Donald Trump Falls Apart When Reporter Calls Him Out On His Birtherism

Last updated on April 8th, 2018 at 01:44 pm

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Donald Trump couldn’t handle being called on his birtherism during an interview with NBC News.


In an interview with NBC News, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump went from bluster to insanely racist babble after getting called out on his birtherism.

NBC News’s Katy Tur asked Trump, “Why should people believe your numbers when you come out here and say they are committing our crimes, and they’re in our jails, and they’re murdering us and taking our jobs? A few years ago, you led the birther movement. You sent investigators out to Hawaii to find out whether or not Obama, as you said, was not born here, and it turned out not to be true.”

Trump answered, “Well, I don’t know, according to you, it’s not true. Well, I don’t know.”

Tur replied, “He released his birth certificate.”

Trump quickly tried to change the subject, “If you believe that, that’s fine. I don’t care. I’m about jobs. I’m about security. I’m about fixing the military. I’m about taking care of our vets. I am about things. You don’t have to bring up old subjects. Whether he did or not, who knows? A lot of people disagree with you on that.”

A journalist asked Donald Trump a simple question, and the wheels came off. Tur should have followed up and asked Trump if he believes that President Obama’s birth certificate is real.

Trump doesn’t want all voters to remember his birther nonsense, just those who still refuse to believe that the President was born in this country. Donald Trump has turned himself into a contender for the Republican nomination by pandering to the racists on the right, but if journalists do their job, they should be able to expose Donald Trump for the vile bigot that he is.

Trump’s doubts about the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate should disqualify him from ever being elected president.

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