Donald Trump in Phoenix is All About Jingoism and Self Love

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Donald Trump, fresh from a bizarre speech in Las Vegas this morning, appeared this afternoon in Phoenix, Arizona, to rally thousands of haters at the Phoenix Convention Center.

There, he embarked upon a convoluted speech full of jingoistic statements, bad jokes, and bombast, spending most of his time at the podium talking about various odd subjects and himself, how smart he is, his “many best sellers,” his “tremendous hit The Apprentice,” and how stupid everyone else is.

In a stark contrast with Bernie Sanders’ appearances, Trump was less interested in the issues than in convoluted stories and justifications for his behavior.

Don’t believe MSNBC, he says, because they have Al Sharpton working for them. He’s a nice guy but “a con man,” he says. Sort of how he said in Las Vegas this morning how he loves Mexico, but they send all their criminals and rapists here.

The less than honest Donald even had the temerity to talk about “Lyin’ Brian Williams” before telling the crowd he is “more inclusive than anybody.”

Because Univision attacked him (at least, that’s how Trump sees it), the man who has declared multiple bankruptcies claimed they are over-leveraged, and again claimed the Mexican government is behind everything. And they’re able to do it, he said, because we have a “stupid government.” To cheers, he announced that he had sued Univision for $500 million.

This makes you wonder if his solution to China and ISIL will be to sue them as well. The Trump Doctrine would entertain historians for centuries.

It is beginning to look like the Donald Trump Apologetics Tour. But excuses don’t get the job done, and The Donald seems to be the last guy willing to accept personal responsibility. It’s all everybody else’s fault.

He appealed to the Tea Party in Las Vegas this morning, so in Phoenix he revived their mantra by proclaiming “we have to take our country back” so we can run it properly (which hopefully does not mean multiple bankruptcies). “Don’t worry,” he said, “We’ll take our country back soon.”

It is bizarre to hear a plutocrat like Trump, one of those responsible for killing the American dream for all Americans except rich corporatists like him, say, “The American dream is dead but I’m going to make it bigger and stronger than ever.” Even more bizarre was to hear the deluded cheers.

Trump said that Jeb Bush is stupid too (remember, they all are), and behind Common Core, which, he dishonestly claimed, meant children in Phoenix would be using Common Core. But Common Core is not a government program or law. States decide to follow it or not.

This was classic Donald Trump, short on details, and long on bombast and derision for everybody else. Stay tuned for a lot more.

Photo: MSNBC Screen Capture

34 Replies to “Donald Trump in Phoenix is All About Jingoism and Self Love”

  1. This was classic Donald Trump, short on details, and long on bombast and derision for everybody else. Stay tuned for a lot more.

    I can see why the Tea-Baggers adore him so: he’s one of them.

    If Mexico has been sending all of their criminals and rapists here (aren’t they the same?) then logically speaking- Mexico’s crime rate must be zero.

  2. I want Trump to keep talking. He’s now running the GOP/TP and giving sane Americans a good glimpse at what the party stands for, which is empty promises, racism, false Christianity, bumper-sticker slogans, BS, delusion and divisiveness.

  3. I’m going to have to look up Jingoism. I don’t know what it is. It can’t be good if it describes Trump & that old fcknut Sheriff Arpaio. Two of the worst people on the planet.

  4. you have to admit, if the dnc was to create a real manchurian gop plant, trump has done it. hes going to kill jeb, and marco. hes going to kill the rove ailes koch poster boy walker. hes going to alienate much of the usa. just watched his hour long improv diatribe, in az, and it was classic. note the whole audience was mostly white, the baggers have a new god, and it ‘trumps’ the klown kar….

    by the way guys, 85 items ad blocked. and 17 trackers? what are you doing with all that meta data. yeeesh.

  5. Nobody thought to take the stage while everyone waited for Trump!!!!! No need he more than made up for the delay!!!! The way I am feeling right now, I would take a bullet for Mr. TRUMP!

  6. Well, of course he’s popular w/ the Teabaggers …

    He’s only parroting back all the blatant lies they’ve been basking in served up by Faux Noise for Lord knows how many years.

    He’s not just “one of them” – he’s their Cheerleader!

  7. “Trump speaks from the heart”…impossible! Trump doesn’t have a heart and he has exhibited that fact as he’s casually declared bankruptcy leaving many of his hired contractors out in the cold, unable to pay their employees and often ending up having to declare bankruptcy themselves. Only the RWNJ’s would believe someone who has used bankruptcy 4 times, including a casino (often considered a license to steal) is the person that they would like to see running the country. They ignore the fact that Trump is clueless regarding our Constitution. I don’t think he has any idea how things work in Congress or between the Legislative and Executive branches of our gov’t. However, I don’t believe for one minute that Trump is going to disclose his actual financial documents. He’s going to take advantage of those extensions and then will use the excuse of not running due to his own businesses being in jeopardy if he were to become President.

