Donald Trump Falls Apart When Reporter Calls Him Out On His Birtherism

donald trump nbc news interview

Donald Trump couldn’t handle being called on his birtherism during an interview with NBC News.


In an interview with NBC News, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump went from bluster to insanely racist babble after getting called out on his birtherism.

NBC News’s Katy Tur asked Trump, “Why should people believe your numbers when you come out here and say they are committing our crimes, and they’re in our jails, and they’re murdering us and taking our jobs? A few years ago, you led the birther movement. You sent investigators out to Hawaii to find out whether or not Obama, as you said, was not born here, and it turned out not to be true.”

Trump answered, “Well, I don’t know, according to you, it’s not true. Well, I don’t know.”

Tur replied, “He released his birth certificate.”

Trump quickly tried to change the subject, “If you believe that, that’s fine. I don’t care. I’m about jobs. I’m about security. I’m about fixing the military. I’m about taking care of our vets. I am about things. You don’t have to bring up old subjects. Whether he did or not, who knows? A lot of people disagree with you on that.”

A journalist asked Donald Trump a simple question, and the wheels came off. Tur should have followed up and asked Trump if he believes that President Obama’s birth certificate is real.

Trump doesn’t want all voters to remember his birther nonsense, just those who still refuse to believe that the President was born in this country. Donald Trump has turned himself into a contender for the Republican nomination by pandering to the racists on the right, but if journalists do their job, they should be able to expose Donald Trump for the vile bigot that he is.

Trump’s doubts about the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate should disqualify him from ever being elected president.

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  1. but if journalists do their job, they should be able to expose Donald Trump for the vile bigot that he is.
    but if journalists do their job, they should be able to expose republicans for the vile bigot that they are.

  2. Donald “Loudmouth” Trump is nothing but words. He knows in his bigoted evil heart he has no chance of becoming the leader of the free world. Hell, in reality he couldn’t even become president of the local PTA. This man is phony piece of crap, with a reputation of telling people what they could and could not due because he paid their salaries. He runs his trap off talking about the things he’s going to fix when in reality, he couldn’t fix his self a drink without instructions. The media and the attention is the only thing that is keeping this man alive. If he would be ignored there’s no doubt he would crawl back under the rock he came from. I know he sells news, but it’s time to ignore this fool.

  3. And he probably believes that Obama is a secret MUSLIM too.

    Being a Birther believer says it all: They are all CRAZY and ignorant in a foolish way. Trump in his stature and position as a “intelligent” man should have dismissed the Birther nonsense from the git-go. But he plays to his yahoo audience. And that’s why he’s losing ground among a wide swath of folks who just think Trumps is playing them for fools.

  4. Right. People are letting this loudmouthed asshole get a free ride on his hateful, racist bullshit.

  5. “…but if journalists do their job…” Aye, there’s the rub. Don’t count on it. TV interviewers are NOT journalists. They have a list of questions, prepared by staff. They don’t bother listening to the answers, because they’re too concerned about getting in the next question.

    Best to turn off the TV. If you watch Fox, you hear lies. If you watch the other networks, you hear nothing of importance.

  6. I hope I am not speaking too soon! We’ll never ever see him as the next Commander and Chief of the United States of America!In this particular interview, he spoke very highly of China! Why doesn’t he take his campaign to that Country! What a self loving JERK!

  7. I watched this interview and was struck how often he wouldn’t cite any evidence to support his many claims. When the interviewer tried to confront him with provable statistics that counter his assertions about immigrants, he was dismissive, condescending, and actually bullied her. I was thinking he has not only lost the Latino vote, but I find it almost impossible to believe that women could support such an egotistical, oft-married, blowhard. And women are a large, powerful voting bloc.

  8. I think he says what MOST of AMERICA wants to say. A VOICE for the people and not the ones in Washington. Trump all the way!

  9. This Mook is a Joke; as someone said “he’s going to drop out after he makes America his next ex-wife”.

  10. Donald is the democrats dream come true, hates immigrants BUT has an IMMIGRANT Slovenian hookerm arrogant, has had 4 bankruptcies, doesn’t give a shit about anyone, pissed off most everyone and he’s LOST the HUGE IMPORTANT hispanic vote who BUILD his now crumpling “empire”.
    GO DONALD!!!!!

  11. Do you really believe I like Donald?

    He’s a CELEBRITY, the ignorant tea bag/repubs LOVE that and who cares if he’s ever held an elected governmental office before.

    How do you think California got STUCK with Arnold?? Even Gary Coleman and Angeline got republican votes that year!!!!

