In A Sneaky Move, Scott Walker and Wisconsin GOP Take Away Workers’ Right To Weekends Off


In a move designed to turn the clock in Wisconsin back to the 19th Century, Scott Walker and Republicans in the state legislature have included a provision in the budget that takes away a worker’s right to the weekend off.

Wisconsin Republicans used the 4th of July holiday weekend to sneak provisions into the state budget that destroy open records laws, eliminate the state’s definition of a living wage, and make the activities of the legislature secret.

Republicans also included a provision titled Section 56 that would take away workers’ rights to a weekend, and weekend, even one day.

Section 56:


Scott Walker and the Republican Party are destroying the progressive history of Wisconsin. Their goal is to turn the state into a Koch style utopia where workers have no right to collectively bargain, no minimum wage, and no right to days off.

Wisconsin Republicans are taking their state back to the Gilded Age of the late 19th and early 20th Century. It was not until 1937 and the passage of Fair Labor Standards Act that the 40-hour work week was universally established in the United States.

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO has called for Section 56 to be immediately removed, “In a blatant and shocking blow to the democratic process, Republicans took away the weekend in a late-night budget maneuver released just before the July 4th weekend. All workers should have the right to a day of rest. It is a basic American ideal. It is an inherent facet of the fabric of our social contract that is essential in supporting strong families and strong communities.”

In just a few days, Scott Walker will be launching his presidential campaign, but one doesn’t have to wait that long to see what the governor plans to do to the United States.

Walker will talk about bold new leadership, but his ideas are straight out of the 19th Century, and there is no greater threat to the basic rights of working Americans than the presidential candidacy of Scott Walker.

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  1. This is what they voted for, it’s what they are getting. The people of WS are not worth my tears and anger, anymore than the voters in LA, FL, MI, NJ, OH, ME, KS, OK, TX….. If they like living in the age of Queen Victoria and the Edwardian Era, so be it.

  2. This is what the people of Wisconsin voted for! They’ve had how many chances to get rid of Scott Walker? But they keep re-electing him.

    I have no sympathy for them. They deserve whatever they get. Maybe they’ll finally learn (I doubt it though).

  3. (GOP – Wisconsin) Are they for real? !!!
    They added (included), sneaked this archaic 19th Century provision in their State budget: “Provision 56. One Day Of Rest in Seven. Includes the provision of 2015 AB 118 to permit an employee to state in writing that he or she VOLUNTARILY CHOOSE to work WITHOUT one day of rest in seven. ……” Sounds so 19th Century to me. Before Labor Unions fought for and got the country weekends OFF, or two days of Rest in Seven.

    Could this be a mistake? Somebody up there did NOT read this before adding it to the provisions of the State Budge on July 4th? Seems to me somebody just committed an Ooops! Moment. It can’t be legit. There will be a turnaround, it will be taken out. Embarrasing.

  4. What will it take to awaken the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, paint-chip-eating, Reichwing electorate to stop voting against their own interests?

  5. Nice rant, Maxie, but in MI, at least, we Dems cast way more votes than the GOP last fall, and we were gerrymandered out of winning seats. o please don’t lump us all together…we are trying to get out from under this Koch burden, but they have way more money, and way more manpower here. I just hope that when Snyder leaves, we can undo the tremendous damage he has done to this state.

  6. Again, we see the unraveling of all that is good & decent in a state, played out over & over again throughout GOP controlled states.

    The GOP’s ‘let the states decide’ battle cry is really a calculated plan for them to destroy the federal government one state at a time. While I’m hardly a conspiracy theorist, it’s hard not to notice the similarities between what happens to states held by GOP majorities. Especially since they clearly state they want to drown the government in a bathtub.

    In GOP controlled states, gerrymandering cements their control while destroying the democratic process, tax cuts for the wealthy bankrupt the government & social services as new laws unravel workers protections making it harder to earn a living, causing anger & resentment which is misguided & blamed on the Dems especially Obama & HRC.

    I fear for the future of our country. At the same time, I wonder what happened to Scott Walker that’s caused such a big chip on his shoulder.

