Democrats Pounce And Force Boehner’s House Republicans To Implode Over Confederate Flag



After Southern Republicans demanded that a vote be included on whether or not the Confederate flag should be displayed at federal cemeteries as part of the bill to fund the Department of Interior, Speaker Boehner was forced to pull his own bill, and Democrats pounced and proposed a resolution that would remove any state flag that contains the Confederate flag from the Capitol.

Republicans were tripped up by their own racism again, as Roll Call reported, “A number of Southern Republicans, according to Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers, pressured GOP leadership into giving them a vote on an amendment after Democrats successfully had amendments adopted Tuesday that would ban the use of federal funds for displaying the Confederate flag on federal lands.”


The votes on amendments that Pelosi forced yesterday set off a chain reaction that threatened to sink funding for Department of Interior, which is why Boehner had to pull his own bill today.

A sample of the crazy Southern House Republican racist rhetoric that is flying around:

Democratic Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pounced on the Republican chaos and has introduced a new resolution that would remove any state flag that contains the Confederate flag from the Capitol.

According a statement from Pelosi, “Leader Pelosi is offering a resolution to remove any state flag containing the Confederate Battle flag – images of hate and division in our nation’s history that deserve to be stored in a museum and not displayed in a place of honor in the United States Capitol.”

Republicans are coming apart at the seams over the Confederate flag. The move by Pelosi and House Democrats exposes empty politics behind the Republican decisions to take down the flag.

House Republicans have no intention of changing and their racism is alive and well. A funding bill for part of the government is being held up because racist Republicans want to defend a symbol of hate.

The rise of Donald Trump as a Republican presidential candidate along with the chaos in the House over the Confederate flag paints a clear picture of a leopard that is not changing its spots.

15 Replies to “Democrats Pounce And Force Boehner’s House Republicans To Implode Over Confederate Flag”

  1. That flag belongs in a museum. The CF means to African-Americans what the swastika means to Jewish people. Both represent hatred and bigotry towards a particular group of people.

    It must be galling to African-Americans to know their taxpayer $$$$ allow this flag to fly. The Germans are ashamed of what you Hitler and the Nazis did and won’t allow the Swastika.

    We, on the other hand, say it’s ok to fly the CF, but not ok to use the Swastika. Why? Both are symbols of all that is evil!!! Racism continues to harm this country.

    There are better ways to honor their loser, bigoted, hate filled ancestors who are probably burning in hell

  2. Poor teabillies have had a rough couple of weeks. Yes!!! I’m starting to actually like Nancy Pelosi. I didn’t see that coming! I am so proud of us as a Nation getting rid of that hateful ol’ flag.

  3. The Dixiecans are who they have been for the last 400+ years.
    They can’t change. They’re unreconstructed racists that belong nowhere near ANY positions of power or governance. Most belong in jail, and eventually in the dustbin of history.

  4. Hold on…federal lands also include civil war sites…are you telling me they do not want the confederate flag there as well. Hello that’s as bad as Texas school books.

  5. Thought the GOP was suppose to be a pro-Abolitionist party.

    Remember folks, concentrate on the ideals and public policy; getting rid of a flag isn’t enough.

    There are no Stars and Bars flying over the Wisconsin State House.

  6. Old, white, backwards, bigoted, antiquated, presumably heterosexual males just can’t help themselves!! They always are ready to party like it’s 1715

  7. I live in Rock Island, Illinois. We have a National Cemetery where my uncle and his wife, my mother and someday my pa will be interred. WWII vets. There is a C.S.A. section here that is maintained and is just as beautiful as the rest of the cemetery. The “flag” is placed on their graves I guess out of respect of a valiant foe. It is only allowed one day a year. I can live with that.

  8. This country badly needs two committees and it needs to be bound by the recommendations of these two committees. It needs a truth and reparations committee for descendants of slaves and other African Americans. This committee needs to find ways of finishing the job of reconstruction which was derailed and finally ignored due to the actions of Andrew Johnson and other former slave dealers.
    The other committee needed is a committee to deal with the unrepaired gash left in our national fabric by the civil war. It is absolutely insane that the south is what it is or that children today are taught by their parents and communities to carry a grudge against the U. S. for the damages brought about by the foolishness of their ancestors 150 years ago.

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