    Angeline is that blonde in the PINK corvette with the 48FFF’s where her brains are.

  12. With his corporate partners dropping him like a hot potato he won’t last long.

    He’s now the kiss of death on the republicans.

  13. he’s so arrogant and proclaims “I’M RICH”
    yup, rich off the back of his IMMIGRANT workers who he got caught NOT paying them.

    His “wife” is an IMMIGRANT Slovenian hooker and she could probably care less.

    He’s a celebrity and the star struck IGNORANT tea bag/repubs love that crap.

    How do you think California got stuck with Arnold as governor?

  14. Sorry, Mama, You are so wrong it ain’t funny. But keep being wrong. It may help we progressives win!

  15. Cheap immigrant labor is how our economy works, without them we wouldn’t be anywhere. It amazes me how many IGNORANT people do not understand this FACT.

    They do jobs Americans WILL NOT do and for very lttle and they DO pay taxes.

  16. take a gander at the tea bag/repub “women”, their panties get wet over him, but he’s LOST the hispanic votes for the repubs

  17. He has never worked a day in his life. He inherited his money. True, he has made more. As did the Koch brothers. None of them have wiped asses in a hospital,”I have”, dug ditches “I have” , Put up fences “I have” and worked as a machinist in several different companies for bosses that threatened you for scrapping a part may get you fired. “I Have” or not producing enough . “I Have” . Donald hasn’t. Ain’t he blessed.

  18. A lot of them do jobs Americans would and have done, but the Republicans have let the employers who hire them off of the hook.

    I’ve done the work in the fields, picking produce when I was a kid, that is manned solely by illegals now.

    Americans would do the jobs- if the employers paid accordingly.

  19. Ah sTRUMPet, can’t even answer a simple question. How would he handle a hostile press in the White House? About as well as Failin’ Palin I’d imagine.

    Well Republicans- you encouraged this nutter, now he’s coming back to haunt you- like a herpes flare up.

  20. Boy, his gaffes have been an absolute godsend for Democrats, haven’t they?

    Everyone else is either scattering like rats or risk being OK with a guy who is just plain racist. Those scattering might survive long enough to get their eventual ass kicking… those sticking with him are going to see that being on the extreme side works in the primaries, but not on a national level.

  21. Jason, write some more PoliticusUSA articles about other sections of that Trump/Tur interview. There’s lots of other juicy debatable claims Trump made that deserve debunking.

    Idiotic claims about the national debt, for instance, claiming the USA is Greece on steroids (which was originally claimed by Neil Cavuto on June 30th), and how he made his money “the old fashioned way” in real estate (when, in reality, his FATHER made the fortune the old fashioned way in real estate – the son merely inherited that fortune and leveraged it and lost it several times).

  22. Trump wants us to ignore his idiotic comments from yesterday and focus on his equally idiotic comments of today,

  23. Well his idiotic comments on Jeb and his wife has paid off: We finally know exactly where Jeb! stands on the issue of providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. When asked Wednesday whether they should be eligible to become U.S. citizens, here was his answer “My belief is no,” he told the editorial board of the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper.

    Such a wimp

  24. Well Barack is black, and his middle name is Hussein so that MUST MEAN he is a Muslim who was born in another country. Duh……that is is! That is all their birtherism was built on. Sickos. Love how they dropped the subject immediately after Cruz decided to run.

  25. Reince Penis had an hour long conversation with Trump, trying to get him to tone it down. Trump must have ruffled some feathers. He’s giving rethug voters what they want. He may not make it to the nomination, but he’ll make it to the debates. Then it’s on! Watch the roaches scatter. I’d even tune in to FOX for this comedy fest.

  26. It’s crazy how crazy some Americans can be. There are many American citizens with unusual names. When I began teaching high school in the early 1970s, one of my students’ name was Hilmar, a male family name that had been passed down through generations of his family, and he was as American as American can be!

  27. OT But you know, it’s moments like this where one feels the urge to sit back, take stock of everything in life, take a nice deep breath, and shout:

    “OH, FOR F*CKS SAKE!!!!!”

    Ted Nugent Calls For Native Americans to ‘Go Back Where They Came From’

  28. I try to never comment on someone’s physical appearance but I’ll make an exception for Trump.

    This is one ugly, ugly man. Turn off the tv volume and watch his facial expressions and his mouth.

    Can’t imagine any woman being in the same room with him let alone in the same bed.

  29. Trump claims to be so outraged about immigration while being one of the biggest users of immigrants illegal or otherwise….
    Mad man Trump gets crazier by the minute.

