Kentucky County Clerk Demands His Bigotry Be Accommodated By The State Government

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On Monday, Casey County, Kentucky clerk, Casey Davis, showed up at his governor’s office without an appointment to get privileged standing for his bigotry against same-sex couples.  The governor was out of town, but Davis told the State Journal he had an “inspirational moment” after celebrating the Fourth of July.  “The part of our national anthem that talks about the bombs bursting in air and how our flag was still there made me think of how those men and women were persecuted (during the American Revolution) and homosexuals were afforded their rights and I’m afforded mine.”

The privilege he wants is for the government to set up a website to sell marriage licenses so that he can perform his job “without it conflicting with [his] religious beliefs.”  He also said, “I want [Governor Beshear] to call a special session about it.  My solution would be to what everybody else called the law of the land, is to have an online issuance for marriage licenses so it takes it out of the hands of the individual.”  And, “I think I deserve some sort of relief, that I took my oath to do this job to the best of my ability so help me God,” Davis said.  “I cannot go beyond what my conscience allows.”

Thomas Weddle, the attorney for Casey County, said Casey Davis is wrong on this issue and has two choices.  Casey can find a deputy clerk who will do the job or be removed from his job as County Clerk. Mr. Weddle might well have added that Davis is free to do as a similarly-situated counterpart in Mississippi did and resign himself.

All three options point to this fact:  Davis does not want to do his job.  His claim of religious beliefs is merely an attempt to give socially acceptable cover to bigotry.  That can work in the private sector or if the employee works for a church.  Not so for someone holding government office and who perforce must be willing to serve taxpayers – any and all taxpayers who ask him and expect him to do his job.  Such a person admits outright they are unwilling to do what they have sworn to do and want someone else to do constitutionally-mandated work for them.  Davis’s song and dance about an “inspirational moment” amounts to asking taxpayers to accommodate his bigotry.  He’s not asserting his religious rights, he’s claiming he is entitled to special treatment.

This is not to say online marriage licensing is a bad idea.  The prospect of modernizing service to taxpayers is always a good idea.

But there is something particularly galling about asking for the privilege of having the government support bigotry. We are indeed talking about bigotry here.  People choose to be bigots, to disrespect and discommode and even condemn others for who they are.  That is exactly what Davis is doing.

And stupidly at that.  As Republicans are so happy to point out regarding online health insurance exchanges, there can be problems with websites, meaning that eventually some applicants will have to have contact with a human being.  Also, someone has to set up the system in the first place, and someone else has to test it and someone else again will have to approve it.  And since it’s Casey’s idea, he ends up assisting in the very thing he opposes anyway.

Just another example of how bigotry, stupidity and demands for special privileges go hand in hand.

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  1. i cant stand beets. i dont know how anyone can like beets. no one near me should have any beets on their dish. i want to be exempt from seeing anyone eat beets. or, we can live in a country where you like beets, and i dont…

  2. The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but NO RELIGIOUS TEST shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.
    – Article 6 U.S. Constitution
    (Emphasis mine).

    Conversely, religion cannot be used as an excuse to not do your freaking job.

    Mr. Davis, you’re free to leave your job and emigrate to a more religious place- I suggest Somalia.

    Whatever happened to “love the sinner”?

    Oh yeah, his religion is more of a cafeteria variety.

  3. He’s an idiot, just like most faux Christians of the GOP. He wants to take taxpayer money from people he wants to discriminate against, and set up a website to discriminate against them. With their money. He’s an idiot!

  4. I don’t understand the point of this article. He’s asking to have online issuance of marriage licenses, which sounds fine. I don’t really get what the problem is. I’m pro gay marriage, but I still don’t think someone should be forced to perform an act against their religious beliefs. Can’t they just have any gay couples go to the next clerk and he only works with the straight couples?

  5. So if a clerk refuse your interracial marriage because of their religious beleifs you would be fine going to another clerk?

  6. Yes he should do his job or leave and if not he should be fired he is getting paid from tax payer dollars to NOT do his job. There is some one who wants and needs that job and would perform it well.

