GOP Donors Preferred The Dumbed Down 2012 Rick Perry To The New Improved Rick Perry

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Former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s fundraising for his 2016 presidential bid has been anemic. The Republican hopeful raised just 1.07 million dollars over the last fundraising quarter. That figure contrasts sharply with the 17 million Perry managed to raise in his first quarter of fundraising activity during the 2012 election cycle.

After Perry’s horrible debate performance in 2012, when he lost count between two and three on which government agencies he would eliminate, the former Texas Governor has been trying to roll out a new improved Rick Perry. The 2016 version of Rick Perry comes complete with a pair of glasses attached, presumably designed to make him look smarter. Unfortunately, it appears that Republican donors were fonder of the dumber Rick Perry.

Perry’s 1.07 million dollars raised in the 2nd quarter of 2015, trails the 1.4 million raised by Carly Fiorina, who is usually seen as a political afterthought in the GOP field, although she does have the distinction of being their only female candidate. By comparison, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz all raised over 10 million dollars in the 2nd quarter. Rand Paul raised 7 million.

Perry’s fundraising is so pathetic that it is likely he will be forced to bow out of the race before the first primaries are even held. With the help of pro-Perry Super PACs kicking in an extra 16.8 million to assist the former Texas Governor, he might hang on through the summer and fall. However, even the Perry Super PACs are falling behind the competition. Jeb Bush’s Right to Rise Super PAC has raised 103 million dollars already. Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s Keep the Promise groups have raised 37 million.

Rick Perry’s 2016 problem is that while he has become a more polished and prepared candidate, he lacks the bluster and bombast to stand out in a field of 15 candidates. Measured rhetoric and a nice pair of glasses can’t compete with Ted Cruz’s “abolish the IRS and fill out your taxes on a postcard” simplicity or Donald Trump’s “I’ll build a wall and have Mexico pay for it” thunder.

Republican donors demand simplicity. Jeb Bush ridiculing Barack Obama for using big syllable words was a blatant appeal to the proud anti-intellectualism of GOP donors and voters. Unfortunately, Rick Perry didn’t get the memo. Republican donors don’t want a smarter Rick Perry. They prefer to spend their money on candidates who keep their ideas “dumbed down”. While it may be too late for Governor Perry to resuscitate his moribund campaign, if he wants to have any hope at all, he should ditch the glasses and thicken his Texas drawl. If he’s convincing enough, maybe the money will start flowing back in to his campaign coffers.

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  1. It’s a pretty sad commentary on America when these nearly literate men are the best the GOP has to offer. On the flip side, look at the millions of dollars donors will waste before they ever come close to naming the next one to be thrown under the bus. Millions that can’t go to demonizing Hillary for her attire and hairstyle, or claiming that Bernie is too socialist for Americans. Obama? America is changing, and the Confederate flag waving, gun toting Southern boys clinging to their Heritage Foundation Bibles will have little say in the election. They are laughing stocks already, as are their candidates. Please proceed, Reince. You built this.

  2. Rick Perry is a has been and as far as Presidential material, a never was. He might have appealed to the dumbed down voters in Texas, but he was never going to get the votes of the northeast and west.

  3. By trying to appear more intelligent than actually working on being more intelligent- he alienated the less intelligent.

    Republican backers don’t want intelligence- they want someone who will do as they are told. Witness George W. Bu$h.

  4. My question is who are the absolute morons that contributed to this dunce. Does anyone want someone with a 2.2 college gpa running this country? Democratic Texans like myself loathe this idiot and most republicans in this state do not like him either. I predict he will be the first in the clown car to fall out and hopefully never be seen again.

  5. Bradley, I agree with you. But at least Perry went to college. That’s more than we can say for the latest GOP golden boy, Scott Walker, who dropped out and has lied about his transcripts. Perhaps we don’t need ivy league graduates as president, but c’mon shouldn’t the world’s superpower be lead by someone with more than just a high school diploma??

  6. I love it when the rich righties throw away their money. I hope they’ll continue to throw away their money until they lose it all.

    Stupid & greedy people should never have money or power.

  7. And what boggles my mind? Those rich folks who throw away countless dollars to the moronic candidates of the Right Wing- are often the very self same folks claiming that they’re “Taxed Enough Already!”, as if they’re just a few pennies away from insolvency.

  8. The Republican Party can now claim to contain all racists , haters of equal rights for all Americans , haters of equal rights & equal pay for women & denying control of women’s bodies by women only , haters of immigrants of all nationalities , & last but not least all the haters of our President only because he’s black . What a wonderful group the Republicans represent . They are more than just troubled . They represent all that is wrong in America . Let’s not leave out the belief that the top 1/2 of 1% has the best interest of all Americans in their beliefs . I have reached the point of F— them all !

  9. They are trying to overload the Secret Service, so that Obama can be assassinated, because they BELIEVE that this MUST happen…but Biden would utterly destroy them anyway.

    Pseudo-Conservative sociopaths are the REAL threat to America.

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