Trump Gathers in the Haters for Bizarre Speech in Las Vegas

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In a move that is difficult to describe as an accomplishment, there were so many haters in Arizona that Donald Trump had to move his anti-immigrant hatefest from the Biltmore Resort and Spa to the Phoenix Convention Center.

By this morning, 9,000 haters had tickets in their hands. His campaign chairman, Corey Lewandowski, bragged, “We received 4,000 RSVPS in 2¹/₂ hours.” By this morning, Trump was claiming 15,000:

The event was billed by the New York Post as “the hottest ticket in Arizona,” while ABC15 in Phoenix reported that “Demand to see Donald Trump in Phoenix off the charts.”

What is driving this frenzy is Trump’s pronouncement on immigrants: “They’re sending people who have a lot of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

CNN parsed this as The Donald saying that Trump claimed “some people crossing the border into the United States from Mexico were ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals'” though what he actually said was the opposite, that some “are good people.”

The result of all this was what Business Insider called “amazingly surreal” and “one of the most bizarrely captivating speeches of his several-week-old campaign” this morning in Las Vegas at the misnamed FreedomFest, his last stop before Phoenix.

“Their leaders … they kill us at the border,” told said. “People flow through like water.” He also claimed that the Mexican government was behind Univision breaking ties with him: “Mexico put the clamps on Univision,” Trump said. “Mexico has a lot of power over them.”

His paranoia knows no bounds. His response to a heckler was, “Did the government of Mexico ask you to come here?”

Apparently, though Trump thinks Mexico is sending all its criminals here in some sort of state-sponsored mass migration, he says he loves the country. As he told the crowd,

“I love Mexico. I tell everybody. And I love the Mexican people. Nobody ever says it. Nobody ever reports it. I love the spirit of the Mexican people. I love Mexico.”

Right. I’m sure Mexico and Mexicans feel your love. This is, after all, what gangsters always say to the people they are about to give dirt naps.

And it turns out Trump has some trump to play: “Nobody knows the power of the Tea Party. I only say that because the Tea Party loves me,”

Of course, the Tea Party has been sinking into oblivion for awhile now. But maybe his hate can breathe new life into that movement. He is certainly the right guy to revitalize what was, after all, a corporate-sponsored AstroTurf movement.

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  1. Now he heads to Arizona where he’ll be on the stage with fellow birther and hate monger, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It will be the Dumb and Dumber show.

  2. I think El Donaldo has internalized the life lesson from the Brian De Palma version of ‘Scarface’…

    he appears to be equating the Mariel Boatlift from Cuba with some fantasy in his own mind…

    ‘Say hello to my little Friend’

    —-Tony Montana—-

  3. The sad part is that the right is eating up what this blowhard is saying like cake.

    It pains me to see people so damn dumb as to fall for this crap.

  4. Thom Hart had an interesting perspective on why Trump is “running”; that he’s actually “running” interference as a “beard” for his and the Koch’s objectives; big business. Thom laid out the fact that the Koch’s invited the top contenders bidding for campaign $$ to a private party showcasing their platforms; Trump was there for “business”, not a run for Pres. Thom’s premise was that the Koch’s/Trump want Scott Walker; he reeks of Nixon dirty tricks and has a proven track record of busting of unions, workers, immigrants rights. Hartman pointed out that Trump never mentions nor criticizes Walker. He publicly goes after the other candidates daily, but is silent on Walker. Hartman speculated that Trumps job is to drive the other candidates out of the race leaving the door open for Walker, last man standing. The Bush’s may have $$, but, the Koch’s want Walker; Jeb’s not dirty enough to run the country the way they want it run.

  5. I believe Mr. SinghX may be correct. The Kochs understand and are probably most annoyed by the ever expanding Republican Potus Candidate Clown Car- so they added one of their own- The Spoiler.

    Drive the (more) superfluous out, then have sTRUMPet step down and endorse Walker. The cranially shit stained Trump Followers, will, like the good sheeple they are- obey.

    Or perhaps I’m just a little too cynical here.

  6. Doesn’t he remind you of HITLER?

    The ranting and raving of a lunatic followed by the same and he has a target group, the Mexicans instead of the Jewish people.

  7. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

    ― Isaac Asimov

  8. I’m just the “messenger”; this was Thom Hartman’s thinking out loud on his radio show yesterday…he was asking for help looking for any quotes by T-rump on Walker.

    Cynical? The reality that the Koch’s have openly stated they are going to buy AND win this election doesn’t make any one of us cynical but knowledgeable of the facts. This stinks like one of those huge Vegas-style magic acts where distracting and diverting the rubes is part of the act…T-rump.