  7. I wonder how long it will be before public administrators rewrite job descriptions for publicly financed positions that require face-to-face contact with the public.

    Specifically stating that applicants with “deeply held religious beliefs” will be expected to assist customers, even those customers with whom they object to.

  8. As my wife works at a walmart distribution center, my wife and I can attest that Walmart wouldn’t hire his backwards butt. Walmart was one of the major supporters of same sex marriage. Have been for some time. They might not have been very public about it, but they are.Employees can even get insurance for their “significant others”! Have been able to for some time now. I cannot praise walmart for much else, but they were contributors in the same sex marriage battle.

  9. So, the same sex applicants have to use the “on-line” application and the straights can go right up to the counter and talk to a person.

    Sounds vaguely similar to “the whites use the front and the blacks sit in the back of the bus” story to me. discrimination.

    Mr Casey has a job that is paid for by the taxpayers. The taxpayers include all the people, regardless of who they sleep with, which god they pray to or the color of their skin. All of those people should be served equally by the person hired to fill that taxpayer paid position.

  10. If taxpayers are paying your wages, then you are obligated to serve ALL citizen equally within the laws of the land.


    Even SCOTUS was careful to not include government employees in their flawed Hobby Lobby decision.

    Those people with strong “religious beliefs” should look for employment in the faux christian private enterprise businesses and forget about asking taxpayers for special privileges to support their bigotry.

  11. And since the xtian viewpoint of marriage is to birth babies I guess he gets to turn down us old farts who don’t fit into that category.

  12. The gentleman is a public servant. If he cannot follow public laws, he doesn’t deserve a paycheque from the public’s elected government.

    Enough idiocy.

  13. He should be fired post haste for insubordination, and REFUSING TO DO HIS JOB !
    Discrimination has no justification and is not subject to accommodation.

    DO YOUR JOB, SLACKER, or get out of the way !

  14. I’m from Kentucky, and I’m so tired of seeing this asshole grandstanding so he’ll make the evening news! What an embarrassment, and we have plenty. There were two other clerks from here objecting, but apparently they were threatened with a law suit. This guy is claiming our attorney general would’t file suit on behalf of the state to challenge the law, so independent council was hired. He thinks he should be affforded the same right. Conway had a legal right to refuse, you don’t. Do your job or quit!

  15. The supreme court has spoken and you can do nothing about it. I love how bigots think that bigotry is an unalienable right to discriminate against people who are protect by the constitution as being EQUAL. So sick of these ignorant pieces of southern trash! Hey republicans, your party doesnt believe in getting an education at all, which means neither do you. Which means you are uneducated, which means you are ignorant. Which means you are wrong about everything you think and everything you say. So shut up.

  16. Casey Davis appeared on MSNBC All In with Chris Hayes on July 1st spewing his bigotry. As for resigning — he can’t do that either as his religion won’t let him.

    Here is link to his appearance on Hayes’ show:

    IMO – He doesn’t want to do the work — Fire him. When new laws have been passed and he has in turn done the job under those new laws and rulings by the Supreme Court — this one is no different. No special treatment — NADA. No transfer to new position as you cannot ‘hide’ behind religion to ‘cherry pick’ what you can and cannot do. He is getting paid by Taxpayer dollars. Time the state turfs the bigot as he refuses to resign.

  17. Casey Davis appeared on All in with Chris Hayes on July 1st spewing his bigotry by using and abusing religion as his excuse. Here is the link to hear this buffoon.

    IMO — He should be fired. No allowing him special treatment nor transfer to another position elsewhere — he’s being paid by taxpayer dollars. As he refuses to resign — do the job or be fired. Simple.

    He says his religion won’t allow him to issue the licenses nor will it allow him to resign. There have been other laws and Supreme Court rulings that would have necessitated changing parts of the job and which I assume he carried out those changed duties. You can’t ‘cherry pick’ what new laws you will and in this case won’t follow. This bigot needs the boot. You give one bigot special treatment and you`ll have others try the same. Not on taxpayers dime you don`t.

