Ted Cruz’s Caught In A Lie As He Has No Proof That He Did Not Buy His Own Books


After being accused of printing a false story by the Ted Cruz presidential campaign, PoliticusUSA asked Cruz to provide proof that he or one of his super PACs did not buy his own books. The result has been complete silence from the Cruz campaign.

The New York Times refused to place Ted Cruz on their bestseller list because they found evidence that Cruz or someone supporting him tried to rig the game by buying his books in bulk. Cruz responded by calling The New York Times a bunch of liberal liars who are trying to blackball his book.
I explained how Cruz, or most likely a group of three super PACs who are supporting him followed what has become a standard Republican candidate practice of buying books in bulk in order to land on the bestseller list.

For daring to use facts and evidence, I was accused of printing a false story by Brian Phillips, who is a Senior Communications aide for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign:

No one likes to be accused of publishing false information, but since the Cruz campaign gave me the opportunity, I thought I would raise a few points that bothered me about their story, and ask them to release their proof that The New York Times lied:

The publisher of the book is HarperCollins, which is owned by NewsCorp, which is Rupert Murdoch, so the fact that the publisher of the book is standing behind Cruz doesn’t mean a whole lot. If Cruz had proof that The Times lied, his campaign would have already released it but his campaign has provided no actual sales data to support their claims.

Logic and common sense both suggest that the newspaper has nothing to gain by keeping Cruz off of the bestseller list. However, the struggling Republican presidential candidate has every motivation to lie and cheat to get himself on the bestseller list. Ted Cruz is mired in the lower middle of the Republican pack. His presidential campaign has raised a lot of super PAC money but has very little buzz surrounding it. Cruz is one of the Republican candidates who has been trampled by the Trump media juggernaut, and the campaign needed to do something to get attention.

Ted Cruz got caught trying to cheat, and now he is trying to spin his guilt into a war with The New York Times to boost his presidential campaign. It is campaigning 101. Cruz’s team is trying to spin a negative into a positive.

Calling someone a liar without supporting evidence is not presidential behavior, so I am once again calling on the Ted Cruz campaign to release the sales data for his book and prove me and The New York Times wrong.

However, the overwhelming silence of the Cruz campaign suggests that their proof does not exist.

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  1. Who knew that his self-serving little book would be his downfall? Hey, maybe this will keep Palin’s new “Devotional cum Hate Liberals” tome off the list this fall too. If that one is ever published at all. HC dropped her, so she was picked up by the group that publishes Coulter and the rest of the Fox gang.
    Darn, I really wanted to see him explode at the first debate when asked about the Seven Mountains prophecy.

  2. “For daring to use facts and evidence, I was accused of printing a false story by Brian Phillips, who is a Senior Communications aide for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign:”

    Facts and evidence is not the forte of the Republican Party of today. It’s all about lies and bearing false witness.

  3. Hey Jason, did you actually read your article title BEFORE it was published? How moronic to ask someone to prove a negative. Prove bigfoot DOESN’T exist! Prove GOD doesn’t exist. Prove Hillary Clinton ISN’T a communist.

  4. actually he isn’t asking to prove a negative… if Harper releases its sales figures you can see where the large blocks of book sales go…

    if it’s all Amazon, Costco, Barnes & Noble, Walmart etc then yeah… the books are flying off the shelves…

    if you’re getting big blocks sold to Dave’s Bar & Grill or Papa Cruz’s Evangelical Church of Texas or some other sorts of groups you wouldn’t typically think of as being book buyers then you know someone is trying to show phony sales…

  5. Jason,

    How unsportsman-like for you to ask any goper to pony up facts. You know better. All questions and challenges must fit within their fantasy bubble or they won’t play.
    What are you trying to do? Turn them into liberal media victims?

  6. You should not have opened that can of worms Dave. Hillary Clinton has NEVER been linked to communism in any form, but Bernie Sanders has. He is an Independent Socialist with ties to communism. One of the people who endorsed him in his run for Congress (I.F. Stone) was a communist and a known Russian agent.

  7. The NY Times said they didn’t put the book on the best seller list because there was a lot of evidence that suggested there were “strategic block” sakes. That means by definition that they have data that brought them to this conclusion. If that’s the case the proof is already there. The NY TIMES is obligated to show their evidence.