  7. Major Lawsuit Filed over Intensive 2011 Gerrymandering in Wisconsin

    The US Supreme Court decision on redistricting in Arizona has opened a few doors for those concerned with the extreme gerrymandering that Republicans have done in every state they control. Today, a lawsuit was filed on the intensively partisan 2011 gerrymandering done by Republicans in Wisconsin.

  8. And do you remember only l-Year ago-
    The GOP was asking for COMPUTER EXPERTS?’

    The GOP really plays dirty!

  9. If they wanted to be Biblical they would have allowed the “one day a week of rest” which their provision is titled. Assuming that these idiots did want to give workers “one day a week of rest” are they next going to require that workers provide written proof that they spent the day in prayerful retreat or church attendance? Whenever the “Tea Party” takes control of a governmental body it deteriorates very fast.

  10. The people of Wisconsin may have been too stupid to know what they were getting and then when he was in, what they had, but the rest of us have witnessed the desruction he has caused in his state. There’s no way he’ll get anywhere near the Presidency even if he wins the Republican primary. You got what you voted for or what you deserved by not voting Wisconsin.

  11. I have to admit that I don’t understand what this law is for. To make people work longer, harder with less family time. To give more people overtime, a larger paycheck? I suppose if people are working longer, they have less time to protest.

    I really don’t understand the reason or purpose of this law. Can someone provide some Pro’s and Con’s for the law?

  12. vintage Gov. Douchebag!!!!! he is destroying a once proud state and turning into a Koch Brother’s paradise! mark my words…..the first dictator in America will be the Koch’s and we have no freedom when the Koch’s are in power!!!!

  13. Elections have consequences. In 2010 Wisconsin democrats didn’t vote because the redistricting was done by a republican house and senate. And you reelected Walker in 2014 so you really must like him.

    It’s called gerrymandering and you guys are victims of it and you approved it. You’re stuck with it until Nov 2020 so you might as well learn to live with it. Perhaps you’ll reverse the situation in 2020 when you vote in the presidential election.
    That’s the trouble with us democrats, we vote in 1/2 of the elections, republicans vote in ALL of them! Someday we’ll learn that ALL elections matter!

  14. What puzzles me is how high this bad load rates in most
    of the polls. We’re talkin’ stupidity that extends far be-
    yond WI borders.

  15. Shouldn’t be too long before 18 hour workdays are the norm in Wisconsin- just like the Good Old Days!

  16. Don’t forget about child labor. Your child don’t need no stinken education when he could work for Koch industries. Where one can work at one of their paper mills and breathe real American SULFERIC ACID

  17. The law means that certain workers can “voluntarily” give up their mandatory one day off a week – employers can work their employees seven days a week if they want.

    It is obvious that employers can compel a worker to work seven days a week, every week, if the employee “wants to.”

    What I mean is, your boss says you need to work on Sunday; you “voluntarily” say you will because you’re afraid if you don’t you’ll be fired or be retaliated against some other way.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean more money in their paycheck. The employer can cut their hours during the week or, the person may be salaried and therefore do not get overtime pay.

    Like the law says, this is all “voluntary” of course…so long as you say “yes.”

  18. That big chip on his shoulder is called MONEY lots of Koch MONEY. This man, cares nothing for the people he is supposed to represent. POWER MONEY and more power and money is what makes him go round. The minute the Koch’s FLASHED the money he crumbled and grabbed. If, he ever had any real honor, it was lost at that moment.

  19. Scott Walker is proof positive that inteligent design is a myth. He reminds me more of genetic engineering project gone horribly wrong. It just goes to show though, every idiot has a place in this world, and it’s mostly in the republican party.

  20. Jeb Bush: Americans “need to work longer hours”

    WTH? More hours? Productivity’s not the problem Jeb!

    Between 1979 and 2014, while the gross domestic product grew 150 percent and productivity grew 75 percent, the inflation-adjusted hourly wage of the median worker rose just 5.6 percent — less than 0.2 percent a year. And since 2002, the bottom 80 percent of wage earners, including both male and female college graduates, have actually seen their wages stagnate or fall.