  18. So you get a job as a ditch digger, and then claim that digging ditches is against your religion, should you be kept on or given preferential treatment as to not make you do something against your religious beliefs? If your religious beliefs don’t allow you to do your job, don’t take that job. Ta-dah!

  19. Wonder what would happen if a citizen taxpayer went to his a County Office in Casey County for a gun permit.
    When they go there the Clerk said sorry but I am now a pacifist and I support background checks so I will not give you a application.

    I think the outrage would be loud and over the top by the right .

  20. Except for the ditch digging comment I understand now. Thanks everyone. So would it also be appropriate for him to keep his job until someone actually applied for a gay marriage license and he refuses then fire him. Essentially all he has done so far is had an opinion, he hasn’t actually stopped doing his job yet right?

  21. Why does County Clerk Casey Davis think that his religious opinion, no matter how sincerely held, should preempt someone else’s religious opinion that same sex marriage is OK?

    Too, Kentucky’s marriage amendment is in violation of Kentucky’s Bill of Rights, which elected officials and few government employees ever bother to read. The marriage amendment conflicts with Sections 2, 5 and 26 of Kentucky’s Bill of Rights. By Section 26, the marriage amendment is void.

    Governor Beshear has no business delaying the enforcement of the Court’s decision. Same-sex couples have the freedom of religion to marry regardless of what the Governor or state legislators may say.

  22. What if a Muslim civil servant was to ask to be dispensed of certain duties to accommodate his religious beliefs…?

  23. It’s Kentucky. Although the state is a little more tolerant than others in the south, but not by much. If you don’t live in Louisville or Lexington, you don’t want to move to Kentucky.

  24. And God created New York and then He created Massachusetts. Then for balance He created Kentucky and Indiana.
    I was going to contrast Ohio to Kentucky but there are so many RWNJs in Ohio it would not be a good comparison. It is beyond me why Appalachia Ohio which is dirt poor is so Republican. Could it be because of the dumbing down of Ohio by canning teachers and people listening to Faux News and Rush? Naah! [WINK]

  25. I just don’t get the idea that conservatives think they can just break any law they don’t like. If they want anarchy, move to Somalia, if they want a theocracy, move to Iran. I worked in the medical field for 35 years. I didn’t have the “luxury” of refusing to treat someone just because I didn’t personally like their lifestyle. If that were the case, I would never have attempted to treat so-called christians, right-wing facists or rednecks because they offend my deeply held pagan beliefs. See how that works? No. I get that this “freedom” only applies to those who believe exactly as the christians believe. My bad!

  26. It seems to me that this guy wants to get fired so that he can claim “religious persecution”and achieve his 15 minutes of fame. If he had any real integrity, he’d just quietly resign from the job.

  27. “It seems to me that this guy wants to get fired so that he can claim “religious persecution”and achieve his 15 minutes of fame.” TRANSLATION:He wants to get fired and watch the hundreds of thousands in crowdfunding dollars roll in just like the pizza shop in Indiana.

    “If he had any real integrity, he’d just quietly resign from the job.” See above. He has a plan based on the latest cottage industry of getting 12,000 people to each donate/send an average of $35. OBTW, did anyone else find it strange that the press happened to be at the Gov’s office at exactly the same time as Bigotman?

  28. They want test cases. Every Social change fought for in this country has fought years of litigation. Desegregation took a couple of generations and so will this. Back in ’76 there were a lot of calls for constitution changes and we fought that off. Earlier than that there was George Wallace trying to keep a little girl from going to school. This too will pass.

  29. ‘Do you like peas?’

    “No, I hate peas and I’m glad I hate them because if I didn’t hate them, I’d probably eat them, and I hate them.”

  30. Mr. Squeaky Clean holier than thou court worker….lmao Has anyone looked in his closets to see what’s lurking in there? He probably beats his wife every night but that’s okay! He may find a real job that he will have to work at. Tsk! Tsk!

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