Bob McDonnell Inches Closer To His Prison Cell After Appeals Court Upholds His Conviction


bob mcdonnell

On Friday, the 4th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals upheld former GOP Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s conviction on 11 counts of corruption. The Governor was sentenced to two years in federal prison for his role in accepting 177,000 dollars worth of gifts and loans from Jonnie Williams, in exchange for illegally using his influence as Governor to promote a dietary supplement Williams was hawking.

McDonnell was permitted to remain free while his appeal was pending, but now time may be running out on the convicted felon ex-Governor. McDonnell is still hoping that an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to stay his prison sentence will keep him from spending time behind bars. However, there is no guarantee that the high court will see the matter any differently than the lower courts have. Two courts have now affirmed that McDonnell is guilty and should do the time for his crime.


While Bob McDonnell may still believe that he should be above the law, the courts have made it clear that they do not share his view. The 4th Circuit’s three judge panel ruled unanimously that McDonnell’s conviction should be upheld.

The three judges wrote an 89-page opinion affirming McDonnell’s conviction. The court opinion concluded by stating bluntly:

Appellant received a fair trial and was duly convicted by a jury of his fellow Virginians. We have no cause to undo what has been done. The judgment of the district court is AFFIRMED.

McDonnell, like so many Republicans, preached the gospel of personal responsibility, even as he himself failed to exercise responsibility in his own life. Having being caught engaging in public corruption, McDonnell has refused to be held accountable for his unlawful behavior. While the former governor continues to dodge responsibility, he is about to discover that no amount of denial or arrogance places him above the law. Bob McDonnell abused his power as governor, and now he is inching closer and closer to finding a new temporary home, locked in a federal prison cell.

9 Replies to “Bob McDonnell Inches Closer To His Prison Cell After Appeals Court Upholds His Conviction”

  1. I can see every Republican in America watching McDonnell and his case; sweating bullets.

    They watch it, and look around the room….nervously.

    Charges of ‘Activist Judges’ from the inevitably incarcerated in….

  2. Just think …this crook was being actively shopped as a future presidential /VP candidate.
    Then there’s all those ‘family values’ where he threw hi wife under the bus to hopefully avoid prosecution.

    Not much different from any Repuke, though.

  3. just a tip from a buddy of mine that spent time at ‘Q’…

    don’t use Big Bubba’s weight bench during exercise time in the yard…

    do you suppose they have a Young Republicans gang in the joint?

  4. He’s a sociopath, most Republicans are these days. They are narcissistic, lack a conscious, and lack morals
    They’d prostitute their own mother’s, wives, girlfriends and daughters if the price is right.

    A sociopath will never accept responsibility for their actions. From their twisted point of view, they are innocent of wrongdoing and are the actual victims.
    I hope a blood or crips gets a hold of him and he becomes their bitch!!

  5. They’ll send him to one of those prisons like the one Martha Stewart went to. The only hardship he’ll experience is the loss of his freedom. Scarboroughs outrage will be somewhere north of stroke territory. Which might make his show worth watching that day.

  6. He should have to serve the full weight of his sentence which was 10 years. Gotta start making examples of these crooked pricks. The gop was actually grooming him to be their presidential candidate.

  7. …IMHO, McConnell {et al} is a Sociopathetic personality…I hope he does HARD time…Bubba will thank the judges!!!

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