    The haters on these postings are using good words like “facts and evidence” but if the NY Times believes that CRuz is the cheater , they already have the evidence!! Lets see what the Times has.

    Asking for the reverse is just some sort of way for the haters to scheme up some fantansy trap to nail their guy.

    Ted Cruz is way smarter than that- Princeton, Harvard, Supreme Court Clerk, Solicitor General, Senator, writer, etc., and an honest man.

    i was at a book signing and I saw how many people were there. Mr. Easley wouldn’t be spending so much energy on this if he wasn’t scared that there were millions of people that like Ted Cruz and supp…

  8. Bullshit.

    The NYT is under NO obligation to print the bestseller list. It’s their baby, and they get to dictate what gets on there.

    They have the data, and so does Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is the one whining about it. If he’s got the evidence to prove his assertion, then let him cough it up.

    It’s that simple.

    You can claim all you want about how many people showed up to buy his book- it’s irrelevant. What counts here- are the book sales. The very ones that Tez Crud is claiming false hood about.

    If he was so freaking smart- then why did he make a charge he knew he didn’t have the evidence to back it up?

    Not even a: “We’ll get back to you soon, after we get the evidence.”

    No, not even that- nothing. Just silence.

  9. Whazzin that tea you been swillin’, dude?
    And his candidacy (joke that it is) illustrates
    how he thinks American voters have forgotten
    his $24 billion govt. shutdown over his fears
    about the ACA. Surely you aren’t considering
    wasting your vote on one of the

  10. Honest?!? Even Texas PolitiFact says he lies, which he does. A LOT. As pointed out by another commenter, Cruz cost us $24 billion with his shutdown. Are you angry at that? He co-signed that stupid and treasonous letter to Iran.

    How dense can you be? Seriously, wake up.

  11. I can prove god doesn’t exist.

    Yo God you there? Show me you exist.

    If you really existed, and it was important to you to have me believe in you- then you’d know what it would take for me to believe in you: Empirical Evidence.

    The fact that God cannot or will not provide this evidence suggests to me that:
    A) God doesn’t exist.
    B) God doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass about my belief.
    B)(1) Ergo- he doesn’t care, he’s irrelevant.

    It’s called Logic Mr. Dykstra, you might try it sometime.

  12. Me? I would just like to ask him why was he “annointed”as the Messiah, tell me about the seven mountain prophecy, and if he lays hands to perform miracles

  13. Just a reminder, EVERYBODY does not like you. Stop crying about your dam book. KARMA is coming back to you real hard. I do not won’t to read your book I do not care whose your daddy where you came from what school you went to WHO IN THE F— cares. Go suck on a nipple and quick whining. THE END.

  14. Logic 101 teaches you can not prove a negative. This article simply panders to those who do not like Cruz. I do not like Cruz, but I am honest enough to not resort to an ignorant use of logic to impress those too stupid to know basic logic.

  15. And Jesus said:

    Blessed are those who believe but have not seen.

    Faith is the essence of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen….

  16. logic teaches you that you need to be able to recognize a negative first…

    see my response to Dave D. above…

  17. Muslims have Faith, Mormons have Faith, Buddhists have faith, Hindus have Faith, Devil Worshippers have faith, every single God ever worshipped had worshippers who had faith.

    And with all that faith for non-biblical gods, what good does it do them- oh God Worshipper?

    Faith- sucks.

  18. Deborah, Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist. That does not mean Communist. There is a big difference. A Democratic Socialist works FOR the poor and middle-class, not for the rich. To see what life is like under Democratic Socialism, take a look at Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and even Germany. When was the last time you took a vacation? Well, in those countries, you get 10 days PAID vacation per year. That means 2 solid weeks to spend with your family, while still getting paid. How about a year for Maternity Leave? or Paternity Leave? Given the alternatives available, I think I will vote for a Democratic Socialist, one who has had the same platform for many years. [WINK]

  19. As the author of record of his book (even if it’s ghosted), the publisher would be required to provide Cruz with sales reports along with his royalty payments.

    HarperCollins knows precisely who’s been buying Cruz’s book (legitimate book sellers and/or political organizations). So does Cruz.

  20. And your statement- gives lie to the notion that it’s the NYT who has to pony up evidence.

    Harper Collins has everything needed. More than likely- all of the info that the NYT isn’t privy to.
    They could settle this matter once and for all- yet they’re silent.

    Why is that?

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