You Could Almost See The Koch Lips Moving As Scott Walker Announced His Run For President

scott walker announcement

Scott Walker announced his campaign for president by repeating almost word for word the top priorities of the Koch brothers.

Scott Walker immediately listed why he thinks he should be president. He discussed his efforts to suppress the vote (voter ID laws), more guns (Castle doctrine), less medical care for women (defunding Planned Parenthood), and lower wages (union busting). Walker gave the usual empty Republican gibberish about giving power back to states.

Walker said, “America needs a president who will fight and win for America.”

Gov. Walker’s whole speech was based on selling himself as someone who can win in blue states because he has managed to survive in Wisconsin. Walker announced his plan to gut federal funding for education, Medicaid and job retraining by disguising this as sending money back to the states. What Walker was referring to was block grants that would lead to fewer people getting services.

Walker attacked poor people and talked about the “dignity of work.” Walker disguised it as helping people move from government dependence to independence. He touted his drug testing of welfare recipients. He claimed that he was making it easy to get a job, but what he has actually done in Wisconsin is throw hundreds of thousands of people off of healthcare while harming senior citizens by cutting Wisconsin’s SeniorCare program.

Scott Walker promised to take away 18 million Americans access to healthcare by repealing Obamacare. Just like every other Republican candidate, Walker called for the repeal of regulations, which he called “the Obama regulations.” Walker promised to approve the Keystone pipeline. Gov. Walker said that he trusts families, and the crowd forgot to applaud, so he stopped and waited. As he has gashed funding for higher education in Wisconsin, Walker stated his belief that every child should have access to quality education.

Gov. Walker’s speech was a direct point by point delivery of the Koch agenda. Walker said that job creators need a tax cut so that they can be more competitive in the world and create more jobs.

Walker went on a rant about shopping at Kohl’s and using Kohl’s cash, and his point was that the country needs to return to the trickle-down economics of Ronald Reagan that caused the deficit to explode. The same economic theory that has triggered multiple recessions and an economic collapse.

Scott Walker brought up the tired cliche that Obama and Clinton are leading from behind and in a shameless bit of pandering brought up the Iran hostage crisis. Walker promised to terminate the “bad deal with Iran” that he has never seen and replace it with crippling sanctions on Iran. This is a direct return to the Bush foreign policy.

No matter how much he tried, Scott Walker sounded like a college dropout governor from Wisconsin. Walker will be a force in the Republican primary because he knows how deliver the ideological talking points that conservatives crave, but Donald Trump has set a high bar. Trump is willing to give Republican voters what they want in a way that Walker isn’t.

Scott Walker claimed to be a new leader, but his plan for the future is straight out of centuries past.

Walker promised to fight and win for Americans, but by Americans he clearly meant the wealthy billionaires.

The name Scott Walker will be on the ballot, but it is the Koch brothers agenda that he is running on.

36 Replies to “You Could Almost See The Koch Lips Moving As Scott Walker Announced His Run For President”

  1. Not only do I see the Koch Brothers lips moving. I see the strings behind Walkers back being pulled by the puppet masters.

  2. could you see the man behind the curtain with his hand up his back and the one in the rafters pulling his strings?

  3. Other CONs must be envious of all the Citizen United Money controlling/financing Walker’s Strings!

    A friend in Movie Business says Scott Walker is perfect type/cast for President.

    Astrologer’s see some really frightful aspects in Walker’s Chart.

  4. No wonder the Kochs wanted him to be their guy: He has their playbook down to a T.

    The labor union chief said it best this morning: He’s a national disgrace. I can do better though: He’s a disgrace for all. Wisconsin deserved better and our nation can do better then someone who is, for all intents and purpose, the Koch’s Manchurian Candidate.

  5. I don’t think the man behind the curtain has his hand up his back, but I bet he’s got him by something he holds dear. That is if he has any.

  6. And the astounding thing?
    Mr. Walker considers himself to be a “Good Christian”.

    What’s even more astounding?

    How many other “Good Christians” agree…

  7. I was going to suggest a different orifice but I was trying to be discreet…

    massaging the prostate can be very soothing…

    ummm… or so I’ve heard…

  8. How does one deal with a stupid person ?
    You laugh at them, ignore them, and marginalize them.
    How does one deal with a mean person ?
    You avoid them if possible, and fight /
    oppose them if necessary.

    But how does one deal with someone who is stupid, mean, and ruthless with power and money behind them ?

    Walker is the stereotype FASCIST …and throughout history, there has been only one way that civilized peoples have dealt with these monsters.
    They’re simply intolerable.

  9. I read each comment- lock step liberal chatter about the Koch brothers, Walker’s stupidity, Union busting…. Every one of you are identical- zero independent thought. A complte inability to admit/address that three times Walker beat the Liberals/Demcrats/Unions. And just exacly who is controlling Hillary Clinton folks? Even Wisconsin likes what Walker is doing.

  10. If the Koch brothers want to make laws and govern, then they should have the stones to run for office like everyone else. But being the cowards that they are, and finding the weaklings in the GOP to do their dirty work, they continue to hide behind dark money.

    When David Koch ran for VP in 1980, he got 1% of the vote..1% people. His agenda was the same as it is today back in 1980. Libertarian BS.

    Only this time, Kochs have their minions doing the dirty work so they can continue to hide in the shadows. Walker is a Koch minion. These guys are evil.

