in a room GOP members will wet themselves and cower in fear physically. Like they are mentally already.

  3. The strategy of attack is old and moldy – no matter what political stripe they wear. Sane Americans are looking for realistic answers to real problems. This is why Sanders is generating such a large following.

    The attack BS by the gopers only appeals to the hate and bigotry goobers. The Rove strategy is dead in the water in a national election.

  4. If she’s really so terrible, isn’t there a REAL photo he could use to illustrate his point?

  5. Very well said and I certainly hope you’re correct.
    There are still an awful lot of bigoted, hateful voters out there.

  6. Kinda of makes you glad that picture is in black and white. You could only imagine what it would look like in color… oh man. That would of been scary.

    On the topic at hand: I highly doubt this jackass was duped here. I mean, the guy produced a freaking documentary that was, for all intents and purposes, one giant ass Obama bash fest. Some sort of evil machinations have to be working in his head, and one of them is ‘Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Make sure you stain Hillary’s name with enough mud to make pigs jealous!’

  7. This whiny ass guy is a liar and adulterer. He admitted to election fraud and then said President Obama framed him.

    He is pretty stupid too. The above picture of Hillary has been around for years (who can forget those pants).

    This creepy loser is disgusting.

  8. Aw come on DJ. We all had a pair of pants like that. It was a definitive statement against the boring “sameness” of the 50s. Had to wait until college until we could do so though — that among other things.

  9. The dirty tricks have begun. The GOP doesn’t want to face Clinton, a moderate like Muskie. They want Sanders, a leftie like McGovern. You can scare the heck out of undecideds with a good socialist. Remember the “Canuck letter” that was published in the Manchester Union-Leader. The letter claimed that Muskie had made disparaging remarks about French-Canadians – a remark likely to injure Muskie’s support among the French-American population in northern New England. Evidence later came to light during the Watergate scandal investigation that, during the 1972 presidential campaign, the Nixon campaign committee maintained a “dirty tricks” unit focused on discrediting Nixon’s strongest challengers. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigators revealed that the Canuck Letter was a forged document as part of the dirty-tricks campaign against Democrats orchestrated by the Nixon campaign. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  10. I dunno, but Dinesh D’Souza looks and appears to be the kinda guy you want to take out into the woods and slap him around a couple o’ times, then tattoo a picture of OBAMA on his chest and a picture of Hillary on his behind. And last but not least, tattoo the Confederate Flag on his Neck for all to see.
    {{ Wheww! }}}
    I am Mean and Vindictive…. ;)

  11. Interesting he just didn’t dredge up her past when she was a “Goldwater Girl”, rather than pumping a silly photoshopped picture…I mean really, who does he think he’ll fool?….Oh..wait..the whole Republican right wing nutter squad…Nevermind.

  12. I want this pondscum creature out of my country. He is pure human shite, in fact, I have more regard for a dump I took yesterday, seriously.

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