Mitch McConnell’s Fox News Interview Shows Why Fox Viewers Are Ignorant and Uninformed

mitch mcconnell fox news sunday

Mitch McConnell’s Fox News Sunday interview was a perfect example of why Fox News viewers are ignorant, uninformed, and filled with misinformation.



McConnell claimed that the Iran deal is going to be a hard sell for the White House, “So this is going to be a very hard sell for the White House. They’re going to have to get 34 votes. Assuming a resolution of disapproval passes, the President vetos it, he’ll have to get at least 34 senators to go forward.”

Majority Leader McConnell said that Democrats are going to have the same concerns that Republicans do, “I think they are going to have the same concerns that I just outlined. I know they’ll be a strong pull not to go against the President on something as important as this is to him, but I hope there will be enough Democrats willing to look at this objectively. Look at the facts. Is this a good deal? Is this likely to achieve the outcome we hope for? If they can bring themselves to do that, and make an objective evaluation of it, I think it is going to be a very hard sell for the administration.”

Later when, guest host Bret Baier said that it was likely that Obama was going to win on Iran and Cuba, McConnell said, “I wouldn’t count on that. He can win on Iran with 34 Democrats because that’s the way the approval process is structured.” McConnell then spun the question on to trade.

Here’s the problem. Obama already has all the Democratic support that he needs to win on Iran. Politico reported days ago that there is nothing that Republicans can do to stop Obama on the Iran deal, “The law that Congress passed in May allowing lawmakers to weigh in on a nuclear agreement will do just that — give them a say. But it also makes it impossible to block an agreement absent a full-on Democratic rebellion against the president. If opponents could somehow manage to get a resolution expressing their disapproval and blocking the lifting of congressional sanctions through both houses of Congress — a big if, given the Senate’s 60-vote filibuster threshold — they’d run straight into Obama’s veto pen. And even some of the fiercest opponents of an Iran pact concede the president could probably cobble together 34 votes in the Senate to sustain his veto.”

National Journal reported that most Republicans know that they won’t be able to stop the deal, “If the president presents a plan to Congress after Thursday, members will have 60 days to review it before voting. Even then, the Senate needs 67 votes and the House 290 to override a presidential veto. With the bar so high, most recognize it’s unlikely that Republicans could halt the deal through that process, barring significant Democratic defections.”

McConnell’s interview during which the Senate Majority Leader and the network refused to acknowledge reality is a textbook example of how Fox News misinforms their viewers. Even conservative outlets like National Journal and the very non-liberal Politico acknowledge the reality of the situation, that Fox News and McConnell would not.

President Obama has the votes to overcome the Congressional resolution. Obama had the votes since the resolution process was set up. President Obama is going to win, but Fox News is intentionally misleading their viewers into believing that there is a chance that Obama will fail. Facts were not acknowledged.

The interview was so deep in delusion and misinformation that Mitch McConnell told Fox News viewers that fast track is a six-year deal which means that “the next Republican president” is going to get to use it. McConnell and Fox were already building up expectations that Republicans are going to win in 2016. The structure of the electoral map shows that Democrats will begin 2016 with a huge advantage and are heavily favored to keep the White House.

Fox News deceives and misleads their viewers on a daily basis, and the McConnell interview demonstrated why watching Fox causes viewers to be less informed

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  1. Naturally the republicans will do their best to try & screw up this deal. That’s what they are all about.

  2. Didn,t George Sr give weapons to Iran to stop them from releasing the hostages? Thats why you can,t trust the repubs because one minute their your friend the next your the evildoers…

  3. Did the Confederate States of America have a Recommended Daily Allowances for paint chips?

    The North lists them at zero…CSA…1000/day?

  4. Remember the 47 traitors, make very public their names(including their biggest donors and defense contracting holdings) of those trying to disrupt American peace.

  5. On a serious note, america has drifted so from reality, it’s very disturbing! Since 1980 when YOU know who became president, we’ve been declined rapidly! I listened to presidents Jimmy Carter’s interview last week on Stephanie Miller show and I want to add, president Carter is a amazing man! ANYWAY, he told the stories of how rotten and petty the incoming administration was! Reagan brought in a era of divisiveness and outright mean spirited behavior! And since 2008, it’s outright WAR! The GOP has flatly become the enemy of the people! they’d sellout our country if they thought it would hurt Obama’s popularity! mitch mcconnell HATES president Obama! this goes well beyond politics! mcconnell is a OLD LILY WHITE SOUTHERN RACIST! and I don’t give a damn what FUX NEWS says! they profit in stirring up people just like mcconnell! the GOP since the mid 1960’s has become a very narrow minded, FASCIST party! but the GOP’s ultimate goal is OLIGARCHY! plain and simple. thanks rupert…

  6. The ignorant tea bags continue to be IGNORANT and MISINFORMED.

    Fox News Pundit Admits She Watches CNN ‘If I Want To Know About News’

    Fox Admits to CNN That It Traffics in Opinion Not News

    GOP Reagan Advisor says TEA Party are MORONS & FOX is the “Republican Party Network”

    369 examples of Fox News malaise

  7. *BORING*
    Young folks tuning into that FOX Interview would Fall Asleep!
    We couldn’t have cast a more Uninspiring/Boring Republican Rep than Mitch-Turtle-Neck McConnell.

  8. Boring? Perhaps, but thats how the Republicans manage to get their folks to not pay attention.

    When you’re sleepy you’re suggestible.

    #1 priority for McConnell- make Obama a one term President.

    He can’t even control the Senate.

    What a waste of oxygen.

  9. Yeah, right? Everything he said was either stupid, wrong, or a lie.
    Hubris will be the end of him.

  10. “The Fox Effect lays out how the network operates when they attack political foes – a process we call the Fox Cycle:

    STEP 1: Conservative activists introduce a lie. And they know it is a lie
    STEP 2: Fox News devotes massive coverage to the story.
    STEP 3: Fox attacks other outlets for ignoring the controversy.
    STEP 4: Mainstream outlets begin reporting on the story.
    STEP 5: Media critics, pundits praise Fox News coverage.
    STEP 6: The story falls apart once the damage has been done.

    Most attacks from Fox follows these six steps. The Fox Effect illustrates this phenomena and details how Fox News’ lies can be stamped out.”

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