President Obama Designates Three More National Monuments, Brings His Total In Office To 19

On Friday, July 10th, President Barack Obama designated three new National Monuments in the Western United States. The designations of new National Monuments in California, Nevada and Texas, raises Obama’s presidential total to 19 National Monuments created or expanded during his White House tenure.

Fridays’ additions included a new 330,000 acre monument at Berryessa Snow Mountain in Northern California, a 700,000 acre National Monument in Nevada, and a small monument in Central Texas where archaeologists have uncovered the remains of two dozen Columbian Mammoths. Columbian mammoths were the largest mammoth species that existed. Their remains are over 65,000 years old.

Obama’s actions on Friday continued to expand the amount of land set aside as National Monuments. Earlier this year, the president set aside land in Illinois, Colorado and Hawaii. In 2014, he expanded the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument to nearly half a million square miles, making it the largest marine preserve in the world.

Under the 1906 Antiquities Act, presidents are granted broad authority to declare historically significant sites and ecologically rich areas as monuments, without having to seek congressional approval. In 1978, then President Jimmy Carter, invoked the 1906 Antiquities Act to set aside more than 55 million acres of land in Alaska. Carter designated the most land acreage of any U.S. President. Bill Clinton designated the most National Monuments, adding 19 and expanding three others, but Barack Obama could surpass Clinton’s total by the time he completes his second term.

President Obama is continuing the practice established by his Democratic predecessors, by setting aside some of the nations’ most historically significant and ecologically pristine land so that it is off limits to drilling, mining and other environmentally destructive practices. While there is still plenty of land to be utilized for energy extraction, President Obama is protecting some of America’s most sensitive lands by preserving it for recreational rather than commercial purposes.

President Obama’s environmental record isn’t often highlighted when discussing his presidency. However, by protecting more land as National Monuments, the president is establishing an environmental legacy that he can be proud of. Future generations of Americans who set foot upon land set aside by President Obama, will undoubtedly be grateful for that unsung environmental legacy.

7 Replies to “President Obama Designates Three More National Monuments, Brings His Total In Office To 19”

  1. And wasn’t there an article here a couple of days ago about the repug effort led by the kochs to take over federal parks and government land? Huge difference between the two parties. Over and over we see who is on the side of Americans in saving our lands and the environment.

  2. Lands and waters, set aside to preserve them from those who would tear them up and destroy them for a momentary profit.

    Words of Blasphemy to the Republicans and their True God: Mammon.

  3. Right now there is a big push from the repugs, of course,to take over the national parks and federal lands. There was an article here a couple of days ago. Kochs backing it.

    Huge difference between the two parties. Why are repugs always on the wrong side of everything?

  4. Obama and the Demos want to save America and the world, the Teabaggers and GOP want to destroy America and the world for profit. How do you vote?

  5. Has anybody noticed how the EXCEPTIONALLY GREEDY American Voters keep electing republicans until things are so FUBAR that they elect a democrat to un-fubar the fubar which the democrat manages to do. Then good old American greed takes over again AND A REPUBLICAN IS ELECTED TO START THE CYCLE OVER AGAIN. [WINK]

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