Limited Government Takes On New Meaning As Tea Party Governor Bungles His Own Veto

angry Paul LePage

Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage has apparently bungled his attempt to veto 19 bills that he opposed, because he does not understand how the law works in the state he governs. The Tea Party governor was attempting to “pocket veto” 19 bills by allowing them to elapse at the end of a legislative session, effectively killing the bills and not allowing the legislature the opportunity to override his veto.

However, LePage clearly misunderstood the process, because the legislature had not adjourned during the time the bills reached LePage’s desk. By law, if the legislature is in session, the governor has ten days to either sign or veto bills that reach his desk. If he chooses to do neither, the bills are to be sent back to the Revisor of Statutes and certified into law.

LePage’s oversight has cast a number of bills into legislative limbo. Article IV of Maine’s Constitution makes it clear that the measures LePage was hoping to veto should become law. The most controversial measure that LePage may have inadvertently passed by his bungled veto efforts was LD 369, which would permit asylum seekers to collect up to 24 months of general assistance payments. LePage was vociferously opposed to that measure, but it may become law in spite of his steadfast opposition.

Governor LePage’s inability to govern effectively is already legendary. However, his ineptness in vetoing legislation he opposes gives new meaning to the concept of “limited government”. In both his campaigns for governor LePage advocated limited government. Now Governor LePage has demonstrated that when the Tea Party asks voters to choose limited government, they literally mean a government so limited that the governor isn’t even capable of vetoing legislation he opposes. There really are no limits to how limited LePage’s ability to govern is. Its a thing of both horror and beauty.

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  1. “Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage has apparently bungled his attempt to veto 19 bills that he opposed, because he does not understand how the law works in the state he governs.”

    If this was Missippi, I’d understand this, but Maine? The Mississippi of the NE. Whoda thought?

  2. The tea party is successful in proving what a ‘bad thing government is’ by this kind of thing. Similar to the way that Trump speaks to the ‘dark areas’ of human thought, the tea party speaks to the penniless and the cheapskates and de-funds government until nobody with any intelligence wants to run for office.

  3. LePage is a moron.

    How he got elected Governor of Maine TWICE is beyond me….

    ssmdh :(

    (But, then again, Wisconsinites voted for Fascist Koch whore Scooter Walker “THREE” times—2010, 2012 recall, 2014—so we can’t be too surprised at the collective stupidity of some groups of people)

  4. There was a 3rd asshole in the race who knew he had no chance of winning splitting the vote. LePage in his 2 elections couldn’t clear 37% of the vote

  5. Which gives credit to my hypothesis concerning Republicans- they don’t go after folks with a smidgin of brain power. I still remember Quayle.

    They go after ass kissers. Sarah Palin-esque monstrosities. And demonstrably- LePage.

    Macchiavellian politics would require that any old Prince in power, would be smart enough to follow the rules. But when it comes to the Koch Brothers crime syndicate- they obviously prefer their (Le)Pages bent over.

  6. It’s funny to me that the right-wing always claims that everything is the “government’s,” fault and government programs don’t work. But, they never see it’s the incompetent people they keep electing that is the REAL problem. If there is a program that does work and actually helps the American people, such as Social Security, they do everything possible to get rid of it. Or, they refuse to fund something like the Post Office or infastructure and then say, “Oh, it’s so broken we need to get rid of it.” In other words, let’s privitize it so the 1% can get even richer. President Obama really missed a golden opportunity when he came into office. He could have nationalized all the banks, and then we wouldn’t have another collapse waiting to happen. Same with the oil companies, like Mexico. The reason gas prices are so low there is because the one oil company is owned by the government.

  7. They hear limited Government & think it applies to everyone but them; they hear illegal immigrants & think “good get rid of all immigrants” without thinking that all immigrants are not illegal; some illegals are looking for asylum & that they are descendants of immigrants.

    TPers listen only for buzz words and fail to do any research or even understand how government works – so that is how these dumb-asses get elected.

  8. Judy;

    We need to tread carefully about putting all businesses under government control. However, regulations do need to be in place so that no business can harm the people.

    Some businesses work best and are the most innovative when they are private and privately funded. Others work best as government entities. Some businesses work best as private enterprise but require government oversight. Government works best when it works for all the people not just some of the people.

  9. Also, that is why we have government agencies that are supposed to be watchdog agencies making sure that businesses are not poisoning the air, water & food, trying to gouge us, or take advantage of us. When politicians gut these agencies they do more harm than good.

    When politicians privatize the military, police, prison systems, mental health facilities & any other government service in has detrimental affects on society as a whole. One only needs to look at what privatizing the prisons have done to see how it has effected society. The US has the largest prison population of all leading 1st world countries.

  10. You are SOOOOOOO right! I could understand if this were Texas even, but MAINE? This is a dis-grace of the ages. A Governor who does not know how to goverN? I thought better of my northern folks. (wink)

  11. Public Health, Public Safety, Education, Drug Manufacturing, Public Transportation, Housing, Oil & Gas, Banking Industry, National Defense – things that should be nationalized

    Donut Shops, Bakeries, Beauty Parlors, Auto Manufacturing, Food Production, Car Washes, Shoe Shine Stands – businesses that should be privately held but closely regulated

  12. We need more Tea Partiers like him we,ll just let him rant and rave then just slide bills past him…

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