Gone and Already Forgotten: Sarah Palin Fails And Quits Her Own TV Channel


First she got dumped by Fox News, then Sarah Palin did the only thing that she has ever been good at. Palin quit her own television channel.


Palin spent a little more than a minute letting her 3 remaining fans know that she was bailing, “It’s starting August 1st, everything’s free, and just to let you know, that it is an honor to have you subscribe, really it’s been so illuminating and still is so illuminating to read and to respond to many of your insightful comments about current events, about so many things going on in our world today.”

Palin admitted that she was dropping the network, because she wanted her voice heard by the widest possible audience, which definitely was not the few people that she conned into dropping nearly ten bucks a month to watch a channel that she rarely posted on.

Sarah Palin has only ever been good at one thing, and that’s quitting. Fox News dumped Palin because she was no longer relevant, and so the former half-term governor will now retreat to her Facebook bunker will she never be paid attention to again.

It really is over. Sarah Palin is back to where she always belonged. Palin will be ranting on Facebook, and the great lie that she is a “star” has finally been crushed.

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  1. Can I be honest? I feel sorry for the woman. Look at her, her health is failing and she’s grasping at straws of fame.

  2. The other day there was a gif of her doing a drunken rant. I figured she was looking for a private party for her and her family to crash.

  3. Plan A — rip off her gullible sycophants. Alas, very few took the bait.
    Plan B — free access to her “white noise” programming.
    Plan C — she’ll begin paying viewers $9.95 per month to admit that they actually view the crap.

  4. It strikes me that she has “wet brain”– progressive organic deterioration due to ongoing exposure to alcohol. Both her appearance and her diction are all too eloquent as to that.

  5. Look at her eyes right after she says Illuminating. She looks crazier than a pet coon. But I guess that has already been established.

  6. My guess is she sold her subscribers’ data to any right wing site that would buy it. This is her announcement that her subscribers are officially suckers.

  7. Good bye scarah, didn’t like your bs hate in 2008, and do not feel sorry for your downward spiral since then. You are a disgrace.

  8. Dear PoliticusUSA: if you have a story about Sarah Palin do not waste time and bandwidth bringing us video because I for one am not going to subject myself to the brain-withering babble of Sarah Palin, no matter what she might be attempting to say.

  9. All these years I disliked Sarah Palin I think because I knew she believed in the things she talked about. Now that her Karma has arrived I truly feel sorry for the lady. I must learn to become more humble so my karma doesn’t give me the same results.

  10. I have to say that I will miss listening to her word salads as she is still great entertainment and I always had a good laugh. The downside was knowing there are people who actually believed the sh*t she spewed. And actually voted for her and still would.

  11. You can take the girl out of the trailor, but you can’t take the trailor out of the girl.

  12. She’s like a Wack-a-mole that’s running out of holes to pop up in. What’s next, public access TV?

  13. Good riddance. I would hope to no ever hear from her again, but I know that’s too much to ask and she needs the attention too much to stay out of the public eye. I would expect to see her on Survivor or some orther reality show for losers who crave attention.

  14. I’m thinking she finally realized that she couldn’t easily purchase ‘followers’ as quickly and easily as she could on Face(less)book.

    Bristol’s second child out of wedlock certainly brought to the fore her lack of ability in child rearing.

    Failin’ Palin- indeed.

    I’ve faced my karma through my arrogance, and undoubtedly will again. Fine.

  15. And still her name pops up in News feeds as if she has done something newsworthy. Egads,

  16. She started out as a child as a “mean” girl and never changed. If someone opposed her, she tried to destroy them with lies and innuendo. She was a bad mayor, terrible governor who quit before her term was up. She was brought in to be a game changer to the McCain campaign. She was a dumb, abrasive, liar who somehow connected to the repug dopes in the “real amurika” while the rest of us shuddered.

    Then she became a grifter who tried to be relevant. Eventually, even the grifted caught on, that there was nothing there but bigotry, hate and idiotic rants. People in Alaska have said she was a terrible mother and this was ultimately proven when the whole family participated in a drunken brawl.

    Feel sorry for her, naw not much.

  17. The “Rising Star” (Thanks to McCain)…. is now a “Fallen (falling?) Star”.

    Well, Ho-hum…..it was written in the Stars, she was not going to last. I did, honestly think that she was going to fall off the bandwagon when Obama left the White House, but her “fall” came sooner…Surprise, surprise. ;( Right!