  30. I’m an independent, but currently I’m registered as a Republican so I can vote in the 2016 Republican primary.I was planning to vote for Senator Cruz, as i thought he was the weirdest “space cadet” of the bunch. However, on reflection, I’m going to vote for the Donald, as he’s a “Space Commander”. Here’s hoping he gets the Republican nomination for President: even Howdy Doody could get elected running against the Donald.

  31. I think Donald’s sole purpose for being in the race, other than his need for attention, is to make ole Jeb look sane. Jeb is failing so badly because he opens his mouth, that the kochs have to do something to get their money’s worth. However, I heard one of the elderly conservative females where I live going on and on about what a “brilliant businessman Trump is.” Needless to say she is faux addicted and brainwashed.

  32. As a rule lots of racists get unglued when they called out for being you guessed it racists. Trump is no exception!

  33. …I am about things…sounds like the Paklids from Star Trek TNG…”We look for things..we look for things that make us go!” I’m about things…I’m about things that make us go!”.. How about Ex-Lax Donny T! Load up on Ex-Lax and maybe you’ll drain some of that shit you have for brains away!….

  34. But even the Pakleds were a danger. They may not have been the brightest bulbs in the bunch, but they were crafty. They nearly killed Geordi.

    Palin-esque moronity doesn’t mean he’s not a danger.

    Look at Romney.

  35. Don’t feel sorry for her. She married him for his $$$ (that’s his only asset). I certainly hope she’s happy. I’m an old lady and I wouldn’t touch this a-hole with the proverbial 10′ pole.

  36. Why isn’t the media asking Trump for his birth certificate? How do we know he was born on US soil? Who knows if Trump was born in mexico, I mean without a birth certificate how can we know?

  37. Here is an update on that phone call as the Trumpster sent out a tweet this morning at 8:25:

    “Totally false reporting on my call with @Reince Priebus. He called me, ten minutes, said I hit a “nerve”, doing well, end!”

    I said it once, and I will continue to say it…what an a**hole!

  38. I am seriously considering changing my political affiliation to vote for Trump in the primary.

    We KNEW we had to stock up on popcorn for this GOP debate season, but OMG! This is going to be more fun than we ever expected!

    FOX will achieve superstardom in ratings for this first debate in a few weeks, just because of this bloviating gasbag.

  39. I offered to go to Hawaii to dig up the dirt on our muslim president. Reasonable $200 a day plus expenses. For some reason he never got back to me. Could it be bullshit? Ok Donald your loss.

  40. I get the feeling the only reason Trump wants to be president is to expand his own empire. Nothing like being the most powerful man in the world with a magic pen giving your company the in on government contracts. He makes his clothing in China and Mexico and wants to bring back manufacturing to this country? Pish posh! He’s in the race for complete and utter business. He could give a f**k about the American people or the country.

  41. Hey, don’t feel sorry for his wife, she chose him and their ‘lifestyle’ and can get out of it any time she wants.

  42. He just forgets he is married twice to immigrants. All he knows and brags about is his fortunes which he made through his parents that built most of Brooklyn and Queens. He is a pompous ass. Nasty SOB. Hates his ties made in China. Funny he can have them made in the US, what too cheap for the big millionaire. No one remembers that yrs. ago he agree with Hilary and leaned liberal. Just loves to hear himself talk. No class, calls Jeb Bush’s wife out because she is Mexican. Real professional

  43. What a terrible article. Katy Tur got slapped around like a speed bag and all some pretend blogger-journalist-wannabe on “PoliticusUsa” could do to numb the painful liberal loss was to quote birther remarks on a guy who just a moment after made the point that the birther issue “wasn’t important” at this time, then proceeded to lay out a few more valid and substantial worries our country has. Economics, immigration, ISIS, etc.

    Tur pretends Trump is invalid because he has an issue with a president who took forever to prove the simplest thing. She in turn invalidates the interview by ignoring important issues people care about. Poor interview, and poor site for supporting that tv hack personality.

  44. #TrumpTheChumpInc seems to be either self-destructive, or some kind of plant…he is totally exposing the twits who make up the Greedy Opposition Party Base.

  45. How can you work a computer when you have obviously had your brain removed?
    I bet you think some benign Citizen/Corporation invented the Internet?

  46. You believe that a guy, a Senator, raises over 1 billion dollars, and gets elected President, & simply waltzes in to a vast Government of the United States, & takes over. Sure, RENO.

  47. When is he going to call out Cruz for being born in Canada?

    Oh, wait, I think we know that answer, don’t we?

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