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Donald Trump in Phoenix is All About Jingoism and Self Love

Donald Trump, fresh from a bizarre speech in Las Vegas this morning, appeared this afternoon in Phoenix, Arizona, to rally thousands of haters at the Phoenix Convention Center.

There, he embarked upon a convoluted speech full of jingoistic statements, bad jokes, and bombast, spending most of his time at the podium talking about various odd subjects and himself, how smart he is, his “many best sellers,” his “tremendous hit The Apprentice,” and how stupid everyone else is.

In a stark contrast with Bernie Sanders’ appearances, Trump was less interested in the issues than in convoluted stories and justifications for his behavior.

Don’t believe MSNBC, he says, because they have Al Sharpton working for them. He’s a nice guy but “a con man,” he says. Sort of how he said in Las Vegas this morning how he loves Mexico, but they send all their criminals and rapists here.

The less than honest Donald even had the temerity to talk about “Lyin’ Brian Williams” before telling the crowd he is “more inclusive than anybody.”

Because Univision attacked him (at least, that’s how Trump sees it), the man who has declared multiple bankruptcies claimed they are over-leveraged, and again claimed the Mexican government is behind everything. And they’re able to do it, he said, because we have a “stupid government.” To cheers, he announced that he had sued Univision for $500 million.

This makes you wonder if his solution to China and ISIL will be to sue them as well. The Trump Doctrine would entertain historians for centuries.

It is beginning to look like the Donald Trump Apologetics Tour. But excuses don’t get the job done, and The Donald seems to be the last guy willing to accept personal responsibility. It’s all everybody else’s fault.

He appealed to the Tea Party in Las Vegas this morning, so in Phoenix he revived their mantra by proclaiming “we have to take our country back” so we can run it properly (which hopefully does not mean multiple bankruptcies). “Don’t worry,” he said, “We’ll take our country back soon.”

It is bizarre to hear a plutocrat like Trump, one of those responsible for killing the American dream for all Americans except rich corporatists like him, say, “The American dream is dead but I’m going to make it bigger and stronger than ever.” Even more bizarre was to hear the deluded cheers.

Trump said that Jeb Bush is stupid too (remember, they all are), and behind Common Core, which, he dishonestly claimed, meant children in Phoenix would be using Common Core. But Common Core is not a government program or law. States decide to follow it or not.

This was classic Donald Trump, short on details, and long on bombast and derision for everybody else. Stay tuned for a lot more.

Photo: MSNBC Screen Capture

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