Bernie Sanders Busts Jeb Bush For Blaming Obama For His Brother W’s Failed Economy

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Bernie Sanders busted Jeb Bush for trying to blame President Obama for his brother former President George W. Bush’s failed economy during an interview on MSNBC.


Sanders was asked what he thought of Jeb Bush’s comments that workers should work more hours.

The Democratic presidential candidate said:

Well, I don’t think much of Mr. Bush’s comments and to be criticizing Obama after his brother left us an economy in which we were hemorrhaging 800,000 jobs a month when President Obama took office doesn’t make much sense to me.

The truth is that Gov. Bush is wrong on a number of counts. First of all, the American people already work the longest hours of any people in a major country on Earth. Today, we have 85% of male workers working more than forty hours a week. Sixty-six percent of women workers are working more than forty hours a week. I am not quite sure how much more Gov. Bush wants our people to be working.

Needless to say, he is opposed to the overtime rule that would allow millions of workers to finally get time and a half. I’ve not heard him support raising the minimum wage to a living wage, or pay equity for women workers. So it sounds to me like it’s the same old, same old trickle-down economics which benefits the wealthy and large corporations.

Bernie Sanders has no patience for hypocrisy, and Jeb Bush’s attempts to blame President Obama for his brother’s failed economy are the height of hypocrisy. Sanders has been an ally of President Obama’s with the exception of a few issues on which they have differed, but facts are facts.

What Jeb Bush is proposing is more of the same failed economic ideology that drove the country into recession under his father, and crashed the economy under his brother. The media lets Bush get away with rewriting history, but Bernie Sanders exposed the revisionist bunk that Bush is selling.

Bush can try to spin his comments any way that he wants, but the truth is that his economic agenda will be bad for everyone who is not rich.

Bernie Sanders is taking on the Republican frontrunner, and exposing what his agenda means for the working people of America.

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  1. Bernie has three big failings that I see so far. One is the F-35 which he supports. When Bernie says he opposes the bloated pentagon budget, he’s lying because he supports the F-35 which is a technological disaster and costs over a billion dollars APIECE. His second big problem is Irael. He is a zionist, which means he is complicit in the murders that Israel continues to perpetrate, and the genocide that Israel is engaged in. Bernie is FOR that. The third thing is race relations in the US. He basically ignores these problems.

    Bernie needs to get congruent on these issues or he will not succeed in this venture.

    I have lived most of my life in Vermont. I know a lot about Bernie, have followed his career for decades, etc etc. I know whereof I speak.

  2. Anyone in the 98% of Americans Demos/Indies actually help who votes GOP is just plain self-destructive and stupid.

  3. It helps to put Bernie’s “support” of the F35 into context.

    When asked:
    “You mentioned wasteful military spending. The other day … I’m sure you’ve heard about the F-35 catching fire on the runway. The estimated lifetime expense of the F-35 is $1.2 trillion. When you talk about cutting wasteful military spending, does that include the F-35 program?”

    Bernie Sanders: “No, and I’ll tell you why – it is essentially built. It is the airplane of the United States Air Force, Navy, and of NATO. It was a very controversial issue in Vermont. And my view was that given the fact that the F-35, which, by the way, has been incredibly wasteful, that’s a good question. But for better or worse, that is the plane of record right now, and it is not gonna be discarded. That’s the reality.”

    He basically supports it NOW because it’s DONE and BUILT and there’s NO getting rid of it. The F35 is here to stay so that is why he supports it. Not some nefarious reason like you…

  4. Here it comes…Republican distraction against Bernie !
    Go away, Republican troll Baruch ! Your farts are ineffective, but you still smell !

    ICK !

    Both President Bush and Obama have been trying to kill this program for over 5 years. they were unsuccessful because House Republicans supported the program because they say it created jobs.
    The vote to strip funding was bipartisan. Republicans and Democrats voted 233-198 to amend the GOP’s spending package and cut the F-35 extra-engine program. A hundred and ten House Republicans — the majority of whom were Tea Party-affiliated freshmen — joined 123 Democrats in defeating the bill.

  6. @Baruch

    You may want to retract a good portion of you comments. Sen. Sanders was the first senator to refuse to attend Netanyahu speech to congress. He also refused to co-sponsor a resolution in support of Israel in its conflict with Hamas. And has, in fact, spoken against the 2014 Gaza conflict.

    While he may support the idea of an Israeli homeland, it appears the he does NOT support the path it’s leaders have taken.

    Good try though.

  7. I agree. And I like that Sanders tells it like it is in plain language. I hate when other politicians and/or the media are so ‘polite’ to these rethuglican liars. No need for name-calling or profanity–just plain calling them out is a major smackdown. Hopefully, it will be plain-enough language so some of these people who vote against their own best interest will understand.

  8. Jeb has quite a nerve talking about working people longer, as the brother of a president
    who spent one third of his presidency on his Texas ranch, clearing brush (aka drinking)and is still useless, either sitting in his bathtub painting his feet, or charging $120,000.00 to speak at a veterans event, veterans who he sent to war and then they came back injured. In short, Bush -the whole family is a waste of space, going back to grandaddy Prestcott
    Bush, who was a Hitler supporter in WW2.

    Yea – Jebby has a nerve when he is critical of Obama or Bernie or any dem.