  21. You are correct, and we face the same thing in Florida, because pRick Scott is taking lessons from Wisconsin’s governor, and yours. All I can say is, even in our gerrymandered district, I am fighting to get everyone out to vote Dem. It is not easy, as hardly anyone here I talk to has any idea of what’s at stake.

  22. Florida, too. Instead of spending a few years in prison for his conviction of Medicare fraud to the tune of almost 50 Billion bucks, the fraudster pays a little fine and ends up in the darn governor’s mansion. Now he’s a multi millionaire, living the high life with a mansion on the beach in Naples. I can’t wait until the Climate Change rises the sea to engulf it, and hopefully him!

  23. Since when does the electorate get to approve or disapprove gerrymandering? I wasn’t asked if I wanted it….it was done to me!

  24. He’s just doing what his paymasters, the Koch brothers, are telling him to do. That’s what loyal employees do.

  25. You can add Idaho to your lis of ridiculous States…The stupidRepublican keep voting Otter in as Governor and he just keeps on doing his same old stupid things hat we have to pay for in the end…tens of millions of dollars of thoughtless irresponsible Mistakes” but well thought out to pad the pockets of him and his cronies. He was elected for a third term in Nov…how and why I’ll never know.

  26. This bucket headed, dead eyed creep has never done one thing FOR his constituents only To them. He only does things that are going to foster the cruel ,for the people of the state, agenda of his oligarch benefactors.

  27. Here is what happened in Wisconsin and how college dropout Walker got elected. He first ran for governor when he was county executive of Milwaukee. He squelched information about the death of a teen due to a poorly maintained county parking garage while running for governor. His main campaign statement that he said over and over again was that he claimed he could add 250,000 jobs in his first term. So gullible people believed him and voted for him. Of course he failed to do that. Instead he ditched the Commerce dept, whose job was to create jobs, and created the WEDC and appointed himself as CEO. This organization has hardly created any jobs but audit after audit has shown gross mismanagement and scandals. Millions of taxpayer dollars are unaccounted for plus millions were handed out to campaign donors who created no jobs. Walker used the WEDC as his personal piggy bank to reward campaign donors.

  28. The first thing people writing this column need to do is take a reading comprehension course. Section 56 has been in the state charter well before Scott Walker became Governor. The added provision (AB 118) just allows those employees who choose to work without a day off the opportunity to do so. It says nothing about mandating people to work without a day off nor does it say anything about taking weekends away from anyone! Sad day when the only way to wage a campaign against someone is by spreading rumors and lies. GOD DOESN’T LIKE UGLY!!

  29. While working contracted Security for Cargill Meat Solutions [a slaughterhouse] in Milwaukee I personally witnessed this and the {mostly} Hispanics’ employed by a sanitation company. They had them sign a state release allowing them to waive the 6 on -one off. They thought they were getting 7 days on. Nope. They just had their hours reduced to 6 hours-a-night thus negating their day of rest AND reducing their overtime by eight hours back to 48. After ONE week, they never volunteered again. Walker is a sociopath.

  30. It’s even better than that: longer work weeks are COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to output, according to recent research. They will, however keep people too busy to build strong family & community connections and, probably most importantly, leave people with little time to educate themselves about important issues & effect change when necessary.

  31. As long as some folks vote these politicians into office (or realize the voting machines are rigged and stop it) they will eat dirt and only too late realize the mistakes they have made in electing such as this grifter.
    Then, with so many of them armed, maybe they will fix their own mistakes. Hope they do before Wisconsin becomes the next Kansas.

  32. Really? A Lumburgh law? Was it just so Wisconsin bosses could say “Ahhhhh, I’m also gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too…”
    Wisconsin needs its red stapler back!

  33. You know I do not like this sand bagging by the Republican legislature on the working class in Wisconsin but this is who they voted for. The people of Wisconsin voted for a majority Republican house and Republican governor. They knew what he and his party were going to do over the past several years. This is what they want, so cheers to the people of the state of Wisconsin. They are getting exactly what they want and they quite frankly deserve.

  34. And here’s why the 1% roped religious leaders into their dirty little schemes after the Great Depression: people are told “you don’t deserve any better until after you die.”. Pastors are now telling their faux-brainwashed followers “god doesn’t want you to retire.” Oh, and send me what’s left of your minimum wage paycheck!

