The Scumbags Support Trump As Fan Calls Female Protester “Just A Piece of A$$”

trump fan

In this version of Republicans on parade: A man in line to see Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talk called a female protester who was clearly not happy about Trump’s hate speech “just a piece of ass.”

Jeffrey Blackburn, an award winning photojournalist with 12 News in Phoenix, caught it and shared it:


So now you know the kind of person that has propelled Donald Trump to the top of the Republican Party primary polls.

Trump won’t be content until he forces all of the hate out for a walk in the sunshine. Republicans shouldn’t be too upset, they built that.

27 Replies to “The Scumbags Support Trump As Fan Calls Female Protester “Just A Piece of A$$””

  1. Many of these haters bring their viciousness with them when they move to Arizona. Frankly, all of us who are normal wish they would just go home, and leave us alone.

  2. My mom just told me that my Colorado sister, who is 60 and has a college degree, agrees with ‘most everything’ Trump has to say, watches Fox, and got mad when someone called Fox viewers ‘haters.’ But don’t get her started on Obama “he’s uppity” or Hillary “she lies.” I swear, there is something in the air from drilling, or something in the water from fracking that is eating their brain cells.

  3. No matter where you go these tea baggers are all the same. When Rand Paul was running for the senate in Kentucky, one of his male supporters knocked a woman to the ground and kicked her in the head. It came out later the guy worked at one of his campaign headquarters. Of course then he had to let him go, but grudgingly. The Bluegrass is sending the geriatric tea baggers to you Arizona, to keep McInsane company. ENJOY!

  4. Sally, does your sister live in co springs or weld county? Weld county is oil money bought. Co springs is religious driven. Otherwise co is a progresive state, who do not watch fox news.

  5. My liberal friends, You’re not surprised about what that tea bag freak said! he’s just saying what 99.9% of LILY WHITE republicans males say about women! Listen, theres a reason why I keep bringing race into most of my opinions here, because WHITE PRIVILEGE like misogyny has it’s roots from the behavior of many caucasian males! WOMEN’s SUFFRAGE wasn’t women being hateful to each other! the feminist movement in the 60’s wasn’t created because women had it so GOOD! just look how republican males talk to women! they’re sluts if they enjoy sex! they’re BIT@HES if they want to speak their minds! they’re guilty if THEY get raped because naturally,THEY must have enticed the male to assault them! Just look at limbaugh! o’reilly! gingrich, sanford, vitter, ALL misogynist PIGS! But wait! it gets better! look how FUX hires EYE CANDY to lure in MALE SUCKERS!! BUT, how many times do WE hear republican women defending the GOP! BTW republican woman, theres a special place in HELL JUST…

  6. I was born and raised in Colo Springs, and received a B.A. At the Univ. of Colo in Boulder. The contrasts between cities are remarkable.

    My friends used to refer to Colo Springs as The Holy Roman Empire because it is filled with churches and surrounded by military bases.

    Overall, though, the state, and it is a wonderful one (in Ohio currently), is purple. I still love the city, but, Colo. Springs is an outlier in Reichwing extremism.

  7. Dear @Rastalari, we’re the law firm of Sewer Rats And Associates, we don’t appreciate you besmirching character by lumping our organization with one Mr. donald trump, we’ll be filing suit against you no later than August 1 2015! if you choose not to apologise or show up at court, then you’ll leave us no choice, we’ll put a sewer rat beat down on yo A$S!

  8. I find it to be a bit of irony, to note in Colorado Springs (Saudi Arabia-lite), is the place called: Garden of the Gods.

    I’m surprised that for so long it’s name remains unchanged.

  9. Trump having met with Mr. Ailes this month, before “Trump the Chump” announced he was running for the presidency, was all about supporting Fox due the fact their ratings have fallen in recent months. I do believe that Trump is working for Mr. Ailes to rev up Fox’s troops. After all, just look at the “hard working hating anchors” who are supporting Trump at this time. Currently, Donald Trump has guested more on Fox than any other person. Trump and Ailes are in this plan together. The big pay off “ Trump will eventually have his own show on Fox and Fox’s ratings will rise again. Trump is playing Fox’s game.
    Good boy, good boy Trumpsie.

  10. This man symbolizes and is emblematic of the Republican Party in today’s America. This nation’s media now celebrates nasty, mean-spirited and hate-filled people. We are swirling down the proverbial toilet with people like Donald Trump taking us to the bottom. Our “say anything” world while getting away with it is a solid indicator that we are going in the worst possible direction for our once great nation.

  11. Trump is succeeding in sharpening the line of demarcation between progressives and the ultra-conservatives. It’s hard to tell if he is a knowing secret democrat or a completely out of touch goper. Either way, he is helping destroy the GOP several decades into the future.

    Think of all the 12 year old girls who will forever associate Trump=GOP=their supporters with hatred of women. Think there is any chance those girls will ever vote republican?

    All of today’s vitriol will have consequences far into our political future. The young are listening and seeing. The GOP is on its way out of existence.

  12. I expected nothing less from a Trump supporter. Class acts the both of them. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  13. FOX and the GOP created this bloviating pile of bovine excrement, so they have to back it up.

    The funniest thing to me is that Trump simply says out loud the same thoughts that dominate the current GOP. They can’t really criticize the guy, because he is THEM.

  14. Polly…I agree with much of what you said, however, there is something else here that most people just aren’t quite understanding. Trump is NOT a “serious” presidential candidate, he is a DISTRACTION to keep everyone from paying attention to something else that demands our close scrutiny. Trump is a joke to begin with, but the absolute ridiculousness of his remarks and the “grandiose” entrance on the day of his “candidate announcement” was even a bit beyond the “pale” for him. Therefore, one can confidently say he is rather enjoying his “dastardly” Don bad boy role that he is currently playing out in the media. However, that being said, I do not think that he or his political cohorts aka “conspirators” anticipated the absolute magnitude of the domino effect that his nastiness would cause, and I have to say that I couldn’t be MORE pleased at the consequences of their absurd and asinine public escapade. Karma is most definitely a bitch. Poetic justice is being served “cold.

  15. He’s old,probably suffering from dementia,his disgusting remark qualifies him for dirty old man status. Wisdom doesn’t always come with age and he is a perfect example. This is the typical MO of the right wing nut jobs. They are schooled in the art of being classless morons. They lack common sense,manners and respect for anyone but themselves,then they whine when they receive the same treatment. What a waste of our social programs that they receive and take me yet so despise. Two faced idiots.

  16. I’m pretty sure the interloper punk Scott Walker is from Colorado Springs….that would explain a few things.

  17. My humble apologies to the entire rodent
    community.I meant no disrespect to you
    when making that observation. Saw the
    Willard flick back in the day and gained a
    healthy respect for rat power. Jah bless.

  18. I really hope the Republicans elect Trump… It would save the Dems a fortune in having to support our candidate. There is clearly not half of this country that is dumb enough to follow that fool down the road. I just marvel that with almost 8 years to come up with a candidate that will offer something positive to this country… they have come up with nothing and just have tons of “climbers” trying to make a name for themselves.

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