Bern Notice: A 13 Point Swing Has Sanders Gaining Ground On Clinton In North Carolina


A new poll from PPP reveals that Bernie Sanders is gaining ground on Hillary Clinton in North Carolina.

According to PPP:

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton still has a dominant lead, but things are tightening up some in the way that they are in other places across the country. Clinton’s at 55% to 20% for Bernie Sanders, 7% for Jim Webb, and 4% each for Lincoln Chafee and Martin O’Malley. Clinton’s dropped from 62% to this 55% standing over the last month, while Sanders has made an almost corresponding lead from 14% to 20%. Webb’s up 2 points from a month ago, and Chafee and O’Malley have stayed in place.

Clinton’s polling over 70% with African Americans, 60% with liberals and women, and 50% with moderates and voters in every age group. The 2 places she is doing a little weaker are with white voters where she leads Sanders 45/24 and men where her advantage is just 46/29.

Bernie Sanders has solidly become Hillary Clinton’s main challenger for the Democratic nomination. Martin O’Malley is going nowhere fast, and the others have no chance to catch Sanders.

Hillary Clinton remains the overwhelming favorite to win the Democratic nomination, but she is being pushed by Sen. Sanders in a way that the media never anticipated. Sanders’s rise in the poll can be attributed to Democratic voters getting to know him.

The popularity of Sen. Sanders is spreading to all parts of the country. Bernie Sanders is a national candidate with a national base of support. The media still has a tendency to treat Sanders like he is a bit of a novelty, but beyond presidential primary politics, there is a real movement building that will continue long after the contest for the Democratic nomination has been decided.

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  1. Hello my name is Bernie Sanders I used to be Senator from Vermont. Till after super Tuesday then you will be blacklisted. When you Bern you have nothing. No adoring crowds, no more money you have nothing. You will be stuck on whatever Senate Committee they decide to dump you on. You can still talk about whatever causes and issues that come your way. You rely on the few die-hard fans that are still talking to you. A aging hippies who is still talking to you. A former friend who spies on you to the FBI and if you lucky that old gray hair who still wear a McGovern pin if you are desperate. Bottom line till you figure out how to talk to the base of the democratic party you aren’t going anywhere

  2. My fellow Tar Heels haven’t gotten it right in an election
    since 2008, but there’s always hope. Sometimes I wonder
    if Sanders’ decision to run caused Joe Biden to cool it.

  3. I’m neutral in this. Though I have to admit that either Bernie or Hillary seem to give Republicans the Heebie Jeebies, and that makes me smile.

  4. Bernie is inching along… doing just fine considering the Democratic Party is unabashedly working against him. What the DNC fails to acknowledge is most voters are NOT Democrats. While Democrats and Republicans claim about 30% each of the voters, Independents claim42%. As an Independent (now registered as a Democrat to vote in the primary for Bernie) I left the party years ago when it stopped supporting the people and became beholden to Corporate America. I hope Bernie will not only become President but will help, in the process to restore the Democratic party.

  5. I agree it is July 2015 not October 2016. I have a friend who lives in NC and she is telling me Clinton is doing very good in Polling? I wonder who is doing all this polling? Like it showed Bernie in second place in Iowa, but another poll actually had Bernie dropping to third place, right after Biden. Are we seeing what happened to the Ron Paul candidacy where in he was polling big numbers but didn’t make it out of the gate.

  6. Bernie is okay, he will help Hillary the message out and make her become more open. The media does more harm to her than good. They are more hung up on emails that no one cares about than the issues at hand. Her and Bernie speaks the issues except he brings them out louder than she does in a different way. Nothing different in what they are say just the way they are saying it. He is getting a lot of people because he new to the scene and the republicans have been trying to rub dirt on Hillary every since the president was re elected and they thought she would run for president. She have done well through all the things they have thrown at her and still have not given up, sorta remind you of how they keep throwing dirt at the president and it not sticking, but keep bouncing back at the republicans. Look who they are stuck with now and can’t get rid of. They all ran to Trump for his approval and okay when they ran, now he is making them look like fools.

  7. As more stories like this
    become public, people will listen even more to Bernie Sanders words. HRC is tied to this administration and it’s justice departments failure to prosecute Wall Street criminals. Not all of what the banks did was illegal – but most of it was. And Holder, after making deals with those bankers that sidestepped judges, is going back to work for the criminals on Wall street. HRC would be no different than PBO.

  8. What these ‘polls’ don’t show ( and won’t ask ), is that Bernie has been building a national base among progressives, unions, and activists within the Democratic Party and culturally liberal independents for decades. These are the people that actually vote and work in primaries and caucuses.
    Hillary has 100% name recognition. If we could magically skip the primaries and hold the general election today, she would most likely win. Her campaign has been attempting to tone down the ‘inevitability’ spectre that doomed the 2008 race to an insurgent upwelling that resulted in Obama. Remember, that HRC came in 3rd in Iowa, behind Obama AND John Edwards ! I hear some of the same today from her camp. At least she got rid of that clown Mark Penn.

    I predict that there will be a ‘liberal lion’ ( like Ted Kennedy did ) or a prominent A-A leader that comes out for Bernie that will tighten this up further.