  35. As a progressive who has lived her whole life in Wisconsin, and cast proud votes for some of the best modern lawmakers of our time, including Dave Obey and Russ Feingold, I’m so disheartened by the ignorant comments here. Gerrymandering and the HUGE influx of Koch money in our gubernatorial election made this governor possible, not the “stupidity” of an entire state’s-worth of people. Also, if you look at election results, you will find that the wealthy enclaves around Milwaukee and the Lake Michigan border voted for this turd en masse. Please remember that people are people, no matter where they live, and generally the same. It could happen to you, in whatever state you live. No one deserves what is happening to Wisconsin, and the mistaken superiority that is evident in these comments just makes me fear the simplistic world-view of the people commenting – it is this same attitude that makes electing someone like Walker possible, hateful emotion that flies in the face of facts.

  36. It’s not surprising his opposition doesn’t turn out the voters, considering their platform amounts to “yeah, what he said.”

  37. 49+ percent of Florida voters voted against Rick Scott. So… we have 51- percent of idiots here, not all of us. Personally, I was shocked when Rick Scott was elected the first time – and the second time – well, I was ready to move, but I care for my 86 year old father, who would be crushed to leave what remains of his friends, and my Dad’s peace of mind is more important even than my hatred of the right wing nut cases.

    Rick Scott is a crook, a liar, and a detestable person.

    I’m not.

  38. Rick, I live in Wisconsin, and I never vote republican, and I never will. Ever. I also always vote early. Someone needs to start a push for early voting in all states. Early voting is the late hit that bypasses exit polls.Republicans hate early voting, and I HATE republicans, to the point of taking up arms against them.
    This is a cold civil war, real Americans against the republican oligarchy, and when it goes hot I’ll be there.

  39. If all you hard working Americans would start buying from other hard working Americans instead of saving a buck on the Chinese junk and then expecting big wages from your employer we wouldn’t have any of these problems. Suck it up and quit blaming everyone else. If you are not part of the solution YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!

  40. So you’d turn your back on those of us that DIDN’T vote for this sociopathic fuck? That’s sad and disappointing.

    Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans need to be taken out and be fucking publicly trounced for the rotten shit they’re forcing on the people of this state.

  41. You explain how the Devil we’re supposed to buy American if there’s no American to buy and no American money to buy it with.

  42. Where are the unions? What are they doing? Once upon a time, unions would not sit back and take something like this. Once upon a time, unions rallied, rioted, occupied and fought their way to influence. Working class people rose up and many died in these struggles, so Americans could get a fair wage, a 40 hour work week, overtime pay, breaks at work, pensions, the right to unionize and strike. They created the middle class.

    But for close to 40 years now, these rights have been systematically undermined by people like Scott Walker and their robber baron backers. All the struggles, all the spilled blood, all the progress is meaningless unless labor once again rises up and organize against exploitation and oligarchy.

    So I ask once again, where are the unions? How much will it take before you start occupying your workplaces, build blokades and march in the streets?

  43. I will have to read the statute to really understand the application….BUT. We in the private sector, who pay for the public sector, often work 7 days a week. Both my wife and I do. And if we dont like a job, we get a different one. This just illustrates the whole problem with Statists. They put their livelihood into the whims of the state. Personally? Im loving it.

  44. Maxie2014, let me tell you about the voting poll location in my district. It was moved from an elementary school in a residential neighborhood to the city’s transit headquarters “for security reasons” right before the last gubernatorial election. Those headquarters are on the edge of the city, in a field, with one other building (cold storage facility). Strangely, no bus service was offered for people without cars. Look at all the facts before you condemn us all to Walker’s hell. I was lucky. I have a car. This is a college town. A lot of people don’t have one. They had no way of voting. Walker won because he cheated, plain and simple. But, hey, “security”.

  45. And we re-elected him after the recall. The people who voted FOR him shouldn’t complain about this. This is what they wanted, right???

  46. I actually didn’t vote for Walker. In fact, I was one of those that voted against him during the recall election in 2011. The Rebloodlicans better expect to be outed in the next election.