  9. I also have to mention the huge budget surplus Clinton left, only to be frittered away by Bush on tax breaks for his buddies etc, leaving us with as huge deficit, also wars which were never funded but just increased the national debt which is rising because of continued war spending. Obama has reduced the budget deficit by 2/3.

  10. Amazing isn’t it? How both- someone like Jeb(?!) in the high echelons, and how someone like Baruch in the low echelons, are so easily schooled for the B.S. they squeeze out of their mouthes.

  11. I have lived in Vermont all of my life. And if you really knew Bernie, you wouldn’t have said what you said. There’s a reason Bernie gets 70% of the vote, he appeals to liberals and conservatives. He doesn’t need a lecture on race relations. He’s a champion of civil rights. He’s a voice for the voiceless.

  12. There is something offputting about Jeb. He kind of reminds me of Romney, in that he just does not seem comfortable in the political world. Like he is above the fray of the primary season. “Just annoint me for goodness sake!”

    He also seems to be out of touch with the every day American and puts his foot in his mouth quite often.

    Who would I rather have a beer or conversation with? Bernie in a heartbeat. Bernie has a fire that I have always admired.

  13. With the connection with Bush’s appointed SUPREME COURT Justices,Gov. Jeb Bush made sure there was “NO RECOUNT ON THE VOTES in the 2000 election,and the Supreme Court appointed GW Bush President , he NEVER was elected, no more than he actually was a AirForce Pilot, he flunked pilot exam,never showed up for over 2 years, MIA on that as well, Bushes are very good at cover up

  14. Great comment!

    About twelve or so years ago, Bernie traveled to Brewer Maine to speak at “Solidarity.”

    After answering questions from the group, I met and spoke with Bernie privately when I asked for his autograph.

    I found Bernie to be a real person, knowledgeable, honest, one who fearlessly speaks truth to power. He is a leader who doesn’t pull punches but one who tells it like it is.

    Bernie is an individual with allegiance to our Constitution, our country and to the American people.

    Bernie is a statesman!

    BTW, I wouldn’t mind having a beer with Bernie and chatting with him, too. :)

  15. Jeb is lopsided, his head tilts to right and his left shoulder is higher.

    My greatest liberal moment was sitting next to George McGovern on Air France Papette – LAX in 2009. I had to apologise because I wasn’t old enough to vote for him in 1972.

  16. Barauch: Bernie would be a fool to make the F-35 Program an issue on the campaign trail. Bernie is a Jew. That does not mean he is a Zionist without questions of how that is now working in Israel. He purposely stays away from the emotion involved–for now. That is the proper thing for him to do.

    Bernie’s goal is to expose the damage the GOP inflicted on America’s working middle class with it 80’s neoliberal economic policy (Supply Side Economics). Bernie intends to beat that issue as it’s popular and well understood/felt today. Only the 1% Wall Street types and corporate CEO’s think it works. Neoliberalism now has a 35 year track record. Too many losers is the result. Most Americans probably snicker when they hear Jeb Bush laying blame on Obama for our current “weak” economy. Their memories are not that short

    When Clinton left office the National debt was $5 trillion,, the
    countries operating budget was $236 BILLION SURPLUS,,,, unemployment was 4.2% ,,with 2.4% job growth,,,,,,,,,,when bush left office the national debt was $10 trillion,,,the countries operating budget was $485.5BILLION DEFFICITE,,,,Unemployment was 8.2% with a job growth of..0.5%….. *NOTE* this post has been updated based on estimates bush’s deficit was $357 billion,, the stats have come in showing BUSH’S DEFICITE to actually be $485.5 billion,,,{{,UPDATE}}…. THE BUSH ADMINSTRATION LEFT A 1.3 TRILLION BUDGER DEFFICTE ALONG WITH A 5 TRILLIO NATIONAL DEBTTHE NATIONAL DEBT IS NOW . Public Debt Outstanding $16,097,698,782,543.93OR 16 TRILLION

    George W. Bush 3.0 million JOBS CREATED,,in 8 years,,,,,,,,,,Bill
    Clinton 23.1 million JOBS CREATED,,,in 8 years””

  18. “America: What Went Wrong?” by Donald L. Bartlett & James B. Steele

    Should be required reading for every 8 year old in this country, along with everyone else.

    Remember the ‘Corporate Raiders’?

    Attila the Hun would feel like a whimp…

  19. He ignores race issues? Seriously!? Like when he was a leader in his college to resist segregation in Chicago schools, getting arrested for leading sit-ins?

    Or when he fought for Jesse Jackson in the 1988 primary, one of the major factors in how Jackson won Vermont- one of 4 states Jackson was able to win?

    Or all the times Bernie’s stumped about the 50% unemployment rate among young black men, or our horrible prison, drug policies & police state? Which dems in this race want to change any of these huge issues effecting African Americans?

    The fact is Bernie Sanders has a far better record on these issues than any other democrat in the race, and it isn’t even close. Not even close!

    The F-35 is about jobs in Vermont — all Congresspeople support military jobs in their state. Like it or not, that’s reality.

    His opinions on Israel (while I disagree with them) are no different than Hillary’s or any of the Dems. Targeting him, but not them, on Israel screams of antisemiti…

  20. People, we need to elect Bernie Sanders as president! I am tired of Trump and the Kardashians hogging the news while real people and issues are ignored. Bernie is electable if we get behind him now! Start thinking grass roots! Use every means possible to get the word out! Share Bernie’s links on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and every other form of media available! Do it now if you want a change for the better in this country!

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