Twitter Primary: Bernie Sanders Has The Most Real Followers While 57% Of Christie’s Are Fake


Bernie Sanders has the highest percentage of people following him on Twitter (93%) while 57% of Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie’s followers are fake accounts.

Spokeo ranked the candidates in terms of who is winning the Twitter primary, “If the primary was held on twitter, the contest would be between Hillary Clinton ( 3.81 million followers) versus Donald Trump (3.11 million followers). The contest might be even closer, using – we find that a full 35% of Hillary’s followers are fake followers (based on Twitter Audit’s metrics – number of tweets, date of last tweet, ratio of followers to friends – but this may be a hold over from the last campaign and previous followers). On the Republican side, Chris Christie fares even worse with 57% of his followers being fake.”

A Twitter audit of the Twitter account for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders revealed that the Senator from Vermont has the highest percentage of real people following his account. 93% of Sanders followers are real. Donald Trump is second at 90%. Jeb Bush is third at 89%, but Bush has one of the smaller Twitter footprints of any major candidate. The rest of the Republican field is bunched in the mid to low 80s, with the exception of Scott Walker, who is at 79%.

Hillary Clinton’s 65% authentic ratio is most likely a byproduct of a lot of left over accounts following her from her 2008 run for the Democratic nomination, and her high-profile status which will attract every spammer and bot on Twitter to her account.

The Twitter audits revealed that most of the Republican field is bunched together, as only Trump, Rubio, and Paul have a Twitter presence that stands out from the pack. On the Democratic side, it is Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and nobody else.

The big takeaway is that Bernie Sanders is proving to be just as authentic on Twitter as his support has been in the polls, while outside of a racist reality TV star, the Republican field is indistinguishable lump.

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  1. Who is more foolish? The Fool or the one who follows the Fool?

    That sums up just about every Republican follower.

    Republicans love creative bookkeeping.

  2. How perfect is this? On the same day that Donald Trump goes on television to explain how amazing he is despite all those negative headlines and lost business deals over his anti-immigrant hatefulness, Public Policy Polling released a poll of the presidential primary in North Carolina … and Trump is leading.

    He’s the top choice of Republican primary voters in the state, getting 16% to 12% for Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, 11% for Mike Huckabee, 9% for Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, 7% for Rand Paul, 6% for Ted Cruz, 5% for Chris Christie, 4% for Carly Fiorina, 2% for Rick Perry, 1% each for Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum, and less than 1% each for John Kasich and George Pataki.

  3. Thanks, DJ. It’s important for the American electorate to realize that the Republican Klown Kar kandidates take such extreme positions because that’s what the extremists that comprise most of their party demand.

    Democrats are the only hope for realistic, problem-solving government.

  4. I read an interview he did where he basically called the Germans liars and hypocrites because of what they are doing to Greece
    Thomas Piketty: “Germany has never repaid.”

    In a blistering interview with the German newspaper Die Zeit, Piketty blasts Germany and it’s history of repayment of debt over the years, and it’s attitudes toward its fellow EU neighbor, Greece. First, a little background of Thomas Piketty is in order for those that aren’t familiar with him, and his background…

    Since his successful book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” the Frenchman Thomas Piketty has been considered one of the most influential economists in the world. His argument for the redistribution of income and wealth launched a worldwide discussion. In a interview with George Blume of DIE ZEIT, he gives his clear opinions on the European debt debate.
    More, from Thomas Piketty….

  5. So even if you discount Hillary’s 3M followers by 15% “fake” followers, she would still have more than Bernie’s followers.
    But more importantly is this irrelevant Hillary-bashing from you. Try reporting how Bernie STILL has not said #BlackLivesMatter, but Hillary has.

  6. I am too old to deal with fakes. Life is too short now. I had rather spend my time playing with my old Zelda games. Those are more “real” than anything about politics.
    We will have the candidates that have already been chosen by the people that actually controls this country. And we have seen what happens if the audience doesn’t follow the script. Then SCOTUS decides.
    Sorry to sound so defeatist. I am just an ordinary old woman that has more opportunity than most in my state to see what is going on. From someone besides “the media” at least. All the years of watching and listening to the show leading up to the elections, then seeing what really happens leaves me a little cold.
    The main question on my mind this morning is not space filling phony polls. My question is what is the body count since the SC murders? Meanwhile we are supposed to be distracted by being force fed that a rag of hate and control is some kind of holy relic?

  7. The important questions are: How many of those ‘real’ twitterers really vote ? And …How many of these really vote in primaries or show up for caucuses ?

    Raw numbers can be massaged any way the polling firm or social media company wants to drive it. Beauty contests without context.

  8. Bernie Sanders has his fingers on the pulse of the average Americans , not corporations, big banks, and foundations with foreign supporters,>>>>>>>>>>>>He knows the importance of jobs, the failing American DREAM DUE TO OURSOURCING, PROFIT TAKING OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS TO AVOID US TAXES, Bilions of dollars of collectible taxes are rising in off shore accounts……Walmart has 17 SEVENTEEN such accounts,

  9. Don’tforget what the OBSTRUCTIONIST
    GOP did to Obama. Sanders needs Democrats in Congess & Senate. Send your $$ to Sanders for POTUS PO Box 905, Burlington VT..05402. No Koch $$$for him!!!!

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