Hillary Clinton Puts Republicans On Notice: It’s Not Enough To Remove The Confederate Flag

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The South Carolina legislature dragged itself into the semi-present day reality as it finally voted early Thursday to remove the Confederate flag from the State House. Phew! I guess we’re all done talking about “race”, sighs Fox News.

Not so fast.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton issued a statement refusing to back down from the issue, saying we have a lot of “unfinished” business left in order to confront and act on the inequalities that still exist in our country:

“Removing this symbol of our nation’s racist past is an important step towards equality and civil rights in America. The flag may soon no longer fly at the State Capitol, but there is still unfinished business in confronting and acting on the inequalities that still exist in our country. We can’t hide from the hard truths about race and justice. We must do everything in our power to have the courage to name them and change them.”

This isn’t a new theme for the former Secretary of State. She challenged Republicans on their Southern strategy in a speech calling to make voting easier , saying it should be easier to vote. In that speech, Clinton called for automatic voter registration for citizens.

Hm. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Good question. Ask the Republicans, because they have been working hard to make sure that certain demographics, those who are unlikely to vote Republican, have a harder time getting registered. This is why they made up the imaginary boogeyman of “voter fraud”, which while it does happen (and when it does, it oddly seems to be Republicans) is not the problem that they make it out to be. It’s less likely than getting hit by lightning, so you have to wonder why they go to such lengths to make it nearly impossible for some demographics to vote. Or instead of wondering, you can just put 2 and 2 together, and call them on the fact that they are rigging the vote for their party since they can’t sell the people on their policies.

Hillary Clinton is right. The removal of the flag is just the first step. We must force this conversation to continue, and we must hold elected lawmakers and all 2016 candidates accountable to discussing what remedies and policies they would advocate addressing the horrific inequalities that exist in our justice system.

We must do it for every minority who has been targeted and killed in an act of racial prejudice. This can’t continue to stand in the “land of the free.”

10 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Puts Republicans On Notice: It’s Not Enough To Remove The Confederate Flag”

  1. The hate rag’s found a champion in one
    Michael A Pitts, who has heaped 25
    amendments to the flag dropping bill
    to bog it down in the state legislature.
    Rachel Maddow exposed this POS last
    night on her show and said he has vowed
    to add 500 killer amendments if necessary.
    Roll on Hillary!

  2. The gopers are screwed. They HAVE to be racist and show their bigotry to get nominated and in doing so, destroy their chance to be elected to any national office. That Hillary and the dem party keeps the spotlight on the goper dilemma is just another nail in the GOP coffin.

  3. I just got done with a heated argument with a coworker concerning Ms. Clinton. The best he could come up with?


    He’s miffed at me when I pointed out the Right’s Hypocrisy about it.

    According to him- Bernie Sanders is ‘sincere’. So what? Mittens was ‘sincere’ too. Mittens was conditionally sincere.

  4. Mitt the “Willard” Romney: Liar,liar your K$$ts are on fire. All that money in his belt. Is that why he walked like a “sissy”? Or is it just me. What a Pro liar he was.

  5. Americans are not nearly as prejudiced as we are portrayed by television and Hillary. I resent the broad paint brush across all of us whenever some freak gets spun up and snaps.

  6. Ever notice that Muslims everywhere like to claim that they’re not like what is portrayed?

    Yet they like us Americans, will do little or nothing to prevent the crazies or doing something to help them before they snap.

  7. Why would I trust Hillary? She basically caused the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and several other people by not sending help immediately. She and her husband received millions in donations for the Clinton Foundation from Foreign Governments while she was Secretary of State. That’s a big conflict of interest. She finally granted an interview to a CNN reporter who was at the same wedding she attended. What a joke! No, I don’t trust her and that fake smile.

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