Online Petition Causes Another Company to Dump Trump


By Kyle McCarthy

ThinkFoodGroup is the latest company to cut ties with Donald Trump in response to his racist statements about Mexican immigrants.

Erick Sanchez, a Washington, D.C. resident recently launched a petition pressuring celebrated chef, Jose Andres, to cancel his plans of opening a restaurant in Donald Trump’s D.C. hotel. The petition quickly gathered more than 2,500 signatures and appears to have worked, as DC’s neighborhood news blog, PoPville reports.

Holy Crap The Petition Worked – Jose Andres Not Coming to Trump Hotel Downtown

Posted by PoPville on Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The long list of companies that have already decided to “Dump Trump” include Macy’s, Nascar, Serta, Univision, NBCUniversal, ESPN, and many others. Numerous celebrity judges, hosts, and performers have also pulled out of Trump’s Miss America contest. Additionally, three countries are refusing to send a representative to this year’s Miss Universe contest, which Trump also co-owns.

An entire interactive list of all companies, celebrities, and countries cutting ties with Trump is below, and will be continuously updated. So keep checking back!

Kyle McCarthy works in the tech industry and is editor of, a blog focusing on issues affecting Millennials today. He also blogs at Huffington Post, often writing about business ethics, politics, affordable higher education and #Tech4Good. Kyle also co-founded the nonprofit, and was listed as one of “10 advocates fighting for student loan reform.” Connect with him on Twitter @KyleMcCarthyism.

14 Replies to “Online Petition Causes Another Company to Dump Trump”

  1. I just hope all this negative exposure doesn’t cause him to bail out. So looking forward to seeing him on the debate stage. He is the biggest gift anyone could give to the left.

  2. The news today is that the top toad of the GOP,
    Rancid Penis, has called upon The Donald to tone it
    down several notches on his immigration rant.
    And in other news…Trump is polling number one
    with a rocket among repugs here in NC. Our red
    state’s assault on education is coming home to
    roost, apparently.[WINK]

  3. “The Donald” is a painful Hemorrhoid to the Republican Party. The discomfort of “The Donald” won’t be easy to alleviate. Go get ’em you “real americans”. Options for alleviation. LMAO.

  4. Hooray!!! What a great poster boy for the GOP. How can anybody vote for a republican after this latest bombshell?

  5. So I would imagine that someone has mixed emotions when it comes to such ‘economic terrorism’ when it comes to sTRUMPet.

  6. The republican party has the proud distinction of attracting the mentally unhinged. Bobby Jindal was correct when he said “We will never attract the smart people”. Trump. Palin, Perry, Huckerbee all hucksters. When will the American people wake up, stop the scammers? Will that pillar of society, Gingrich, step forward to save this country? Have not heard from him lately, is he courting wife #4, perhaps? They are all good for the party of “family values”

  7. Recommended running mate for Donald Trump: Donald Sterling. “The Donalds”
    Cabinet Recommendations:
    Sec. of State – Rush Limbaugh
    Sec. of Interior – Cliven Bundy
    Sec. Agric – Monsanto
    Sec. of Defense – Tom Cotton
    Head of EPA: Charles or Davis Koch (Doesn’t matter which one; they’re both polluting a–holes.
    Press Secretary – The Donald, of course![WINK]

  8. Doesn’t that building look like a castle for the wealthy? I wonder if there is a dungeon in the basement? I hope there is so we can lock Trump in it.

  9. Donald Trump is the end result of the “Southern Strategy” put into place after the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act were passed in the 60’s. Good old Lee Atwater, who apologized on his deathbed for being the a-hole he really was — and his protoge’ Karl Rove, picked up the mantle and ran with it.

    The Republicans CREATED Donald Trump, and I’m enormously enjoying watching them squirm. The truth is that he espouses (and says out loud) EXACTLY how the rest of them really think, so they can’t simply refute the craziness.

    He’s putting into words what the GOP has become, and it’s hilarious to watch!

  10. Trump is telling the truth. More illegals equals more crime of all kinds. They are violating the law just for illegally crossing the border. Everybody likes to leave out the operative word, ILLEGAL aliens. It is also not fair to the Mexicans that have become citizens the legal way. Trump has made for sense than anyone.

  11. I don’t necessarily believe that more illegals equals more crime. Yes, we do have a handful of illegals that commit crimes just like we have citizens that commit crimes. We have so many crimes that are committed everyday day by our own politicians, school districts, large companies, banks, etc…But of course we don’t see that highlighted in the news or statistics. Why? Because many companies, TV shows, etc run from sponsorships and donations from these people.
    I believe that most of the people that cross our borders come here illegally to work. It’s crazy but even those who come here legally with visas end up staying here illegally. This country is made up of illegals and foreigners looking to find opportunities. As far as you saying that its not fair to the Mexicans that have become citizens the legal way I’m sorry to inform you but more than half of those Mexicans came here illegally. It took them time and lots of money to become legal citizens.

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