    Also, the Biltmore wasn’t big enough to hold Trumps ego. That’s the REAL reason he pulled out–he’s claiming the crowd was bigger than Bernie Sanders; estimates in/outside protesters–5K tops.(BTW, the Bilt’ is dominated by old school GOP who find him gauche, just like they did when Palin showed up there with McCain…eww).

    AZ Central has the whole story (sorry no link). According to reports/articles, local officials did not want him here. Actually, they asked that he be banned from coming here–he’s a shit-disturb…

  9. @Dustin …Oh no ! I LOVE it ! Trump and his loose-leaf hater tent revival shows EXACTLY how backwards, degraded, and unintelligent, these morons are.

    Reminds me of the first time I checked out Palin after the big surprise in 2008, and I knew that Obama had it in the bag.
    The Dixiecans are Pavlovian when it comes to stupid. They can’t resist.
    This proclivity of the Repukes should be encouraged.

  10. Vote Trump 2016!

    Time for real change.

    Taking back America, I love it.

    If the republicans had a legitimate candidate Trump would not be running.

    They don’t.

    Trump is the only one that can beat Hillary!

  11. LOL>.. no way could he beat her in a boxing match… she’d grab that dead orange cat on his head and it would be all over…

    the fat bastard would be tripping over orange hairball…

  12. Donald Palpatine to crowd:
    “Give in to your hatred and anger. With each passing moment, you make yourselves more my servant.”

  13. If hating the idea of being murdered by somebody who shouldn’t be here in the first place makes me a hater then I guess I’m a hater.

  14. To be honest, I’m getting kinda tired of talking about trump! he isn’t going to be president! he’s just doing what 90% of the other GOP nutcases are doing, screaming for attention! See trump is just a distraction for the KOCH BROTHERS! trump is going to throw mud everywhere! but I guarantee you, he won’t say $HIT against scott walker! scott walker is the KOCH BROTHERS little BIT@H! and I don’t care about how much money trump has! the KOCH BROTHERS will rip him a new one if he attacks walker! I’m telling you, scott walker is going to be the GOPs winner! BTW the GOP is what it is! it’s a party where 89% of them are caucasian, that right there should tell you something! those numbers don’t represent AMERICA! so is there ANY wonder why trumps is the GOP frontrunner? and for our republican TROLLS, if YOUR party is so BIG TENT, then tell us, why does YOUR party have to keep telling american, WE’RE GONNA CHANGE” every few YEARS? remember, THE COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE BULL$HIT?

  15. “Of course, the Tea Party has been sinking into oblivion for awhile now.”

    Heh heh. That’s why
    [Good heavens, I go water the garden, and look what sneaks in!


  16. “spanked”?
    Oh well, if ya wanna stretch that midterm low turnout
    by progressives, fine. Ask yourself this…what great
    accomplishments have your repug geniuses produced
    since gaining control over both Senate & House? And
    if you’ll stick around for November 2016, those of us
    you refer to as “DemonRats” will teach your kind the
    definition of obliterated. Seek professional help and
    you’ll feel much better. Jah bless.

  17. Nothing more than a blow hard/distraction.
    The root of all evil Money.
    Creating such hate…is deplorable. America needs to WAKE up!!
    The very ppl the US claims to not want here,are already here and in place as they want them. They’ve been here. I am wondering why our US Consule is handing visas out to those who have criminal ties and those that don’t are being denied. Families being torn apart, families losing all they’ve worked for lost,to a broken, corrupt system , trying to do it right. By no means should the innocent be categorized into one or stereotyped as such.

  18. Border crossings have slowed to a trickle, & Mexico is stopping folks at THEIR southern border…like people have not been crossing that ‘border for about 15,000 years…

  19. The GOP had Reagan – 8 years, Bush 1, 4 years, Bush 2 8 years…20 years to ‘fix’ our immigration ‘system’. They didn’t.
    Spending is way up on border security under Obama, & when he asked for 4.3 billion dollars? What did the GOP do?
    They LIKE problems, they don’t solve any.
    Solving problems would mean they can’t blame the Dems anymore…

  20. Knight, the racewar didn’t happen like the Kocheads wanted, Texas has open carry but, they haven’t wiped out each other yet, these two descendants Charley & Dave, seems like the distractions are exactly like the NAZI party did way back when. We only have different actors and perpetrators this time around. Trump is only a distraction from what’s really going on behind the scenes. What makes the Kochs think us brained folk will let the brainless take control over our lives & country?

  21. @Clennis05, you get it! you see it, you smell it! the GOP since the 1950′ with mccarthy has morphed into a SICK A$S JOKE! it’s all about MONEY and control! isn’t it ironic, the early american colonist fought English rule, fought again the worlds strongest military , because they wanted freedom! and since 1980, the GOP is trying to make the usa look like 16th century England!!

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