  8. “Jingoism” comes from some old noisily imperialistic 19th Century song with the words, “by Jingo” in the refrain, and describes an equally pushy nationalistic conceit.

  9. Trump and Palin are quite the pair. Both have delusions of grander, racist, hateful, hypocrites, have no solutions for the people, know nothing about foreign policy, publicly fight everyone who criticizes them and tries or does destroy them, has no problem lying, and emboldens the tea party. The two really should get together more, they have so much in common.

  10. I found it. It originated in England:

    We don’t want to fight but by Jingo if we do
    We’ve got the ships, we’ve got the men, we’ve got the money too

  11. This is hilarious !!!! This is for poor Reince Preibus. Let me start by saying, If all you have to do as a GOPer is be a ignorant racist to climb to the top of the polls in a two week period,why campaign? Poor Reince and his elk, must be completely baffled at this point. This poor bastard has spent the last four years pushing the RNC agenda on Latinos. Reince, you have fund raised and networked for your perfect GOP CANDIDATE and along comes this carnival barker who not only just offended the latino voting block of people that you are trying to win over, but is also leading in the polls over everyone of your loser candidates. Unbelievable!!! Oh, by the way Reince, it is becoming pretty clear that this group of Democrats are not going to be passive like our great President was, no Reince they are going to to HAMMER the GOP regardless of which ever pathetic GOP candidate makes it out of the primaries. Just sayin

  12. This guys only job is to shout fire in a theater, purely theater, impressing those who have no self respect. So he’s a rich a$$hole, so what. Classic idiot. I’m a Phoenician, so I’m used to the clown show. 25 years here, hoping for evolution to take it’s course. It’ll happen.

  13. @Doyle Swarm…Re: taking a bullet.
    You might as well, you’ve already drunk the Kool-Ade !

    Before you do that, ask Trump ( or any Repuke ) for a nickel. See what you get.

  14. I believe he could take our country back to the stone age. He would never have to worry about immigrants, illegal or otherwise. I would imagine most would prefer Putin to this ass rag! Dumber than Bush 43, but louder and purposely offensive. A male version of Scary Palin.

  15. In 2004 Donald Trump was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and he said he identifies more as a Democrat!

    He also claimed that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.


    Trumps also says is friends with Chuck Schummer, he attended Chelsea’s wedding, has donated loads of CASH to Hillary’s election campaigns and to the Clinton Global Scandal Initiative.

    He is a total fraud. He is trying to be the next ROSS PEROT.

    I believe that the Donald is being paid (or will be rewarded later by the Clinton’s) to be the new Ross Perot. His goal is a Clinton victory.

    The link below goes to Audio of Mark Levin dissecting Donald Trump.
    Source: Right Scoop on Apr 15, 2011

    Listen to AUDIO at

  16. Good point, Moongrim.

    Maybe all of those rapists, in Mexico, are “self deporting?”

  17. “…I believe that the Donald is being paid (or will be rewarded later by the Clinton’s) to be the new Ross Perot. His goal is a Clinton victory.”

    No, no, no, my dear…he’s “Koch-blocking”.
    They are paying him to wreck everything (as you said so very well), but he’s working to get Scott Walker in position. Keep in mind, the Koch’s have openly stated that they intend to buy and WIN the next election. Trump is working for them, not Hilary…it’s more to his advantage business-wise.

  18. reynardine, that is precisely my thought when I see Trump making his insane speeches! He is indeed, Greg Stillson, and Martin Sheen must be his hero!

    An excellent portrayal of what this country would be in for if ANY of the GOP candidates would make it to the White House.

  19. …the GOP Frankenstein’s monster, crafted with the very best insanity available, with Hate,Jingoism, anti-American, anti-Christianity, anti-immigrant stance thrown in at no extra charge…has been hijacked by Trump, who sends it around the country…
    …I’m laughing me arse off…[wink]

  20. Aha! In one of his lines in Phoenix, when talking about the dates he’s gone on (before marrying three times), he said: When a girl dumps him, he denies that they did, but explains to all who listens: “I DUMPED THEM!”. Sounds familiar? It should. Remember when Macy’s and Univision DUMPED him a couple weeks ago? What did Trump tell the media?(Paraphrasing): “Nah, I severed my ties with them way before they were thinking of dumping ME!” Look it up. He said it. So, that’s the way he operates. He want’s to be in control 100%

  21. That sure as hell ain’t his heart speaking for him, man. Come to think of it, I don’t even know if he even has a heart. He is just a shallow narcissistic man who is basically finger banging the tea party people because he is saying what you nincompoops want.

    It’s quite sad when people like you are falling for this man’s con game.

  22. Is Donald Trump is the TOXIC REVENGER? or maybe he is just the opposite?

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Donaldman!

    Faster than explosive diarrhea. More powerful than a busload of Ann Coulters. Able to buy tall buildings with a single check.

    Yes, it’s Donaldman, Real Estate developer from another time who comes to us with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

    Donaldman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, he bends dollar bills in his bare hands.

    And who, disguised as a Republican candidate, he fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.

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