    I do recommend that all go over to and fully answer the blind …

  9. Bernie is inching along… doing just fine considering the Democratic Party is unabashedly working against him.

    And it starts…so-called Liberals blaming the inevitable loss of Socialist Bernie Sanders’ in the primaries as something the Democratic Party is orchestrating.

    Sometimes it’s really hard to discern any differences between Leftists and Tea Partiers when it comes to purity tests. *sigh*

  10. Kranky, what his staunch supporters and fans forget (or unable to do) is take a broader look at the primaries where he’ll be defeated by Hillary Clinton, who has all but locked up the ‘minority’ vote.

    We can only hope he’ll keep his promise not to be a spoiler. We’ll see.

    Senator Sanders has NOT garnered the good-will of Blacks, Latinos, and Asians because he’s so far refused to address our concerns nor shown respect to our demographic. He might be the “Second Coming” for the ultra-Left and White progressives, but he’s not even a viable candidate for the demographics that are vitally important to any candidate who hopes to win the primaries.

    His stance on unfettered gun ownership, his votes against any sensible gun laws in the past, will all come back to haunt him when he seeks the ‘minority’ vote.

    In summary…he will lose.

  11. LMFAO I see ”THE LITTLE @ich” is back on the short yellow bus tour again, dude whats your problem with Bernie? did you catch him trying to steal your prozac? SERIOUSLY dude!! all this BULL$HIT you keep posting about bernie is boring!! YOU sound just like a republican! I’m not a big Hillary supporter but I’m not dumb enough to go on some nonsensical hate campaign against her!! YOU sound like it’s something personal between you and Bernie. My opinion is, ANY democrat with ANY common sense, should viciously attack another democratic running for office NON STOP!! on and on AND ON, because you’re just helping the republicans!! Theres a reason why your BULL$HIT received 35 YES VOTES and 133 NO VOTES!! “LITTLE @ich” why don’t you take your hate to REDSTATE or NEWS MAX! because very few people here are buying what you’re selling! BTW “LITTLE @ich”, I’m willing to bet that Mr. Sanders has done more for civil rights than YOU ever have and ever will do.

  12. ANY democrat with ANY common sense, SHOULDN’T viciously attack another democratic running for office. NON STOP!

  13. ICH-I’d strongly suggest you do more research on Bernie Sanders. So far he hasn’t addressed an audience that’s diverse. However, his decades long record of civil rights issues and in particular the plight of minorities living in poverty and violence.

    As for gun control, he’s representing a state that is mostly rural. Many who hunt and live in remote areas and want/need a way to defend themselves. But, there are controls in place, e.g., instant background checks for purchases, and many more. He’s stated that he doesn’t believe that what works in Vermont would or should work in all states.

    So do some more research and there will be a test on the subject next week. ;-)

  14. Two words: white men. That’s what this “bro” surge is all about. Bernie has hit the ceiling, and he’s still trailing by 35 points. Don’t get your hopes up fellas.

  15. What hackneyed polemics ! _greatest_strength/

    Bernie endorsed Jesse Jackson for president in 1988 a month before Vermont’s primary, and helped deliver that 98% white state for Jackson vs. the NE neighbor Dukakis.
    Bernie also FOUNDED the Congressional Progressive Caucus when he first came to Congress. It now includes 31 members that are Black, Latino, and Asian …including most of the Congressional Black Caucus ( but NOT Corey Booker ).
    There is only ONE Senator that is a member of the CPC, and THAT is Bernie Sanders !

  16. I’ll make a bold prediction here: When HRC’s national polling slips below 50% among Democrats, there will be a flood of endorsements from influential leaders in the Democratic coalition TO Bernie.
    It’s already a mathematical equation, where when HRC drops by X%, Bernie goes up by the same X%, …NOT being spread among other declared or prospective candidates.

    HRC will have her surrogates/shills, like corpo-dem Claire McKaskill, attack Bernie with insinuation. Meanwhile, Bernie will NOT respond in kind, but keep pushing his message …on topic, and issues specific.

    Don’t know who it will be, but there will be a major defection from HRC to Bernie. Won’t happen the other way.

  17. Don’t you get it, Ich? There’s no difference between the Republican Klown Kar kandidates, Hillary Clinton and President Obama. They’re all “corporatists”.

  18. Knight4444, I agree with you. Bernie Sanders, who is NOT a Democrat, should not be viciously attacking Hillary Clinton, who IS a Democrat. And Bernie’s supporters should follow this principle.

  19. Andy, my point is whether you like Bernie, Hillary, Mark O’Malley or any other democratic running, lets not go nuclear and start throwing mud!! I don’t care for O’Malley but I’m not going to jump on the internet and BIT@H and moan and tell bald face lies about him. Bernie Sanders was arrested in 1963 for supporting civil rights!! Rev. Al Sharpton was there with Bernie and the other civil rights activist! I don’t know what “THE LITTLE @ich’s” problem is but he’s clueless! If you don’t care for Bernie, then don’t vote for him! but don’t lie about his life!! TRUST me! the republicans will go into hate mode soon enough!

  20. Democratic majority in NC doesn’t vote!! 800K more democrats in NC and we have a GOP state government. Where did you get this survey?

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