  47. This has always been a labor law in Wisconsin. This particular law is found in Chapter 103.85 of the Wisconsin Statutes. *Note-This law does not provide that the rest must be given every 7 days. For example, an employer may legally schedule work for 12 consecutive days within a 2 week period if the days of rest fall on the first and last days of the 2 week period. I ran into this issue with an employer many many years ago. I called the Wisconsin Department of Labor and they explained this law to me and explained an employer cannot have you work 13 consecutive days. Don’t let the name of the law fool you. Two weeks is 7 consecutive days back-to-back. Your day off is day 1 and 14. You work the other 12. This has been legal in Wisconsin longer then I’ve been alive.

  48. I seem to recall 14,000 ballots ‘discovered’ in Waukesha county…
    Also, 47 counties use E-Vote machines made by a company controlled by 2 people of questionable ethics, run out of a strip mall in Minnesota, where Michele Bachmann also had an office…
    And the Dems jumped the gun on the recall, they should have waited 3 years. Walker would have been toast, people who voted for him have changed their minds…

  49. Are you an idiot? Bob Lafollette ring a bell?
    UW Madison ring a freaking bell? They invented/discovered how to feed animals & humans. Vitamins. Warfarin blood thinner…we got a colon cancer test or 3…
    Wisconsin fucking ROCKS, pal.
    You are an idiot.

  50. Well, I worked 6 weeks in a row without a break some years back, and managed to not make much money, but then, my buddy owned the place, so it was cool. Got a coupla T-shirts too!

  51. Canada. Wisconsin’s largest trading partner by far…also, apparently there are more Canadian citizens in Wisconsin than any other group of non-voting immigrants, but I cannot find hard numbers for that assertion.
    Might explain the dismal numbers of folks who vote.

  52. Unions built America, & Wisconsin, & you are absolutely correct.
    I thought Wisconsin had a stronger Constitution…& if I had known, when I was 14, that a 10 yr old punk sociopath would become Governor….
    I would BE Governor.

  53. I voted against Walker 3 times, traveled twice to our capital of Madison to march in protest against him along with thousands of other Wisconsinites. It isn’t the people who have kept him office it is the money and the lies and anyone paying attention knows this.

  54. Maxie2014- Just so you know, it is not what all Wisconsin people voted for. We did not all vote for him, it is definitely not what I wanted. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last person on this earth.

  55. Are you daft? Did anyone bother to read Section 56? It gives the right to the worker to VOLUNTARILY give up the two day weekend. I can think of one good reason for it: to make more money.

    “Include the provisions of 2015 AB 118 to permit an employee to state in writing that he or she voluntarily chooses to work without one day of rest in seven.”

    It’s empowering the worker to make the choice for themselves. Such dishonest reporting. I guess you knew the lemmings here wouldn’t bother to read it because of blinding hate. I’m sure the rest of the article is just as dishonest.

  56. Clearly, you have never worked an assembly line, a bench assembly, a low-level cube farm, or a pink collar job. “If you don’t come in Sunday, don’t come in Monday” is an age-old tactic, and when neither law nor contract forbid…it’s back.

  57. Hey, Brent. They probably own the business. Working seven days a week to make a business work is par for the course. Because they work hard, they’re probably providing jobs for others. And if they’re not the owners, I didn’t get the gist that they were unhappy with what they do. Maybe what they have are better jobs since he says they love what they do. If more people had this kind of work ethic, the nation would be better off.

  58. The comments on this page have me convinced that pretty much NO ONE actually took the time to read Section 56. They probably read the headline, read the first paragraph or two, then went headlong into their comments. I agree with another commenter on here. Liberalism can only keep the masses screaming and angry for its causes by lying to them. And Liberalism relies on the masses willingness to be duped.

  59. I’ve worked manual labor picking fruit alongside illegals, fast food worker, short order cook, all while getting my education at a city college. I moved out on my own at 18 years old working at whatever jobs I could get to get to where I wanted to be. I now make an excellent income after plenty of sacrifice. And I still work after hours, occasional weekends to keep on top of my work load. I provide a comfortable living for my family. You don’t get there sitting around whining, pointing your finger at others claiming they clearly couldn’t have worked hard for what they have.

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