  11. If Walker is a good christian, I don’t want to be one.

    He probably thinks because his father is a pastor, its a free ticket into the promised land. After all, the guy is a dropout, not too bright.

    His masters bought him the governorship,or else would have lost. He has nothing between his ears except scheming to get what he wants. He is not presidential material in the least.

  12. Don’t like it here- there’s the door. don’t let it hit you on your oversized ass on your way out.

  13. The head guy of Walker’s campaign is identified to be connected with the Kochs. What more can we say?

  14. Demo, Your Link is Brilliant–Every Conservative Here Should Read It!
    Republicans are unaware of The Koch’s grasp on America.

    RightWing Hate Radio is funded by the Koch’s who created ‘Americans for Prosperity’.

    Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck sell endorsements to conservative groups like KOCH created AFP.

    The monstrosity of Citizen United decision is taking us into a Plutocratic Oligarchy, a nation of Billionaires who fund Scott Walker-Type-willing-pawns who will do their bidding!

    “Dred Scott turned People into Property…
    Citizens United turned Property into People.”

    Hopefully, Conservatives will explore here and become truly informed!

  15. It probably isn’t Kohl’s fault that Walker keeps
    talking them up, but I haven’t been in that store since he started it. It just doesn’t sit well with me to shop in the same store as Walker. I don’t really miss it either and probably won’t go back.

  16. Walker’s presidential campaign can be summed up as
    the answer to this question: Just how stupid are the
    American voters? And remember Dubya was re-elected
    in 2004.

  17. …a fascist bully,a pseudoChristian, a Koch sucking Teahadist, if he had shown his true colors in his first election he woulda never been elected in the first election…Democratic apathy and Teatard fanaticism kept him in office…we GOTTA get our side outraged and energized for this election or We the People are fucked…

  18. …a fascist bully,a pseudoChristian, a Koch sucking Teahadist, if he had shown his true colors in his first election he woulda never been elected in the first election…Democratic apathy and Teatard fanaticism kept him in office…we GOTTA get our side outraged and energized for this election or We the People are flucked…

  19. Sugapea: “hopefully, Conservatives will explore here and become truly informed”
    Do you really believe for a nano second, the rethugs of today, even want to be informed?? I don’t. There are plenty of issues out there where they could be informed if, they wished.
    I believe, these people are so filled with the hate, the idea,that if you are educated,(you are not one of them) facts that stare them in the face, they will always go for the bright shinny object in the thugs hands. This seems to be how the Koch’s work, and have been for a number of years. EVIL very Evil to the core
    and dangerous, very dangerous. reason I believe this is: the example of any response from a Conservative to this site.
    All, sound as if, they are in the complete control by somebody somewhere.. no thought from themselves.

  20. I live in Wisc and, we who are REAL Americans detest this koch sucker.

    And, the difference between you and me is this:
    When I troll, I bring home walleye or other tasty fish.
    And I ONLY take those I will eat.
    That reminds me, I hope you and your kind enjoy the taste of crow.

  21. Wow, you’re exactly right! The puppet strings were obvious. I forced myself to watch it just to get a measure of who that dolt really is, and he’s even more doltish than I thought.

    He was like a bobblehead doll; saying a line, then waiting for his applause while bobbing his head up and down constantly, as if his audience were bobbleheads too.

    The guy couldn’t even bother to wear a shirt/tie/jacket for what is supposed to be the most important announcement of his drop-out life! Just “ol shirtsleeves Scottie,” I guess. Sooner or later, his aides will be using that “spray=on hair” to hide that nasty bald spot on the crown of his head.

    Ugh. Just UGH.

  22. Yup. The only thing that Republicans today respond to is:

    >>>>>>>>>> SQUIRREL!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<

    Come to think of it, that's why Trump's poll numbers are so high. It's that think on his head.

  23. Scott Walker’s: Non-Inspiring speech. Drab. Stiff. Acting. Cliches. Same ol’ same ol’ Talking points from the Republican’s play book.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.


    Walker thinks he is Reagan incarnate: He is NOT. He may be a particular portion of Reagan’s anatomy though, the one stuck up the donkey of the middle-class…

    A Compulsive Liar, Snarky, thought he was the smartest guy in the room…we all went to school with creatures like this…

    If I had known he was gonna be ‘Governor’ of my Great State, when I was 14, & his sick parents brought their spawn here at the age of ten…

    I would be Governor.

  25. 47 counties using E-Vote machines made by a company run by 2 questionable people operating out of a strip mall in Minnesota where Bachmann also had an office? Sure, TOOL. Just a coincidence, that & ‘finding’ 1400 or 14000 ballots, unsecured…in Waukesha county…Sure!
    The dems jumped the gun on the recall, but then, I signed the petition, where did my name go? Why, after 51 years did the 25 yr old Capitol Police decide to harass me 7 times in the past year for existing? I was born here in 1963. Makes no sense, except they are obviously Walker’s Republican Guard.
    Kept my nose clean as a whistle, but all of a sudden….on sight!
    I stayed away from the protests ON PURPOSE.
    The GOP plant took down my name, & they are obviously using it, because I am NOT on the official online petition. WTF?
    Screw these bastards.
    Only a complete idiot turns an ally into an enemy, and the MPD are supposed to be professionals.
    You are an idiot, by the way.

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