  18. C’mon …She just needs to re-invent, come up with a new career.
    Mud wrestler ?
    Actor in army instructional videos ?
    Interpretive dancer / street performer ?

    Let’s be positive.

  19. Next up the old standby for grifters RELIGION. Normally they go from religion to politics, like Huckerbee and some others. $carah has to take the alternate route. Seems she will be writing a tome of inspirational quotes. 260 of them!! Never attends church, but has ties to Nancy French, who co-wrote her books and Bristol’s also, too. French and her husband write for Pathos and are staunch supporters of the Palin family. I wonder if they are hoping their daughters use Bristol as a role model? All those babies, trial husbands, foul language and drinking, what’s not to love? French writes the blog for Bristol, too. Bible quotes and multi syllable words are a dead giveaway. No “F” words are allowed, Bristol’s favorite word,so it is obvious she does not write that tripe herself.

  20. Second pregnancy my foot!! Did you ever see the photos of her at the end of DWTS? Very, obviously pregnant. Also, too, she had one BEFORE the only one she will admit to that she drags everywhere with her. He is a shield to get in front of her stomach when she is pregnant.

  21. Fashion icon? She has as much “taste” as that fashion designer Kanye West!! Golf courses need a loud noise to keep the geese from landing. Her voice could scare them away. Child rearing? Nah, forget THAT, flunked motherhood.


    Wait, wait that’s just a test. I wanted to see how it felt defending her. {{{UGH!}} I can’t DO It.

  23. I’m guessing all of that hate she preached over the years didn’t pay off in the long run. I can’t feel sorry for her since I never once saw her do a kind thing for anyone or anything. She is the epitome of what Anita Bryant became, a washed up nothing filled with hate and anger. Wouldn’t it be funny if she tries a new schitck and decides to become a liberal cuz she “saw the light” and wanted to become liked for once? hahahaha

  24. While the transition from religion to politics may be smooth, I don’t believe it works as well when one goes from politics to religion; especially someone like Sarah Palin who has shown countless times that neither she or her family should be looked upon as any kind of role models.

    Sarah Palin is only relevant as an inciter of hatred & imagined persecution among the ignorant racist bigots of the world. Her 15 minutes of fame would have flamed out by now if it weren’t for social media. Thanks to social media, insignificant people mistakenly believe that they & their opinions are somehow important.

  25. Sarah definitely ain’t lookin good. I don’t know if its chemically induced, a result of too much botox or just the ugliness inside seepin out. However, hate will do that to you. It destroys the vessel in which it is stored. The point I wanted to make is that her “crazy eyes” are exactly like Michelle Bachmann’s. That woman is certificable! Maybe it’s just all those regressive conservative genes.

  26. She’s imploding, but too late for a federal judge, a nine year old girl, a congressional aid, and several innocent bystanders, all of whom happened to be in her stochastic crosshairs. As for Gabby Giffords, her career is ended.

  27. John McCain must be feeling Mighty Proud of his VP Pick.


    He unleashed this Lightening Rod on us. I wonder what kind of payback he deserves?

  28. I’m betting she believes she thinks Drump will get the nomination and she’ll be vp.

    In unicorn-land.

  29. Can I be honest I’m not she should have never criticized the President and First Lady on child rearing.Grand mama got what she deserves.

  30. If she wants to stay in the news,she will have to out Trump, Trump.Palin you had your 15 minutes of fame,go the hell home and take care of your children.

  31. Holy fuck, she still has a PAC? Who the hell out there is giving her money??? Dear America, please stop giving this woman money, if you do, you’re stupider than her! Literally wasting it!

  32. I wish everybody would stop putting up these Sarah Palin is finished stories — it’s like pouring gasoline (Drill, baby. Drill) on a smouldering campfire.

    You might as well sit in a jet ski in front of Palin home and studios blaring Eye of the Tiger from a boom box. These stick a fork in her… stories just spur her on.

    Every time you print one, it’s like standing in front of a major from and chanting “Bloody Mary.”

  33. Okay, I’m not trying to be mean — I’m just wondering, who convinced Palin that cadaver-toned lipstick was a good idea?

    I should know better than to criticize a Palin. They’re mean when cornered.

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